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Tuesday, 19 September


Australia tries to deport Rohingya to persecution "IndyWatch Feed"

Myanmar is currently waging a campaign of ethnic cleansing against its Rohingya minority. So naturally, the racist Australian government is trying to force Rohingya detained in its concentration camps to return to persecution:

Australia is promising thousands of dollars to Rohingya refugees who agree to return to Myanmar, a country that has been accused of ethnic cleansing against the Muslim minority.

Asylum seekers in the Australian-run detention centre on Papua New Guineas Manus Island, have been pressured by officials to return to their home countries, even if they face violence.


Returning Rohingya to their country could put their lives at risk. Myanmar does not recognise the ethnic minority and has conducted military operations in Rohingya villages that the United Nations top human rights official branded a textbook example of ethnic cleansing.

Close to 400,000 Rohingya have fled to neighbouring Bangladesh, many with bullet wounds and stories of mass killings, as their villages burn.

This is simply monstrous. But its the ultimate endpoint of Australia's racist, anti-refugee policies: sending people back to be murdered. And the parallels with the shameful treatment of Jews fleeing Nazi Germany - treatment which the Refugee Convention was created to prevent any repeat of - couldn't be any clearer.


The Internal Demand Side of Oil & Gas Is Critical For Economic Development In PNG! PNGBLOGS

PNG has recently joined the few elite and prestige club of oil and gas producing countries in the world comprising of both developed ( US) and developing (South American & Arab Countries) as a significant producer of oil and gas and we as a nation should be proud of the achievement and classification of our country as such.
With the very first discovery, production and export of Kutubu and Gobe Oil and the very recent production and export of the multi-billion Kina LNG and two new LNG ( Papua and Elk & Antelope) Projects in the pipeline to be developed soon, PNG is held in high regard by both petroleum investors as well as consumers of oil and gas the world over, making it one of the best and viable hydrocarbon investment destinations in the world.
One determining factor that makes hydrocarbon investment and for that matter mineral investment in PNG more attractive is the legislative regime that governs these sectors which favors foreign investors more over the reso...




16 September 2017 marks PNGs 42nd anniversary of Independence. How have things been going?
A good benchmark for measuring progress is PNGs Vision 2050 document. This sets out a blueprint for making PNG a Smart, Wise, Happy and Fair Society by 2050. The Visions primary measurement indicator is We will be ranked in the top 50 in the United Nations Human Development Index by 2050.

So how is PNG going towards meeting this goal? The following graph shows PNGs progress in improving its Human Development Index (this is a composite index of factors such as life expectancy, education, and incomes).

Since the 2050 Vision document was released in 2010, PNG had its lowest rate of improvement since 1990. After doing well in the early 90s and during the 2000s, PNG has gone back to even worst rates of development than in the disastrous late 1990s.

To meet the goal of being in the top 50, PNG needs to move from its 154th ranking of 188 countries in 2010 and jump forward by at least two places every year.  So from 2011 to 2015, did PNG jump some 10 positions? No, it stayed exactly in 154th position by 2015 (the latest available data).  Indeed, it is now in equal 154th position as Zimbabwe has moved forward and it now ranked exactly the same at PNG.  PNG is in the bottom 20 per cent of countries and not moving forward.  This is not good news.

Vision 2050 also focuses on measuring changes in household disposable income a good measure of economic progress according to Sarkozy/Stiglitz Commission.  The best available proxy for this is tracking changes in real non-resource GDP per capita see here and here. As shown in the graph below, this has actually fallen by over 40 per cent since 1980.


Why Australia must restore shortwave radio to the Pacific Devpolicy Blog from the Development Policy Centre

On our Australian doorstep is an amazing place, Papua New Guinea. Seven of us were there for the month of August, exploring a remote region of islands and atolls in the Massim district of Milne Bay Province by boat, visiting places most people would not think of seeing.

The incredible opportunity we experienced was matched with a grateful appreciation and response form the communities we meet at each of the 30 islands we stopped at. There was mutual respect. We werent there just as tourists, we were interested in their culture and in particular their many different, traditional types of single outrigger canoe. They responded with information, introduced elders who talked of the past, let us look over the craft in detail and even took us sailing.

Harry Beran discussing traditional canoes at Wabanum village, Muyuw (Woodlark) Island (image: John Greenshields)

Harry Beran discussing traditional canoes at Wabanum village, Muyuw (Woodlark) Island

As Australians we were warmly received everywhere. Australia was the PNG administrator for decades and has left many good things in place. The Australian influence was there in diverse ways, including an inspired wooden Hills Hoist and outdoor bench setting at Boagis village, way out at the extreme end of PNG territory.

Monday, 18 September


The Master of the Game "IndyWatch Feed"


Behind this charming and unfailing gracious persona lies a shrewd and unflinching calculative mind. A mind of a brilliant and accomplished political tactician the country has ever seen.

Peter Parre ONeill is the maker and breaker of political parties, a mover and a shaker of political will and even those whims of titanium craftily engineered by the seasoned and well-placed hands that many thought wouldnt stand the test of the boy from Ialibu/Pangias political ingenuity.

Born to Brian O'Neill, an Australian-born magistrate of partial Irish descent and local mother Awambo Yari, from Pangia Southern Highlands. In Parres veins run 'Kamari'- the blood of those destined for higher callings. O'Neill was educated at the Pangia Primary School, Ialibu High School, and Goroka High School. After leaving the school he was educated at the University of Papua New Guinea, graduating with a Bachelor of Accountancy and Commerce in 1986.

ONiell's tentacles are everywhere, woven into the woof and warp of every corridor of power. He speaks several languages fluently even his local vernacular, Imbonggu and Wiru with the perfection of a local raconteur. He is a charismatic man, with a brilliantly incisive mind and has a swarthy complexion. He has the face of a hawk, a predator.

When he chose to take the trouble, O'Neill can be extremely charming. He enjoys the challenge of figuring out what it is that people are really after, for it is rarely what it appeared to be. His analytical mind is always skeptical of surface truth, and as a consequence, he believes in nothing he is told and trusts no one. His motto is "keep your friends close, but your enemies closer."

If our Grand Chief Sir Michael is the father of our nation, Peter O'Neill is the epitome of Papua New Guineas modern-day politics. He perfected an imperfect system to continue a colorful reign. And now he is rightly on a path to re-write the countrys history as the longest serving Prime Minister.

He had already pulled through some of the smartest political coups, government formations and events of national and international grandeur with the ingenuity, grace, and ease that always make it look so simple like a childs play. This is the master at work. He just smashed the countrys oldest political party and made mincemeat out of it to state his governments crave for stability and long tenure....





PNG is a growing economy in market and business and its not limited in its investment capacity. It is open and wide that can efficiently allocate and distribute investment resource within its system. The West Minister Government and the Indigenous values have resembled this attributable development trait that complements the structure to adapt well with relative ease and its been appreciated as an integrated enabling cross-cutting culture that posses commercial and economic respect.
The values have held the tenets of our democracy and loyalty to our heritage that affirms Human to be a distinguishable creature. We hold this truth as it stood the test of time in our Constitution.
Papua New Guineas do not have any problem with its People, System, and Economy. She is young, cute, virgin, wealthy, rich, energetic, adventurous and attractive because of its beauty and its people.
Notably, PNG Economy is an interdependent economy and majorly generates its income on exporting primary products and other invisible exports. Interestingly the Primary Industries are seen as PNG Strategic Long-Term Asset that generates long-term revenue whereas Tourism and culture are seen to be a short-term asset that generates cash for the economys cash flow. Tourism is convinced to be current assets that have the revenue generating capacity and can contribute fast to the liquidity management of PNG.It has a lot of investment streams (tangible- intangible) and broader ranges of commercial prospects.

Moreover, PNG long-term assets have been strategically allocated on revenue generating capacity. Kumul Consolidated Holdings major investment interests have been centered mostly on Mining and Petroleum only.

However, nothing in Tourism business, Hotel business, Inn business, Reservation  services, Tour  services, Movies and acting business and sites, Landscaping and visits services, Botanics business, Parks services, Bungalow and resting-outing business, Surfing and diving business, Fishing and catching sports business ,Musical studio and recording (Traditional relics) business, Boutique local banquet, Tranquilities centers, Sea breeze cafe, Resturant etc.

These are our cultural inheritance goodwill. Billions of amounts of cash are trapped in them that require skills and effort to realize with an effective partnership and workable inves...

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