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Thursday, 12 July


World view Friday Your NZ

Thursday GMT For posting on events, news, opinions and anything of interest from around the world.


July 13 in history Homepaddock

100 BC  Julius Caesar, Dictator of the Roman Republic, was born  (d. 44 BC).

1174   William I of Scotland, a key rebel in the Revolt of 11731174, was captured by forces loyal to Henry II.

1558 Battle of Gravelines: Spanish forces led by Count Lamoral of Egmont defeated the French forces of Marshal Paul des Thermes.

1573  Eighty Years War: The Siege of Haarlem ends after seven months.

1643  English Civil War: Battle of Roundway Down   Henry Wilmot, 1st Earl of Rochester, commanding the Royalist forces, won a crushing victory over the Parliamentarian Sir William Waller.

1787  The Continental Congress enacted the Northwest Ordinanceestablishing governing rules for the Northwest Territory establishing  procedures for the admission of new states and limiting the expansion of slavery.

1794  Battle of the Vosges between French forces and those of Prussia and Austria.

1821 Nathan Bedford Forrest, American Confederate cavalry officer, and founder of the original Ku Klux Klan, was born  (d. 1877).

1830 The General Assemblys Institution, now the Scottish Church College, was founded by Alexander Duff and Raja Ram Mohan Roy, in Calcutta.

1854  In the Battle of Guaymas, Mexico, General Jose Maria Yanezstopped the French invasion led by Count Gaston de Raousset Boulbon.

1863  Margaret Murray, Anglo-Indian Egyptologist, archaeologist, anthropologist, historian, and folklorist, was born. (d. 1963).

1863 New York Draft Riots: Opponents of conscription began three days of rioting.

1878 Treaty of Berlin: The European powers redraw the map of the...


Friday The Thirteenth Uncensored Publications

As I write this, its Thursday the 12th. Quite a significant number, 12. 12 witches in a coven, 12 Apostles. For UFO enthusiasts, theres MJ12 (Majic 12). Heres some more examples: Meaning of the Number 12 In fact once one gets into multiples of 12, such as 1212 (144) it starts appearing encoded into legends []

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365 days of gratitude Homepaddock

There are friends and there are friends who like the books you like.

You recommend and lend books to each other and revel in the ones you enjoy.

A book shared with a friend who likes the books you like is a book whose pleasure is doubled and Im grateful for that.


Australia bans foreigners from parliament internships after unease about China "IndyWatch Feed War"

Foreigners have been banned from working as interns for Australian members of parliament, a spokesman for the Senate said on Thursday, in a reform apparently aimed at blocking Chinese prying into Australian affairs.

Image may contain: stripes, sky and outdoor

The program placing young people in a much-prized position working for a federal legislator for a three-month stint had been open to all nationalities, as long as the applicant did not have a criminal record.

Internships at Parliament House are restricted to Australian citizens, said a spokesman for Senator Scott Ryan, president of the Senate, which oversaw the change.

The spokesman declined to comment on what prompted the alteration or if it was made to block Chinese interference.

Late last year, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull accused China of meddling in domestic affairs. China denied the accusation which led to a strain in ties between the important trading partners.

The Financial Times newspaper reported in September that a New Zealand citizen who had previously interned at an Australian parliamentary committee had links to a Chinese military spy school.

That report prompted a review of the intern system, which concluded standards should be bought in line with the rest of the government.

Chinese students had often applied to the program and many worked as interns over the years.

A spokeswoman for the Australian National University (ANU), which provides many of the interns, said it had been informed of the change in the eligibility rule late last year.

The change was only publicly disclosed some months later when the ANU amended the rules it posted on its website.

Last month, Australia passed legislation designed to prevent interference by foreign governments, a reform Turnbull said was needed to combat Chinese meddling.

Under the law, lobbyists for foreign countries will be required to register and they will be liable to criminal prosecution if they are deemed to be interfering in domestic affairs.

Reporting by Colin Packham; Editing by Robert Birsel


See also:

China ambassador urges Australia against bias and bigotry



Word of the day Homepaddock

Hysteresis   the phenomenon in which the value of a physical property lags behind changes in the effect causing it, as for instance when magnetic induction lags behind the magnetizing force; the dependence of the state of a system on its history; a retardation of an effect when the forces acting upon a body are changed; a property of a system such that an output value is not a strict function of the corresponding input, but also incorporates some lag, delay, or history dependence, and in particular when the response for a decrease in the input variable is different from the response for an increase.


The Bountiful Kohekohe Kapiti Independent

Cushla McGaughey says that the kohekohe has some interesting characteristics and many functions. Tropical connections With its large glossy leaves, []


Rural round-up Homepaddock

Dairy industrys big challenge strategic reset Keith Woodford:

There is great unease within the New Zealand dairy industry. Many farmers feel that the urban community plus a range of events have turned against them. Most are still proud to be dairy farmers but there is lots of stress and anxiety.  

This stress and anxiety is despite farmers receiving good prices for their milk in the last two years. This has followed two preceding years when most farmers made losses and some sharemilkers were wiped out.

Right now, there are some short-term worries with product prices dropping at the last dairy auction. This is creating uncertainty for the year ahead. But in the longer term, the outlook for dairy is actually very strong. . . 

Jayne Hrdlicka to take over as A2 managing director from July 16   Sophie Boot:

(BusinessDesk) A2 Milk Cos new managing director and chief executive Jayne Hrdlicka will start on July 16, replacing Geoff Babidge who had been in the role since 2010.

Babidge announced his plans to retire last year, having overseen the company while its shares jumped from around $1 at the end of 2015 to a then-record of $8.75 on the back of successive strong sales as the companys infant formula attracted strong demand in China. The shares last closed at $11.40, and have gained 41 percent this year. . . 

Polarised views flowing from what some urban consumers say (loudly), and how they live their lives with the market signals they send to producers Guy Trafford:

An interesting comparison can be drawn between the dairy industry in New Zealand and the coal industry in Australia. Both seem to have the ability to polarise groups and yet both countries economies are heavily reliant on them.

Coal prices have had a resurgence to over US$100 per tonne which is resulting in calls for increasing the amount exported from Australia. Currently, coal brings in about AU$58 bln, one of the major Australian exports.

Dairying in New Zealand holds a similar place and...


Horowhenua Focus on Development Kapiti Independent

Veronica Harrod says  Horowhenua District Council spent almost $1.3 million on economic development activity between June 2016 and March 2018. []


Theatrical dance: the fake news mainstream reporter and his audience Uncensored Publications

And the deeper implications behind it by Jon Rappoport July 11, 2018 May 2012 Q & A with Ellis Medavoy: Its rare, these days, for me to get messages from retired propaganda master, Ellis Medavoy. Hes always been a difficult man. Now, hes even tougher to coax out of his cave. Nevertheless, because Im persistent, []

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Free Speech Coalition has funds to take ACC to court Homepaddock

The Free Speech Coalition has succeeded in its first goal raising enough funds to take the Auckland City Council to court.

In less than 24 hours, the Free Speech Coalition has reached its $50,000 fundraising goal and will be engaging lawyers to bring judicial proceedings against Auckland Council for its ban on Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux at Council-owned venues.

Chris Trotter, who is supporting the Coalition, says, Thank you to every New Zealander who has dug deep to support such an important cause.

We had hoped to raise this money by 5pm Friday. However, within the first day of this campaign we have been completely swamped by people pledging money to the cause from $5 to $5,000.

Melissa Derby, another supporter of the Coalition, says, We look forward to setting a strong legal precedent that shows the use of publicly-owned venue cannot be dictated by the political whims of those in power.

For us this is not about helping these particular speakers, but in defending the rights of all New Zealanders to express and hear controversial views. 

Stephen Franks calls Goffs actions in denying the speakers the right to use council-owned venues a partisan abuse of political power:

He has claimed the power to decide which political views can be discussed in Auckland public halls.

If the Mayor of Auckland has that power it is no local matter. With it he could deny nearly half the population of New Zealand a practical chance to see and to assess for themselves any speaker the Mayor decided they should not be free to judge. He may claim he has that power to ban things he sees as inimical to the social or cultural health of his subjects.

The law deliberately gave the Auckland Mayor presidential authority plus a Council with limited power to control him. But even if the Councillors had normal council powers over Council officers and the Mayor, a Council should not have the power to stop people from meeting in public halls to hear and judge unpopular speakers.

The long established legal boundaries on freedom of expression are all the protection Councillors should be allowed to assert. Public authorities at both central and local government level should now be scrupulously secular and politically neutral in their stewardship of public assets.

The bitter struggle to win freedom of religi...


Caught in trade war crossfire Homepaddock

Producers who think they will benefit if overseas competitors are shut out of their domestic market or face high tariffs arent looking at the whole picture as Mexican dairy farmer Georgina Gutierrez explains:

Obrador, for example, talks about the importance of self-sufficiency, suggesting that our country can produce everything it consumes. 

This idea holds a certain kind of appeal, at least on the surface. Consider my own case as a good example.  Im a dairy farmer. If our government were to stop importing milk, in the name of self-sufficiency, it would reduce the competition that I face from foreign producers and, presumably, allow me to flourish.  

Yet in reality, wed all suffer. Mexican dairy farmers dont produce enough milk to meet the demands of consumers. Even if we did, we still wouldnt be truly self-sufficient. Milk production doesnt take just a dairy farmer with a bunch of cowsit also requires farmers who grow the food that dairy cows eat as well as technology and machinery that make us better producers. Mexico imports these goods as well.  

In fact, my farm wouldnt exist in its present state but for our ability to exchange goods and services across borders. We import corn, soy, canola, vitamins, medicine, and machinery, for example. This is how sustainable economies work, keeping prices in check for everyone. And its much better than the protectionism, price controls, and subsidies that central planners wrongly believe will fix the problems of their own market distortions.  . . 

In trade wars, producers and consumers get caught in the crossfire and pay the price with higher prices and less choice.

The only ones who win are the politicians and bureaucrats and even thats usually only in the short-term.

Once economic growth slows as an inevitable consequence of higher prices, voters usually tire of the politicians responsible for it.

For more on this, see Daniel Ikensom who writes th...


Former National minister to head justice advisory reform group Your NZ

In what I think is a smart move Minister of Justice Andrew Little has appointed former National MP Chester Borrows to head a criminal justice reform advisory group. Borrows was a police officer before getting a law degree and practicing as a lawyer before becoming an MP, and served a term as Minister of Courts, []


NZ businesses dealing with climate change Your NZ

As well as general political consensus on the need to do more to address climate change issues in New Zealand, there are growing moves by big businesses to do something about it. This is likely for mixed reasons, including they have a public duty to do something about it, pragmatic business reasons, and doing something []


Free speech versus hate speech (or intolerance of the intolerant) Your NZ

The free speech debate continues. Free speech is not entirely free, and it is far from equal, some people have far more opportunity and power than others to be heard. How free speech should be is a contentious issue. Hate speech is harder to define, but someone at Reddit attempted: Hate speech has simply become []


QotD: "It's turned worse than that: Trump has resurrected old, failed, long-debunked interventions, and made them popular again. And now these are all part of the package-deal that people are swallowing as capitalism!" Not PC

"Before the U.S. election, I was asked to compare Trump to Hillary. Isn't Trump better?
"At the time, I said he will implement a similar socialist disaster to Hillary. Maybe it will be slightly less disastrous (too early to tell). However, the key distinction is that he would do so in the name of capitalism. He would make people hate capitalism. How could people even know that he was implementing socialism, if his most ardent supporters were calling it capitalism?
"It's turned worse than that: he has resurrected old, failed, long-debunked interventions in the economy. And made them popular again. For the sake of America, we're told, the US govt must impose a partial blockade on America!
"And now this is all part of the package-deal that people are swallowing as capitalism!"
~ Keith Weiner


Quote of the day Homepaddock

Happiness is like a butterfly; the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder. Henry David Thoreau who was born on this day in 1817.


Trump versus NATO Your NZ

The NATA summit in Brussels has started with Donald Trump on the offensive. RealClearPolitics:  In Testy Exchange, Trump Hits Germany for Being Captive to Russia In a combative start to his NATO visit, President Donald Trump asserted Wednesday that a pipeline project has made Germany totally controlled by and captive to Russia and blasted allies []


Semi-final England versus Croatia Your NZ

Croatia play England this morning at 6:oo am (NZ time) in the second football world cup semi-final. The winner will play France in the final at 3:00 am on Monday morning (NZ time).


Media watch Thursday Your NZ

12 July 2018 Media Watch is a focus on New Zealand media, blogs and social media. You can post any items of interested related to media. A primary aim here is to hold media to account in the political arena. A credible and questioning media is an essential part of a healthy democracy. A general []


General chat Your NZ

Is there any way we could have a thread for the more lightweight stuff like music and general chat? Do it here. Please no personal attacks or bickering. Anything abusive, provocative or inflammatory may be deleted.


Open Forum Thursday Your NZ

12 July 2018 This post is open to anyone to comment on any topic that isnt spam, illegal or offensive. All Your NZ posts are open but this one is for you to raise topics that interest you.  If providing opinions on or summaries of other information also provide a link to that information. Bloggers []

Wednesday, 11 July


World view Thursday Your NZ

Wednesday GMT For posting on events, news, opinions and anything of interest from around the world.


July 12 in history Homepaddock

1191  Saladins garrison surrendered to Conrad of Montferrat, ending the two-year siege of Acre.

1543 King Henry VIII married his sixth and last wife, Catherine Parr at Hampton Court Palace.

1562 Fray Diego de Landa, acting Bishop of Yucatan, burned the sacred books of the Maya.

1580 Ostrog Bible, the first printed Bible in a Slavic language, was published.

1690  Battle of the Boyne (Gregorian calendar) The armies of William III defeated those of the former James II.

1691  Battle of Aughrim (Julian calendar) The decisive victory of Williams forces in Ireland.

1730 Josiah Wedgwood, English potter, was born  (d. 1795).

1790  The Civil Constitution of the Clergy was passed in France by the National Constituent Assembly.

1804  Former United States Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamiltondied after being shot in a duel.

1806  Sixteen German imperial states left the Holy Roman Empire and formed the Confederation of the Rhine.

1812  War of 1812: The United States invaded Canada at Windsor, Ontario.

1817 Henry David Thoreau, American writer and philosopher, was bron (d. 1862).

1854 George Eastman, American inventor, was born  (d. 1932).

1862 The Medal of Honor iwa authorised by the United States Congress.

1863 Lieutenant-General Camerons force crossed the Mangatawhiri stream in the first act of war in the Waikato campaign,



What is reputable news? YouTube plans to decide for you Uncensored Publications

YouTube will invest $25 million in funding quality journalism on its platform. The initiative will aim to provide context and to promote reputable sources; but there are doubts as to what, exactly, that might mean. By Gareth Icke, YouTube announced the initiative on Monday, and says it aims to make it easier to find []

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New Zealand Government stands by the words used to describe Chinas presence and will not be correcting any wrong words. "IndyWatch Feed War"

China has lodged stern representations with New Zealand after the Defence Force explicitly named China as a threat before spending $2.3 billion on anti-submarine aircraft.

Chinas Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying told a press conference on 9 July China is a builder of world peace.

Image may contain: airplane

U.S. P-8 Maritime surveillance aircraft

We urge New Zealand to view the relevant issue in an objective way, correct its wrong words and deeds and contribute more to the mutual trust and cooperation between our two countries, Ms Hua told the conference.

The New Zealand Government stands by the words used to describe Chinas presence and will not be correcting any wrong words.

New Zealand is a sovereign nation and whether the United States was telling us to do that or China or any other country, it comes down to our right to see things as we see it in a very responsible way, Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters said on Wednesday.

Image result for Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters, photos

Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters

He said there is no connection in real terms to trade, so is not concerned about retaliation in that sphere.

The strategic defence paper released last week directly warned of the increasing influence of China. It said while populism is causing some countries to look inward, China is outward-facing.

China has set an alternative model of democracy a liberalising economy absent liberal democracy challenging conventional wisdom in the West that the two go hand-in-hand, the strategic policy statement says.

The document also warned of Russias influence, particularly with cyber technology, and of uncertainty around the United States role internationally.

On Monday, Mr Peters danced around directly mentioning China when asked about the Governments decision to purchase four Boeing P-8 Poseidons. The aircraft are designed for, among other specs, long-range anti-submarine warfare.

When asked about the decision,...


365 days of gratitude Homepaddock

Watching the Inside Stories in the videos I posted this afternoon reminded me again of how much we have to celebrate and Im grateful for that.


Golriz Ghahraman cops more criticism for inaccurate claims Your NZ

Green MP Golriz Ghahraman has attracted attention in the past for making questionable claims. She was in the firing line again today over this tweet: Being the first ever woman to hold the Defence portfolio in NZ Parliament (from any party!) puts me in interesting contexts. Very proud to voice @NZGreens opposition to NZ spending []


MP mother wants more free travel for partners Your NZ

MP Kiri Allen had a baby at about the same time she got into parliament via Labours list. She is trying to get more free travel for MPs with young children so they can have more time with their family together. Every parent who works has to compromise on family time, it just goes with []


Man Bites Dog Kapiti Independent

Alan Tristram reports on the oldest advice to journalists:  Dog bites man, no story. Man bites dog youve []


Word of the day Homepaddock

Seton a skein of cotton or other absorbent material passed below the skin and left with the ends protruding, to promote drainage of fluid or to act as a counterirritant; a thread or the like inserted beneath the skin to provide drainage or to guide subsequent passage of a tube.


125 Years of Womens Suffrage Kapiti Independent

Prue Hyman says you get along to plenty of exhibitions and events which celebrate our pioneer recognition of womens right []


New Zealands Inside Stories Homepaddock

New Zealand Story has just released the first three Inside Stories for its ongoing series promoting Aotearoa  the Global Film, Ingenuity Film, and Food & Beverage Film.

Each video is fronted by a range of highly acclaimed individuals including tech entrepreneurs, scientists, inventors and famous actors, and aims to bridge a narrative about New Zealand that isnt hobbits, the All Blacks and beautiful landscapes to the rest of the world.

Each of the three videos is connected to a wider campaign that provides authentic insight into New Zealand stories from the eyes of global and local identities. The campaign argues New Zealands reputation for outstanding natural beauty is only part of our story, and showcases our pool of artists, business people, entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators whose stories are just as awe-inspiring as our landscapes. . .


Its fair to say the rest of the world knows very little about New Zealand, and to get the point across NZ Story plans to release a multitude of smaller stories to create a narrative big enough to demonstrate that New Zealands contribution to the world is limitless and impossible to ignore.

To do so, it wants to recruit hundreds if not thousands of people who have played a part in our global presence. It has already interviewed immigrants, expats and everyday Kiwis, speaking to everyone from school kids to pensioners and everyone in-between, covering stories about food and wine, culture and invention, business, creativity and much, much more.

But it needs your help and asks you to become a New Zealand storyteller by sharing our story with the world to help tell the world what New Zealand has to offer.

You can read more at Inside Stories.

You can follow New Zealands Inside Stories on YouTube ; Facebook ;



Rural round-up Homepaddock

Prized stock castration frustrates farmer Andrew Ashton:

After waking up to find someone had castrated two of his bulls, a Hawkes Bay farmer expected the police to arrest and charge the culprit. Instead he says he was advised to sell up and move.

Pongaroa farmer David Vitsky said the incident was the latest in a litany of stock rustling and rural crime stretching back several years.

But Hawkes Bay police say they are unable to gather firm evidence to charge anyone.

Weve been plagued by a continuous raid of stock rustling, thefts and the police fail to get prosecutions, Vitsky told Hawkes Bay Today. . . 

Pagans shear determination on screen Sally Rae:

She might be the Souths latest film star but Pagan Karauria is no prima donna actress.

Left in charge of  father Dion Morrells shearing business while he is in Japan for several weeks, the Alexandra woman  has been up every morning between 4.15am and 4.30am.

Her day is full as her mobile phone rings constantly and she ensures the smooth running of seven gangs. But, as she puts it, Im just cruising along doing what I love.

Mrs Karaurias passion for the shearing industry is undeniable   she is both a shearer and  woolhandler and had the remarkable distinction of competing in both disciplines in the All Nations competition at last years World Shearing and Woolhandling Championships in Invercargill. . .

PGG Wrightson says no comment on report of possible $600M buyout  Sophie Boot:

(BusinessDesk) PGG Wrightson says it has no comment on Australian media reporting that ASX-listed agribusiness company Elders is looking to buy it for $600 million.

A column in The Australian says Elders may seek to raise A$300 million via a rights issue to help fund the purchase, with the remainder funded via debt. The PGG Wrightson board met on Friday to discuss the sale of the business and speculation is building that Elders has already been told that it is the preferred bidder, The Australian reported. . .

Decision made on fate of defunct Gore me...


Thai Delight Kapiti Independent

We did something nobody thought possible. Chiang Rai acting Governor, Narongsak Osatanakorn The Wild Boars are safe By Roger Childs []


Mid Week Quiz No. 130 Kapiti Independent

Here is the latest challenge.   Remember that no correspondence, computers or cell phones may be entered into!   Answers []


QotD: "Nothing that happens here in the UK matters very much. Wherever the action is, it is no longer in London." Not PC

"Theresa May is no Iron Lady. But what really struck me [on my recent visit] was that when I first lived here in the 1970s, even then the UK was at the centre of things. Now, it seems, nothing that happens here matters very much. Wherever the action is, it is no longer in London."
~ Steven Kates, from his post 'Its not just London Bridge thats falling down'


New Zealand's biggest mass strike in decades: Teachers, nurses and civil servants to walk out after "years of neglect" "IndyWatch Feed World"

A wave of strike action is surging in New Zealand, as disgruntled teachers, nurses, and government staffers prepare to walk off the job in a row over better pay. The workers reject proposals put to them by the NZ government. The first Labour Government in ten years is pointing the finger back at the Opposition, saying that "years of neglect" cannot be addressed in one go. A range of government-paid sectors have rejected this sentiment. Teachers will walk off the job next month, nurses will strike this week and civil servants walked off the job last month, all over claims that they are not paid enough. The median New Zealand wage is $48,800 NZD. Teachers, nurses and civil servants are earning less than that amount or close to it, if they have more experience and education. While the government proposed some increases over the months of negotiations, those are believed to be insufficiently index-linked.


Whats more important Homepaddock

If you had $2.8 billion to spend you could:

  • Pay nurses, teachers and support staff more.
  • Put more money into helping children who get to school without pre-learning skills necessary to succeed.
  • Put more money into helping children further through the schools system who are failing.
  • Not have to cancel the $6.5 million boost for the cochlear implant programme.
  • Find any number of ways to help those most in need.

Or spend it on fee-free study for tertiary students that hasnt encouraged more students; has one nothing to encourage more maori, Pacifica or people from lower socio-economic backgrounds and put subsidizing students ahead of improving the quality of teaching.

Whats more important?

Those people who have had surgery and other hospital appointments cancelled because of the nurses strike will know.

Those who dont get the help they need to succeed at school will too.

So will the people who will no longer get a cochlear implant.



All out Homepaddock

The 12 Thai scouts and their leader have been rescued from the flooded cave.

All 13 members of Thailands Wild Boar junior soccer team have made it to safety in one of the most inspiring rescue missions the world has witnessed.

THE Tham Luang cave has delivered its miracle, with all 13 members of the Wild Boar soccer team making it to safety in one of the most inspiring rescue missions the world has witnessed.

The Royal Thai Navy SEALS have confirmed all 12 boys and their coach have successfully swum through flooded passages and are now either out of the cave system or currently making their way.

It is understood the teams coach is still at the third chamber where rescuers have set up a base camp, but will be coming out soon. . .

That they were all alive when the rescuers first reached them was amazing.

That all 13 have survived is due to the skill and bravery of the rescuers.

It is very sad that one of them, Petty Officer Saman Kunan, died in the process.


Nurses vote to strike on Thursday Your NZ

Nurses have voted to go ahead with a strike on Thursday, seeking more pay than the current offer that probably looks quite generous to most people. RNZ:  Hospitals prepare for nurses strike The New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) rejected the latest district health board pay offer yesterday, saying more money was needed to avert the []


China response to Defence Policy Statement criticisms Your NZ

A Strategic Defence Policy Statement released on Friday by Minister of Defence Ron Mark stated the threat it believes China poses to the international community.China has responded. Stuff: China fires back at NZ, calls remarks on South China Sea and Pacific politics wrong Foreign Minister Winston Peters and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern have often been []


Inquiry Demanded After Two Babies Die After MMR Vaccination In Samoa "IndyWatch Feed World"

Samoa has pulled the MMR (measles mumps rubella) vaccine because two babies died after receiving it.  The island nation has also demanded that they be an official inquiry into the deaths of the babies and the link to the vaccine.

The babies were brought to Safotu Hospital in Savaii on Friday, where they died within minutes of the receiving the MMR vaccine, Television New Zealand reported. Samoan Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi expressed his condolences to the families on Monday in a heartfelt Facebook post in which he also demanded the government investigate the devastating incident.

I have called a full inquiry into the circumstances leading up to this devastating incident which I do not take lightly, he said. There are already processes that will determine if negligence is a factor. And if so, rest assured those processes will be implemented to the letter to ensure that such a tragedy will not be repeated and those responsible will be made to answer.

After being told repeatedly by the money hungry big pharma lobbyists and the mainstream media that vaccines are safe, we are finally seeing some action.  It is unfortunate that two babies had to lose their lives before action is taken. The evidence that vaccines are not safe is all out there, its just too bad people still fall prey to the lies at the expense of thei...


Free speech group raises $50,000 to challenge Auckland Council Your NZ

The free speech versus alleged potential hate speech or inflammatory speech continues after the cancellation of a speaking event where two Canadians that almost al New Zealanders had never heard of suddenly became the centre of controversial attention. Previous posts on this: Peters, Bridges support free speech The Molyneux-Southern Australasian speaking tour A group that has also []


Quote of the day Homepaddock

The exception is more interesting than the rule. The rule proves nothing; the exception proves everything. In the exception the power of real life breaks through the crust of a mechanism that has become torpid by repetition. Carl Schmitt who was born on this day in 1888.


100 Aker Wood sells for record 430,000 pounds Your NZ

Pooh's original Hundred-Acre Wood map sells for auction record Reuters Top News (@Reuters) July 10, 2018 The original map of Winnie-the-Poohs Hundred Acre Wood by artist E.H. Shepard was bought for a record-breaking 430,000 pounds ($570,137) on Tuesday, auctioneers Sothebys said. The map for A.A. Milnes childrens classic, completed in 1926, broke []


Marxism Classical and Contemporary Your NZ

Oxford dictionary: Marxism The political and economic theories of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, later developed by their followers to form the basis of communism. Central to Marxist theory is an explanation of social change in terms of economic factors, according to which the means of production provide the economic base which influences or determines []


Football world cup Belgium versus France Your NZ

Belgium and France are now playing the first semi-final in the football world cup. These are the top ranked teams to reach the semi-finals. Just prior to the tournament Belgium was ranked 3 and France 7. Im neither picking a winner nor backing either team. May the best team on the day win.


All boys plus coach now rescued Your NZ

The huge cave  rescue effort in Thailand has been successful, with all twelve boys plus their football coach now rescued. Unfortunately one rescue diver died last week while preparing for the rescue. RNZ: Football team and coach successfully rescued from Thai cave The remaining Wild Boars and their coach have emerged from a flooded cave []


How a Larger Co-operative Sector Can 'Ripple Out' "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

As we announced back in April, the Co-operative Party commissioned this independent piece of work from the NEF because we want to see a step-change in the co-operative sector. While consumer and employee owned businesses here in the UK are still seen as a little unusual, edgy or even alternative, in countries like France, New Zealand and the Netherlands, co-operative businesses make up a significant percentage of the economy, and are considered part of the mainstream business landscape.

So todays report, containing practical steps policymakers can take to double the size of the co-operative sector, is undoubtedly great news for UK co-operatives, and for our co-operative movement.

But why should those outside of the UK co-operative sector care about how big it is?

Read the rest at The Co-operative Party blog


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Widow says her former husbands paedophile rings goes to highest heights "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Anihera Black talks about her husband Awanui Black who died in 2016. She says he was a life-long paedophile who abused many children.

By David Fisher

The widow who told the world her politician husband was a paedophile says he was involved in a ring of abusers which goes to the highest heights you can imagine.

In an exclusive interview, Anihera Zhou Black told the Herald: This goes deep and wide, in terms of the paedophile ring, to the highest heights you can imagine. These people arent just labourers and workers at fast food restaurants. These people are suits and people in power.

Awanui Black died aged 48 in 2016.

He was a regional councillor, Maori Party political aspirant, a commissioner at the Maori Language Commission, lecturer at Te Wananga o Raukawa and Treaty of Waitangi negotiator for Ngati Pukenga.

He was also a paedophile, according to Zhou Blacks gut-wrenching Facebook Live broadcast yesterday.

Zhou Black, 49, with the support of sister Piiata Tiakitai-Turi, 50, said today her decision to denounce her former husband was intended to give strength to victims of abuse.

She told of her belief Black had used their marriage to mask his predatory sexual behaviour towards children and her growing horror as she realised he was not the man she had believed him to be.

The couple had met aged 15 and were in a relationship from 18. He went on to become a highly-regarded pillar of the Bay of Plenty community and someone with the mana required to stand on the national stage.

But for Zhou Black, it was an ascent she had little part in.

Our relationship is one where I never had a voice through our marriage. I had been conditioned, groomed, to be the quiet wife.

Her Facebook Live post based on partial admissions from Black and disclosures from others came after 26 years of silence.

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