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Monday, 23 October


World watch Tuesday Your NZ

Monday GMT For posting on events, news, opinions and anything of interest from around the world.


October 24 in history Homepaddock

69  Second Battle of Bedriacum, forces under Antonius Primus, the commander of the Danube armies, loyal to Vespasian, defeated the forces of Emperor Vitellius.

1147  After a siege of 4 months crusader knights led by Afonso Henriques, reconquered Lisbon.

1260  The Cathedral of Chartres was dedicated in the presence of King Louis IX of France.

1260  Saif ad-Din Qutuz, Mamluk sultan of Egypt, was assassinated byBaibars, who seized power for himself.

1360  The Treaty of Brtigny was ratified at Calais, marking the end of the first phase of the Hundred Years War.

1648  The Peace of Westphalia was signed, marking the end of the Thirty Years War.

1795 Partitions of Poland: The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was completely divided among Austria, Prussia, and Russia.

1812 Napoleonic Wars: The Battle of Maloyaroslavets.

1830  Marianne North, English naturalist and flower painter was born (d. 1890).

1838  Annie Edson Taylor, American adventuress was born (d. 1921).

1840  Eliza Pollock, American archer (d. 1919).

1857 Sheffield F.C., the worlds first football club, was founded.

1861  The First Transcontinental Telegraph line across the United States was completed, spelling the end for the 18-month-old Pony Express.

1882  Dame Sybil Thorndike, British actress, was born (d. 1976).

1885  Alice Perry, Irish engineer and poet, was born (d. 1969).

1892  Goodison Park, the worlds first association football specific stadium was opened.



"I'm intending to stay and critique these buggers pretty hard" Lindsay Mitchell

So said Steven Joyce. I hope he sticks to this. 

Explanations of policy concessions are now emerging and it appears National rejected those 'bridges too far'.

NZ First is also understood to have won concessions from Labour that National balked at, including work to progress a multi-billion dollar Northland port.
The deal will also cut property sales to foreigners - another policy National balked at, warning it would send an unfortunate message to our neighbours and be in breach of trade agreements.
Immigration was also crucial to NZ First's position - National rejected whole sale cuts. concerned about a labour shortage.
The last point mirrors my major concern with the new government.

New Zealand was built on immigration. I am an immigrant. The public services in particular - Health and Corrections I can personally attest to - are heavily supported by immigrant workers. Many rural sectors cannot operate without immigrant labour.

National could not support policies that would actively hurt the economy.

Effort needs to go into explaining this, relentlessly.


Assassination comments on Kiwiblog Your NZ

Im going to go in to bat for both David Farrar and lprent here regarding the challenges of moderating blogs. Note in advance: I have chosen to include unacceptable language in the following post to demonstrate what has happened. The comments have been seen and circulated widely and are still public on other sites. Inciting, []


Close Encounters Of The Congressional Kind Uncensored NZ Blog

Source: Washington Post/Youtube Had to happen I guess.

The post Close Encounters Of The Congressional Kind appeared first on Uncensored NZ Blog.


Mugabe Fired From WHO Uncensored NZ Blog

President Robert Mugabe has been fired as the World Health Organisations goodwill ambassador only days after his appointment following an outcry mostly from Western countries and non-governmental organisations which questioned his human rights record. WHO director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the first African to head the United Nations organisation, said he had consulted the Zimbabwe government []

The post Mugabe Fired From WHO appeared first on Uncensored NZ Blog.


38 Women Accuse Director James Toback Of Sexual Misconduct Uncensored NZ Blog

Whats going on here? Is this tip of the iceberg? Id say so. These Hollywood Svengalis no doubt thought they were untouchable, but now the very women these guys held power over, have awakened to their own collective power. But is this also a part of something bigger going on with regards to the NWO: []

The post 38 Women Accuse Director James Toback Of Sexual Misconduct appeared first on Uncensored NZ Blog.


Word of the day Homepaddock

Pauciloquent  uttering few words;  laconic.

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Ten x Ten : Art at Te Papa Beattie's Book Blog - unofficial homepage of the New Zealand book community

Ten x Ten: Art at Te Papa
Edited by Athol McCredie
Published by Te Papa Press
ISBN: 978-0-9941362-5-1
300 pages, paperback with flaps, $45.00

 Just ahead of the opening of the much-anticipated gallery revamp that will enhance the art experience at Te Papa, an exciting new book by the museums press offers a fresh approach to art appreciation.

Ten x Ten invites ten of the institutions curators to each pick ten of their favourite works from the national collection, and explain why they find the works interesting, resonant or significant. The result is a novel behind-the-scenes look at New Zealands national art
collection by those who know these paintings, prints, photographs, applied art objects and sculptures better than most.



Poetry Collection Launch Invitation Beattie's Book Blog - unofficial homepage of the New Zealand book community

Otago University Press warmly invites you to celebrate the launch of   Surrender, a new collection of poetry by Janet Charman.

When: Friday 10 November, 7.157.45 pm

Where: Ellen Melville Centre, Freyberg Place, Auckland City

Please RSVP to 

This event is kindly supported by the ...


The Roundup with PW Beattie's Book Blog - unofficial homepage of the New Zealand book community

A Book Ban Like No Other: Dixie District Schools in Florida has banned any books that "contain any profanity, cursing, or inappropriate subject matter" save for mandated materials.

Lit Pubs Get Mixed Diversity Reviews: A new survey finds male writers substantially outnumbering women in literaery outlets such as the 'Atlantic' and the 'Paris Review.'

Emma Cline on Harassment in Publishing: The author of 'The Girls,' a novel about gendered violence, recounts her harassment and assault in the book industry.

NYC Courts Amazon: Every public landmark and venue in the city was lit orange last night in an effort to woo the e-tailer to set up shop in the Big Apple.

The Great Stephen King Reread Analysis: Here's how all 38 novel...


Publishers Lunch Beattie's Book Blog - unofficial homepage of the New Zealand book community

Today's Meal

Daniel Nayeri, Nathalie Le Du, and Colleen AF Venable are leaving Workman Children's to start a new imprint at Macmillan Children's. They will serve as publisher, editorial director, and creative director, respectively. Nayeri says, "Our new imprint will be a collaboration of makers in the communal pursuit of creating art objects for great and terrible children." (That line, which sounds cute but doesn't actually mean anything, is a direct repeat of what he said when he joined Workman in 2013 -- though at the time, he said it in both English and French.) He will report to Macmillan Children's president and publisher Jon Yaged, with Le Du and Venable reporting to him.

Kara Cesare has been promoted to vice president, editorial director for Ballantine Bantam Dell.

Erin Crumhas been promoted to senior vice president of corporate communications at HarperCollins and joins the global executive committee.



Mission to Motherhood Beattie's Book Blog - unofficial homepage of the New Zealand book community


Mission To Motherhood
by Amira Mikhail

The desire for motherhood is a very strong emotion in the majority of women. It is innate and part of the desire to procreate thus ensuring the survival of the species. Thats just the way it is and as it was for our author Amira Mikhail.
   Mikhail was suffering from endometriosis at the top end of the scale and as she grew older she was confronted with many obstacles and problems that were making her end goal, the desire for motherhood, more and more difficult to accomplish.

    As each problem arose the author faced up to them with intelligence, determination and good sound medical knowledge.
 Through Mission to Motherhood we accompany her through her journey of the horrors of fibroids causing massive blood loss and accompanying problems: the pain of endometriosis, and a miscarriage at 12 weeks.
   The book then leads us through the emotional highs and lows of IVF and finally surrogacy. This story has a happy ending but one cant help being moved as we read about her miscarriage and the difficulties of her first surrogacy attempt.

    As a retired Registered Nurse with a vast amount of experience in the gynaecological area I have witnessed the agony of miscarriage, prenatal deaths, and endometriosis, and so had an excellent understanding of the medical terminology used throughout the narrative; and I could appreciate the emotional roller coaster that is felt by women, and their suffering, during these times. There were occasions when I was moved to tears at the raw emotions that were experienced by the author but, as I have said, this story has a happy ending and the delight of the happy parents and the extended family is obvious at all....


On *that* NZ Herald article. The Hinterland

Sir Cliff knew. shes just a devil woman/over the offside line 


Quote of the Day: On political power Not PC

"Concentrated power is not rendered harmless by the good intentions of those who create it."
~ Milton Friedman


Rural round-up Homepaddock

Red meat halves risk of depression:

Women who reduce lamb and beef in their diets are more likely to suffer depression, according to the new study.

Experts admitted surprise at the findings because so many other studies have linked red meat to physical health risks.

The team made the link after a study of 1000 Australian women.
Professor Felice Jacka, who led the research by Deakin University, Victoria, said: We had originally thought that red meat might not be good for mental health but it turns out that it actually may be quite important. . . 

Tech means go slow to speed up Richard Rennie:

A warts and all insight to precision agricultures impact on those at the sharp end includes frustrations over data quantities it generate but also the rewards of sticking with it and saving significant sums along the way.

At this years precision agriculture conference in Hamilton delegates had the chance to learn about hands-on farmer experiences with the many different versions of the technology and pick up some lessons on how to get the most from it. . .

Farmers should benefit from calls for greater transparency around food production Gerald Piddock:

Consumer demands for more transparency in food production are expected to bring greater rewards for New Zealand farmers demonstrating good environmental stewardship.

The push for more transparency came from a growing interest in how food was produced, Ministry for Primary Industries director general Martyn Dunne told delegates at the International Tri-Conference for Precision Agriculture in Hamilton on October 16. . .

Concern for farmers involved in outbreak Sally Rae:

South Canterbury Rural Support Trust trustee Sarah Barr says she is very concerned for the farmers involved with the Mycoplasma bovis outbreak, describing it as an excruciating experience for them.

Mrs Barr, who has been working closely with the farmers, urged the community to support them.

Keep in mind how terrible it is for these guys losing their animals, she told about 50 people attending a public meet...


Voters here and there Homepaddock

  1. Does this mean people living here and experiencing what was happening had a greater appreciation that National had the country going in the right direction than those living overseas who had to rely on the media?
  2. Will at least some of these people who voted Green in a much greater proportion than people living here did, come home and face the consequences now their party has some influence in government?


Votes within NZ: Labour 36.86%; Green 6.06%; NZ First 7.3% and National 44.61%.

Overseas votes: Labour 38.2%; Green 15.23%; NZ First 2.88% and National 37.35%


Filed under: politics Tagged: Green Party, Labour Party, Nathan Williams, NZ First, NZ National Party ...


The Roundup with PW including How Australia will battle Amazon Beattie's Book Blog - unofficial homepage of the New Zealand book community

How Australia Will Battle Amazon: In Australia, where chains such as Borders and Starbucks have failed, readers are prepared to reject their first Amazon fulfillment center.

Amazons HQ2 Has More Than 100 Bids: Over 100 cities have submitted bids to host Amazons second headquarters ahead of the deadline on Thursday.

Writing is Activism: George Saunders: The author of Lincoln the Bardo and winner of the Man Booker prize discusses his relationship with writing.


The Government waiting game is poor Your NZ

Traveller commented: Jacinda and Winnies anti-capitalism, anti-migration, anti foreign investment frankly scares me. Parties needed to be given time to wait for results, and to negotiate governing arrangements, but continued delays can give a feeling of being strung along. It is especially important that we have confidence in the incoming government to be responsible and []


Lets not get ADS Homepaddock

Whatever you think of her politics, Prime Minister designate Jacinda Ardern is an intelligent and articulate woman who appears to genuinely want to make New Zealand a better place.

You might disagree with at least some of what she wants to do and how she wants to do it and I do but that is no excuse for abusing her personally and buying into ADS Ardern Derangement Syndrome.

The left was badly afflicted by Key Derangement Syndrome. This was because they couldnt understand John Keys popularity and wouldnt let the facts on what he and his government achieved get in the way of their antipathy.

Its too late for the anonymous scribe who asked did Jacinda Ardern curse the All Blacks?

But anyone else tempted towards ADS, needs to take a deep breath, swallow their bile and engage their brains.

Personal abuse of politicians is the lazy refuge of those who have neither the wit nor words for substantive debate on actions and policies.

There is already so much scope for criticism of plans and policies, there is absolutely no need for critics to lower themselves by getting personal.

Filed under: politics Tagged: All Blacks, Ardern Derangement Syndrome (ADS), Jacinda Ardern, John Key, Key Derangement Syndrome (KDS) ...


Recent QHHT Sessions Atlantis, Parallel Lives, Reptilians, ETs, Conscious Water Molecule, Crystal Temple, Life Seeding & More "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

By Laron

I wanted to share summaries of the last five past life regression sessions I have conducted here in Texas, USA, using Dolores Cannons QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy / Technique).

A common theme has been parallel lives, where in past years they were rare within my sessions. This really fits into new information coming out into the global consciousness while the timeline shifts intensify in connection to the new earth and shift in consciousness.

Im sure many of you out there are noticing great changes around the world this year, especially in the last few months.

David Topi has provided some very accurate information and insight, in my opinion, over the years on the more practical side of the timeline changes and new earth situation his three most recent articles can be found here, Increasing Efforts To Exit Timeline #33 And Enter #42 (October 11, 2017), Loosening Ballast To Connect To The Highest Timeline New Earth Update (October 11, 2017) and Adjustment, Shielding and Separation of Timelines # 33 and # 42 (October 11, 2017). Note the information and links at the bottom of the articles if you are interested in accessing all his previous work in connection to this topic on transients, as its all here.

While Im currently based in Houston, Texas,  Im heading home to New Zealand at the end of this month (October) to visit family and will likely stay for Christmas. However, I am putting the intentions out there to Universe to see if anyone in the US knows of a place to host me for a mont...


On immigration Labours policy remains absolutely unchanged Your NZ

One notable point of difference between Labour and and NZ First was on immigration, especially how much to reduce immigrant numbers by. Incoming Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has indicated very clearly in an interview on The Nation that Labours policy remains absolutely unchanged. Lisa Owen: So part of that is also immigration numbers, the number []


Ardern on the TPP Your NZ

One of the first big tests for the incoming Jacinda Ardern led government will be the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, which is in the final stages of renegotiation after Donald Trump withdrew the United States, and will need to be addressed at the APEC conference next month. Ardern has indicated Labour may accept the 11 country []


Unfounded statements - hallmark of PM Ardern Lindsay Mitchell

If you think I have a grudge against Ardern, you are partly right. She  publicly ridiculed my research. But my problem with Ardern is mainly impersonal. It's just another battle in the war against dishonesty.

From NewstalkZB:

She's told TVNZ's Q&A programme that leaving everything to the market simply hasn't worked for workers.
"Everything" is not left to the market though.

Working For Families subsidises employers. It allows them to pay their workers less (and the childless suffer as a consequence).

Ganesh Nana, left-leaning BERL economist, was lamenting this subsidisation last week. But he never drew the correct conclusion. Abolish the state subsidies. Certainly Jacinda isn't going to.

A state-mandated minimum wage  is hardly descriptive of "leaving everything to the market". And she plans to raise it.

Huge regulation/ compliance costs are hardly "leaving everything to the market". Those costs are reflected in wage constraints. They are passed down to employees and clients.

Company tax, GST, rates, etc. all dictate costs to the labour market.

"Leaving everything to the market" is the most absurd statement.

Oh, correction. There will be a more absurd statement shortly. Money on it.


Quote of the day Homepaddock

I know that if odour were visible, as colour is, Id see the summer garden in rainbow clouds.  Robert Bridges who was born on this day in 1844

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Labour Day 2017 Your NZ

Today is New Zealands Labour Day. It was a major event when it was first commemorated the eight-hour working day in the 1890s, but now to most people it is just a long weekend, for those who dont have to work. Perhaps ironically the MPs of the Labour Party are probably working overtime preparing for []


General chat Your NZ

Is there any way we could have a thread for the more lightweight stuff like music and general chat? Do it here. Please no personal attacks or bickering. Anything abusive, provocative or inflammatory may be deleted.


Media watch Monday Your NZ

23 October 2017 Media Watch is a focus on New Zealand media, blogs and social media. You can post any items of interested related to media. A primary aim here is to hold media to account in the political arena. A credible and questioning media is an essential part of a healthy democracy. A general []


Open Forum Monday Your NZ

23 October 2017 This post is open to anyone to comment on any topic that isnt spam, illegal or offensive. All Your NZ posts are open but this one is for you to raise topics that interest you.  If providing opinions on or summaries of other information also provide a link to that information. Bloggers []


Is Capitalism Dead or Merely Dying? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Alfred Wertheimer Elvis 1956   New Zealands new prime minister Jacinda Ardern calls capitalism a blatant failure. Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis says capitalism is merely coming to an end because it is making itself obsolete. Mathematics professor Bruce Boghosian claims that without redistribution of wealth, our market economy would not be stable, because

The post Is Capitalism Dead or Merely Dying? appeared first on The Automatic Earth.

Sunday, 22 October


World watch Monday Your NZ

Sunday GMT For posting on events, news, opinions and anything of interest from around the world.


October 23 in history Homepaddock

42 BC  Roman Republican civil wars: Second Battle of Philippi  Mark Antony and Octavian decisively defeated Brutuss army. Brutus committed suicide.

425 Valentinian III became Roman Emperor, at the age of 6.

502 The Synodus Palmaris, called by Gothic king Theodoric the Great, discharged Pope Symmachus of all charges, ending the schism ofAntipope Laurentius.

1086 At the Battle of az-Zallaqah, the army of Yusuf ibn Tashfin defeated the forces of Castilian King Alfonso VI.

1157 The Battle of Grathe Heath ended the civil war in Denmark. King Sweyn III was killed and Valdemar I restored the country.

1295 The first treaty forming the Auld Alliance between Scotland and France against England was signed in Paris.

1503  Isabella of Portugal, queen of Spain and empress of Germany was born (d. 1539)

1641 Outbreak of the Irish Rebellion of 1641.

1642  Battle of Edgehill: First major battle of the First English Civil War.

1694  British/American colonial forces, led by Sir William Phipps, fail to seize Quebec from the French.

1707 The first Parliament of Great Britain met.

1739 War of Jenkins Ear started: British Prime Minister, Robert Walpole, reluctantly declared war on Spain.

1812  Claude Franois de Malet, a French general, began a conspiracy to overthrow Napoleon Bonaparte, claiming that the Emperor died in Russia and that he was now the commandant of Paris.



Debt Rattle October 22 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Edmund Melzl The Buddhas of Bamiyan in Afghanistan 1958   Political Economics (Snider) Smart Money And Dumb Money Are Moving In Opposite Directions (MW) Beijing Is The Covert Buyer Of A Quarter Of All Chinese Real Estate (ZH) The Mathematics of Inequality (TuftsNow) New Zealands New Prime Minister Brands Capitalism

The post Debt Rattle October 22 2017 appeared first on The Automatic Earth.


More incredible wind speed events across our planet "IndyWatch Feed World"

Almost unheard of second hurricane about to hit the UK in a week. Forecasts are for 100 mph winds with storm Brian. Last weeks Ophelia dragged dust storms from the Sahara with it, darkening the skies over the isles. Storm Brian is dragging massive hail storms with it blanketing Spain inches deep. This is an indication of the intensification of the grand solar minimum as our jet stream begin to step further out of place. Incredible winds in Canada blowing trains off the tracks and earlier in the month 120 KPH winds blasted New Zealand. Next year will be a 4x amplification in extreme weather over the last six months of 2017. Are you ready?


BREAKING! Bill Clinton Caught! Uncensored NZ Blog

GLOBAL News Published on Oct 20, 2017 Bill Clinton caught. Bill Clinton sought States permission to meet with Russian nuclear official during Obama uranium decision. He was prepared to collect a $500,000 payday in Moscow in 2010.

The post BREAKING! Bill Clinton Caught! appeared first on Uncensored NZ Blog.



In mid-twentieth century Man discovered that the solid state can be formed into machines, into computers which can be used for computation and control.  He began the creation of a new form of intelligence, the solid-state intelligence with prototypic beginnings in the computers.  All his means of communication around the planet his telephone systems, []



Free to air sports another policy no-go Your NZ

A New Zealand First policy and claimed bottom line of showing major sports events including All Black test free to air looks to be a non starter with the incoming government. NZ First MP Clayton Mitchell in January:  Billion Dollar Sport Spend Deserves Payback To Kiwis Kiwis are forking out nearly a billion dollars annually []


Word of the day Homepaddock

Hansper  pain  or stiffness in the limbs after a long walk; muscular pain caused by over-exertion.

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Quote of the Day: 'Why It's Okay To Like Ornament' Not PC

"Sullivans ornament never feels as though it is imposed from without. It does not feel applied.
Instead, his ornament really does manifest what 'organic' is actually supposed to feel like, 'as though the outworking of some beneficent agency had come forth from the very substance of the material and was there by the same right that a flower appears amid the leaves of 
its parent plant.'
~ Barbara Lamprecht, from Part IV her book/article 'Why It's Okay To Like Ornament,' quoting Michael Lewis

"This greatest feature of his work was esoteric. Is it any the less precious for that?
    "Do you realise that here, in his own way, is no body of culture evolving through centuries of time but a scheme and 'style' of plastic expression which an individual working away in this poetry-crushing environment ... had made out of himself? Here was a sentient individual who evoked the goddess whole civilisations strove in vain for centuries to win, and wooed her with this charming interior smile -- all on his own, in one lifetime too brief.
... Although seeming at time a nature-ism...


Work Ethic Homepaddock

When we visited my grandma in the summer, wed sit on the porch & watch the moon every night to be sure it made it safely home. My grandma said we should say prayers that it find fulfilling work during the day. Its not like theres a lot of jobs out there for a moon, she said. She had been through the Depression & thought about a lot of things like that. Work Ethic 2013 Brian Andreas posted with permission.

You can buy books, posters, cards, ornaments and more and sign up for a daily dose of whimsy like this by email at Story People.


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Rural round-up Homepaddock

Irrigation a positive in arid region Sally Rae:

When Emma Crutchley first expressed an interest in farming as a career, her father told her she could probably make more money doing something else.

But there was no changing her mind, even though farming in the Maniototo was not something for the fainthearted.

She grew up on the family sheep and beef farm, with her parents Geoff and Noela, and brother Bruce, and always loved the rural lifestyle. . 

Another feather in cap for shearing champs Nicole Sharp:

Twelve thousand people, three days of competition and shearers and woolhandlers from 32 different countries transformed the ILT Stadium Southland in February during the World Shearing and Woolhandling Championships.

Eight months on and the event has been recognised as the best international event in New Zealand.

Months after the World Shearing and Woolhandling Championships were held in Invercargill, the event is still causing a stir.

Not only was it a success for the town, and Kiwis Johnny Kirkpatrick and Joel Henare, but the event has also been recognised as the Best International Event in New Zealand at the New Zealand Event Awards (NZEA) last week. . .

Feds ready to engage new coalition government:

Federated Farmers says it is ready to engage and work with the new coalition government.

New Zealand First has chosen to go into partnership with Labour and the Greens for the next three years and the Federation believes there is room of opportunism for its members, wider primary sector, and all New Zealanders.

We congratulate new Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and the coalition partners on finding a consensus to lead the country, says Katie Milne, Federated Farmers National President.

Federated Farmers is looking forward to getting around the table and talking about the issues which affect our members and farmers. The primary sector is the backbone of the New Zealand economy so we anticipate the new government will be mindful of that when formulating policy. . . 

MPI report predicts str...


And so the Prime Minister's prevarications begin Lindsay Mitchell

Well continue actually, but begin as Prime Minister

Let's start with this one:

"When you have a market economy, it all comes down to whether or not you acknowledge where the market has failed and where intervention is required. Has it failed our people in recent times? Yes. How can you claim you've been successful when you have growth roughly 3 per cent, but you've got the worst homelessness in the developed world?"
This was refuted earlier this year by NZ Herald reporter Isaac Davison who found:

New Zealand was ranked as having the highest homeless rate per capita in a piece of analysis published by Yale University last month.
The analysis was based on an OECD paper which said 0.94 per cent of NZ's population was homeless. The lowest homeless rate in the OECD was Japan, at 0.03 per cent.
The OECD paper said that NZ's high incidence of rough sleepers could partly be explained by its broad definition of homelessness.
As Social Housing Minister Amy Adams says, if NZ measured homelessness the same way Japan did, it would be ranked among the top of developed countries.
Japan only measures rough sleepers. According to the Otago study, New Zealand has around 1400 rough sleepers, or 0.03 per cent of the population - equivalent to Japan.
Conclusion: Mostly fiction. The study does not compare apples with apples, so it is unfair to say NZ has performed worse than every other country on the list.

Then the PM claimed that  most people's incomes are "not keeping up with inflation...."

Another lie. The official source for data on household incomes says:

  From HES 2015 to HES 2016 median household income (BHC) rose 3% in real terms (3% above the CPI inflation rate)

And over a longer period?

It's going to be a long three years listening to fabrications, distortions and exaggerations ad nauseam. 


Kermadec sanctuary deal smack in Green face Your NZ

It is being reported that the Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary, long championed by the Green Party and progressed by the National Government last term, has been put on the back burner in a deal between NZ First and Labour. James Shaw will probably put on a brave face but this is a smack in Green faces. []


Speaking rights in Parliament Your NZ

Interesting tweets from Graeme Edgeler @GraemeEdgeler: Under standing orders, party leaders of parties with six or more members are entitled to speak on Ministerial Statements. In the last Parliament, this meant that (as of right) the government got one speech (plus a reply), and the opposition three speeches. In the new parliament, with its smaller opposition, []


Members Bills could be dominated by National Your NZ

Once they get their act together with their large size in Opposition National could dominate Members Bills. Labour, NZ First and Greens will be aiming for much bigger things in Government. David Seymour is the only other MP who will be in Opposition. Members Bills are mostly submitted by Opposition parties and drawn from the []


Did the losers win the election? Your NZ

There have been claims that the losers won the election and we now have a Government of losers. This is all nonsense of course, usually bleated by poor losers. No won won the election. No party has won an overall majority in an election ever under MMP (in New Zealand at least and I suspect []


Sunday soapbox Homepaddock

Sundays soapbox is yours to use as you will within the bounds of decency and absence of defamation. Youre welcome to look back or forward, discuss issues of the moment, to pontificate, ponder or point us to something of interest, to educate, elucidate or entertain, amuse, bemuse or simply muse, but not abuse.

Image may contain: text

Whenever you get too worked up about people, politics, money, work, or life, just remember . . .  you are here.

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All Blacks lose to the Wallabies Your NZ

The All Blacks have lost their second test of the season 23-18 (the also lost one to the British and Irish Lions), in the third of the year against the Wallabies, in Brisbane. The ABs had won easily in the first test in Sydney but only just came out in front in Dunedin a week []


General chat Your NZ

Is there any way we could have a thread for the more lightweight stuff like music and general chat? Do it here. Please no personal attacks or bickering. Anything abusive, provocative or inflammatory may be deleted.


Media watch Sunday Your NZ

22 October 2017 Media Watch is a focus on New Zealand media, blogs and social media. You can post any items of interested related to media. A primary aim here is to hold media to account in the political arena. A credible and questioning media is an essential part of a healthy democracy. A general []


Open Forum Sunday Your NZ

22 October 2017 This post is open to anyone to comment on any topic that isnt spam, illegal or offensive. All Your NZ posts are open but this one is for you to raise topics that interest you.  If providing opinions on or summaries of other information also provide a link to that information. Bloggers []

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