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Friday, 20 July


The HikersWool story Kapiti Independent

Sandra Smith says the word for HikersWool spread and with the advent of a new Website Hikerswool was suddenly []


Correction to Jenny Rowan Story from Horowhenua. Kapiti Independent

  The Kapiti Independent says We got it wrong   we said Jenny Rowan was sacked by the Lake Horowhenua []


Benefit numbers up for first time since 2010 Lindsay Mitchell

The first June to June increase in benefit numbers since 2010 has been recorded. This sits alongside Carmel Sepuloni's change to the benefit sanctions rules - essentially a softening. Sanctions are down by over 20 percent. The two developments may be related.

The specific benefit numbers that have increased are Jobseeker.

This is concerning when employers are crying put for unskilled workers. We know that MSD are worried about slowing exits from the Jobseeker benefit. They recently commented, "Demand for low skilled labour in the regions is not being readily absorbed by jobseekers in those regions." More than once emergency rules have been invoked to allow migrants to pick up the slack.

More Jobseeker benefits are being granted and fewer cancelled.

Further analysis required.


Thomas Classy in the Mountains Kapiti Independent

Two wins in a row for the Welshman By Roger Childs The mountain stages are where the Tour de France []


Rural round-up Homepaddock

Red Meat group shares knowledge Sally Rae:

With a relatively new farming business, Dunback couple Scott and Nadine Tomlinson were keen to surround themselves with some key people.

So they joined an Otago-based Red Meat Profit Partnership Action Network group made up of nine farming couples.

Last week, the group held its second meeting at Barewood Station, a Lone Star Farms-owned property between Outram and Middlemarch. The focus was on body condition scoring and parasite management.

The RMPP Action Network aimed to help farmers put their ideas into action on-farm. Essentially, a group of farmers identified a problem and, with the help of experts, worked together to come up with a solution . .

Wairoa set to tap into  hops hemp horticulture production  John Boynton:

Could Wairoa become the next foodbowl of New Zealand?

The Poutama Trust, a Mori business development service, is working with a Mori land trust in Wairoa to untap the potential for food production.

Paroa Trust chairman Luis McDonnell said the organisation was working toward a hops trial. . .

Young Farmer involvement ultimate win-win Sally Rae:

Emma Sutherland has given a lot to Young Farmers and it has given her a lot back including a husband.

Mrs Sutherland (31), a member of the Clinton club, was recognised for her service at the organisations recent national awards evening in Invercargill.

It was a stellar week for the Otago-Southland region; as well as Mrs Sutherlands success, Brooke Flett won the stock judging and Otago-Southland won best region in New Zealand. . .

LICs FY net profit tumbles on one-offs but revenue reaches record -Rebecca Howard:

(BusinessDesk) Livestock Improvement Corp, the dairy herd genetics cooperative, reported a 55 percent drop in full-year net profit on higher restructuring costs but was upbeat about the current year as those costs will no longer be incurred.

Net profit for the year to May 31 was $9.3 million versus $20.8 million, the Hamilton-based company said in a sta...


Bonus QotD: So-called '#HateSpeech' "is the death of #FreeSpeech. By the non-objective standard of 'hate speech,' any idea can be banned. The entire sphere of thought, in other words, becomes politicised. Not PC

"'Civilisation depends on reason; freedom means the freedom to think, then act accordingly; the rights of free speech and a free press implement the sovereignty of reason over brute force. If civilised existence is to be possible, the right of the individual to exercise his rational faculty must be inviolable.' ... Freedom of speech is a rational principle. Like any rational principle, it is an absolute; which means: within its context it admits of no exceptions. Apparent exceptions like a man yelling Fire! in a crowded movie theater represent a misunderstanding of the principle. As Ive said, the principle of freedom of speech states that you can use your own property to express whatever ideas you choosenot that you can use someone elses property. When on anothers property, you must abide by the conditions he sets...    "Because freedom of speech is a principle, any 'exception' to it actually means its destructionwhich brings us to laws against 'hate speech.' ... What does this amount to in practice? It means that whenever a member of some group finds an idea 'offensive' or feels that it will produce hatred against his collective, the government has the power to ban the idea. This is the death of free speech. By the non-objective standard of 'hate speech,' any idea can be banned...    "The entire sphere of thought, in other words, becomes politicised...    "Under the principle enacted by 'hate speech' laws, the individual is no longer free to think and express his thoughts. Instead, he must seek every collectives permission before speaking, making sure that no one is offended by his ideas and that no one takes his ideas as reason to hate anyone or anything...    "What people must grasp is that the only way to combat irrational ideas is to advocate rational onesnot to reach for the gun of the government. 'Hate speech' laws, however, are not the creation of the public but of academics and intellectuals. The reason such laws are becoming more and more widespread is that Western culture is losing its knowledge of why free speech is a value. As Ive indicated, free speech rests on the idea that knowledge is a value and that to be reached, it requires a sovereign, independent mind choosing to exercise its powers of reason. The value of free speech, in other words, rests on a specific view of the human mind. The dominant voices in the humanities today uphold an opposing view."
~ Onkar Ghate in an interview with The Undercurrent,...


Opening the 30 Ton Black Sarcophagus Discovered in Alexandria, Egypt Ancient Egyptian Mummy Uncensored Publications

My suspicion is that this sarcophagus has already been opened and sanitised of anything potentially controversial, well before the official opening takes place.  Martin Bright Insight Published on Jul 18, 2018 Subscribe 445K A 30-Ton Black Granite Sarcophagus recently discovered in Alexandria, Egypt is making everyone wonder what is inside.and Egyptian authorities are about to []

The post Opening the 30 Ton Black Sarcophagus Discovered in Alexandria, Egypt Ancient Egyptian Mummy appeared first on Uncensored Publications.


Electronic voting is a bad idea Homepaddock

Think electronic voting is a good idea?

Watch this and think again.

Hat tip: Utopia


Coast to Coast Quilts Exhibition Kapiti Independent

Jill Hammonds says that the local quilters will be humming on Saturday. Quilting exhibition and sharing of ideas If you []


Political blood stronger than water Homepaddock

Bryce Edwards asks, where are the protests over the governments new submarine killers?

He might also ask where are the protests against the CTPPP?

He could also ask where are the protests against the decision to pull back from putting cameras on fishing boats?

The answer is that political blood is stronger than water.

Those who would protest against the new planes, and the CTPPP are more likely to be supporters of one or other of the parties in government.

While concern for sustainable fishing crosses political boundaries, people on the left tend to be more likely to protest and having their party in government is keeping Green supporters quiet.

Those opposing these policies might be moved to protest if they had  been promoted by a National-led government but accept, or at least dont protest against, actions of their own side.

This isnt confined to any particular spot on the political spectrum.

I wasnt enamoured of everything the government did from 2008 until last year, but I accepted the reality of politics, and life.

You cant always get everything you want and my loyalty to National and support for most of what the government it led me did was sufficient for me to keep quiet about the rest.

The rank and file of the Green Party are the ones most likely to find tkeeping quiet difficult. Some members revolted when Environment Minister Eugenie Sage signed off the expansion of a Chinese-owned water bottling plant.

But just as parties need to swallow a few dead rats to get into government, their members have to put up with their MPs not doing everything they want, or doing some things they dont, when they get there.

As long as the political blood stays thick, party unity will stay strong. Its when it starts getting watered down, or spilt, that a party, and the government its part of, will be wounded.


Tamihere on a less equal society Your NZ

I think it is difficult to pin down just what equality or inequality mean. It can be quite misleading and misused. A country in which everyone lives in poverty have a form of equality. Generally, countries in which people can and do get richer have on average improved standards of living for most people at []


QotD: After Trumps comments at this weeks press conference, Putin's FSB "ought to hang up a 'Mission Accomplished' banner." Not PC

"Yet Putin doesnt have to tip elections to achieve his goal. He achieves it merely by sowing chaos and discord, which serves his goal of discrediting free countries as a superior model of government... The more conflict Putin sows in the West, the more he is able to point to the worlds vaunted democracies and sneer that this kind of 'normal life' is all an arrogant delusion.
    "From that perspective, Donald Trumps presidency is a triumph of Putins information war. Trumps comments at [this weeks] press conference were in response to exactly the kind of domestic discord the troll armies set out to amplify. Trump is now far more determined to fight his internal enemies and their 'Rigged Witch Hunt' than he is to stand up to Americas geopolitical foes. The FSB ought to hang up a 'Mission Accomplished' banner."

~ Robert Tracinski, from his article 'Why the Russians Are the Baddies (Again)'
[Cartoon by Rod Emmerson, NZ Herald]


Quote of the day Homepaddock

If you cannot understand that there is something in man which responds to the challenge of this mountain and goes out to meet it, that the struggle is the struggle of life itself upward and forever upward, then you wont see why we go. Sir Edmund Hillary  who was born on this day in 1919.


Free Speech are we for or against it? Your NZ

Post from Gezza: OPINION: It seems Im as Aryan as you can get, with a DNA test to prove it, but Im less thrilled about it than Lauren Southern, the suitably blonde agitator who wasnt allowed to speak at the Auckland Councils Bruce Mason Centre. The 23-year-old self-described journalist calls to mind an inane pop []


Post-Helsinki fallout continues Your NZ

Donald trump continues to cop a lot of flak from across the political spectrum after his astonishing assertions at the press conference in Helsinki with Vladimir Putin, and his would/wouldnt waffling all over the place since. Wall Street Journal: The Trump First Doctrine Putin respects strength but Trump showed weakness. I think that most people []


The most open government in history Your NZ

Journalists continue to complain about the government not living up to its promise to be the most transparent government ever. There was no pledge of transparency in the Labour-NZ First coalition agreement. From the Labour-Green Confidence and Supply Agreement: 20. Strengthen New Zealands democracy by increasing public participation, openness, and transparency around official information. Claims []


Communism by stealth, or Corporate-Capitalist Welfare by design? Your NZ

PartisanZ saved me the trouble of stating this topic: Matthew Hooton: Communism by stealth is here NZHerald Infamously, Key then entrenched Working for Families as Prime Minister, and Ardern and Robertson have further locked in middle-class dependency with their December 2017 Families Package. In fact in 2004, the left-wing critique of Working for Families []


Media watch Friday Your NZ

20 July 2018 Media Watch is a focus on New Zealand media, blogs and social media. You can post any items of interested related to media. A primary aim here is to hold media to account in the political arena. A credible and questioning media is an essential part of a healthy democracy. A general []


General chat Your NZ

Is there any way we could have a thread for the more lightweight stuff like music and general chat? Do it here. Please no personal attacks or bickering. Anything abusive, provocative or inflammatory may be deleted.


Open Forum Friday Your NZ

19 July 2018 This post is open to anyone to comment on any topic that isnt spam, illegal or offensive. All Your NZ posts are open but this one is for you to raise topics that interest you.  If providing opinions on or summaries of other information also provide a link to that information. Bloggers []

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Thursday, 19 July


World view Friday Your NZ

Thursday GMT For posting on events, news, opinions and anything of interest from around the world.


July 20 in history Homepaddock

356 BC   Alexander the Great, Macedonean king and conqueror of Persia, was born (d. 323 BC).

70  Siege of Jerusalem: Titus, son of emperor Vespasian, stormed theFortress of Antonia. The Roman army was drawn into street fights with the Zealots.

911 Rollo laid siege to Chartres.

1304 Wars of Scottish Independence: Fall of Stirling Castle  King Edward I  took the stronghold using the War Wolf.

1402  Ottoman-Timurid Wars: Battle of Ankara  Timur, ruler of Timurid Empire, defeated forces of the Ottoman Empire sultan Bayezid I.

1656  Swedish forces under the command of King Charles X Gustav defeated the forces of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth at the Battle of Warsaw.

1712 Riot Act took effect in Great Britain.

1738  French explorer Pierre Gaultier de Varennes et de la Vrendrye reached the western shore of Lake Michigan.

1810 Citizens of BogotNew Granada declared independence from Spain.

1822 Gregor Mendel, German scientist, father of modern genetics, was born (d. 1884).

1864 American Civil War: Battle of Peachtree Creek  Confederate forces led by General John Bell Hood unsuccessfully attacked Union troops under General William T. Sherman.

1866 Austro-Prussian War: Battle of Lissa  The Austrian Navy , led by Admiral Wilhelm von Tegetthoff, defeated the Italian Navy.

1881 Indian Wars:Sioux Chief Sitting Bull led the last of his fugitive people in surrender to United States troops at Fort Buford, North Dakota.



365 days of gratitude Homepaddock

After I got over the shock of the diagnosis that my baby had a degenerative brain disorder that would mean hed have multiple disabilities and probably die soon I started to think about what I could control.

One thing that came to mind was my fitness.

With a baby and a two year-old to care for I had to find something I could do at home, settled on stationary biking and hired an exercycle.

The baby died the day after I hired it but I figured fitness would help with grief and began pedaling the stationary equivalent of 20 kilometres most days.

A year later I returned the hired bike, bought one myself and kept up the cycling through another pregnancy, a second diagnosis of a degenerative brain disorder and life with a profoundly disabled child.

About seven years after I started, around the time our second son died, the routine of biking nowhere was beginning to pall. By then the older child was at school which left me free to exercise away from home and I began jogging instead.

Going somewhere was better than staying still but after a few months recurring joint pain was taking the edge off the enjoyment. As the pleasure of increasing fitness gave way to niggling injuries, I had to find an alternative exercise I didnt dread doing and began walking instead.

Theres a reasonable hill not far from home. I began walking up it and kept that up most days for several years. Every now and then Id get a bit slack about it but the purchase of a Fitbit about three and a half years ago keeps me motivated to exercise most days.

Im built for distance rather than speed and have no aspirations to race.

But the knowledge that regular exercise is better for both physical and mental health and the determination not to be the one who says you go, Ill wait here when an expedition is proposed keeps me walking.

I sleep better and feel better when Im fitter and Im grateful I have both the time and ability to exercise.


Analysis:Putin is Transforming Town Believed to produce Novichok, a lethal nerve agent Uncensored Publications

Please read my comments at the end of this item! Martin H NOTHING TO SEE HERE Max de Haldevang July 18, 2018 Russian president Vladimir Putin issued an order yesterday to end the special research status of Shikhany, the secretive town believed by British intelligence to have produced Novichok, a lethal nerve agent. UK authorities []

The post Analysis:Putin is Transforming Town Believed to produce Novichok, a lethal nerve agent appeared first on Uncensored Publications.


Word of the day Homepaddock

Gillygaupus  a foolish or stupid person; a tall, awkward fellow.


Low Carbon Kapiti Celebrates With Community Kapiti Independent

More than 70 people gathered St Peters Hall in Paekkriki for a family-focused fun Hullabaloo event. Organised by Low Carbon []


Rural round-up Homepaddock

US trials bring GM ryegrass a step closer Esther Taunton:

Kiwi researchers running overseas trials of genetically modified ryegrass say their field work has taken an important step forward.

In initial trials in New Zealand, the GM grass grew up to 50 per cent faster than conventional ryegrass, stored more energy for better animal growth, was more resistant to drought, and produced up to 23 per cent less methane from livestock.

Modelling also predicted lower urinary nitrate leaching and lower emissions of another greenhouse gas, nitrous oxide. . .

Tararua exotic sheep flock at Wimbledon grows to 300 Christine Mckay:

Its a secret farmer Brian Hales doesnt hide. He loves a taste of the exotic.

Now his Wimbledon flock of exotic, rare and historic sheep has grown to 300, with 18 breeds represented.

Wherever possible, I try to replicate their natural environment, he said.

The latest addition to the Hales flock are Stewart Island sheep. . .

Dairys plan to succeed :

 Choosing 15 dairy farmers as NZs climate change ambassadors is the next step in the dairy sectors plan for a culture of climate-conscious agribusiness, says DairyNZ chief executive Tim Mackle.

Waikato Federated Farmers Vice President Jacqui Hahn is one of 15 dairy farmers chosen as New Zealands climate change ambassadors.

These 15 men and women represent best environmental farming practice for their farm system, says Mackle.  . .

Finding right formula for farm fertiliser Joyce Wyllie:

An early morning phone call. Jock answers wandering out into pre-dawn darkness to give a report on weather conditions. Looking for shifting leaves, sensing air movement and  trusting gut feeling he gives his opinion to the caller.

Weather in Nelson is quite different from West Coast Golden Bay so Richard, the topdressing pilot , rings for an on-the-spot update. No amount of cyber forecasts...


Big Pharma And The Rise Of Gangster Capitalism Uncensored Publications

Protection Rackets and snuffing out competition: The Stuff of gangster movies and real life Big Pharma! By Tyler Durden Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, $8 per vial in competing developed-world nations and $38,892 in the U.S. That says it all. Thanks to decades of gangster films, we all know how gangster capitalism []

The post Big Pharma And The Rise Of Gangster Capitalism appeared first on Uncensored Publications.


Celtic Harp and Guitar Music For Kapiti Coast Kapiti Independent

Dynamic duo Take an inspiring harpist, Principal Harp with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, add one of New Zealands best accompanists []


Killing Me Softly Homepaddock

Will left a comment on last nights gratitude post pointing out that Roberta Flack sang strumming my pain with his fingers not strumming my face . . .


I first heard the song sung by a friends sister in the early 1970s, I went to a Roberta Flack concert in the Christchurch Town Hall a few years later, I own an LP on which it features, Ive heard it sung on the radio countless times and its on my playlist on Spotify.

Every one of those countless times Ive listened to it Ive heard face not pain.

But Wills right it is pain. 

Sigh, I much preferred the interpretation Id made of the meaning when it was face.


Food Glorious Food! Kapiti Independent

Sandra Smith says Over the years Ive seen some amazing meals being cooked up on the hut bench with aromas []


Missed opportunity for fairer outcomes Homepaddock

The Ministry for the Environment has missed the opportunity for fairer outcomes in its new guidelines for the Resource Management Act:

Federated Farmers is in favour of best practice guidelines on how councils exercise their duties under the Resource Management Act if they bring common sense and consistency to that role.

But there is concern the new guidelines miss opportunities for fairer outcomes.

The guidelines released by the Minister for the Environment this week are intended to assist councils in their compliance, monitoring and enforcement duties in promoting the sustainable management purpose of the RMA.

Richard Gardner, Federated Farmers senior policy advisor, says this is a very admirable purpose because too often we find that councils are misusing their powers under the legislation, and managing compliance and enforcement matters inappropriately.

The guidelines will hopefully usher in more practicality and consistency to the exercise of that role.

That would be a welcome improvement but there is a but:

Federated Farmers finds fault with some of the guidelines and is disappointed that it had not been more involved in putting them together.

There is concern about the lack of differentiation in the guidelines between routine inspections and inspections that arise as the result of a complaint. Feds also sees faults in the way enforcement decisions are handled.

We have long held the view that there should be a pecuniary penalty regime for misdemeanour and accidental offences, with criminal prosecutions reserved for the worst, deliberate offences, and the current strict liability standard regarding those prosecutions removed, Mr Gardner says. . .

There is a big difference between deliberately flouting the law and accidents which breach it.

Farmers can be charged for accidental effluent ponding that could reach a waterway. Thats a bit like charging someone for drink driving when they are drinking but have no intention of driving.

Contrast that to the soft approach taken to councils which fail to deal with sewerage spills.

The latest example of this was in Northland:

A Kaipara Harbour farmer says raw sewage was left to flow into local waterways for up to two weeks.



Prisoners come from families broken by the state Lindsay Mitchell

One of the charts from my latest report, Imprisonment and Family Structure

The rest of the paper argues why this is more than mere correlation traversing Maori urbanisation, whanau and nuclear family disintegration, gangs, state-care and inter-generational dysfunction.

As a society we continue to keep paying for it - the processes and consequences.

One hand in the Labour Party is actively increasing welfare while the other is planning to hold a hui on how to bring down the prison population.

If you think putting more money into dysfunctional families will reduce crime reflect on what children of gangs told the Children's Commissioner. That, despite feeling bound to follow in their footsteps, one of the upsides of living in gang families was not having to live in poverty.

(Post prompted by this piece.)


Scope of blog posts question everything TVHE

Proper posting starts next week but before we start I just want to outline the broad scope, but narrow method, of the posting that will occur here and hopefully the critical comments of other people will follow the same idea when discussing these things.  Essentially lets cover all sorts of social and economic issues based on two factors: questioning and understanding the context of the received wisdom that underlies them.  In this way, each post should start with an idea that some group accepts as true, and needs to both critique that but also understand the underlying concern or situation that led to that idea gaining traction.

Coming back to reading the news of the day Im struck by how much received wisdom there is out there.  I know I used to complain about it and state that economists should be careful about how their simplifications could be taken as received wisdom, but to be honest Id forgotten quite how extreme it is.

Now this may be all well and good but it isnt how I like to think about economic and social issues.  Instead I like the idea that a good way to look at these questions is to be a bit of a child:

A good economist is like a petulant child.  They always ask why, never fully accept an answer, and rarely fully reject one.

All of us sitting here on our computers intend to be good economists, and this blog is a space where we can practice the art asking ourselves whether the received wisdom we rely on to reach our conclusions about certain social and economic policies is really defensible.  But critique alone isnt as useful as I used to think we also need to ask why the received wisdom is accepted in order to understand where legitimate concerns regarding trade-offs exist.

I have noticed discussion of New Zealands poor productivity performance (among other things) here.

I have noticed the statement that people now are worse off than their parents (here and here).

I keep hearing that wages arent going up in New Zealand a statement I find particularly surprisingly given that I have been sitting around in a dark room with the evidence of rising wages for several years.

Now each of these statements comes from something.  Productivity, the progress of generations, and wage growth are all short hand things...


QotD: "Free markets ARE awesome for business, but that does NOT imply that most businesses favor free markets." #cronyism #subsidies Not PC

"Free markets ARE awesome for business, but that does NOT imply that most businesses favour free markets."~ Stephen Hicks


Police prepare for torrid pay claims Your NZ

Following the lead of nurses, teachers and other groups of government workers the Police Association is preparing for wage claims. They will have a good argument to at least maintain parity with teachers and nurrses. NZH: Pay, recruitment and retention in the mix for Police Association in negotiations Police are beginning to press their claims []


How will local body taxes solve council spending escalation? Your NZ

Local body rates have already been climbing well ahead of inflation. They are predicted to rise another 50% over the next ten years in the major cities. So local bodies are looking at other ways of getting revenue. That doesnt solve the escalation in spending, but I guess it makes it easier for mayors and []


Quote of the day Homepaddock

Even if my country remains in war with yours. . .remember. . . I am not your enemy.  A.J. Cronin who was born on this day in 1896.


People at the higher ends of intelligence loved my press conference performance in Helsinki Your NZ

A typically bizarre claim about his Helsinki press conference and more claims in conflict with US Intelligence are features of the aftermath of the Donald Trump statements and clarifications about Russian interference in US elections. So many people at the higher ends of intelligence loved my press conference performance in Helsinki. Putin and I discussed []


Astaxanthin ameliorates cartilage damage in experimental osteoarthritis. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Mod Rheumatol. 2015 Sep ;25(5):768-71. Epub 2015 Jun 12. PMID: 25608048 Abstract Title:  Astaxanthin ameliorates cartilage damage in experimental osteoarthritis. Abstract:  PURPOSE: Astaxanthin is a red-pigment carotenoid found in certain marine animals and plants. Astaxanthin has been shown to inhibit matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) expression in vitro. However, the effect of astaxanthin on cartilage is still unclear. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of astaxanthin on cartilage in experimental osteoarthritis (OA).METHODS: New Zealand rabbits underwent anterior cruciate ligament transection to induce OA in right knee. Rabbits received intra-articular injection containing 0.3 ml of vehicle (dimethyl sulfoxide) or astaxanthin (50M). Injection was started on the day of operation, and the injection were performed once weekly for six consecutive weeks. Then, rabbits were sacrificed and the right knees were harvested for study.RESULTS: Cartilage degradation was reduced by astaxanthin, as assessed by morphological and histological examination. Astaxanthin inhibited the gene expression of MMP-1, MMP-3, and MMP-13 in cartilage as compared with the vehicle group.CONCLUSIONS: The results suggest that astaxanthin may be considered as pharmaceutical agent in OA treatment.

read more


Media watch Thursday Your NZ

19 July 2018 Media Watch is a focus on New Zealand media, blogs and social media. You can post any items of interested related to media. A primary aim here is to hold media to account in the political arena. A credible and questioning media is an essential part of a healthy democracy. A general []


General chat Your NZ

Is there any way we could have a thread for the more lightweight stuff like music and general chat? Do it here. Please no personal attacks or bickering. Anything abusive, provocative or inflammatory may be deleted.


Open Forum Thursday Your NZ

19 July 2018 This post is open to anyone to comment on any topic that isnt spam, illegal or offensive. All Your NZ posts are open but this one is for you to raise topics that interest you.  If providing opinions on or summaries of other information also provide a link to that information. Bloggers []

Wednesday, 18 July


Reconstructing the fearsome Haasts eagle. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A comparison of the huge claws of Haast's eagle with those of its close relative the Hieraaetus morphnoides, the

A comparison of the huge claws of Haasts eagle with those of its close relative the Hieraaetus morphnoides, the little eagle. Image / Bunce M, Szulkin M, Lerner HRL, Barnes I, Shapiro B, et al.

With a wingspan reaching as wide as 3m and huge claws that could crush bone, the Haasts eagle was one of the most fearsome creatures ever to stalk New Zealands prehistoric wilderness.

The largest eagle known to have existed anywhere, its demise quickly followed that of its much-larger prey, the moa, which was hunted to extinction by early Maori settlers around 1400 CE.

Now a top international scientist and Kiwi collaborators hope to shed more light on the lost giant, in an innovative study that could help conserve those endangered predatory birds that remain today.

An artist's depiction of a Haast's eagle attacking two moa. Image / John Megahan.

An artists depiction of a Haasts eagle attacking two moa. Image / John Megahan.

You can read more here, thanks to David for letting me know about this.

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