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Tuesday, 17 July


World view Wednesday Your NZ

Tuesday GMT For posting on events, news, opinions and anything of interest from around the world.


July 18 in history Homepaddock

390 BC Roman-Gaulish Wars: Battle of the Allia  a Roman army was defeated by raiding Gauls, leading to the subsequent sacking of Rome.

64 Great fire of Rome: a fire began to burn in the merchant area of Rome.

1290  King Edward I of England issued the Edict of Expulsion, banishing all Jews (numbering about 16,000) from England; this was Tisha BAv on the Hebrew calendar, a day that commemorates many Jewish calamities.

1334  The bishop of Florence blessed the first foundation stone for the newcampanile (bell tower) of the Florence Cathedral, designed by the artist Giotto di Bondone.

1389  Kingdoms of France and England agreed to the Truce of Leulinghem,  inaugurating a 13 year peace; the longest period of sustained peace during the Hundred Years War. 1656  Polish-Lithuanian forces clashed with Sweden and its Brandenburg allies in the start of  the Battle of Warsaw. 1670 Giovanni Bononcini, Italian composer, was born (d. 1747).

1811 William Makepeace Thackeray, English author, was born (d. 1863).

1848   W. G. Grace, English cricketer, was born  (d. 1915).

1855 New Zealands first postage stamps were issued. The adhesive, non-perforated stamps for the prepayment of postage were the famous Chalon Head design that portrayed a full-face likeness of Queen Victoria in her coronation robes.

NZ's first postage stamps go on sale

1857  Louis Faidherbe, French governor of Senegal, arrived to relieve French forces at Kayes, effectively ending El Hajj Umar Talls war against the French.

1862  First ascent of Dent Blanche, one of the highest summits in the Swiss Alps.

1863  American Civil War:...


Why graphene hasnt taken over the worldyet Uncensored Publications

Graphene is a form of carbon that could bring us bulletproof armor and space elevators, improve medicine, and make the internet run faster some day. For the past 15 years, consumers have been hearing about this wonder material and all the ways it could change everything. Is it really almost here, or is it []

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Big banks benefit from KiwiSavers left in default schemes Uncensored Publications

The Big Banks robbing hard saving Kiwis of their retirement funds? These banksters have no conscience, thats for sure.   Report from Radio NZ: Default settings on KiwiSaver funds have given $1billion to banks instead of savers and an unnecessary $70million to the taxman over the past six years, according to a group of financial []

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365 days of gratitude Homepaddock

One of the yard sticks by which I measure farms is the gates.

Does the chain closing them have enough links to allow it to be undone and done up easily?

Do they swing properly, allowing the opener and closer to open and close them without having to lift and drag them?

Today Im grateful for chains with enough links and gates that swing.


Enter the Poetry Contest! Kapiti Independent

Kapiti Independent News announces a major new poetry contest: Poets in Kapiti or Horowhenua can now compete to win a major []


Free speech at universities, unless someone says they hate it Your NZ

Free speech versus hate speech discussions continue, with the Vice-Chancellor of Massey University joining with a promotion of free speech at universities as long as it isnt deemed hate speech. A key question that again isnt answered who gets to decide what should be banned as hate speech, and who gets to decide []


Trump Vs. The MSM Vs. Putin! We Must Get Along Uncensored Publications

The mainstream media were salivating as the meeting approached, and now theyre in full frenzied attack mode. Heres some Twitterings and MSM links on the Trump-Putin showdown and aftermath; Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) Our relationship with Russia has NEVER been worse thanks to many years of U.S. foolishness and stupidity and now, the Rigged Witch []

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Word of the day Homepaddock

Hoosh  to force or turn or drive off or out; to shoo away; to move quickly; to land at great speed;  an exclamation used when shooing or driving animals and, in particular, when ordering camels to sit down; thick stew made from pemmican or other meat, thickener and water.


Back in business TVHE

Hello internet!  If anyone is still following this site, which undoubtedly looks dead, Id like to give you a shout that regular posts are on their way back.

First can I say, WTF has been happening in the world since I wandered away from the computer.  I stop keeping tabs on economic and political news for a couple of years and the world has completely changed I just dont even have the words.

I never meant to stop posting, hence why there was no farewell post.  However, my attempts at writing a PhD thesis got in the way of any other sort of reading or writing and as a result I was both short of content and shorn of the capability to write even poor attempts at blog posts.  Similarly the other brave writers of TVHE found life getting in their way our common group emails even became a rarity over this period something we all bemoaned!

However, now Im back to adding some content on here but Ill have to give a few notes:

  1. The plan is to only post once per week until I find my feet a bit more I still have a lot of balls in the air (the thesis isnt submitted yet and Im organising work) and dont just want to provide single links with a one line comment when I do post.
  2. On that note I will be hoping that, if anyone is around, they will be comfortable adding comments.  I do this for the conversation about economics not because I have any amazing insight.  If people are keen for us to bounce ideas off each other then this blog can get back rolling.
  3. I will be staying away from the TVHE twitter as I have for the last 3+ years (although these posts will be linked there automatically I hope so keep following).  Twitter became toxic in 2014 and appears to have just become more of a cesspool since I want to discuss economic ideas and arguments, not deal with traded insults.  If someone can convince me to come back then I may change my mind.
  4. I will NOT be blogging on my specialisation (analysis of income inequality) in detail until Ive defended my thesis that is months away still.  There will be outline posts, but I will steering away from to much detail at first.
  5. I have been lecturing entry level economics, and giving a few lectures on economic modelling, since I have been away.  Content related to this is likely to turn up.  Specifically, I would like to create content to share with my students this semester is macroeconomics, so I may be going back to macro for a bit.
  6. After a few months I will be looking at running some ideas past anyone who turns up to read these posts I would like some more interactive discussion of economic topics as related to New Zealand without the external pressure...


A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies Homepaddock

A beauty, a brainwave, a brilliance?

I couldnt find a collective noun for books, but any and all of those three would be an appropriate one for A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies by Kate Hursthouse.

The seed for the book was planted during a conversation about zebras in which she was told the collective noun for the animals is a dazzle.

The seed grew and blossomed into a book of collective nouns for animals, beautifully and creatively illustrated with pictures which reflect the words.

Each time I open the book I see something more.

It is described as a childrens book but will interest and delight adults too.

You can buy the book from the artists website.

Theres more about the artist and the book at: Renaissance artist the Aucklander helping keep alive age-old art of calligraphy.


Q: What does Putin want? A: Chaos Not PC

What does Putin want? Surprisingly, to me, I found a speech to the US Senate by Marco Rubio very helpful, and fairly persuasive, in giving an answer that makes sense.

With serious delusions about how the world works (it's a "zero-sum world," folks) and a leader of an economy not much bigger than Belgium and Holland, Putin still, somehow, wants to pretend he matters; he still wants to project power -- to strut on a world stage.

And how to do that with so little to call on ... ?

Answer: Chaos.

D'you think it's working?


Rural round-up Homepaddock

Frustration leads to success Neal Wallace:

John Falconer makes something of an understatement describing his Central Otago deer farm business as diverse. Neal Wallace visits the Falconers Clachanburn Station in the Maniototo, a farmer who says he is benefiting from two generations of careful deer breeding.

The stencilled 1988 on a shed wall at Clachanburn Station in Central Otago is more than a piece of graffiti or a casual reference to a year last century.

It marks the year John Falconers parents, Charles and Jane, started progressively replacing sheep with deer on the property near Patearoa in the Maniototo Basin. . .

Couple offer tips for the hive minded -David Hill:

Producing honey can be a sweet addition to farm income, but there are some sticky regulations to comply with.

Culverden farmers Dan and Mandy Shand shared their experiences of running a 2000 hive operation on their 7000ha high country farm, Island Hills Station, at Beef and Lamb New Zealands northern South Island farmer council FarmSmart conference last week.

Before returning home to the family farm, Mrs Shand was a scuba diving instructor, while Mr Shand was a software developer. . .

Women in Wine launch pilot national mentoring programme:

A nationwide mentoring programme has been launched to help women within the New Zealand wine industry achieve success.

Its an initiative of Women in Wine, which was launched by New Zealand Winegrowers in 2017.

Women in any role within the wine industry were welcomed to apply to be a mentor or mentee in June. Applications were then assessed by a selection panel and, after careful consideration, suitable mentor-mentee matches were made. . .



Trumpeting the latest Kapiti Independent

Gilbert Haisman brings us up to date with the latest moves from the White House. Moving experiences Praising the genius []


10% cant be counted Homepaddock

The release of data from this years census has been delayed because not enough people participated in it:

Stats NZ has revised the date for first release of census information from October 2018 to March 2019.

We will confirm the exact response and the coverage rates for the census after we complete our reconciliation processes. Stats NZs interim calculations show that full or partial information for at least 90 percent of individuals was received, compared with 94.5 percent for the 2013 Census.

As with previous censuses, we will use statistical methodology to compensate for missing data. For the 2018 Census we are revising this methodology because of the lower-than-expected response. We are discussing this new methodology with our technical customers. Were also undertaking analysis on how to improve data for small populations, subgroups, and small geographies. The new date for our first release will give us time to develop revised methodology for processing and analysing census data. We are committed to delivering a high-quality and accurate dataset.

There is a long term, international trend of declining census response rates. Because of this we have made a strategic decision to use more administrative data to improve the quality of census data.

Stats NZ is in a good position to adopt this approach as we have been investigating future census models that would supplement census data with administrative data.

How significant is the drop?

Over at Kiwiblog David Farrar says:

. . .The Minister of Statistics should call for an independent review of this failure, to ensure the next census has a much higher participation rate.

Also we should not be given spin for months about how great the census went and then find out only now, how bad the participation rate was.

The last Australian census had a 96% response rate. They regarded 93.3% as the minimum required.

The Canadian census had a 98.4% response rate.

A better way to look at it is the non response rate. In Canada is was 1.6% and in NZ it was 10% six times higher.

The move to on-line forms was supposed to make it easier to complete the census.

We wont know if completion would have been worse if Stats NZ had stuck to the paper-based system but there were lots of compla...


Erasing The USS Liberty, Interview With Survivor Phil Tourney And David Gahary Welcome to The Vinny Eastwood Show - SHOW ARCHIVES

Erasing The USS Liberty, Interview With Survivor Phil Tourney And David Gahary

Vinny's very special guests were USS Liberty Survivor Phil Tourney and David Gahary who are authors of "Erasing The Liberty" and producers of a film of the same name.
Radio Version
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Youtube Audio Version


Police disappointed in scrapping of mental health pilot scheme Your NZ

Nationals spokesperson on the police, Chris Bishop, has uncovered the scrapping of a pilot project that would have added mental health expertise to front line policing. The Governments decision to axe a universally-supported pilot to improve the response to 111 mental health calls is nothing short of disgraceful, especially after Labour pledged to make mental []


Well-known whistleblowers and journalists defend Julian Assange in online vigil "IndyWatch Feed World"

Over the weekend, dozens of public figures, including prominent whistleblowers and journalists, took part in a 36-hour international online vigil in defence of WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange. The event was the third "Unity4J" vigil organised by independent journalist and New Zealand Internet Party leader, Suzie Dawson, since Assange's communications were cut-off by Ecuadorian authorities at their London embassy last March. The vigil reflected the widespread public support for Assange, and opposition to the attempts to force him into British and US custody, where he faces possible espionage charges for exposing the war crimes and diplomatic intrigues of the major powers. The speakers included individuals who have been persecuted by governments for taking a courageous stand against war and authoritarianism.


Hard work not enough, Bridges a link over muddly water Your NZ

I wonder how many voters could name the leader of the Opposition? Simon Bridges has been leader of the national Party for a few months, but he is not making much of an impression, especially not a positive impression. Newstalk ZB The Soap Box: If Simon Bridges fails, at least hes tried That headline []


Quote of the day Homepaddock

By smiling, we turn devils into angels, enemies into friends; the cup of poison becomes the loving cup. Christina Stead who was born on this day in 1911.


Winston Peters slams multiculturalism, wants single NZ culture Your NZ

Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters has slammed multiculturalism, saying he stands for a New Zealand culture. What is multiculturalism? According to Oxford: multiculturalism The presence of, or support for the presence of, several distinct cultural or ethnic groups within a society. our commitment to the values of multiculturalism the schools promote multiculturalism and inclusiveness So []


Trump backs Putin over US intelligence on Russian interference in US elections Your NZ

There has been widespread shock and condemnation after Donald Trump accepted Vladimir Putins word that Russia did not intefer in the US election in 2016. This is contrary to the views of the entire US intelligence community and most US politicians. Fox News: Trump blasts Mueller probe, Putin denies meddling as leaders tout summit as []


Media watch Tuesday Your NZ

17 July 2018 Media Watch is a focus on New Zealand media, blogs and social media. You can post any items of interested related to media. A primary aim here is to hold media to account in the political arena. A credible and questioning media is an essential part of a healthy democracy. A general []


General chat Your NZ

Is there any way we could have a thread for the more lightweight stuff like music and general chat? Do it here. Please no personal attacks or bickering. Anything abusive, provocative or inflammatory may be deleted.


Open Forum Tuesday Your NZ

17 July 2018 This post is open to anyone to comment on any topic that isnt spam, illegal or offensive. All Your NZ posts are open but this one is for you to raise topics that interest you.  If providing opinions on or summaries of other information also provide a link to that information. Bloggers []

Monday, 16 July


World view Tuesday Your NZ

Monday GMT For posting on events, news, opinions and anything of interest from around the world.


July 17 in history Homepaddock

180 Twelve inhabitants of Scillium in North Africa  were executed for being Christians. This was the earliest record of Christianity in that part of the world.

1203 The Fourth Crusade captured Constantinople by assault. The Byzantine emperor Alexius III Angelus fled into exile.

1402  Zhu Di, better known by his era name as the Yongle Emperor, assumed the throne over the Ming Dynasty of China.

1453  Hundred Years War:  Battle of Castillon: The French under Jean Bureau defeated the English under the Earl of Shrewsbury, who was killed in the battle in Gascony.

1586 A meeting took place at Lneburg between several Protestant powers to discuss the formation of an evangelical league of defence, called the Confederatio Militiae Evangelicae, against the Catholic League.

1674 Isaac Watts, English hymnwriter, was born (d. 1748).

1717  King George I  sailed down the River Thames with a barge of 50 musicians, where George Frideric Handels Water Music was premiered.

1762  Catherine II became tsar of Russia on the murder of Peter III.

1771  Bloody Falls Massacre: Chipewyan chief Matonabbee, travelling as the guide to Samuel Hearne on his Arctic overland journey, massacred a group of unsuspecting Inuit.

1791 Members of the French National Guard under the command ofGeneral Lafayette opened fire on a crowd of radical Jacobins at the Champ de Mars, Paris, during the French Revolution, killing as many as 50 people.

1794  The sixteen Carmelite Martyrs of Compiegne were executed 10 days prior to the end of the French Revolutions Reign of Terror.



365 days of gratitude Homepaddock

Like most of my generation, foreign food was a foreign concept when I was growing up.

The first time I ate quiche was when I was well into my teams, and my mother called it Picnic Pie.

The first pizza I had was when I was a student and it was scone fought, covered in tinned spaghetti topped with bacon and cheese.

The first Thai meal I ate was in Sydney when I first left New Zealand in my mid-20s.

These days thanks to a wide variety of ethnic restaurants and the availability of ingredients to make food from all around the world, foreign food is no longer a foreign concept.

Its part of our normal diet, adding to the variety and nutritional value of many meals and Im grateful for that,


New Zealands zero carbon bill: much ado about methane "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

New Zealanders still have one more week to voice their opinion on the country's proposed zero carbon legislation, and the crunch point is whether or not agriculture should be part of the transition to low-carbon economy.


Trump Leaves UK: Visit Ends In Controversy. Heads For Putin Meeting: Expectations Lowered Uncensored Publications

Having successfully broken protocol with Her Royal Majesty (well, he isnt a British he?, and the British refused to Kowtow to the Chinese Emperor, didnt they? So) Trump now heads the Next Big Showdown. No matter what one think of him, Trump sure knows how to stay in the spotlight. Channel 4 News Published []

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NZs impossible Predator Free 2050 goal blasted by academics Uncensored Publications

Heres one that brings no real surprise, but Im sure confirms what many knew all along. Making NZ Predator Free (lets start with humans, huh?) by 2050. Life on Earth is a story of distribution, population and migration: You cant beat nature! I thought John Keys grandiose plan was idiocy right from the start, and []

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Word of the day Homepaddock

Wuzzle to jumble, mix up, muddle; to mingle; move freely around a place or at a social function, associating with others.


Australia Hit With Coldest Spell in 26 Years "IndyWatch Feed World"

The winter Downunder has already been the coldest in 26 years. Temperatures plummeted on the East Coast at Marangaroo to a low of -11.1C. It is amazing that the amount of money on the table to justify global warming which is all about raising taxes for carbon emissions is placing us at a greater risk for it is distracting everyone from the real threat global cooling. Meanwhile, ski fans are rejoicing calling it an Epic Winter in New Zealand.

Meanwhile, between volcanoes erupting in the Pacific, extreme cold in the southern hemisphere, we also have Typhoon Prapiroon devastating Japan, which is more prepared for earthquakes than typhoons. Most people do not know in the West why they even called pilots during World War II a Kamikaze pilot. The word Kamikaze really means Divine Wind and it was the attempt by the Mongols who conquered China to invaded Japan TWICE when a typhoon destroyed their fleets. It was then said that Japan was protected by the Divine Wind and that is why the pilots were named Kamikaze. Right now, the typhoons are hitting Japan killing at what may be more than 200 people while forcing millions to evacuate. This has been the WORST disaster from a typhoon is 36 years.



Triathlon Upset in Hamburg Kapiti Independent

After the event Cassandre Beaugrand said:  Last year I had a crash and today its Bastille Day and my boyfriends []


Rural round-up Homepaddock

Farm ownership: many routes available, work key Nicole Sharp:

Farm ownership is never easy, but with hard work, sacrifice and determination, it is possible.

Talking to aspiring farm owners at Country & Cos Journey to Land Seminar in Invercargill last Wednesday, this was the message five lots of farm owners gave attendees.

All had different stories, from progressing through the dairy industry to immigrating to New Zealand and working to farm ownership and even shearing to farm ownership, with a whole lot of steps in between. . .

Second round of M bovis tests to begin Sally Rae:

A second round of nationwide milk testing is due to begin later this month, checking dairy herds for Mycoplasma bovis.

Samples would be taken shortly after the start of calving, when cows were most likely to be shedding the bacterium, the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) said in a statement.

Samples would be collected about four weeks following the start of supply and the first samples were to be collected in the North Island in late July. . .

Synlait Takes up climate change challenge alongside New Zealands leading  businesses:

Synlait has signed the CEO Climate Change statement released today by the Climate Leaders Coalition.

Synlaits signature reiterates their bold sustainability commitments announced on 28 June 2018 to reduce their emissions footprint significantly over the next decade. . .




Te Atiawa and Taranaki Iwi fundamentally opposed to seabed mining activity "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

In addition to endangered Mui dolphins, other marine mammals, including fur seals, common dolphins, and orcas (killer whales) can be found in the Marine Park boundaries.

Te Atiawi iwi | 13 July 2018

Te Kotahitanga o Te Atiawa Trust and Te Khui o Taranaki Trust are fundamentally opposed to seabed mining activities within their tribal rohe.

Te Kotahitanga o Te Atiawa Trust and Te Khui o Taranaki Trust were notified of the exploration permit application by Ironsands Offshore Mining Ltd in 2016 and each iwi made a submission opposing the application back in September 2016.

Both Iwi organisations were informed of the granting of the permit on 8 June 2018, a month after the permit had been granted by New Zealand Petroleum and Minerals on 8 May 2018.

Te Kotahitanga o Te Atiawa Trust Chairperson Liana Poutu is concerned that the permit area includes a Marine Mammal Sanctuary.

The permit has been granted inside a Marine Mammal Sanctuary which is administered and managed by the Department...


The Best of Kapiti Booksellers Kapiti Independent

Raumati author Mandy Hager says LOVE OUR LOCAL BOOKSELLERS! Recently she launched a new book at Paraparaumu library, called Ash []


World First Tech Platform Kapiti Independent

Little Yellow Bird founder raises $1.2 million for a world-first tech platform using NEM to trace garments from origin to []


QotD: From an Open Letter to Theresa May Not PC

"The Remain Establishment to which you have fallen prey fails to grasp - or wilfully ignores - that Brexit represents a constitutional imperative, the compromise of which is not justified by an economic calculation. The Remain coup that you led last Friday is a travesty both in content and conduct. I dont know if the counter-coup, flagged with the resignations of two Cabinet ministers, two party Vice-Chairmen and a number of others of honour, will succeed. I hope that it does because the fate of our country should not depend on rejection of the scurrilous Chequers proposal only because of further EU intransigence requiring additional concessions, beyond those that you already contemplate, reaching a point that even you cannot stomach what is required to make this dreadful proposal stick. Regardless, if what you propose is implemented, eventually it will be reversed. That means that your principal legacy will be to leave the country in a continuing quagmire of discord over the EU, poisoning both our present and our prospects for as long as what you have done is not undone...
    "My forebears have been part of the efforts to see off Buonoparte ... the Kaiser and Hitler. Some shed blood and were decorated for their courage and resolve... It would dishonour such as they, and betray all the generations, not to take the stand today that is our duty and obligation to support the outcome of the democratic process and defend the freedom of our country."

~ Paul Cuthbert-Brown, former Thatcher Cabinet official & MoD official, former member of Territorial Army and RAFVR, member of the Conservative Party


Deaf and mentally disabled dont count? Homepaddock

Last week we learned the government had withdrawn funding for cochlear implants, this week its a pilot for mental health support workers:

The Governments decision to axe a universally-supported pilot to improve the response to 111 mental health calls is nothing short of disgraceful, especially after Labour pledged to make mental health a priority, Nationals Police spokesperson Chris Bishop says.

It has been revealed that Labour has scrapped a pilot in which a mental health nurse would attend mental health incidents alongside police and paramedics to ensure that people in distress receive timely responses that are tailored to their needs.

Police spend around 280 hours a day responding to mental health calls. They do a good job, but are not mental health professionals so having a mental health nurse deployed to incidents with police would make a real difference.

The increasing demand on police to respond to mental health crises is set to continue. Thats why the National Government set aside $8 million for the pilot as part of our $100 million mental health package.

Police Minister Stuart Nash confirmed in answers to written questions the day of the Police Estimates hearing that the pilot would be canned, yet Police Commissioner Mike Bush told the hearing that police were very hopeful it would continue in front of Mr Nash.

Mr Nash has admitted that police are dealing with more and more mental health cases. The pilot would have eased pressure on police and improved the quality of the response for those experiencing mental distress.

It beggars belief that this Government would axe the potentially game-changing pilot which had universal support from those on the frontline dealing with mental health, including mental health expert Nigel Fairley who said in February that the pilot was top of his spending list.

The Government is again wilfully disregarding the expert advice and belittling calls from police and mental health experts to improve first responder processes.

People need more help now. The Government must listen to the experts and reinstate funding for this pilot immediately.

The government has an inquiry into mental health underway and last week announced the setting up of a criminal justice advisory group.

I will be very surprised if both dont find a link between lack of support for the mentally ill and crime.

Deisntitutionalisation of mentally ill people was a hum...


Survival of the Richest "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The wealthy are plotting to leave us behind.

by Douglas Rushkoff and cross-posted from Medium

Last year, I got invited to a super-deluxe private resort to deliver a keynote speech to what I assumed would be a hundred or so investment bankers. It was by far the largest fee I had ever been offered for a talkabout half my annual professors salaryall to deliver some insight on the subject of the future of technology.

Ive never liked talking about the future. The Q&A sessions always end up more like parlor games, where Im asked to opine on the latest technology buzzwords as if they were ticker symbols for potential investments: blockchain, 3D printing, CRISPR. The audiences are rarely interested in learning about these technologies or their potential impacts beyond the binary choice of whether or not to invest in them. But money talks, so I took the gig.

After I arrived, I was ushered into what I thought was the green room. But instead of being wired with a microphone or taken to a stage, I just sat there at a plain round table as my audience was brought to me: five super-wealthy guysyes, all menfrom the upper echelon of the hedge fund world. After a bit of small talk, I realized they had no interest in the information I had prepared about the future of technology. They had come with questions of their own.

They started out innocuously enough. Ethereum or bitcoin? Is quantum computing a real thing? Slowly but surely, however, they edged into their real topics of concern.

Which region will be less impacted by the coming climate crisis: New Zealand or Alaska? Is Google really building Ray Kurzweil a home for his brain, and will his consciousness live through the transition, or will it die and be reborn as a whole new one? Finally, the CEO of a brokerage house explained that he had nearly completed building his own underground bunker system and asked, How do I maintain authority over my security force after the event?

The Event. That was their euphemism for the environmental collapse, social unrest, nuclear explosion, unstoppable virus, or Mr. Robot hack that takes everything down

Continue reading the article




Putin-Trump meeting Your NZ

One of the criticisms of Donald Trumps meeting in Singapore with Kim Yong Un was that Trump was legitimising Kim and giving him significant international exposure and credibility. The same is being said of the Trump-Putin meeting. Reagan aide on the Trump-Putin Summit: Here is the one crucial thing to focus on before anything else []


Gingrich predicts a lot of global conflict over trade Your NZ

Newt Gingrich, who works closely with Donald Trump, suggests a lot of conflict over Trumps approach to international trade. I think if you apply a new standard, which is, is this good for the United States economy, as opposed to, is this good for some kind of global system, youre going to be in a []


Quote of the day Homepaddock

You know, theres nothing damnable about being a strong woman. The world needs strong women. There are a lot of strong women you do not see who are guiding, helping, mothering strong men. They want to remain unseen. Its kind of nice to be able to play a strong woman who is seen.  Ginger Rogers who was born on this day in 1911.


What really bothers me about much of the new left' Your NZ

Rachel Stewart is, amongst other things, a columnist for NZ Herald. I dont think there is any question that she is fairly left leaning in her political views and preferences. She tweeted yesterday: What really bothers me about much of the 'new left' is how they personally go out of their way to loudly write []


Honey reduces the metastatic characteristics of prostate cancer cell lines by promoting a loss of adhesion. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  PeerJ. 2018 ;6:e5115. Epub 2018 Jul 3. PMID: 30002964 Abstract Title:  Honey reduces the metastatic characteristics of prostate cancer cell lines by promoting a loss of adhesion. Abstract:  Honey has been shown to have a range of therapeutic effects in humans, with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects among those previously characterised. Here, we examine the possibility of New Zealand thyme, manuka and honeydew honeys, and their major sugar and phenolic components, reducing the development of metastatic cancer. Their activity was examined, in PC3 and DU145 prostate cancer cell lines, through measuring the compounds' effects on the metastatic characteristics of migration, invasion and adhesion. First, the phenolic compounds gallic acid, caffeic acid, quercetin, kaempferol and chrysin were quantified in the honeys using high performance liquid chromatography, and found in nanomolar concentrations. In a Boyden chamber-based migration assay, non-toxic concentrations of thyme and honeydew honeys reduced cell migration by 20%, and all phenolic compounds except caffeic acid also lowered migration, although a mixture of only the sugars found in honey had no effect. All of the honeys, phenolics and the sugar-only mixture reduced invasive movement of cells through extracellular matrix by up to 75%. Most notably, each of the three honeys and the sugar-only mixture reduced cell adhesion to collagen I by 90%. With the exception of quercetin, phenolic compounds did not reduce adhesion. Therefore, honey and its sugar and phenolic components can lower the metastatic properties of cancer cells, and may do this by preventing effective cell adhesion to the extracellular matrix. The sugars and phenol compounds of honey are much more effective in combination than individually.

read more


Media watch Monday Your NZ

16 July 2018 Media Watch is a focus on New Zealand media, blogs and social media. You can post any items of interested related to media. A primary aim here is to hold media to account in the political arena. A credible and questioning media is an essential part of a healthy democracy. A general []


General chat Your NZ

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France win Football World Cup versus Croatia Your NZ

France have beaten Croatia by 4 goals to 2 in the Football World Cup final this morning in Moscow. Good to see that more goals than normal were scored it was the highest scoring final since 1966. France have won the football World Cup after beating Croatia 4-2 in Moscow. ODT Online []

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