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Thursday, 19 July



New Dawn FM News
Autonomous Bougainville Government Chief Secretary JOSEPH NOBETAU says that a targeted break in took place at the Office of the Department of Community Government at the early hours of this morning.
He said that two Departmental Computers were stolen, both of which contain sensitive financial information.
A filing cabinet, also containing financial records was also broken into and papers taken.
MR. NOBETAU says this would seem to be a clear and deliberate attempt to try and remove evidence of financial transactions. He said he was of the view that only officers of the ABG Public service could have taken the theft given the targeted nature of the crime.
The chief secretary said that currently matters associated with financial management across the ABG are under active investigation by the internal auditor who is already in possession of substantial financial records.
He said the investigation will continue unhindered by this blatant theft, and those who are implicated will face the full weight of the law when they are caught.
MR. NOBETAU said that Police has been asked to undertake full investigation in relation to this matter and report to the President as soon as possible on their findings.
He said Criminal actions of this type will not be tolerated, and simply serve to tarnish the reputation of the ABG and Bougainville.
He further stressed that those who engage in such crimes cause more harm than good, act out of self-interest and greed and have no regard for rights and aspirations of the people of Bougainville.




New Dawn FM News

Autonomous Bougainville Region will be privileged to receive a medical ship the MV YWAM LIBERTY next week.
According to its arrival and launching program, the medical ship which has doctors and nurses on board will be providing medical services throughout the region.
The launching will be held at the BEL ISI Park in Buka town on Tuesday 24th of July, 2018.
At this stage New Dawn FM does not know if the Ship will also visit ARAWA and BUIN whilst they are in Bougainville.
But the theme of this trip is Delivering Integrated Outreach Health Services to remote communities in Bougainville.


Ywam pic



New Dawn FM News
The Bougainville Electoral Commissioner, GEORGE MANU says that the voter turnout in the Urban Community Government election is very poor comparing the total registered for each urban community government.
He said despite the low turnout, he would like to thank those who played a part in enabling OBEC to conduct and complete the urban and non-urban elections.
This include the Secretary for the Department of Community Government and his staff, the various government departments such as Law and Justice and Finance, Community Auxiliary Police, PNG Electoral Commission, election officials as well as the people in each of these wards that participated in the election.
MR. MANU also mentioned the media for contributing by giving out information on the election.
The Bougainville Electoral Commissioner handed over the Gazetted results to the officer of the Community Government, DONA PEARSON who represented the Acting Secretary, SIONE NASH who was not present at the time.


Urban community govt election ends180718 013



New Dawn FM News
The Bougainville Electoral Commissioner, GEORGE MANU this afternoon announced the conclusion of the Urban Community Government elections including finalizing of the results, Certification and gazetting in the Bougainville Gazette.
MR. MANU said that since the completion of the elections on June 21st, the Office of the Bougainville Electoral Commissioner engaged in finalizing the election through the recovery of materials and reviewing of the results and adjudicating upon a small number of complaints.
According to the Bougainville Community Government Election regulations the results must be reviewed within 14 days after the results have been declared.
With the certification today, it is now confirmed that the 22 seats declared earlier are now confirmed.
MR. MANU also gave credit to those who played a part in the successful conduct of elections in all the wards within these urban community governments.

Urban community govt election ends180718 006


Papuan Liberation Movement wants dialogue West Papua Action Network

Papuan Liberation Movement wants dialogue

11:12 am today

The United Liberation Movement for West Papua supports the idea of dialogue with Indonesia as long as it is mediated internationally, the movements secretary says. Indonesias government of Joko Widodo has recently made overtures to West Papuan customary and civil society leaders for dialogue over a range of issues in Papua region.
Secretary Rex Rumakiek said the push for dialogue was not a bad thing.
"But dialogue internationally, not Indonesian type of dialogue that resulted in 1969s Act of Free Choice. Thats the type of dialogue Indonesia wants. We are not going to go back to that approach," Mr Rumakiek said.
"We want an international dialogue and the best place to dialogue is the United Nations general assembly. Let us vote on the issue."
The movement hoped to have questions over the legitimacy of the self-determination act under which West Papua was incorporated into Indonesia debated by the UN General Assembly in the next year or two, Mr Rumakiek said.
Since being admitted to the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) in 2015 with observer status in the regional grouping, the movement has had more opportunities to engage with Indonesia, which enjoys associate member status in the MSG.
The dynamic between the two parties, however, is clearly strained, as Indonesias government has characterised the movement as a separatist group that does not represent Papuans.
The full MSG members Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonias Kanaks have been working to facilitate dialogue between the movement and Indonesia
"We can talk direct to them with the MSG members as witnesses. That is what we call a third party" Mr Rumakiek explained.
"We cannot talk direct to Indonesia by ourselves, but with the MSG facilitating. We try to avoid other people speaking on our behalf. The MSG is trying to arrange for meetings (between the West Papuans and Indonesias government)."
Meanwhile, the Australia-based Mr Rumakiek said the movement was disturbed by the reports from Papuas remote Nduga regency that Indonesian security forces and the West Papua National Liberation Army had exchanged gunfire in recent weeks.

Three people were killed in an attack on police at the local airport two weeks ago during regional elections. A faction of the Liberation Army which is not directly linked to the United Liberation Movement for West Papua claimed responsibility.
Following the attack, about a thousand extra police and military personnel deployed to Nduga a...

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Wednesday, 18 July


PMs XIII match between Australian Kangaroos and PNG Kumuls receives Test status Papua New Guinea Today

The annual Prime Ministers XIII match between PNG and Australia has received full Test status beginning this year.

To be now known as the, Prime Ministers X111 Test, it will allow both teams to field their best players.

The Rugby League International Federation (RLIF) sanctioned the test status for the first time since the inception of the PMs XIII concept in 2006.

Also commencing this year, the match will be played on the weekend after the Australian National Rugby League grand final.

The PMs XIII Test match will take place on October 6th 2018.

The curtain raiser to the Test will be the Oil Search PNG Orchids up against the Australian Jillaroos. PNGRLF Media



New Dawn FM News

The ABG President, CHIEF DR.JOHN MOMIS says that the Bougainville Peace Agreement was signed in 2001 to end the Bougainville war and Bougainvilleans have had enough of fighting and want peace throughout the island.
President MOMIS said that even the Commanders of all warring factions in the Bougainville conflict now members of the Core group has also assured him that there will be no fighting after referendum and beyond.
The ABG President made these comments when answering questions from a Catholic youth who wanted to know if Bougainville was in safe hands now.
The youth raised questions to President Momis when he went to address their meeting at the HAHELA Catholic Church last Saturday.
The youths told the ABG President that with the current situation they were afraid Bougainville could go back to war.
But President Momis assured them that Bougainvilleans want peace and stability as we go for the Referendum next year.





New Dawn FM News

A long-time local government member from the MAHARI constituency, JOHN TOTSI is calling on the Community Government Chairman and leaders to make some moves to make changes in the West under the new Community Government system.
He said that the Community Governments must not wait for the ABG to raise funds as they have the power already to do just that.
MR. TOTSI was speaking on New Dawn FM this afternoon.
He said former community governments had the power to raise funds through head-tax, Canteen Licenses, Liquor shop fees etc, which the current community governments can impose and raise funds.
MR. TOTSI said that their community government wanted to start off by building a market but this has not eventuated as the leaders are not leading their people who are ready to support their Community Government.
He called on the Community government members to start work in the west quickly.




New Dawn FM News

Former Bougainville senior Public servant, PATRICK HEROMATE says that questions being put to the people of Bougainville on what they think of the Bougainville referendum by a Non Government Organization can confuse the people.
MR. HEROMATE told New Dawn FM this afternoon that NGO work in the communities throughout Bougainville must be sanctioned by the Department of Bougainville Peace Agreement Implementation and the Community Development Department.
He said that currently a NGO group is distributing 50 questionnaires to the communities and this could totally confuse the people.
MR. HEROMATE also called on the Government to monitor the activities of the current NGOs operating on Bougainville.




New Dawn FM News
The Director of the Leitana Nehan Womens Development Agency, HELLEN HAKENA says that she is satisfied at the work youths engaged to the Urban Community Government Elections just completed have done.
She told New Dawn FM that the youths were engaged to monitor and also assess why women and youths are turned away during voting.
MS. HAKENA said main thing that her group found out was many first time voters had no names on the common roll and this turned them away.
She said the full report will be announced by the Bougainville Electoral Commissioner.



Austrailian Indigenous historian Bruce Pascoe says weve got our story all wrong "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Bruce Pascoe says we need to look closer at our history. Picture: Andy Rogers

This is huge of course.  We were all taught that Australia was completely out of contact until Europeans found the place.   That was a difficult sell at best as ample shipping existed in the Indonesian Archipelago to go there continuously.  I think that the real problem was that the northern parts where inhospitable Jungle like Papua New Guinea  and it was a long, even treacherou...


Cruel anniversary for 1650 people including 124 children still imprisoned on Manus and Nauru "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Thursday 19 July will mark five years of limbo and suffering for over 1650 men, women and children indefinitely imprisoned in the Turnbull Governments refugee camps on Manus Island and Nauru.

The group includes 124 children, 40 of whom have spent their entire lives warehoused in offshore detention.

Daniel Webb, Director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre who has visited Manus Island three times, said that after five years of misery, suffering and death, it was well and truly time for the Turnbull Government to move every single person out of these offshore camps.

Five years is absolutely huge in the life of a child. These kids should be free and full of curiosity and hope. Instead, they are growing up surrounded by suffering and despair. Children as young as 10 are trying to kill themselves, said Mr Webb.

Whatever the question, continuing to wreck the lives of these 124 children is not the answer.

On 19 July 2013, the Rudd Government announced that anyone arriving by boat would be deported to indefinite offshore detention. Five years on, the Turnbull Government continues to detain over 870 men, women and children on Nauru and over 780 men are still languishing on Manus Island.

Its been five long, painful years. Women have been sexually assaulted. Children have been so traumatised that they have needed urgent psychiatric care. Twelve people have died. Such deliberate and sustained cruelty to innocent human beings is fundamentally wrong, said Mr Webb.

In November 2016 the Government announced its US resettlement deal with the Obama Administration agreeing to resettle a maximum of 1250 people detained on Manus and Nauru. However, almost two years after the agreement was announced only around 300 people have been resettled and Trump has made no secret of his disdain for the deal.

Mr Webb said that even if the US deal is eventually fully implemented there will still be around 800 people left behind on Manus and Nauru with no end or solution in sight.

When you look at the numbers its clear that the US deal is nowhere near enough. This dark chapter does not close until every single man, woman and child on Manus and Nauru is finally rebuilding their lives in safety, said Mr Webb.

Our Government cant just imprison people on remote islands forever. These men, women and children deserve a future. After five long years, enough is enough.

For interviews please call:

Michelle Bennett, Director of Communications, Human Rights Law Centre, 0419 100 519


England Knights scheduled to play PNG Kumuls Papua New Guinea Today

The England Knights will tour Papua New Guinea later in the year for two matches against the Kumuls.

The England Knights consists of players on the fringes ready to make it into the England side.

It has been more than two decades since the Knights had a series in PNG.

The first of the two game series against the Kumuls will be played on October 27 in Lae.

The second a week later in Port Moresby on November 3, 2018.

An agreement was signed with the English Rugby League Board and was endorsed by the RLIF.

Chairman Sandis Tsaka said. Crowds will be in attendance at both venues to watch these two teams play knowing that they will have seen the future England side first hand, Tsaka said.

Meanwhile, an emerging Kumuls Under 23 squad will take on the New South Wales Under 23 in Port Moresby on October 13.

The emerging Kumuls U23 team will be selected from Digicel Cup and Confederations.

The curtain raiser to this game will be between a Australian Defence Force women team and a select Confederate womens side.



Day of Mourning Manus/Nauru "IndyWatch Feed"

[ Thursday, 19 Jul; 10:00 am to 11:00 am. 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm. ] Armidale Rural Australians for Refugees are holding two silent vigils on Thursday 19th July. On 19 July 2013, PM Kevin Rudd said "From now any asylum seeker who arrives in Australia by boat will have no chance of being settled in Australia as refugees." As a result many people have been kept on Manus Island and [...] full article 


PNG government is proceeding with cancellation of Indonesian fugitive passport, says PM O'Neill Papua New Guinea Today

Papua New Guinea  is taking steps to revoke the PNG passport and APEC card of controversial Indonesian businessman Joko Tjandra aka Joe Chan that was issued illegally by PNG authorities.

Prime Minister Peter ONeill told Parliament Tuesday that people involved in facilitating the processing of his passport would also be disciplined, removed from the public service and face criminal charges.

PM ONeill was responding to questions from Northern Governor Gary Juffa who made reference to an Ombudsman Commission report that was tabled in Parliament in the last sitting naming public servants and politicians who facilitated the illegal issuance of the PNG passport.

When this person of interest came to PNG illegally and was accommodated illegally and was doing business illegally, we have a report here produced by the Ombudsman Commission and given to us on the matter of Joko Tjandra who is listed on the Interpol website as a wanted fugitive, Juffa said.

He said according to the Ombudsman report, the Department of Migration and Department of Police had facilitated the unlawful issuing of a PNG passport under the name of Joe Chen under a different birth date of 27-09-1963, against a Joko Tjandra that entered the country with a passport that listed his birth date as 27-08-1951.

An APEC card was also issued under the name Joe Chan whereby Joe Chens passport has been falsely obtained. A number of people were involved, public servants and ex-members of Parliament, they are all named in this report.

Juffa asked the PM what steps were being taken to ensure this did not happen again, whereby a person comes into the country, who is a fugitive, and obtains a passport illegally and then he is given an APEC card.

He asked what would happen to the people who committed the crime.

Are they going to continue working with the Migration and Police? And where is Joko Tjandra now?

ONeill said the government had taken note of the Ombudsman report and is proceeding to taking steps including the cancellation of the passport and the APEC card.

Let me say that our processes are there. It is the people who are implementing the approval process that have abused the process, ONeill said.

I can assure you that those people who have been named, I have given instructions that they will be disciplined. They will be removed from public service and if there are criminal charges that need to be laid, its up to the police to determine...


Kids fly free on Air Kiribati Papua New Guinea Today

Air Kiribati CEO, Tarataake Teannaki, has announced that Air Kiribati has launched its new fare promotion Kids Fly Free on its international air services to Funafuti and Honiara.

The promotion allows a paying adult to have one child between the ages of 2 and 11 to accompany them free of charge (taxes are applicable) and is valid for travel from Tarawa between 01 August and 27 September with the return valid until 31st December.

We are very excited to launch this new initiative, Teannaki said.

For a family travelling with children the cost saving will be in hundreds of dollars, Teannaki said.

We have said it many times, but since Air Kiribati launched its international services we have been committed to reducing the cost of air fares in and out of Kiribati, and this is another step in our efforts to bring affordable air travel to the people of Kiribati.

This is the second ticket promotion in 2018 after the successful Buy 1 Get 1 free campaign which ends at the end of July.



Nautilus stock plummets as deep sea mining litigation proceeds Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

Deep Sea Mining Campaign | 17 July 2018

Today Nautilus Minerals Solwara 1 deep sea mine project will be at the centre of a court hearing in Papua New Guinea as local communities seek to enforce their legal rights to full information about the project.

Andy Whitmore, Finance campaigner from the Deep Sea Mining campaign said, We were informed that Nautilus told its shareholders at their AGM that the legal case bought by local communities in PNG to stop the Solwara 1 project had been dismissed on June 18.

It is also alleged that Nautilus stated to shareholders they believed the government of PNG was going after community for cost recovery because it was a spurious lawsuit. 

This is misinformation from Nautilus! claimed Jonathan Mesulam from the Alliance of Solwara Warriorsa local community leader whose village is located 25km from the Solwara 1 project.

There is still a legal case registered at Waiga...


Championing the role & interests of women in PNG Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE

Michael Dom


This commentary from Michael Dom was written as a contribution to a continuing and intense discussion in PNG Attitude about gender equity and violence against women in Papua New Guinea. More pertinently it was written before Ward Barrys harrowing verse published below.

Many Papua New Guinean men admit they have committed sexual violence against their partner, 80% in fact. But solutions are not enhanced by blaming all men for this perfidious behaviour any more than solutions are assisted by using the humanity of decent and innocent men to dilute the case against the perpetrators.

One thing is for sure, it will take the combined efforts of wise men and women to solve this shocking social and cultural problem. And thats what I like about this comment from Michael it recognises that reality and shows that in some circumstances - it is already occurring KJ

SOMEWHERE IN PNG - While conducting agricultural surveys in many isolated communities across Papua New Guinea, my team regularly comes face to face with gender and equity issues.

Gender and equity are mainstreamed into development policy and are often crosscutting within our extension, research and development programs.

As you probably know I'm not an expert on gender and gender equity, but what I do understand about approaching these issues is that it's always a social and therefore a cultural negotiation.

[Most folks have no idea the trouble we have to go to, except maybe Phil Fitzpatrick and the kiaps. Tasol em ol waitman, eh laka But theyre white men eh?]

There are many elements involved and, to each community, there is always a sense of uniqueness, a feeling and expression of difference in their own way of living.

It's a challenge talking about social similarities in those situations.

Also i...


The ingredients of timely investigative journalism "IndyWatch Feed"

Richard Keeble is one of Britains leading journalism academics and hes taught at the University of Lincoln for many years. Author of seminal books on reporting, his latest, just released work is co-edited with John Mair and its called, Investigative Journalism Today: Speaking Truth to Power. It features a range of writers exploring the importance of investigative work from the English and non-English speaking world:

Rumours of the death of investigative journalism have been greatly exaggerated. This book is proof enough of that. Examples from the corporate and alternative media across the globe highlight the many imaginative and courageous ways that reporters are still kicking at the right targets.

Im honoured that Keebles chapter positively interrogates my work, especially around disaster capitalism, and hes allowed me to post it here: keebleloewensteinchapter

From the introduction:

Antony Loewenstein is an Australian investigative reporter, freelance author, photographer, blogger and campaigner. He has written for a wide range of publications both mainstream and alternative such as the Guardian, New York Times, Washington Post, Green Left Weekly, New Matilda and Counterpunch. His books include My Israel Question (2006) and The Blogging Revolution (2008 and 2011). His 2010 ABC Radio National feature documentary, A Different Kind of Jew, was a finalist in the UN Media Peace Awards. And his book, Profits of Doom: How Vulture Capitalism Swallowing the World (2013) has been followed up with a documentary film, Disaster Capitalism, about aid, development and politics in Afghanistan, Haiti and Papua New Guinea.

Profits of Doom also serves as a useful case study to examine Loewensteins investigative strategy in more detail. As this chapter will argue, Loewenstein draws creatively from a wide range of genres peace journalism, investigative reporting, literary, long-form journalism, counter journalism and activist reporting making his reportage both important and original. In particular, the study will focus on his investigative techniques, his ideological/political attitude and his distinctive investigative writing style.


Pigs of New Guinea Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE


We beat our women
For breakfast, kill them for lunch
Pigs of New Guinea

We rape our women
At night and boast about it
Pigs of New Guinea

Every day we hunt
Them down like wild animals
Pigs of New Guinea

Every night we beat
them for pleasure, powr, prestige
Pigs of New Guinea

Theyre meri nating
So we spit on their faces
Pigs of New Guinea

They are sangumas
So we burn them at the stake
Pigs of New Guinea

Women are machines
They exist just to give birth
Pigs of New Guinea

Our mothers are whores
To be used, abused, misused
Pigs of New Guinea

We dont have sisters
Or aunts, we only have slaves
Pigs of New Guinea

We dont send them to
School, they stay home to be sold
Pigs of New Guinea

Were savages de
-vouring anything sans balls
Pigs of New Guinea

Were not fathers or
Brothers, we are murderers
Pigs of New Guinea

Pig ManWere not uncles or
Kanderes, we are rapists
Pigs of New Guinea

Were not men, we are
Kanakas with hungry cocks
Pigs of New Guinea

There is only one
One-eyed saint, charged to keep us
Pigs of New Guinea

But even the most
Saintly among us is still a
Pig of New Guinea


Pacific Beats end signifies the corrosion of PNG-Australia bonds Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE


KUNDIAWA -  There have been certain things that signify the bond between Australia and Papua New Guinea despite what appears to be a quickly eroding relationship.

Amongst them was ABCs shortwave service and the program Pacific Beat, which has had a history of its own in playing a vital role in the Australian-PNG relationship and development process.

But these connectors between the people of PNG and the people of Australia are disappearing.

It is ABCs Tok Pisin service Pacific Beat that reaches all corners of PNG and the Pacific with news and other information.

It is Pacific Beat that connects people in the region and collects news and other stories and relates them to listeners.

I live in Kundiawa, Simbu Province, in the central highlands of Papua New Guinea and the most effective way I get Pacific regional news is through Pacific Beat.

When I read about the axing of the program it brought tears to my eyes because I twice participated in it and one of them was directly from Kundiawa.

My friends and relatives who heard the interview asked me when it was I had gone to Australia. I laughed and told them that I did not go to Australia; I was interviewed by phone. They were amazed.

Pacific Beat and its dedicated staff should be given special recognition for their excellent service in bringing together the region through this program.

My family and I here in Kundiawa are in no uncertain terms appealing to the Australian government and ABC to rescind their decision to axe Pacific Beat and their shocking earlier decision to get rid of shortwave radio

Instead they must revitalise and enhance their radio transmissions with special recognition for the programs they produce and the staff who make them.

Please bring back to life our Pacific Beat.

Tuesday, 17 July


Meninga wants Kangaroos-Tonga Test match Papua New Guinea Today

Mal Meninga. Picture: KANIVA TONGA NEWS
SYDNEY, 16 JULY 2108 (AAP) Mal Meninga doesnt care where the Australia-Tonga rugby league Test is played, he just wants it to happen.

The Kangaroos coach is confident the historic match, which would see Cronulla star Andrew Fifita face off with his former national teammates, will go ahead later in the year.

Meninga suggested the game could be staged in New Zealand following the Kangaroos Test with the Kiwis in Auckland on October 13.

I think everyone wants it to happen, Meninga said in Canberra on Friday.

It hasnt been budgeted for within the games financials so theyre working through all options at the moment, what venues they are.

But Id hazard a guess, its definitely on, its just where.

Theres been talk about staying over after the NZ Test and playing Tonga over there, but the appetite for it is good.

Suncorp Stadium looms as the most likely venue, but Meninga also floated Sydney and Melbourne as potential hosts.

Tonga are desperate for their first shot against the Kangaroos and they boosted their chances by defeating Samoa in front of almost 18,000 people at Sydneys Campbelltown Stadium in June.

Fifita has been joined in the Tongan team by North Queensland star Jason Taumaolo.

The Sharks forward said that Tonga was ready to take on Australia.

Itd be a massive game if we can get it on, Fifita told AAP in June.

Looking at last year I went and played for Australia and there was barely anyone in the crowd for Australia and New Zealand down in Canberra.

Then I came here (to the Pacific Test at Campbelltown) and it was a full house. PacNews


Polye backs Governement's move on Autonomy for Provinces but warns of abuse of powers Papua New Guinea Today

Add caption
Giving autonomy to provinces is the right Approach! The government has decided well in my view!

On the issue of the type of autonomy, I think the Government has made the right decision in principle by giving political, administrative and financial autonomy to the three as a pilot case to improve this kind of governance and can be extended to others in the country over time!

In principle, I believe the decision is correct!

The execution and operation of this principle of autonomy is the next issue that needs to be crafted out.

Let's support this move by government and discuss as to how we can contribute making autonomy work better than the current system of governance.

Of course, the Bougainville's autonomy, I think, is absolutely different to that of the three provinces. However, the challenges we have seen in the implementation of the Autonomy in Bougainville could be the common issues for them. Its the implementation, I also think, PNG Think Tank and others should be focussed on in its deliberations to make some input to government and other authorities.

I also believe that some seed capitals should be made available to those provinces to start an economic investment program to begin a process of socio-economic sustainability.

The financial assistance should be staged out over a period suitable for full autonomy. The money could be lent or given as grant and exgracia, but the focus of the autonomy needs to become economic self-reliance!!!

I believe in socio-economic autonomy or self-reliance of each of the province, ethnicity, tribe, clan, locality and citizen and individual of our nation! We must erode free handouts and dependency! I also believe that socio-economic autonomy is key to political, administrative and other elements of sovereignty. Thus, we strive to become a great nation this way!

Nevertheless, let me also mention that such autonomy should not be abused. Autonomy needs to be given and taken with right motive! If the powers of autonomy are misused, abused or misapplied then provisions need to be inclusive in the instruments to withdraw the autonomous powers or for punitive measures to be applied.

We support the thr...


Releasing land titles could bolster Papua New Guinea SMEs Business Advantage PNG

Granting more land titles over plantation smallholdings and National Housing Corporation housing stock, and freeing up land locked up in over 20,000 unresolved deceased estates could provide a real boost to Papua New Guineas small and medium enterprise (SME) sector.  Dr Charles Yala, Principal & Director of Niugini Land and Properties, is calling for the more effective transfer of outstanding titles.

Dr Charles Yala

Speaking in Brisbane, Yala put forward three case studies where improved transfer of land titles could have a significant effect on PNGs economy: in the  palm oil and housing sectors, and also with deceased estates. The first area considered was New Britain Palm Oils (NBPOLs) smallholder oil palm project.

He said NBPOLs oil palm projects are divided into: estates, which are government-owned plantations with Agricultural leases; mini-estates, which are plantations on customary land; and small holders, which are plantations with state leases, called Lease State Settlements (LSS).

State leases are typically for 99-years. Yala said that there are 2,403 of them. Of these, 56.4 per cent are without a title.

It is a very vibrant small business sector which is actually suffering from this title transmission issue.

Yala argued that if small holder operators are granted a title, they can create assets to be used as collateral (for raising capital).

Lets get these titles (to these small holders) who are struggling without titlesit is affecting production, he said.


Yala, a former Director of PNGs National Research Institute, next looked at National Housing Corporation (NHC) houses.

He said government housing stock was largely inherited from the departing colonial government in 1975 and disbursed through various home ownership schemes.

Those [houses] disbursed under the various schemes fall into two major groups: where titles have been granted to the recipient and where titles have not been granted.

Where you find houses in poor state of repair the lack of title is the major reason.R...


Clever thinking required to solve Papua New Guinea energy issues, say experts Business Advantage PNG

Papua New Guinea has some ambitious plans to expand its populations access to electricity. However, boosting electricity supply across the country requires some very clever thinking, say energy analysts.

PNG Hydro power as an energy source. Source: PNG Power

Expanding Papua New Guineas power network requires a variety of approaches, some very clever thinking, and helping small communities develop sustainable incomes to pay for power.

That is the view of energy analyst, Craig Lawrence, who believes that state utility PNG Power (PPL) must look beyond its emphasis on power generation and grids.

At the heart of the debate over PNG Powers challenges is the governments ambitious policy of providing access to electricity to 70 per cent of the country by 2030.

It is currently between 12 and 13 per cent, according to the acting Managing Director of PPL, Carolyn Blacklock.

Electrification of PNG will be a progressive series of steps.

Queensland-based analyst Craig Lawrence says there is no single approach to achieving the governments aim.

He agrees that in the short-to-medium term, smaller regional-based, renewable projects are likely to be the most cost-effective solution.




In Brief: Borrowing from China to upgrade roads, and other business stories Business Advantage PNG

Negotiating to upgrade roads, using aid for development, and refunds to domestic fishing companies. Your weekly digest of the latest business news.

in briefThe National Capital District Commission (NCDC) is reportedly negotiating with China Exim Bank for a loan to upgrade two roads into four lanes in Port Moresby, Governor Powes Parkop says.


Speaking at the ground-breaking of the European Union-funded K4.5 million infrastructure project at the Morata Vocational Training Centre, First Counsellor of the EU delegation in PNG, Rudie Filon, noted that PNGs crime problem can be lessened if more young people are trained with specific skills and given fair opportunities in the workforce.


The Government has decided to give vessel day scheme (VDS) refunds to domestic fishing companies linked to onshore processing facilities. The Fisheries Industry Association (FIA) announced this on Monday when welcoming the Governments decision to invest in infrastructure and support operational costs at processing facilities in the country.


Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Timor Leste are the countries in the Pacific region most in need of aid funding, New Zealands foreign ministry says. The New Zealand government recently increased its Overseas Development Assistance budget by US$488 million, lifting the total to US$1.5 billion over the current four-year funding cycle.


Lead partners implementing coffee rehabilitation in various provinces have been reminded to use funds properly to service the growers and not themselves. We have a task to deliver to coffee growers and not ourselves,&#8217...


People Moves: Digicel Business Advantage PNG

A senior vice president at Digicel

Digicel PNG has appointed a new Senior Vice President, Lorna McPherson, to build upon the companys strength locally and enhance PNGs largest communication network.


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