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Friday, 15 December


For Papuan villagers practicing conservation, a bid to formalize the familiar "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

TAMBRAUW, Indonesia It took more than two hours by boat, through a driving rain, to reach the village of Saubeba from the nearest large town of Sausapor in Indonesias West Papua province. There, locals had gathered to discuss a government-backed plan to designate Tambrauw district, of which Saubeba is a part, a conservation zone. On paper, at least, this would seem a no-brainer: 80 percent of the districts nearly 11,400 square kilometers (4,400 square miles) is lush forest that falls within existing conservation or protected areas; its coast is a hatching ground for the rare leatherback sea turtle (Dermochelys coriacea), and its rainforests home to exotic birds-of-paradise (family: Paradisaeidae). The idea to officially designate the entire district a conservation zone came in 2011, following the election of Gabriel Asem as district chief. Tambrauw itself was only established in 2008, as part of the newly formed administrative province of West Papua. Map of West Papua province (green). Photo courtesy of Bwmodular/Wikimedia Commons. Gathered in the downpour that November day in Saubeba, representatives of the various indigenous communities living in the area discussed with local authorities what the conservation designation would mean, not just for the district but also their way of life. Many of us here still dont understand what conservation means, its still unfamiliar [to us], said Bernadus Yewen, a community leader. If it means protecting the forest, then weve been doing it since the time of our ancestors. It was a sentiment widely shared by the others in

Thursday, 14 December



Port Moresby: Recently, staff at the PNG LNG plant, operated by ExxonMobil PNG, successfully concluded a three-month program to deliver potable water to schools in the villages of Lealea, Papa, Boera and Porebada. The schools and students were being impacted by this years dry season, with students being unable to complete full days at school due to water shortages.

The water cartage initiative began in September after the site Operations team was able to adjust plant needs for water and redirect a portion of the sites potable water supply to the cartage program. A delivery roster was then set up with the schools to provide potable water on a regular basis.
A total of 300,000 litres of water was delivered to 12 schools; Redscar High School, Porebada Primary and Elementary Schools, Maiari Pre-school, Papa Primary, Elementary, and Pre-Schools, Lealea Primary and Elementary Schools, Bogi Literacy School and Boera Primary and Elementary schools.
LNG Plant Operations Manager Jagir Baxi, was pleased with everyones efforts. The dry season this year had a prolonged effect on the communities around our LNG plant. Many of our staff live in the communities so we have a first-hand understanding of the difficulties they were facing.
I am glad that we were able to assist the schools and students through this small but important contribution. Most importantly, the water deliveries to schools was successful in helping students to complete their year of study with as little interruption as possible, said Jagir.
The dry spell recently broke with the arrival of good rain around Port Moresby.


Provincial Publich Servants and precinct board exchange views on leadership Papua New Guinea Today

Provincial public servants and Precinct Board exchange views on leadership
Regional public servants and the Board of the Pacific Leadership and Governance Precinct came together in Madang recently to exchange insights and ideas about public sector leadership and delivery of services in subnational areas. 

More than 45 participants at the Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governances project management short course took hold of a unique mentoring opportunity with the Precincts eminent Executive Advisory Board, which included Archbishop Douglas Young, John Kali, Fr Jan Czuba, Bruce Davis, Dame Meg Taylor, Tony Shepherd, Jean Kekedo and Serena Sasingian. 
Course participant Angella Wauwau, community development officer in the Nuku District of West Sepik Province, said public servants were being trained to ensure local communities are empowered to respond to local issues and opportunities. 

We officers at the district and LLG level experience firsthand the challenges, problems, needs and aspirations of our people, Ms Wauwau said. 
We need to be equipped with knowledge and skills refresher courses and short courses empower us and motivate us. 
I believe this is the right direction and way forward to assist public servants - we can go back to serve our people and we can deliver government services effectively and efficiently. 
Project Management was the first Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance short course to be run in Madang with Precinct support, which is increasingly focused on providing opportunities for subnational public servants. 
Douglas Kilipi, DDA Executive Officer & Project Manager in the Mul-Baiyer District of Western Highlands Province, said public servants in regional areas each have a crucial role to play in national development. 
It all boils down to us public servants. We do what we can do rightfully, honestly and accountably in our little way to contribute to our district and the country as a whole. 


Judges sworn in Papua New Guinea Today

H.E. Grand Chief Sir Bob Bofeng Dadae, GCL, GCMG, KStJ, Governor General of Papua New Guinea, today presided over the swearing in ceremony of a judge and acting judges of the National and Supreme Courts of PNG.
They are:
1. Jim Wala Tamate appointed as a Judge of the National & Supreme Court of Justice for a term of 10 years commencing today. Justice Tamate will be based in Port Moresby and will serve in the Human Rights division of the judiciary alongside Justice David Cannings.
2. Sinclair Peniel Gora appointed as an acting Judge of the national Court of Justice for a period of 12 months commencing today. He will be based in Wewak, East Sepik Province.
3. David Abiri Susame appointed as an acting Judge of the National Court of Justice for a period of 12 months commencing today. He will be based in Kokopo, East New Britain province.
4. John Richie Benaud Kaumi appointed as an acting Judge of the National Court of Justice for a period of 12 months commencing today. He will be posted to Lae, Morobe province.
5. John Kamane Numapo appointed as an acting Judge of the National Court of Justice for a period of 12 months commencing today. He will be based in Lae, Morobe province.
The judge and acting judges recited before the Governor General the Declaration of Office, Declaration of Loyalty and Judicial Declaration.
The swearing in ceremony was witnessed by Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia, Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika and fellow judges.
Pic1: Acting Judge David Abiri Susame



By Aloysius Laukai

The Chairman of the Hagogohe Sasalam Hihikuma Festival, LAWRENCE BELLEH says all is set to stage the SASALAM HIHIKUMA festival at the GOGOHE Primary School grounds starting tomorrow and will end on Wednesday next week.
The highlights of the festival includes the float and presentation at the BEL ISI PARK tomorrow morning whilst the show opening will be held at the show venue at five pm in the afternoon.
The show will include Traditional arts and crafts presentations and a Miss Hagogohe crowning towards the end of the festival.
MR. BELLEH said that despite set backs by no getting many sponsors the organizers are happy the show will continue and will include a visit by tourists from the Cruise Ship Cruise North from Australia who will attend the festival on Monday.
He is inviting the people of Bougainville to travel to GOGOHE and support the fundraising efforts by the Parents and Citizens of Gogohe Primary school.
He said that the aim of the festival is to showcase our culture and make sure the date are set for tourists to attend and be part of the celebrations.



The unscrupulous attempts by RTG Mining Inc. to undermine BCLs position regarding the Panguna project have been further exposed in the PNG National Court.
RTG, a junior speculative company, pre-empted the court to declare in an announcement to the ASX (Australian Securities Exchange) on 5 December that a dispute over the chairmanship of the Special Mining Lease Osikaiyang Landowners Association (SMLOLA) had been resolved and all Court actions will now be withdrawn and come to an end.
Mr Philip Miriori and Mr Lawrence Daveona had both laid claims to the chairmanship but reportedly reconciled their differences on 5 December in favour of Mr Miriori.
In a further announcement yesterday (12 December), RTG stated: we can now advise that the discontinuance papers have also been lodged with the Court, bringing the dispute to a formal end.
Mediation Continues
These statements were unqualified and ignored the fact that the leadership dispute was subject to an ongoing mediation process imposed by the National Court and presided over by Justice Kandakaski.
The statements were clearly designed to undermine BCLs application for the extension of its project area exploration licence (EL1) by creating the false impression that BCL had no support among key project area landowners.
The matter however returned to court on 8 December and was adjourned until yesterday afternoon (12 December) after lawyers for Mr Miriori failed to appear. During yesterdays hearing, rather than being brought to a formal end Justice Kandakaski ordered that the mediation process continue.
This is to determine whether the reconciliation between Mr Miriori and Mr Daveona resolved the dispute to the satisfaction of the broader SMLOLA membership.
Following three earlier mediation sessions in Panguna, a fourth session has now been scheduled for 29 January 2018, before a return to court on 6 February.
These developments are not only deeply embarrassing for RTG but expose the highly misleading nature of its ongoing campaign of de-stabilisation against BCL.
Wardens Hearing
BCL also rejects RTGs anti-BCL characterisation of Mondays Wardens hearing in Panguna. The hearing formed part of the application renewal process.
The Warden provided the opportunity for the community to express its views regarding the application both for and against and for BCL to present its case for renewal.
Importantly, BCL believes it retains strong support among the 367 Customary Heads who are authorised to act on behalf of the customary owners of the 510 land parcels in the EL1 area.
The application process continues with a decision expected shortly and BCL respects this process.
In the interim, the term of the exploration licence is taken to have been extended until the application is determined.
Community Engagement
In its most recent statement, RTG also wrong...



141217- Bougainville Citizen concerned about ABGs Progress to Referendum
By- Theresa Baranangko
The Autonomous Bougainville Government is losing its flavour and taste by being deceived by the donors financially thus dishonouring its own Constitution and the Bougainville Peace Agreement (BPA). This is according to Mr. Jullian Lamasam Jnr, a concerned citizen of the Autonomous Region.
Mr Lamasam acknowledged the ABG Governments effort in making sure that the aspirations of Bouginvillians through the Bougainville Peace Agreement is made successful.
However, from his perspective, he thinks that the Government is really struggling to maintain this effort due to a lot of confusion in terms of so many structures in place both in the National Government and ABG and also the Mekamui unity Government.
He said that it is so confusing to see and understand how the money is being used because of so many structures in place. He said that often the people are aware of the large amount of monies coming into Bougainville yet the outcome in terms of tangible developments in the District level, village levels or communities are hardly noticed.
He said that this is not happening because the Leaders are accessing their freedom under Amnesty and Pardon to misuse their power and misuse Government monies for their own benefits.
He said that this is because under the Peace Agreement, we do not have our own Ombudsman commission, Police Force and also the task force. Therefore, Bougainville Leaders are taking this as their privilege to misuse their power and funds and not taking into account that the BPA will cease to be in practice in January 2020.
Therefore he is urging the Government to find alternatives so that Bougainvillians can still enjoy the freedom of the Bougainville Peace Agreement in this short period of time.
He said this because according to the people, the BPA is not seen as freedom anymore but a trap and a threat and they are afraid and are more concerned of Bougainvilles Political Future and its effect on them.



141217- Bolave Constituency Referendum Readiness
By Theresa Baranangko
The Member for Bolave and Minister for Health have declared Bolave Constituency in Bana District South Bougainville as the first Constituency on Bougainville to be declared as Well Informed, Unified, Weapons Free and Referendum Ready. He made this Declaration on the 7th September 2017.
This was following the ABG resolution on the Bougainville Constituency Referendum Ready Concept which was passed last year in September tasking each of the 33 Constituencies in Bougainville to prepare and declare them as Referendum Ready.
The declaration Ceremony was witnessed by the ABG Members and officers, UNDP, DFAT, National MPs and the Community of Bana.
The Minister said that the declaration is being maintained by all the stakeholders to ensure that it is not violated.
He said that the wards, Veterans and all the community based organisations are working together to maintain peace and harmony in the constituency. Gas bottles are disposed and homebrew consumption is declining.
The Minister said that his offices main focus in 2018 will be the referendum awareness and implementation programmes in preparations for the conduct of Referendum in June 15 2019. However, basic services like health, education, law and order will not be overlooked.
In light of the Referendum Ready Concept, Bolave Constituency will host a Soccer and Volley Ball tournament from the 26th to the 30th of December 2017 at Boleuko Sports Ground in Boleuko Catholic Mission in Bolave constituency.
This is to create an avenue to educate mainly youths who are not that acquainted with the historical context of the Bougainville Aspiration for Independence.
Therefore through such event, the youths can be educated more on the dreams and aspirations of Bougainville.



A story of second-hand clothes "GroovUs Feed Anews"

Nice jacket, Dylan, I said to my first-year-university-student grandson as he picked me up in the first week of summer at Canberra Airport where the outside temperature was a sizzling 12.5 degrees. How much was it?

Dylan: I got it for five bucks at the Salvos.

Me: Well done.

Dylan: Mum is so jealous she is going there to see what she can find.

And then I recalled my own impoverished university days 47 years ago and needing a dinner suit to go to an up-coming ball.

As the son of an Anglican clergyman, I could not contemplate even hiring one, let alone buying. So I went to the Salvos and bought a dinner suit for 50 cents (about $5 in todays money).

Better than that, it was excellently tailored and in a middle-of-the-ground style, so as the lapels of new fashionable dinner suits got narrower and then double-breasted and then wider, mine never looked much out of place, so I kept wearing it for more than 30 years. What a bargain!

The charities do a splendid job recycling clothes. A lot are sent overseas, particularly to Third World countries which do not have their own textile industries, such a Papua New Guinea.

I recalled being in Mount Hagen in the New Guinea Highlands once and overhearing an Australian say to a local who was wearing, from memory, the T-shirt of a Sydney bowls club, Good on you, mate, Im a member there. Its a good club, isnt it?

He clearly did not realise that the T-shirt had been imported by a charity second-hand and that the local had never been to Australia, let alone his bowls club.

That was 2003, Later I went to the very remote Kosomary River, a tributary of Sepik River, where I asked if I could have a paddle on a dugout canoe. Only if you give us your T-shirt if you fall out, I was told.

Me: Okay.

(It was a Canberra Times Fun Run T-shirt, as it happens)

Now, a dugout with a wooden paddle is a very different proposition from my light-weight plastic kayak and carbon-fibre paddle in Australia. But never mind. Ill never know how I got the thing out into the current and safely back to shore. But I got some loud cheers from the locals, so and I gave the canoe owner the Canberra Times T-shirt anyway.

I hope no visiting Australian finds him and says something like, The Canberra Times event is a good fun run, isnt it? What was your time?

While I was recalling this, it suddenly dawned on me, about eight weeks too late. And I should have...




"For the benefit of the public" a coin has two sides ;

As far as this case is concerned the petition filed by Peter Yama against Nixon Duban for the 2013 Madang Open By Election has gone as far as the 3 men bench Supreme Court and slip rule .

Nixon Duban scored 18,000 votes,  Bryan Kramer 7000 votes and Peter Yama 5000 votes. Thats the final 2013  By Election result.

Peter Yama filed an election petition on errors and omissions and requested a recount . His arguments were centered around 6000 papers found at his mothers grave yard. 

The 2013 By Election was done without any issue of missing ballot boxes or ballot papers either during the counting or polling .

How the 6000 papers ended up at the cemetery remains a fraud matter to be fully investigated. On record the ballot papers were never part of the Madang Open By Election.

All candidates who contested the election are fully aware of this fraud . Since Madang Open 2013 By Election was completed without any missing ballot papers or ballot boxes the Form 66A and 66B were satisfactorily reconciled.

Peter Yama asked for the papers found at the cemetery which he found himself to be illegally included in the count.

These ballot papers were presumed to be unused ballot papers stored with the Electoral Commission office in Madang.

His arguments were tested in the courts before Justice Bernard Sakora. The Judge hearing the case ordered the found ballot papers  to be included in the recount  which was shocking as the papers were not part of the 2013 By Election.

Justice Bernard Sakora made a ruling for the benefit of the petitioner Peter Yama. He ordered a recount and  asked for the illegal ballot papers to be counted too.

The judge was smart when he acknowledged the administrative powers of the Returning officer Simon Sinai. Electoral Commission is a constitutional office governed  by its own jurisdiction.

When Simon Sinai conducted the recount he did it exceptionally well. In the presence of police and new counting officials a recount sanctioned by the courts was done.

After 2013  By Election the container containing all ballot boxes were left stranded at Jomba YC and not moved to the police station.

This resulted in the con...


29 youths graduate with certificate to deliver health services PNG Daily News

December 13, 2017

TWENTY-nine young men and women were the first to graduate from the Kungumanda Foursquare Community Health Workers Training School in Wapenamanda, Enga, last Friday.
Their qualification is recognised by the PNG Medical Board.
It was the schools fifth commencement exercises those who graduated in the first four years were unlucky as they did not receive a nationally recognised CHW certificate but still served in the health sector. Enga Governor Sir Peter thanked the Foursquare Gospel Church for partnering with the provincial and national government to train health workers.
He admitted that there is an acute shortage of the health workers in the country and churches play a huge role in bridging that gap.
He called on the new community health workers to serve with love, commitment and dedication. Enga health authority chief executive Aaron Luia presented the certificate of registration recognising the Kungumanda school as an institution with the licence to conduct private health training.
Church of the Foursquare Gospel in PNG president and Foursquare national education agency secretary Rev Timothy Tipitap said it was relief for the school which had copped criticisms in the past 10 years with claims it was not a recognised institution.
Principal Sr Marivic Serafina said Kungumanda was an institution of excellent standards that will administer the holistic approach on basic health education of the highest order.
Go out and be the light that the world wants to see. You are representing Jesus, Serafina told the graduates.
The people that you touch and give medicines will receive healing.

Source: The National


Pato pushing for end to illegal fishing PNG Daily News

December 14, 2017

Moves to eliminate illegal fishing near Papua New Guinea and in the wider Pacific are high on the agenda for PNG at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) meeting in Argentina this week.
During a session on illegal fishing, Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister Rimbink Pato delivered a keynote contribution in support of trade rules requiring the abolition of subsidies given by certain major economies to their fishing industries.
Pato along with Commerce and Industry Minister Wera Mori are representing PNG at the ministerial meeting in Buenos Aires.
Referring to illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing, Pato said: We know from experience that fishing subsidies by big economies are detrimental to smaller-scale fishing industries in PNG and other Pacific countries.
These subsidies also contribute to over-fishing that threatens the very existence of the fish stocks which are vital to feed the world and to our economy.
Pato told a meeting attended by representatives of most countries in the world that PNG, as the biggest Pacific Islands nation, strongly supported moves by the Pacific Islands Forum states aimed at eliminating illegal fishing from the Pacific and other oceans.
Further discussions are being held at the WTO meeting on key proposals associated with the elimination of subsidies, Pato said. Mori and I are also working to ensure that rules relating to agriculture and the digital economy are suitable to WTO moves to establish a free and fair trading world.

Source: The National


Fire Service thanks Government for K18mil allocation PNG Daily News

December 14, 2017 

THE PNG Fire Service has thanked the Government for the K18 million allocated in the 2018 Budget.
PNG Fire Service chief Bill Roo said the fire authority was happy, and would upgrade its existing fire stations and build new ones.
Roo said over the years, the fire service managed to use whatever funding it was allocated and continued to provide its services.
Even if we get a cut or an increase, we use whatever is given, Roo said.
This year, we have received an increase and we thank the Government for the support.
Roo said they were willing to work with provincial governments to establish fire services in the provinces.
We are also looking at building our capacity, get new fire trucks and fix the old ones, Roo said.
He said the fire service had 14 stations four in the National Capital District and 10 in other provinces.
We are looking at upgrading these existing ones and also build fire stations for the other 12 provinces, Roo said.
Fire service is essential and we are looking at improving our service delivery.
Roo said they were also up-skilling officers and upgrading fire service equipment in preparation for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit next year.
The fire service will be celebrating its 50th anniversary tomorrow at the Port Moresby Fire Station the first fire station in the country.


Trainees Undergo Two-Day Course In Petrophysical Interpretation PNG Daily News


Eight Papua New Guineans were given a chance by Oil Search to undertake a two-day course on petrophysical interpretation in Port Moresby.
These trainees were from the Department of Petroleum and Energy (DPE) and Oil Search.
The course served as an introduction to petrophysics and its application in the oil and gas industry.
This is the second course following the Sequence Stratigraphy course, which was held in August.
Knowledge in petrophysics provides accurate measurements used to calculate the volume of hydrocarbons in a field.
In the oil and gas industry, an accurate estimate of the volume of hydrocarbons is critical in order to make key business decisions.
The training was conducted by Ray Spicer, a petrophysical adviser with Oil Search.
Mr Spicer has worked in many of the worlds petroleum provinces, with experience and exposure to both onshore and offshore drilling in Australia, Indonesia, PNG, New Zealand, China, Russia, Former Soviet Union, Middle East and North Africa.
He is an international expert with a career spanning more than thirty years in petrophysics.
A lack of proper understanding of petrophysics can lead to poor decisions resulting in the loss of millions of dollars, Mr Spicer told participants.
Boio Arua, acting senior geologist with DPE, and one of the five young female attendees, said the two-day course has taught her a lot.
The key takeaway for me is the quick look, where you just look at the logs and you are able to quickly tell if its a reservoir or non-reservoir, Arua said.
The underlying commercial rationale for the oil and gas industry is the finding, assessment, development, production, and delivery of hydrocarbons for sale at a profit.
Petrophysical interpretation helps geoscientists in many ways, but importantly it can help with reservoir identification and characterisation, seal and fluid identification, assessment of the amount of hydrocarbon in a reservoir and how easily the reservoir fluid will flow to the surface. It also provides valuable input for well-deepening decisions.

Source: Post-Courier.


West Papua could compete in future Pacfic Games Papua New Guinea Today

West Papua is one of the countries that could be included in future Pacific Games as the Pacific Games Council (PGC) continues to discuss ways of being inclusive of all the countries within the region.

The PGCs Forum held after its annual general meeting in Port Vila, Vanuatu this week was to hear members on several key topics such as associate membership, bid process and management structure

The other names that were floated in general discussion that could be invited to become members of the regional games were Christmas Island, Bouganville, Easter Islands and Hawaii apart from Australia and New Zealand.

These countries couldin future become associate members with certain voting rights.

A couple of countries were a bit weary of Australia and New Zealand becoming full members, as they could dominate the Pacific Games.

Australian Olympic Committee member Helen Brownlee said that Australia was sensitive to the sentiments of the islands and would only enter sports where the islands were strong in such as weightlifting and rugby 7s.

We will definitely be sending teams to the 2019 Games in Apia but itll depend on the individual federations.

We have to go back to our sports for 2019. Athletics said no because standards not high.

This time we sent a development team, said Brownlee.

The PGC Forum also discussed its bid process and management structure regarding terms of office bearers.

Members were satisfied with the current arrangements of seven years for bid process and terms of officials in office.

PGC president VidyaLakhan felt hes been in the job for too long having now over ten years but members said there is a democratic process in place and if office officials dont perform they are voted out.

Members felt the PGC president is doing a good job.

 Story and photo by ONOC |Van2017


Guatemalan women take on Canadas mining giants over horrific human rights abuses Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

Irma Yolanda Choc Cac in her community of Lote Ocho. The women link the violence to the nearby Fenix mine, and the Guatemalan subsidiary controlled by Candas Skye Resources. Photograph: Alexandra Pedersen

A group of indigenous Maya Qeqchi women has launched a precedent-setting legal challenge that could cast a chill over Canadas vast mining interests

Ashifa Kassam | The Guardian | 13 December 2017 

On the 20th floor of an office tower in the heart of Torontos financial district, Irma Yolanda Choc Cacs bright pink embroidered blouse and handwoven skirt contrasted with the suits of the lawyers around her as she detailed the hardest day of her life.

It was the first time Choc Cac had ever left Guatemala. But the story that she and 10 other Maya Qeqchi women had come to tell is at...


Online Selections PNG Daily News

Source: Post-Courier


08:30 PM


Students that sat for grade 12 national examinations this year are being selected through an electronic selection process for higher learning institutions in 2018.


The selection system was launched by Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology Pila Niningi at Holiday Inn.


The system called PCG Academia now sets the pace to address transparency and cost-cutting issues for the selection process.


This year, selectors have gathered for the last time to do selections.  Next year and onwards,  all selections will be done online in institutions.


Selected Institution representatives have been trained to use the system.


Today, selectors in Port Moresby are finalizing selections with PCG Academia experts.


The launch in Port Moresby was witnessed by Enga Governor Peter Ipatas, DataCo Managing Director Paul Komboi and representatives from higher learning institutions.



Contractor on seabed mining ship defaults on payment Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

Nautilus said it has a number of options available to it to remedy the default and/or replace MAC as a party to the contract for the seabed mining vessel

More problems for Nautilus as ship owner defaults on payment

David Foxwell | OSJ | 13 December 2017

MAC Goliath Pte Ltd, owner of the production support vessel that is being built for seabed mining outfit Nautilus Minerals, said MAC has failed to pay the third instalment due on the contract for the vessel.

In a statement, Nautilus Minerals said it had been told by Fujian Mawei Shipbuilding Ltd, owner of the shipyard where the production support vessel is being built, that MAC had failed to make a payment of US$18M plus interest. The vessel is to be used by Nautilus and its partner in Papua New Guinea, Eda Kopa (Solwara) Limited, as the base for its seabed mining operations at the Solwara 1 Project site in the Bismarck Sea.

Under the contract between the shipyard and MAC, MAC is required to rectify the default immediately, and perform corresponding obligations under the contract. If MAC fails to remedy the default within 21 days...


Bougainville ban on businessman called heavy handed "GroovUs Feed Aradio"

The Panguna mine Photo: supplied

Radio New Zealand | 13 December 2017

An Australian mining company says a ban on businessman Renzie Duncan entering Bougainville imposed by Papua New Guineas acting chief migration officer is unfair.

Mr Duncan has worked with the Special Mining Lease Osikiang Landowners Association which opposes the autonomous governments plans for the development of the Panguna mine.

Mr Duncan was banned back in May with the Immigration Authority saying his presence on Bougainville may be detrimental to the governments efforts relating to mining.

The mining company, RTG, which also works with Osikiang and Renzie Duncan, calls the action overly heavy handed.

RTG chairman Michael Carrick said Mr Duncan had worked with the community around Panguna for about five years and won their support.

Not because of money provided to them but because he has lived and worked with them for many many years. Renzie and the landowners [SMLOLA] could not have worked more closely with the previ...


BCL slaps down claims as RTG tries to edge its way into Panguna Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE

The Panguna copper & gold mine


BUKA Bougainville Copper Ltd has lashed out at what it calls an unscrupulous campaign by rival RTG Mining which it says undermines its position as the Bougainville governments preferred company to re-open the Panguna copper and gold resource.

In a statement, BCL said RTG, which it characterised as a junior speculative company, had sought to create the false impression that BCL had no support among key landowners and that it had claimed a dispute between two leading landowners had been resolved in a way that would undermine BCL interests.

In fact, the National Court under Justice Kandakaski has endorsed a continuing mediation process and ordered that the matter return to the court on 6 February to determine whether reconciliation has resolved the dispute to the satisfaction of the broader group of Panguna landowners.

These developments are not only deeply embarrassing for RTG but expose the highly misleading nature of its ongoing campaign of destabilisation against BCL, the companys statement said.

BCL said it believes it retains strong support among the 367 customary heads who are authorised to act on behalf of the customary owners.

BCL also said RTG had wrongly claimed that BCL had not been to Panguna in over 28 years (given landowners had refused to even allow them access).

Again, an egregious attempt to undermine BCLs standing both locally and internationally, the statement said.

The truth is BCL has a full-time team in Bougainville with 11 staff working constantly on the tenement, this includes a Panguna-based senior project officer.

BCL re-commenced its formal engagement in Bougainville back in 2012 after the Autonomous Bougainville Government and landowner associations invited a new process and in 2014 made its first visits to Central Bougainville.

Since that time BCL has actively engaged with communities in the Panguna and broader historical BCL mine lease areas and has also undertaken six customary processes and has been well-received over...


The debate over clans land in Bupul village as forest become an oil palm plantation West Papua Action Network

Source: Mongabay Indonesia

Author: Christopel Paino

English Translation:

Land conflict for oil palm is still an issue in Merauke

Two children ran towards the forest. As they got closer to the trees
that at first seemed to be a thick forest, a broad carpet of felled
trees became visible.

The two could witness exactly how the green bulldozers were working to
clear away the trees. From afar, the sound of falling trees could be
heard clearly. Several times they pointed out the heavy machinery that
was working off in the distance.

Thats a beko a beko is what we call a dozer. Every day the bekos
are working to clear our forest, Agustinus shouted

Agustinus is slender, his friend Yupens is more sturdy. They are both in
the 5th class of YPPK Santo Petrus primary school in Bupul village,
Elikobel, Merauke Regency, Papua.

Bro, this forest is where we play with bows and arrows, or spears, and
go to look for birds. At the furthest point over there, theres a river.
After playing in the forest, we normally go swimming in the river.,
added Yupens

Our teacher said that later if theres an oil palm plantation and the
waste goes into the river, we wont be able to swim there any more.


Yupens and Agustinus village, Bupul, isnt far from the Trans-Papua
road which connects Merauke Regency with Boven Digoel. Bupul can be
reached from Merauke in about 3-4 hours. There are many military
checkpoints along the road because the area is close to the Papua New
Guinea border.

The majority of indigenous people in Bupul belong to the Yei ethnic
group, which some people describe as a sub-ethnic group of the Marind.
In general they are dependant on the forest to meet their needs.

The forest Agustinus and Yupens were pointing out is the ancestral
forest of the Wonijai clan. The company has already paid the clan for
this land, obtaining their consent both through polite persuasion and
through use of state security forces. The company plied the people with
promises of a better life until some of the local people agreed to
release their ancestral land. The others, who opposed it, felt that
these promises were motivated by nothing other than the companys desire
to take control of the Wonijai land.


One evening in 2015, a group of people paid a visit to Simon Wonijais
house. They were company representatives. One of them was well built,
seemingly a member of the police or...


Ardern doubles down on insults to Australia "IndyWatch Feed"

Jacinda Ardern seems intent on insulting Australia, shes gone again, this time telling Aussies they are overly sensitive. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says the Australian Government is being overly sensitive about New Zealands offer to take Manus Island refugees. Arderns comments come after Australias deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce sent a message to Ardern about []

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10 years in the morgue: Stans life recipe active, balanced, caring Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE


This article was published on 27 October 2007. Stan Jackson died in 2012 aged 98

SYDNEY - My father Stan Jackson OAM is 94 today. Hell get out of bed at about 8.30, greet his partner Helen, brew a pot of tea, and wander out to the gazebo he built a couple of years ago - overlooking the vegetable garden - to eat his porridge.

The gait is a little stiff now, after two knee replacements, but the posture remains ramrod straight. Later hell wheel his bike out of the shed and cycle to the Lane Cove shops to buy a few groceries.

For most of the rest of the day hell sit in front of a word processor, two-finger typing the plan for his next project, an organisation called Planet Earth Partners which hes financing.

Its message is simple, he says. Its Be ABC keep active in body and mind, whatever your age; keep in balance with your health and with Nature; and cooperate with the community by supporting it.

OAMPlanet Earth Partners (PEP, get it?) will launch with a bike ride through the mountains of Hokkaido in Japan next year. I still ride; at 95 Ill do what I can, says Stan.

Stan was awarded the Order of Australia in 2000 for service to the community through the promotion of the concept of fitness for life by undertaking marathon bicycle tours, and to environmental conservation.

He took up long distance bike riding in 1976, after the death of my mother, Joan, and kicked off with a Sydney to London epic, repeated in reverse in 1988 to mark the Australian bicentenary.

 Hes ridden the length of Japan, up the Rockies from the Mexican border to the Canadian border and from Melbourne to Sydney with a group of Japanese senior citizens, taking a detour to Canberra from Batemans Bay to talk...

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