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Monday, 12 February


PM O'Neill Calls on Disrespectful Madang MP Kramer to Serve with Dignity Papua New Guinea Today

The Prime Minister,Peter ONeill  has called on the new Member for Madang, Bryan Kramer , to learn to behave in the manner expected by his constituents, and not engage in slanderous and illegal behavior.

The ongoing commentary by the Member for Madang, publishing unsubstantiated conversations with other Members of Parliament is disrespectful, misleading and actionable in court, the Prime Minister said.

Personal attacks and insults against Leaders, with claimed one-sided private conversations, are bandied about on social media.

These are just shallow social media outbursts that only serve personal politics, and lack any policy platform.

The Prime Minister has noted concerns that have been expressed at the mental capacity and stability of the member in his new position, and called for relevant authorities to look into his behavior.

As these comments are also slanderous, it is appropriate that the Ombudsman Commission look into the Members conduct.

NICTA, as the agency tasked with dealing with cybercrimes and the misuse of telecommunications services, must be proactive in dealing with these issues and undertake their own investigations.

This behaviour is unbecoming and bizarre, particularly for the new member who is yet to prove his worth in the Parliament.

The people of Madang elected him to help develop the district and deliver services for the people, but in his six months in office he has nothing to show.

Nothing has been delivered and no concrete plans have been made for the coming years in this term of Parliament.

This member recently launched a so called political party, the Alliance with much fanfare that has also resulted in nothing.

He is a very frustrated man with ambitions beyond his ability.

He has never held a decent job, and now he is taking on the rightful opposition to try and take over the alternative government.


Solomons Police in Western Province calls for a fight against domestic violence Papua New Guinea Today

With an increase recorded in the cases of domestic violence in the Western Provincial capital of Gizo over the past two months, police in the Province have called for a fight against this crime that is affecting women and children in the province.

Provincial Police Commander, Western Province, Chief Superintendent, Mathias Lenialu says, Statistics recorded by my officers for Gizo town alone reveal that during December 2017, ten (10) cases of domestic violence were reported while in January 2018, fourteen (14) cases were recorded. Any increase in such crime as domestic violence though small is one case too many. This should be of great concern to all stakeholders.

For our part as a stakeholder, police in the Western Province is increasing its efforts in conducting awareness talks in as many communities and public locations as possible about the detrimental effects of family violence on our women and children. We are also continuing to explain the Family Protection Act and how the Act can be used to protect the victim survivor of domestic violence, says PPC Lenialu.

He adds: I want to appeal to everyone, including other stakeholders like non-government organisations, churches and community leaders to join forces with the police and fight against this terrible crime. Anyone found breaching the Family Protection Act will be dealt with accordingly. Press Release


Solomon Islands Police in Western Province arrest two suspects during raid on black market outlets Papua New Guinea Today

Solomon Islands Police at Munda in the Western Province have arrested two suspects following a raid on black market outlets on 9 February 2018 after allegations of illegal selling of alcohol at several locations in the township.

Police confiscated a total of 30 cartons of alcohol which included a variety of beers and whiskey and cola.

Two suspects including a female have been charged with illegal sale of alcohol and released awaiting a date for their appearance in court.

I wish to thank members of the community in Munda for coming forward with information that led to the successful raid. This illegal sale of alcohol has been carried out in family homes and have caused disturbance within the Munda community over the past several months, says Provincial Police Commander, Western Province, Chief Superintendent, Mathias Lenialu.

PPC Lenialu adds: The easy access to alcohol such as from black market outlets has resulted in fighting, stealing, family violence and common nuisance within the Munda township.

Chief Superintendent Lenialu says, Munda is one of the best tourism destinations in the Western Province and it has the soon to be completed Munda international airport. Tourists will only visit our islands if there is guarantee that there is law and order.

I want to thank my officers in Munda for this successful raid and members of the community for providing information to police. I want to encourage other members of the community to come forward and report such illegal activities so that our families can live in peace without threat of crime, says PPC Lenialu.


Hope for a handful, but further limbo and despair for more than 1800 still left behind on Nauru/Manus "GroovUs Feed Anews"

After nearly five years of fear, violence and limbo, 22 refugees yesterday left Nauru to fly to safety in the United States as part of the US refugee resettlement deal. However, over 1800 people - including 150 children - are still languishing in desperate and dangerous conditions across Manus and Nauru, a situation the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has called a humanitarian crisis of Australias own making.

Daniel Webb, Director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre, said:

The tragic reality is that hope for a handful doesnt end the suffering of those left behind. Its great that these 22 people will tomorrow wake up in freedom and safety. But over 1800 others will awake to the same painful limbo that has confronted them every morning for the last four and a half years, said Mr Webb.

These 22 people deserve their freedom and safety. But so do the 1800 others still languishing in limbo.

This is the fourth group of refugees to be given safety under the fraught deal, which has been dogged by delays, confusion and travel bans and resentment from US President Donald Trump.

In signing the US deal our government was rightly conceding that it couldn't just abandon people on Nauru and Manus forever. It is our Governments responsibility to make sure not a single person is left behind,

Earlier this year, the UNHCR reported on a worsening sense of helplessness and hopelessness among asylum-seekers and refugees at all facilities on Manus Island.

More than 1600 refugees have formally expressed interest in being resettled in the US, and the UNHCR have endorsed applications for over 1200 men, women and children. It has widely been reported that only 1250 places will be offered but it is unknown exactly if or when others will follow and what the Australian Governments plan is for those left behind.

This dark chapter in our history does not close - this painful chapter in their lives does not end - until every single man, woman and child tormented on Nauru and Manus for the last four years is finally safe. Over 1800 innocent people - 150 children - have had four and a half years of their lives ripped away from them. It is the Australian Governments responsibility to ensure they have a future, said Mr Webb.

Background: approximate numbers

Number of people left in PNG according to today's numbers
Approximately 742 people  

Number of people left in Nauru according to today's numbers
Approximately 1,048 people


PM O'Neill urges Papua New Guineans to buy PNG Made products Papua New Guinea Today

Prime  Minister Peter ONeill is encouraging Papua New Guineans to buy products that are made locally in the country.  He wants them to spend their money on locally produced goods and food rather than imports.
ONeill told parliament last week that Papua New Guinea needed investments to replace imported products and one thing to make this happen is for citizens to prefer buying PNG made or produced.
We as a country cannot continue to depend on imports in the long term, he said.
This is not healthy for us and thats why the Government is emphasising on investments in the country to replace our imports and one of this is the production of Ilimo Milk just outside Port Moresby. ONeill said at Ilimo Dairy Farm outside Port Moresby at 14-Mile along Sogeri Road was a testament of the Governments emphasis to encourage local production.
Some people think we are not able to produce milk here in the country when we first launched this project with the Israel company, he said.
But now you see, they are producing fresh milk and is already on the shelves in stores and supermarkets.
Now you will realise that the price of the imported milk will go down.
Where were they in the first place for not reducing their price?
I am encouraging our citizens to buy locally produced milk and other products that are produced locally so we grow our local industries within the country to create employment opportunities and venture into producing other products that we now depend only from imports.
ONeill said the Government would continue to encourage investments in the country to replace imports and that was why priority was given to the agriculture sector in the 2018 Budget.


Milwaukee Health Commissioner Attacked for Statement About Vaccine Safety "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Dr. Patricia McManus on local radio show Milwaukee

Interim Health Commissioner Dr. Patricia McManus appeared on a local radio show in Milwaukee recently. Image from Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin Facebook Page.

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Dr. Patricia McManus, the executive director of the Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin, was recently named as the Interim Health Commissioner of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by an overwhelming majority of the City Council. The vote was 13 to 1 in her favor.

She replaced former Milwaukee Health Commissioner Bevan Baker in mid-January, who was apparently forced to resign because the Milwaukee Health Department allegedly failed to ensure adequate notification of thousands of families whose children tested positive for elevated lead levels in their blood.

The City Council had rejected Mayor Tom Barretts choice to serve as Interim Health Commissioner and chose Dr. McManus instead.

Dr. Patricia McManus has served for almost 30 years as the director of the Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin, and holds bachelor and masters degrees in Nursing, as well as a Ph.D in Urban Studies Health Systems.

When asked why she was taking the job as Interim Health Commissioner she reportedly stated:

I love what I do at the Black Health Coalition. I listen to my community too, they asked me to do this.

Im not taking a loyalty oath to [Mayor Barrett] or to the council. Its to the community, thats how I see myself. (Source.)

However, af...


Bill Shorten's Kevin Rudd moment - promises to close Manus and Nauru - report from Clifton Hill Labor (Batman) "IndyWatch Feed National"

Bill Shorten promises Nauru and manus detention centres will be closed under a Labor government. #ged4batman #BatmanVotes Clifton Hill Labor (@CliftonHillALP) February 11, 2018


Milwaukee Health Commissioner Attacked for Statement About Vaccine Safety "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Dr. Patricia McManus on local radio show Milwaukee

Interim Health Commissioner Dr. Patricia McManus appeared on a local radio show in Milwaukee recently. Image from Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin Facebook Page.

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Dr. Patricia McManus, the executive director of the Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin, was recently named as the Interim Health Commissioner of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by an overwhelming majority of the City Council. The vote was 13 to 1 in her favor.

She replaced former Milwaukee Health Commissioner Bevan Baker in mid-January, who was apparently forced to resign because the Milwaukee Health Department allegedly failed to ensure adequate notification of thousands of families whose children tested positive for elevated lead levels in their blood.

The City Council had rejected Mayor Tom Barretts choice to serve as Interim Health Commissioner and chose Dr. McManus instead.

Dr. Patricia McManus has served for almost 30 years as the director of the Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin, and holds bachelor and masters degrees in Nursing, as well as a Ph.D in Urban Studies Health Systems.

When asked why she was taking the job as Interim Health Commissioner she reportedly stated:

I love what I do at the Black Health Coalition. I listen to my community too, they asked me to do this.

Im not taking a loyalty oath to [Mayor Barrett] or to the council. Its to the community, thats how I see myself. (Source.)

However, after...


PNG on track to host APEC Leaders in November this year Papua New Guinea Today

By Makereta Komai, PACNEWS Editor in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea 

Papua New Guinea is on track to deliver the APEC Leaders Summit in November this year.

The assurance was conveyed to Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) Senior Officials by PNGs Ambassador for APEC, Ivan Pomaleu in Port Moresby on Sunday.

Ambassador Pomaleu provided an update to MSG senior officials at the end of their two day preparatory meeting in the lead up the 21st MSG Leaders Summit on Wednesday.

He said hosting APEC, considered the worlds largest gathering of 21 powerful economies in the Asia Pacific Rim nations, is a massive logistical and security undertaking for Papua New Guinea.

We will be hosting four Senior Officials Meeting, multiple stakeholders meeting, six ministerial and one Leaders Summit. At the same time, we will be chairing 15 committees and Working Groups, said Ambassador Pomaleu.

The first of these series of Senior Officials meeting begins on 24 Feb-09 March.

In total, in the lead up to the 12-18 November APEC Leaders Summit, PNG will host 78 meetings, an average of eight meetings per week at four key hotels in Port Moresby Stanley Hotel, Laguna, Lamana and Gateway.

When questioned on the involvement of MSG and Pacific Leaders at this important global meeting in the Pacific, Ambassador Pomaleu assured that Prime Minister Peter ONeill has promised to invite Pacific Leaders.

The invitation to MSG and Pacific Leaders is at the prerogative of the Prime Minister. It is normal for the Prime Minister to invite leaders from within the sub-region to be part of the conversation at APEC.

The PNG Prime Minister has not wavered from his intention. We are working on that and the invitation will be made at the appropriate time, said the PNG APEC Ambassador and Chair of the APEC Senior Officials Meeting.
In response, MSG countries have welcomed PNGs intention to invite leaders to the APEC Summit in November and offered to assist Papua New Guinea, if the need arises.

Solomon Islands stands ready to help wherever it can and look forward to engaging with PNG and the world leaders at APEC, said Peter Kenilorea, Solomon Islands Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs and External Trade.

We your brothers from Melanesia are grateful to PNG for bringing the world to the Pacific and we are looking forward to be part of this exciting meeting in November this year, said MSG Secretariat director general, Ambassador Amena Yauvoli...


West Papuan leader appeals for support on eve of Summit "IndyWatch Feed National"

The following message has been sent to the people of PNG, by Benny Wenda, who chairs the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP). Next week there is going to be an important summit in Port Moresby. This should also be of interest in Australia, because our nation has been involved in the situation in West Papua, and because the Melanesian peoples are our close neighbours. Our government should stop supporting the Indonesian occupation.

As Chairman of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) and on behalf of your Melanesian brothers and sisters just across the border, I am appealing to all activists and solidarity groups in PNG for your urgent help.

The ULMWP will be representing our people at the Melanesian Spearhead Group Leaders Summit taking place in Port Moresby next week and seeking full Membership for West Papua. The time is right to see the Melanesian community welcome their brothers and sisters in West Papua as equals and we need you to raise your voices in solidarity to ensure our message is heard.

The West Papuan people continue to suffer brutality at the hands of our oppressors daily. International experts are in agreement that what is taking place is nothing less than a genocide against indigenous Papuans. Without intervention, our people will not only soon be a minority, they will also be in very real danger of being wiped out entirely. I urge you to join with us as Melanesians to do everything in your power to stand up for the survival of West Papuans, for the children of the next generation, before its too late.

The MSG has long been founded on the principles of advocating for the right to self-determination of all Melanesians and pioneered support for our brothers and sisters in Kanaky to have their voices heard in an independence referendum. We call on them now to also acknowledge the political aspirations of the West Papuan people, who have, in vast numbers expressed their will for self-determination and assistance from the international community, via their petition to the United Nations. Our people risked their lives to add their names and to have their cry for freedom heard. Please hear this cry and rise up with us- your brothers and sisters need your help and are relying on the compassion of the people of PNG, and our Melanesian family.



The post West Papuan leader appeals for support on eve of Summit appeared first on The Pen.


21st MSG Leaders Summit set to go in PNG Papua New Guinea Today

By Makereta Komai, PACNEWS Editor in Port Moresby,PNG 

Preparations are in earnest in Port Moresby to welcome Melanesia Spearhead Group (MSG) Leaders for their 21st biennial summit on Wednesday (14 February).

Senior officials from Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and the FLNKS in New Caledonia met over the weekend ahead of the Leaders Summit to finalise issues to go before MSG Leaders for their decision.

The Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) on Saturday and Sunday will kick-start a series of meeting in the lead up to the 21st biennial session, which has the theme, Strengthening Trade and Sustainable Development for an Inclusive Melanesia.

Speaking to PACNEWS, MSG Secretariat Director General, Ambassador Amena Yauvoli said Senior Officials meeting discussed policies, work programme and budget for the coming two years.

These policy issues will require the endorsement of Foreign Ministers as well as Leaders. On Sunday senior officials will discuss the 2018 Work Programme and Budget.

Today, Foreign Ministers will convene to endorse reports that will form the agenda of the Leaders meeting on Wednesday.

We will be reporting to Leaders on the reform status of the Secretariat as mandated by the Governing Council in December 2016. Also a number of reports will be presented to the Leaders. These include the report on PNGs 2017 National Elections, report on Arms Trade Treaty, report on the MSG inshore fisheries and an update on membership guidelines, said Ambassador Yauvoli.

He said the criteria for Observers and Associate Members and New Membership Guidelines will be tabled directly to the Leaders on Wednesday for their consideration.

The decision for new membership is solely the prerogative of Leaders and will be discussed on Wednesday, said the MSG Director General.

A key event will be the traditional hand-over of the MSG chairmanship to the host country Papua New Guinea from Solomon Islands.

A traditional handing over ceremony will be held on Tuesday evening at the Sir John Guise Stadium to mark the official hand-over of the MSG leadership between the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands, Rick Houenipwela to his Papua New Guinea counterpart, Peter ONeill.

Ambassador Yauvoli is confident of a strong leadership from Papua New Guinea as it takes over the helm of the sub-regional organisation in the coming two years.

The revamped Secretariat will need durable and innovative leadership and we are confid...


Disgraced judge Bernard Sakora resigns in latest move to avoid justice PNGexposed Blog

Disgraced Judge, Justice Sakora, has resigned to avoid facing court

Having seemingly already wriggled out of one corruption charge in the criminal courts, Justice Sakora has now resigned as a Judge [see story below] in order to close down formal misconduct investigations against him, by the Judicial and Legal Services Commission, and a separate Leadership Code Tribunal, instigated by the Ombudsman Commission.

Sakoras criminal charge was in relation to his role in preventing the publication of the findings of the Commission of Inquiry into the Department of Finance which first revealed the role of Paul Paraka and his law firm in scamming millions of kina from the government. It is alleged Sakora received K100,000 from Paraka in return for granting the injunction. 

During the Finance Inquiry hearings, Sakora also granted an injunction to M...


Town hall meetings cloudpng

By Dr Alphonse Gelu

This is a new concept that the Registry of Political Parties would like to roll out in 2018 and beyond. The concept is based on the idea of bringing politicians and party leaders especially to speak to the people in different locations in the country about themselves, their political party and the policies of their parties. The people will be given an opportunity to ask questions but more so see their Leaders in person. This concept is successfully done in countries like the United States however for us in Papua New Guinea this would be done to suit our own conditions.
The main objective of this concept is to bring our Leaders closer to the people, make our leaders more visible and in the process for our leaders to promote their political parties.
The Registry would be making invitations to Parliamentary Leaders of Political Parties and other Members of Parliament to join it to visit the different locations to take part in this initiative. The Registrar would be writing to each Parliamentary Leader of the 21 political parties in Parliament to take part...


ONeill caught out telling lies over Ok Tedi Mine "IndyWatch Feed"

Bryan Kramer MP | PNG Blogs | February 09, 2018 

Prime Minister Peter ONeill was caught lying and misleading Parliament during question time when it resumed its first session in 2018 on Tuesday.

ONeill was responding to a question raised by the Governor of Western Province, Toboi Yoto asking when his people would benefit from Oktedi Mine and when they would receive the share certificates.

Western Governor explained that since the ONeill Government took over the mine in September 2013 it had failed to transfer the share certificates representing 33% interest in the mine to the Western Province people. Further, still, they had yet to receive their dividends.

In response, ONeill claimed when his Government took over the mine from BHP, who at the time wanted to shut down the mine for not being profitable. He said the Government inherited a loss-making machine.

He confirmed his Government has yet to transfer 33% interest to the landowners, claiming it was because of stamp duties issue.

Member for Moresby North-Wes...


Landowners and companies in new battle for Panguna mine, which triggered Bougainville Crisis Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

PHOTO: Panguna landowners are arguing about which company should restart mining. (ABC News: Bethanie Harriman)

 Eric Tlozek | ABC News | 10 February 2018

The race to reopen one of the worlds biggest copper mines, Panguna, is dividing landowners and the wider community in Bougainville.

Key points:

  • Local leader Philip Miriori says activity at the Panguna mine would bring prosperity and better infrastructure to the community
  • Bougainvilles President says the Government is keen to restart the mine to boost its case for independence
  • Not all landowners around the mine are happy with the stalemate, or with RTGs push to leapfrog former operator BCL

Panguna was abandoned in 1989, after landowner dissatisfaction with the mine led to the Bougainville Crisis, an armed uprising against the Papua New Guinea Government in wh...


Momis urges more urgency for Bougainville referendum readiness Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE

Momis sbs
John Momis - struggling to create pan-Bougainville unity as an independence referendum looms


BUKA - Meeting the commitments and expectations of the Bougainville Peace Agreement remains an uphill battle with the referendum on Bougainvilles political future less than 18 months away.

And the question of how ready the Bougainville people are for their referendum plagues the Autonomous Bougainville Government as the home stretch looms.

President John Momis says that, although many Bougainvilleans will opt for independence, being ready for the referendum is another matter.

We are not prepared simply because we are too lazy, we are too individualistic, he said.

We are not prepared to work in unity to create a conducive environment for us to be independent if we so choose.

Efforts to create a financially self-reliant Bougainville through developing primary and extractive industries have met opposition, especially from landowners around the Panguna minesite.

Dr Momis said landowners are resistant to working with the Bougainville government, opting instead to bring in developers that are unwilling to operate under the governments rules.

Although financial self-reliance is not a pillar of the Bougainville Peace Agreement, Dr Momis has stressed it is a precautionary move to ensure that, when Bougainville reaches the ratification stage for self-government, its people will be ready for it if they so choose.

The three pillars of the Bougainville Peace Agreement - autonomy, the referendum and weapons disposal - set a clear target Bougainville must work towards.

The current administration under Dr Momis has encouraged unification, improving the welfare of Bougainvilleans through economic development, securing Bougainvilles future by fully implementing the peace agreement, promoting good governance and the rule of law, and raising awareness.

But the vexing question of referendum preparedness remains, driving the government to reassert itself to make sure the people are ready.

Dr Momis said despite the seemingly bleak future Bougai...


MMR vaccine questions, censorship through fear, opioid epidemic debate, OTC drug abuse, antibiotics for autism, clean eating myths, Paola Brown, FDA attacks homeopathy, Canada homeopathic course rebuke, and MORE! "GroovUs Feed Npodcasts"

February 11, 7-9PM ET

Sunday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Heres What Happens If You Question Vaccines in Wisconsin

Interim Health Commissioner walks back vaccine comments After she was criticized for
stating the science is still out on the link between vaccines and autism on a radio show, Milwaukee interim health commissioner Patricia McManus, walked back her comments in a statement to the Milwaukee Common Council.  My daughter received all of her immunizations as a child, and all of my grandchildren continue to do so as well. I do not question the science, McManus said in a prepared statement Friday. I, as most public health professionals and doctors, believe that the best thing to do is to get immunized.

Science Defends Kratom?

Scientists Warn Trump: FDAs War On A Plant Could Worsen Opioid Crisis A group of scientists is challenging an FDA report released this week warning against the use of kratom, based in part on an FDA analysis that emphasized the substances similarity to traditional opioids like morphine and heroin. Taken in total, the scientific evidence weve evaluated about kratom provides a clear picture of the biologic effect of this substance, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottl...

Sunday, 11 February


Israeli air strikes against Syria 'biggest since 1982' Papua New Guinea Today

Israel says it has inflicted huge damage on Syrian air defence after one of its fighter jets was brought down during a raid over Syria.

The response was the "most significant attack" of its kind against Syria since the 1982 Lebanon war, said senior Israeli air force general Tomer Bar.

The F-16 jet went down during a mission that followed an Iranian drone launch into Israeli territory, Israel says.

The two pilots parachuted to safety before the crash in northern Israel.

Israel says it responded with a second wave of strikes on both Syrian and Iranian military targets operating inside Syria.

Israeli air strikes in Syria are not unusual, BBC Middle East correspondent Tom Bateman says, but the loss of an Israeli fighter jet marks a serious escalation.

Later on Saturday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a meeting with his military chiefs. He said Israel wanted peace but would defend itself "against any attack against us or any attempt by Iran to establish itself against us in Syria".

In other developments:

A Turkish helicopter was shot down as the country continued its offensive against Kurdish fighters in northern Syria. Two soldiers on board were killed, the Turkish military says
UN Human Rights Commissioner Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein said the past week was one of the bloodiest in Syria since the conflict began in 2011 - with at least 277 civilian deaths reported
How did events unfold on Saturday morning?
Israel's military says one of its combat helicopters downed an Iranian drone infiltrating Israel. It tweeted footage of the incident.

Israeli aircraft then attacked Syrian and "Iranian targets in Syria", the military says.

Syria's state media say air defences opened fire in response to an Israeli attack on a military base, hitting more than one plane.

The damaged F-16 came down in an empty field near the town of Harduf in northern Israel.

It is unclear how exactly the plane was brought down. Gen Bar said it faced massive anti-aircraft fire, forcing the two pilots to eject.

He said the crew did not report being hit before abandoning the aircraft.

They were taken to hospital, one of them "severely injured", the Israeli military said.

What did Israel do next?
Israel launched a second wave of strikes in Syria. Eight of the Syrian targets belonged to the fourth Syrian division near Damascus, IDF spokesman Jonathan Conricus said.

All the...


Lae City Dwellers beat Cook Islands Papua New Guinea Today

Papua New Guinea champion club Lae City Dwellers are on a journey of their own to qualify for the next round for the first time and therefore took an approach to the match that proved lethal to the game plan put in place by Alex Napa and his squad.

Nigel Dabinyaba wasted no time in signalling his return to the OFC Champions League, breaking down the Tupapa defence after just ten minutes to open the scoring. Captain Raymond Gunemba followed that up just five minutes later with a goal of his own before Solomon Islander Tutizama Tanito netted in the 24th minute to give Lae a three goal lead.
Tupapa pulled one back toward the end of the half when he slotted past Ronald Warisan from the spot, but that only seemed to incite Lae to do more damage in the second half.

Dabinyaba nabbed a brace with his 64th minute strike, but Gunemba one-upped him by scoring a second-half hat-trick.

Tupapas Maro Bonsu-Maro was rewarded for a lot of hard work when he scored a well-worked goal in the first minute of additional time, but the deficit was already too great for the Cook Islanders to overcome.

Lae City Dwellers coach Peter Gunemba could not have been prouder of the performance from his side.

Im very, very pleased for the boys performance. For the weather, were used to it so its not a problem for us.

The opposition we found very good. Theyre a bit slow and heavy but tactically theyre very good so we found it very difficult to score against them. We expected to score more goals to be honest but thats the way it is.
Tupapa coach Alex Napa knew it would be a step up from the Qualifier and felt his side did a lot of learning, and very fast.

For starters, congratulations to Lae City, I think theyre a quality side, Napa said.

I think from this experience the boys will have taken on board that when theres a lapse in concentration at this level, you get punished. If you turn off in the middle of a play, you get punished.

And those are hard lessons because the level at club level in our home country is very different to this and so its a really good experience for us to take back as a team.

Napa added that he felt his side were also able to show some great promise.

Im also very proud of them. We were able to take some chances, and we had some good ones in the first half, and theyre not afraid of any side.

Group A will be back in action at Korman Stadium in Vanuatu on Tuesday when Lae City Dw...


Facebook is testing a Downvote Button Papua New Guinea Today

Facebook is testing a new feature that allows its users to downvote the comments they consider inappropriate or unmeaningful for the community. This step could be seen as a means to promote healthy discussion and interaction among the users.

This move can also be connected to the recent push being made by the company to bury the content from the websites and media companies that dont help users. As per The Daily Beast, Facebook has confirmed that its testing a feature for people to share feedback about comments on public post posts. At the moment, the test is being carried out with just a tiny segment of people.

Its worth observing that Facebook has refrained itself from calling it a dislike button, however, it undoubtedly works like one. If rolled out publicly, this will allow an individual to dislike comments and help the negative statements push to the bottom of the comments feed.

Its a known fact that the social networking users have long demanded a dislike button but the company, instead, developed a Reactions option to let one respond with different emojis. Mark Zuckerberg defended this action by saying that they didnt build a Dislike button to stop the website from turning into a forum where people voted up and down. It remains to be seen what company his company does to prevent the downvote feature from being used in a similar manner.

At the moment, the exact scale of testing is unexplained and we dont have any tentative date of the final rollout of this feature. more on >> PNG Technology Site

Source:  Fossbytes


Former PNG Works secretary Luma arrested Papua New Guinea Today

A former PNG  Department of Works and Implementation secretary has been charged with one count of misappropriating over K9 million.

Joel Luma, aged 61 of Avatip village, Ambunti, East Sepik Province, was arrested and charged by fraud detectives early this month in the nations capital.

The National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate (NFACD) charged Luma with:

  • Two counts of abuse of office
  • One count of official corruption and,
  • One count of misappropriation of funds totalling K9,594,860.79, the property of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea

Luma, who is now self-employed, committed the offence whilst in office, reports the NFACD.

The audit report highlighted gross irregularities of non-compliance to the procurement procedures and fraudulent practices in splitting of claims to avoid CSTB (Central Supply Tenders Board) procurement procedures and requirement, says NFACD director, Matthew Damaru, in a statement.

A total of 19 minor Works pro-forma contracts were signed in 2011 between the contractor and Mr Luma without the endorsement by the Provincial Works Managers.

The Certificate of Inexpediencies (COI) were also signed by Mr Luma.

It is further alleged Mr Luma dealt with one contractor only, namely Road Stoa Ltd.

The fraud directorate reported that between July and December 2009, a total of 19 claims were submitted by the contractor for the 19 provinces.

Luma approved all the claims and directed Accounts, Finance and Budget to pay the contractor, states the fraud director.

A total of 19 cheques to the value of K3,944,545 were paid to the contractor between 2011 and 2013.

Between 2011 and 2013, another lot of 21 claims were submitted by the contractor to Mr Luma, which he approved all of them as Section 32 officer and 21 cheques to the value of K5,650,315.79 were paid.

A total of 40 claims were paid to Road Stoa Ltd and approved by Mr Joel Luma as Section 32 officer.

The total value of claims paid equated to K9,594,860.79 million, which would have gone through the CSTB.

He was interviewed at NFACD office at Konedobu and later taken to Boroko Police Station and placed in the cells.

More arrests will be made soon on the co-accused.

He is expected to appear before Committal Court at Waigani next week. Press Release


Covenant creed back to school concert a hit Papua New Guinea Today

Gospel group Covenant Creeds back to school concert was a hit for youths who turned up in numbers at a packed to capacity Sir John Guise Indoor Complex in Port Moresby on the weekend.

The gospel group Covenant Creed Ministries Internationals Back to School Jam is an annual event initiated in 2017 and Saturdays concert was the second year running.

The concert is a platform created for school students, youths and young children of our city to attend and enjoy a night of positive and inspirational gospel music to kick start the new school year.

The organizers said their focus is to provide a platform for the next generation to congregate, be inspired and be motivated through their ministry of praise and worship which they believe will then usher them onto the right path in lifes journey.

The Concert was also the launching of a brand new Volume 2 album titled POSSIBILITIES which is already on sale.

You can grab a copy of the album for K55 only from the Dorcas Christian Gift House at Vision City and K50 at the CLC Bookshop at Boroko. The album is also on ITunes.

Two other groups who performed to a packed house of around 3000 people on the evening were the Infinite Music Team from East New Britain and the Sonorama band from the Christian Revival Crusade Church in NCD.  PNGFM/PNG Today


Delay in Woodlark mine causing anxiety: MP Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

Cedric Patjole | Loop PNG | February 9, 2018

The delay in the Woodlark Island Gold Project is causing a lot of anxiety and undesired expectation from landowners.

Samarai-Murua MP, Isi Leonard, said this in Parliament when asking Mining Minister Johnson Tuke on the status of the Woodlark Island Gold Project.

Leonard said the project has been on development status for well over a decade following numerous delays and a changing of ownership twice.

The people of Woodlark and Samarai-Murua regard the project as a major catalyst for development. But the delay in its development is causing much anxiety and undesired expectation, he said.

The member asked Minister Tuke the status of the project, whether the low commodity process hindered project development financing and if the government could step in.

Leonard asked about a previous agreement for a joint venture partnershi...


Government stalls on supplies of drugs as death toll rises Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE

Audit-reportSTAFF REPORTER | PNGi Central

You can read the complete article here

Media reports from around Papua New Guinea have drawn attention to the critical shortages of vital medicines in hospitals, health centres and aid posts.

These shortages are causing unnecessary suffering and even death especially among the most vulnerable; young children, pregnant mothers, the elderly and disabled.

All of which could be prevented.

PNGi has discovered that the government has to hand a detailed report setting out solutions that would tackle critical failings observed within the National Department of Health and its private contractors; yet is failing to implement the recommended reforms.

The report, dated 6 November 2017, which is sitting on the Health Ministers desk, is from a wide ranging special audit, ordered by the Prime Minister, coordinated by the Chief Secretary and conducted by the Internal Audit Branch of the Prime Ministers Department.

The, auditors damning findings, reveal widespread failures throughout the medical supply and distribution chain which, they claim, have persisted and not been addressed over several years.

The report contains details on a specific instance of alleged high-level corruption, widespread opportunities for fraud, overpayments to contractors totalling as much as K80 million a year, and delays in orders and distribution which can last not just months but years.

It also reveals widespread violation of proper management and accounting principles within the Health Department and a complete failure to monitor the performance of companies on multi-million kina contracts.

The audit report recommends a number of immediate, short-term and long-term reforms to deal with the most critical failures, including the outsourcing of the procurement function away from Health Department in order to address the urgent need to have an effective and efficient procurement and distribution of medical supply system.

Three months later its recommendations have not been acted on.


1) 21st MSG Leaders Summit set to go in PNG "GroovUs Feed Anews"

1) 21st MSG Leaders Summit set to go in PNG


1) 21st MSG Leaders Summit set to go in PNG
PREPARATIONS are under way in earnest in Port Moresby to welcome Melanesia Spearhead Group (MSG) Leaders for their 21st biennial summit on Wednesday.
Senior officials from Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and the FLNKS in New Caledonia are meeting over the weekend ahead of the Leaders Summit to finalise issues to go before MSG Leaders for their d...

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