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Monday, 13 November


Australia - PNG undersea cable to boost Internet speed Papua New Guinea Today

Papua New Guinea's internet speed and reliability will soon get a major boost from a new under water telecommunications cable linking Australia and Port Moresby.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his PNG counterpart Peter O'Neill discussed the plans on the sidelines of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation leaders summit in Vietnam.

O'Neill said the new cable will help improve business links between the two countries as well as benefit schools and the healthcare system.

Australia has also been in talks with the Solomon Islands government about a similar project.

PNG will host next year's APEC leaders summit



Global climate financing too small: Vanuatu Climate Change DG Papua New Guinea Today

The global climate financing pledged under the Paris Agreement for developing nations like Vanuatu to access and cope with the consequences of climate change, which is USD100 billion per year, is too small.

Director General (DG) of Vanuatus Ministry of Climate Change (MOCC), Jesse Benjamin, will be highlighting this in his presentation on climate financing to delegates at COP23 today (Monday).

US$100 billion is equivalent to 100 trillions of vatu and will be shared by all developing countries across the globe.

Vanuatu alone needs a minimum of US$500 million per year to address mitigation, adaptation and loss and damage, according to the DG.

The strongest cyclone to hit Vanuatu two years ago caused USD270.9million in damage and an estimated US$178.5 million loss, he said.

Apart from cyclones, Vanuatu sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire and is being accustomed to being hit by other volcanic related natural disasters.

Cyclones which are becoming severe and frequent as a result of climate change will cause dramatic flooding and erosion to many communities.

How can developing nations access international climate funding to adjust to the negative impacts of climate change as well as reducing emissions is one of the most important topic debated at the COP23 climate change negotiations underway in Germany.

As part of Paris Accord, developed or rich countries that contributed largely to greenhouse gas emissions have promised to take responsibility for their actions by providing funds for less developing countries to adapt to climate impacts and work towards the international target of cutting emissions.

Vanuatu like other Pacific island nations shared concerns of not being able to access the funds due to complex mechanisms set in place.

The government will be seeking recommendations on how to access funding directly and easily, said the DG.

Vanuatu over the past three to five years has approved only approximately USD 200 million for climate change related activities with most spent on adaptation and very little spent on mitigation, according to the DG.

Vanuatu has strong plans of combating climate change and recently, the Council of Ministers (COM) adopted a policy approved for all climate financing be disbursed through the government system.

This is to ensure an effective management of funds as commitment to supporting the UNFCC in tracking financial flows.

Meanwhile, Vanuatu is likely the first...


APEC leaders to discuss trade reforms Papua New Guinea Today

Senior business representatives from the APEC region have been urged by the APEC Economic Leaders to pursue structural and trade reforms.

The APEC Business Advisory Council or ABAC called on leaders to show leadership on further liberalization of trade in goods and services as well as investment flows.

In a report to the APEC leaders, the ABAC unanimously agreed, the agendas be pursued due to the broad based economic recovery both in the region and globally.

They say this would mean tackling structural reforms and non-tariff barriers, encouraging cross border investment and maintaining the commitment to make the Free Trade Area on the Asia Pacific a reality.
These issues will be discussed by the ABAC members when they meet with the APEC leaders tomorrow. NBC/PNG Today


Abel officiates at EPC Papua New Guinea Today

DEPUTY Prime Minister and Member for Alotau, Charles Abel, was given a traditional Kiriwina welcome when he officiated at the EPC games last weekend at the Bisini Colts Oval.
Abel said it was his first time to visit the tournament and was happy to hear of Alotau teams participating in this years tournament.
Sports is an ongoing development that keeps us busy, fit, teaches us new skills and most of all, allows us to enjoy each others companies. And I am happy to know that since 1977, the Eastern Papua Carnival is the longest running sports organistion.
We can see that sport is getting bigger and better in Papua New Guinea every year and I want to thank my government, our prime ministers investment into sports.
This is evident in the number of events the country has hosted, the current World Rugby League Cup, the 2015 Pacific Games, the U20 FIFA Womens Soccer, we can see in the standard of sports facilities and performances are continuing to improve and we will continue to invest there.
Abel kicked off the match between the mens Galea Oceaners 2 and Maiyela 1.
He also presented a K10,000 support for the running of this years tournament and wished the teams who came from Alotau and Kiriwina success.
EPC President, Bede Tomokita, said the tournament, the longest running competition, was set up for the fostering of friendship and unity among the Milne Bay communities living in Port Moresby.
At this level, we also strive to identify young talent from the province, which has seen many players currently playing in the Port Moresby Soccer Association, the stepping stone for representative soccer.
The EPC is mainly sponsored by the NCD Governor Powes Parkop in an annual package of K30,000, with support also coming from the Kiriwina-Goodenough MP Douglas Tomuriesa of K25,000 and from former Milne Bay Governor Titus Philemon of K10,000 over the past six years.
Otherwise, the EPC generates the bulk of its funds from club affiliations, team registrations and gate takings from its community.
The EPC is in its second week of competition at the Bisini Colts and Bava Park fields.


Digicel budgets K10mil-plus for SIM registration exercise in PNG Papua New Guinea Today

MORE than K10 million has been committed to the ongoing SIM registration exercise by Digicel, the chief executive Valde Ferradaz says.
Ferradaz said that Digicel had 3000 agents around the nation registering subscribers SIM cards as required by the Papua New Guinea National Information Communication and Technology Authority.
We have in excess of 3000 people empowered as SIM registration agents across the country outside our direct channels, Ferradaz said.
Our agents are commissioned, thus we are creating further employment in the informal sector. We are investing in excess of K10 million on the project.
We encourage anyone who have not registered their SIM to do so to avoid disconnection.
Ferradaz also noted comments by Nicta chief executive Charles Punaha that Digicel had registered 1.5 million subscribers with 2.5 million yet to be registered.
All information by Nicta remains the prerogative of the regulator and thus serves as the official report, Ferradaz said.
Minister for Communication and Information, Technology and Energy Sam Basil also mentioned the possibility of an extension of the SIM card registration deadline next year.
The proposed expiry date of SIM registration is Jan 23, but we might push the deadline to March.
We have to make sure that everyone who owns a SIM card in this country is registered.
We will make sure that the operators must work with Nicta to ensure that if we extend the deadline, then that will be the final deadline.
Operators who continue to provide services to customers not registered after the notice period face a K50,000 penalty for each non-registered subscriber, according to the SIM Card Registration Regulation more  on >> PNG Technology News


PNG to Begin Forceable Removal of Asylum Seekers From Manus Island Camp "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Asylum seekers protest on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea, in this picture taken from social media November 6, 2017. Credit: Social Media/Handout via Reuters

Asylum seekers protest on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea, in this picture taken from social media November 6, 2017. Credit: Social Media/Handout via Reuters

Sydney: Papua New Guinea immigration minister Petrus Thomas said authorities would take steps on Monday to forcibly remove around 450 men who remain in an abandoned Australian detention centre without food or running water.

Hundreds of men have barricaded themselves into the Manus Island centre for more than 13 days without regular food or water supplies, defying attempts by Australia and Papua New Guinea to close the facility.

We will be taking steps with relevant authorities to move the residents based on serious exposure to health risk for the food of everyone that is remaining, Thomas said in a statement issued late on Sunday.

The timetable stokes fears of a potential clash...


Maru singles out regulation of electricity industry PNG Daily News

Source: The National

10th November 2017


NATIONAL Planning and Monitoring Minister Richard Maru says a different body needs to regulate the electricity industry.

He said the cost of electricity in the country was among the highest in the world.

He gave K3.5 million yesterday to PNG Power Limited to install a transmission line from Popondetta to Girua Airport in Northern.

I can say that the cost of electricity in Papua New Guinea is one of the highest in the world, Maru said.

And the challenge is how we, as a country, can make electricity cheap so that most of our people can have access to electricity, because it is sad that almost 80 per cent of our people are still without access to electricity.

He challenged PNG Power to come up with strategic reforms which would use the rentable energy sectors.
Producing electricity through generators using diesel is very expensive, Maru said.
We need to do away with that and move to renewable energy sources so that we can reduce the cost. That reduction can be passed onto the consumers to access cheaper electricity.



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Proud PM applauds Kumuls PNG Daily News

The whole country is with you in heart and mind as you prepare to take on England in the quarter-finals.
Just like every Papua New Guinean, a proud Prime Minister Peter ONeill extended his congratulations to the PNG LNG Kumuls on their whopping victory over USA yesterday (Nov 12).
You demonstrated your professionalism on the field for a spectacular result, says the PM.
From the players, coaches and support staff we have seen the commitment to deliver three straight wins.
It will be a tough match, and we know that you will give it your all as you prepare for the game in Melbourne next week.
The PM further congratulates our friends from the United States for their support for rugby league and travelling to Papua New Guinea to meet our team.
The matches played in Papua New Guinea have been an outstanding success, he says.
Well done to all of our Rugby League World Cup officials and volunteers who organised three great games of the national sport.
Around Papua New Guinea we have enjoyed an outpouring of national pride and emotion.
The success of these international games further strengthens the opportunity for Papua New Guinea to host further major rugby league games in Papua New Guinea.


Bring them here "IndyWatch Feed"

Last week, Jacinda Ardern rolled over for Australia on refugees, accepting their bullshit story that Donald Trump would somehow take them. Now, she's going to use the East Asia Summit in Manila to offer them a new home in New Zealand:

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull faces further pressure from Jacinda Ardern as the New Zealand leader repeats her offer to take 150 refugees from Papua New Guinea's Manus Island and Nauru.


"I will be raising with Prime Minister Turnbull, as I have consistently done, that we have great concerns over the situation on Manus Island but also for the refugees on Nauru."

She saw no difference in principle between the cases on the two islands.

"Our hope is to lend a hand as far as we are able in helping resolve this situation."

Good. Because what Australia and its PNG proxies are doing here is horrific: torturing people for years, then abandoning them to starve to death in the jungle or be murdered by hostile locals. Its a human rights disaster, contra Gerry Brownlee, we need to help.

The good news is that, in theory (and explicitly in PNG, because they Are Not Being Detained), the refugees are free to leave to any country which wishes to take them. We should call Australia on that. And if they don't like us offering a new home to 150 people, then we should offer one to 500. If they don't like that, we should offer one to all of them, whether on Manus or Nauru. And if they still don't like that, it should be "fine, you're a citizen. The next Australian PM will give us what we want, or get the same".

Because ultimately, this is about who decides who gets to come to New Zealand. And the answer to that question can only be "New Zealand". Not "Australia", and certainly not Malcolm Turnbull or Peter Dutton. To riff on John Howard, we will decide who comes to New Zealand, and the circumstances in which they come - and we will be far less arseholey about it than our racist arsehole neighbours.

And remember, as long as Australia is torturing refugees in concentration camps, don't buy Australian.


NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Arden to reintroduce talks of resettling refugees and more Zedlines "GroovUs Feed Aradio"

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden will re-approach discussions about resettling refugees from the closed Manus Island Detention Centre with Prime Minister Turnbull. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden will re-approach Malcolm Turnbull about the Manus Island Detention Centre crisis at the East Asia Summit this week.

Approximately 420 asylum seekers and refugees still remain at the now-closed processing centre, with reports that the Papua New Guinean authorities will soon remove them.

The two leaders discussed New Zealands longstanding offer to resettle 150 men from Australias detention centres more than a week ago.



Peter OBrien: Ardern on Manus "IndyWatch Feed"

A week ago I sent the following letter to The Australian:

Your editorial tells us Malcolm Turnbull and Jacinda Ardern  are off to a good start.  Really?  Lets hope not. Here we have New Zealands neophyte PM throwing a grenade into our fractious immigration debate at a particularly difficult time during the Manus stand-off.  Turnbull courteously declined Arderns gratuitous public offer to take 150 illegals, made for no apparent reason other than virtue signalling.  If the offer were genuine, it would have been made in private and not announced until it was accepted and the details threshed out.    Turnbull courteously declined the offer.  It is to be hoped, however, that he made it clear privately, in no uncertain terms, that such interference in our affairs would not be tolerated in future.  That would be hypocrisy on steroids, of course, given Turnbulls cynical ploy, negotiated with the Obama administration on the eve of Donald Trumps inauguration, that saddled the incoming President with an outcome that his public statements made clear he would not have agreed to himself.   But, then, we all know Turnbulls no stranger to hypocrisy.

It wasnt published, of course, because God forbid one should criticize the editor of The Australian. Im now guessing, as predicted, that Turnbull copped it sweet because, barely a week later we have Ardern, in full frontal moral posturing mode , as reported in todays Australian:

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has blasted Australias handling of the refugee crisis on Manus Island as unacceptable as she seeks another meeting with Malcolm Turnbull on the issue.

Thank God weve got Julie Bishop to smooth things over.  Oh, wait.


Papua shooting shuts down Freeport route "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

West Papuans have long expressed frustration about the environmental destruction caused by the Freeport mine operations in Mimika regency. Photo: MIneral Policy Institute

Reuters | Radio New Zealand | 13 November 2017

The Indonesian unit of Freeport-McMoRan has temporarily shut the main supply route to its Papua mine after a shooting incident, a spokesman says, amid escalating tensions between security forces and an armed Papuan group in the area.

No one had been reported hurt after shots were fired at a vehicle, but the main supply route to the worlds second-biggest copper mine had been temporarily closed while the security situation was assessed, Freeport Indonesia spokesman Riza Pratama said in text message.

Authorities in Indonesias eastern province of Papua are delivering food and aid to villages near the mine where security forces say the rebel group has blocked residents movement, as security personnel surround the area, a police official said.

Police said a group linked to the Free Papua Movement (OPM) was preventing about 1000 people f...


Snap protest held at the Department of Immigration and more Zedlines "GroovUs Feed Aradio"

People gathered at the Department of Immigration today calling on the government to act on the men stranded on Manus Island. Image credit: Grace Pashley

A snap protest regarding the situation on Manus Island took place this morning outside the Brisbane Department of Imigration.

This is the latest in a series of protests that have happened nationally over the last few weeks following deteriorating conditions in Australia's closed detention centre.

A spokesman for The Refugee Action Collective Mark Gillespie has called it a new low for humanity.

For more on this story and coverage from the event listen to Only Human Gold at 12pm on 4ZZZ.

Event being held for the postal survey results broadcast


Whanganui doctors beach trek against seabed mining on final stretch Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

Doctor Athol Steward is walking from Raglan to Whanganui to protest against seabed mining. Photo/ Supplied

Emma Russell | Wanganui Chronicle | 11 November, 2017

Nearly two weeks ago Athol Steward started his beach trek from Raglan to Whanganui, averaging 30km a day.The Whanganui doctor walking 400km in a bid to stop seabed mining is in his final stretch and is expected to arrive on Castlecliff Beach on Sunday afternoon.

The environmental advocate was outraged when Trans-Tasman Resources application to extract 50 million tonnes of the South Taranaki Bight seabed every year for 35 years was approved in August.

His self-funded mission aimed to support anti-mining group Kiwis Against Seabed Mining (KASM) which filed an appeal against the Environmental Protection Authority decision in the High Court on August 31.



Meetings to determine Pangunas future Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

Cedric Patjole | PNG Loop | November 11, 2017

Two meetings have been identified as key events that may determine the timeline to rebuild the Panguna Mine in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.

According to Business Advantage, Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL) chairman, Rob Burns, says the meetings, to be held in November and December, include a mediation as well as a wardens hearing.

The first meeting on November 23 and 24 is the third round of mediation talks to settle a dispute over the chairmanship of the Special Mining Lease Osikaiyang Landowners Association (SMLOLA).

SMLOLA is one of the nine landowner associations in the project area.

A dissident landowner, Philip Miriori, is at the centre of the dispute, along with his cousin Lawrence Daveona, who both lay claim to the chairmanship.

The second event on December 11 and 12 is the wardens hearings on the five-year renewal of the mining exploration lease, currently held by BCL.

Under the Bougainville Mining Act 2015, the Autonomous Boug...


Bulolo opposing new mining exploration Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

Bulolo township

The National aka The Loggers Times| November 10, 2017

THE Bulolo district administration is strongly opposing a licence for exploration activities near the town because the land had been damaged by past explorations, Administrator Tae Gwambelek says.

The administration is supporting the move by the business community and PNG Forest Products  (PNGFP) after the Mineral Resource Authority  (MRA) issued EL2544 to the Wabu Alluvial Mining company  (WAM).

Administrator Tae Gwambelek said Australia had done enough damage to land in Bulolo leaving behind huge craters on which the township was built.

History will never be repeated again, Gwambelek said.

We have Hidden Valley and Wafi-Golpu mining including many small-scale activities. That is enough.

Gwambelek said the Bulolo district development authority also acquired an exploration licence from MRA to conduct explorations outside W...


Kiribati is not Titanic, said Kiribati President Papua New Guinea Today

Kiribati President Taneti Maamau has stressed for the first time to the world his governments strong stance on the issue of climate change.

In a 14-minute video that will be presented to the world at the COP23 meeting in Bonn Germany, President Maamau stressed that his government agrees that climate change is a serious problem to Kiribati but it will not sink.

Climate change is indeed a serious problem to Kiribati but we dont believe that Kiribati will sink like the Titanic ship. The Titanic ship is different. It is built by human hands whilst our country, our beautiful islands are created by the hands of God, declared President Maamau.

Maamau said his government will do its utmost capability to try to build the capacity of the people of Kiribati with the idea of building Kiribati into a resilient and improve the adaptive capacity of its people so they can enjoy a peaceful living in their beautiful islands.

Weeks before his departure to the COP23 meeting, President Maamau convened the first KV20 National Summit attended by youths, women, old men, Mayors and clerks  from the countrys 23 inhabited islands with the theme Wealthy, Healthy and Peaceful Kiribati.

The Kiribati Vision 20 Years (KV20) is the countrys longer term vision for twenty years where fisheries and tourism are the main priority areas which can speed up the development of the country.

In his opening remarks, Maamau told participants that hes ready to spread Kiribatis message to the world that Kiribati is not going to sink.

I am now ready to spread a message to the world that Kiribati will not sink. Were thankful; Ive read a letter from Pope Francis which Ive received regarding his belief on climate change. The letter doesnt say that world will sink, said President Maamau.

The letter only mentioned Gods will such as human activities and how humans dont take good care of the resources theyve been given and how highly theyve admired those resources in a way that it will later destroy them.

He said the people of Kiribati shouldnt be worried about what has been said about their country globally that it will sink.

We shouldnt be worried. Its very misleading that Kiribati will be sinking like Titanic. We shouldnt be worried. Weve been threatened. The people of the world have been threatened that Kiribati will be sinking.

This is misleading and unfair because in the end we might not be getting any aid or help. But were grateful that our d...


Rich Countries say they wont pay to compensate for weather-caused damage Papua New Guinea Today

The worlds rich countries, including those in the European Union and Australia, say they strongly disagree with a proposal to include financing the impact of weather-caused disasters in Loss and Damage negotiations in the United Nations-sponsored climate talks in Bonn.

We have to prioritise disaster, but not all disasters are fed by climate change, said Australian negotiators in a prepared statement at the 23rd session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 23) to the UN Convention on Climate Change, a follow-on to the pathbreaking Paris Agreement on climate change in October 2016.

Loss and Damage, a term used frequently in the negotiations especially by developing and least developed countries, refers to permanent losses such as lives, species, and habitat and repairable damages such as roads and other infrastructures caused by the impact of climate change impact. These are losses and damages that cannot be addressed by adaptation.

Two important discussions surrounding loss and damage are the concept of Common But Differentiated Responsibilities (CBDR) and compensation (finance). CBDR is a principle of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) that recognises the historic responsibility of rich countries in carbon emissions and makes them liable and accountable to developing countries experiencing climate change impacts. Developing countries have asked for financial support for loss and damage, which developed countries have strongly opposed.

To the surprise of many, the loss and damage concept was included in the Paris Agreement. However, the language was regarded as watered down, with no mention of legal responsibility or financial obligations by rich countries, which are blamed for the enormous amounts of greenhouse gases passing into the atmosphere and are considered responsible for global warming. Instead, the agreement lists possible areas of cooperation such as early warning systems and insurance facilities. The finance provisions of the Paris Agreement also do not include loss and damage.

COP 23 is led by Fiji, a country that has suffered from loss and damage the government says has been caused by rising temperatures and extreme weather events. It doesnt come as a surprise then that the issue of loss and damage has been greatly raised in this round of COP negotiations. More importantly, the issue of finance has been put in the spotlight.

Developed countries, however, claim that there has been insufficient evidence to make a correlation between climate change and extreme weather events.

Its hard to relate specific extreme weather events to climate change. For example, the link between frequency of hurricanes and climate change is not properly defined, there is no statistical evidence, Pierre Candelon, representative of the UNFCCC youth constituency YOUNGO explains what developed countries have argued in the last few days inside the...


Chinese-made aircraft delivered to FSM Papua New Guinea Today

A Chinese-made Y-12E aircraft was delivered to the Federated States of Micronesia, an island nation on the Western Pacific, on Friday.

The aircraft was manufactured by AVIC Harbin Aircraft Industry Group Co., Ltd.

"It will be used for cargo transport, rescue and medical services in Micronesia," said Liu Huinan, deputy chief engineer at the company.

The purchase order was obtained in 2013, he said.

Consisting of more than 600 islands, Micronesia has a stronger demand for air transportation.

The short-haul Y-12 series aircraft are used mainly for passenger and cargo transport, geological exploration, ocean monitoring and agriculture. The aircraft has obtained certification in more than ten countries including Russia, the United States and France.



Link Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE


Dr Michael Gloster OAM, a prominent member of the Noosa community, is seeking to contact
TE (Tos) Barnett, a former judge in Papua New Guinea. If any reader can assist please email me here



The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) in February this year, issued a country report on PNG. One of the issues addressed is corruption.

The old saying that the fish rots from the head down, is reversed by DFAT. They suggest that in PNG, the rot begins at the tail, within grass-roots communities, slowly travelling up the spine, to rot the head senior politicians and public officials.

This is how the argument is framed by DFAT:

Corruption in PNG takes a number of forms. What outsiders call corruption may often reflect the wantok obligations of the individuals concerned. For example, virtually all politicians need to reward their supporters in material and tangible ways, ranging from providing projects to villages and districts which voted for them, to ensuring contracts are directed towards leading supporters. MPs (and candidates) are also under considerable pressure to assist their constituents pay school fees, funeral costs, bride prices and other expenses. Most PNG citizens accept such practices as being more or less consistent with their expectation of their elected representatives. Politicians who violate the basic understanding that while they benefit from incumbency, their supporters should receive a share are unlikely to be re-elected. These practices can create a permissive environment for much more systematic exploitation of the government system for personal benefit, with little or no pay-off for local communities.

Before we single out the Australian government, it ought to be noted other international donors, draw similar conclusions. Take the World Bank:

A particular characteristic of the traditional culture of PNG is a system of relationships/obligations between individuals connected by a common origin, hailing from the common geographic area, sharing a common kinship and common language [which] can provide a strong incentive for nepotistic and corrupt practices.

Remember, these views are not inconsequential. The Australian government and World Bank are not only major donors and funders, they also have considerable influence on policy and government action.

How they have managed to see everything upside down is a question for another day. But lets put things the right way up.

First, there is no evidence...


It looks like the government is again stalling over ICAC Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE

CorruptionEDDIE TANAGO | Campaign Coordinator, Act Now!

PORT MORESBY - Community advocacy group Act Now! says it fears the government is deliberately delaying plans to establish an Independent Commission Against Corruption.

On Friday, prime minister ONeill completed 100 days in office since his re-election, but he has failed to bring the ICAC legislation before Parliament.

This is despite promises from Justice Minister Davis Stevens in September that establishing an ICAC was a priority for the government and all efforts were being made to make it a reality.

Last week the PM was questioned by political party executives about the timetable for the ICAC legislation and was very vague in his comments, suggesting it will probably be March next year at the earliest.

The issue of an ICAC has been dragging on for far too long and that raises questions about whether the draft bill has been tampered with to reduce the ICACs powers.

Public consultation on the ICAC legislation took place way back in 2013.

The draft legislation currently available on the Department of Justice website was gazetted in June 2015. But now it seems we will have to wait until at least March 2018 before that legislation goes before Parliament.

What is the reason for these inordinate delays?

Everyone should remind themselves of what the prime minister said in November 2011, on the anniversary of his first 100 days as prime minister:

The setting up of an ICAC is something I have pushed since I was opposition leader in the last Parliament. The perpetrators of corruption are not just leaders or members of Parliament. They are everywhere

A law such as an ICAC will ensure that everyone is covered. It will ensure everyone is answerable When we pass this law, we will have demonstrated our resolve not just to preaching about fighting corruption, but actually laying the foundation to help free up resources that are trapped in this evil, so our people can truly benefit from the gains of our nation.

The prime ministers performance must be judged by his own words, and for six years he has failed his own test.

For as long as we do not have a fully funded and fully independent ICAC with full powers of arrest and prosecution, then the prime minister by his own words, is just preaching about fighting corruption rather than do...


Facilities deserve a place in development "IndyWatch Feed"

There are many ways to build a house. One way is to choose your own architect, surveyor, plumber, electrician, carpenter.  You will get your family a great house, but it will take lots of your time, progress may be slower and you may not be able to control for costs. Another option is to work on the design and simply find a contractor to deal with the details and deliver the house to you at a cost you can afford, while you keep an eye on whether they are delivering on time and on budget.

A debate is emerging in Australian aid circles about different ways of delivering aid programs. Drawing on the analogy above should Australias Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) manage lots of smaller separate contracts to deliver development outcomes, or should it combine numerous small projects into a single large contract, managed by a single firm. These big multi sector programs, which are increasingly in use in DFATs larger aid relationships, are often called facilities. They were the subject of questions by Opposition Foreign Minister Penny Wong and Senator Claire Moore in Australias Parliament on 26 October (p.53-59).

The firm I work for, Abt Associates, is implementing three facility type programs for the Australian aid program, all at various stages of implementation the KOMPAK program in Indonesia, the Partnership for Human Development in Timor Leste and the Papua New Guinea Governance Facility. I would like to share what we have we learned about facilities in addressing complex development problems.

To assess the merits of this approach it is helpful to recall why DFAT started down the facility path.

The first rationale is to improve efficiency in aid delivery to spend less on the management (car fleets, financial management, procurement and HR systems) so that more scarce aid funds can go into the programs themselves. It is assumed that one slightly larger finance team can do the job that three of four finance teams used to do when the contracts were all separately managed.[1]

The second rationale is to free the relatively fewer aid management staff in DFAT to focus on strategy, relationships and performance, rather than tying up their time in managing lots of smaller contracts......


Someone should remind Cindy what the alternative is to her virtue signalling over illegal immigrants "IndyWatch Feed"

Jacinda Ardern is fast pissing off the Aussies who have to deal with illegal immigrants and other ratbags trying to get into their country. She is grandstanding and virtue signalling over these ratbags on Manus Island and the Aussies are getting really prickly now. The Australian reports: New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has blasted []

The post Someone should remind Cindy what the alternative is to her virtue signalling over illegal immigrants appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Hashtags and pure unadulterated idiocy Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE


PORT MORESBY - #RoyalApe   #EngasFinest   #CosmoFireLait   #Drunkasf   #Dope   #WeOwnTheNight   #craycray

Please stop. All of you. Leave. Go join the uncivilised cavemen. Crawl into your caves and dont ever come back. Dont talk to me. Dont talk to anyone, ever. #FrustrationExemplified

Hashtags were a symbol of inner clarity coupled with outward connectivity, a brilliant idea to socialise with the masses.

Want to check out Jessica Alba? Wonderful pop in a #jessicaalba and join the conversation. Suddenly your Tweet is linked with all the others across the world displaying the stylish #jessicaalba through a computerized sorting system requiring next to no algorithms.

Theres a way for users to find exactly what theyre looking for based simply on their own input. #Splendid! Hashtags were a voice for the voiceless, an elaborate social system, and as a result, they caught on pretty quickly. Everyone relates with each other about their not-actually-very-aligned interests. Hashtags served a purpose. As with most things, I dont really care. #CallMeOldSchool

However, just as communism leads to dictatorship, capitalism leads to homelessness, and religion leads to holy war, every ideal falls and hashtags led to pure, unadulterated idiocy.

As time passed, however noble the intentions had once been, we now see tweets and posts on Facebook or Instagram that end with a hashtag and an irrelevant caption. What purpose does this serve?

There is no existential force causing me to log on to Twitter and read the mellifluous visionary ramblings of PNGs finest pseudo-philosophers. #ProudToBeAPNGian #Whatever

Its when they start to emerge in the middle of otherwise normal conversations in our corporeal world, posing as legitimate components of a person-to-person discussion that hashtags soar through the logic and substance of our discussion, slicing the participants words into nothing more than crude mirages and rightfully underappreciated slang.

No, sorry, I actually dont really care how #ridonk that girls garb is. Oh, you mean to say that the color of her top creates a positive juxtaposition with the stripes on her shirt? Wow! Excellent observation, good sir. #scandalous.

In all seriousness, the real issue with has...


The Magic of Books Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE


When we sit and open books to read,
We grow wings and fly to worlds anew,
Created by daring souls,
And beautiful creative minds.

We enter the literary universe,
Where imagination reigns
And golden ideas abound,
And deep wisdom dwells.

Every book holds the power to ignite the mind,
Every chapter the seed of a thousand stories,
Every sentence a trigger for new ideas,
Every phrase a golden gem.

In books we converse with superior minds,
Creative giants of all ranks and ages,
Brave souls who gave their best,
And wrought magic with words.

In the pages of their books, and poems,
Their creative magic shines radiantly,
With ideas that dance and sparkle,
Their work allures and ignites us.

Books give soul to the universe,
Wings to the mind, said Plato
Flight to the imagination,
And life to everything

God be thanked for the best books,
They are voices of a distant past,
Unfolding their hidden treasure,
To make us wise.

Sunday, 12 November


PNG Kumuls v USA Tomahawks RLWC Match live updates, live streaming Papua New Guinea Today

We are using the Twitter Feed to bring to you live updates and streaming of the Papua New Guinea Kumuls and the USA Tomahawks Rugby League World Cup Match.
This match will kick off at 3:00 PM local time this afternoon. It will be played at the National Football Stadium (NFS) in Port Moresby. RLWC has announced this match is another sellout.

 We will also post short live stream videos during the game period. Please follow the updates below or refresh your browser every time to see the new updates and videos.

Highlights here.


PNG Kumuls thrash USA Tomahawks 64 - 0 Papua New Guinea Today

Papua New Guinea posted their highest ever World Cup total, scoring at almost a point a minute in the opening half as their blistering attack terrorised the United States defence, busting through the line on 13 separate occasions.
Kumuls second rower Rhyse Martin stared, as he slotted 10 from 11 conversions despite strong winds to ensure Papua New Guinea progress out of the group stages undefeated.

The win sets up a date with England for a place in the Quarter-Finals next week.

The win did come at cost for Papua New Guinea however, as Garry Lo was taken from the field early in the second half after injuring his ankle in a tackle.

With the wind at their back, USA kicked off to get the game underway and attempted to end the Papua New Guineans three game winning streak.

But after surviving an early onslaught from the Kumuls, the USA couldnt hold them out for long as James Segeyaro put Lachlan Lam over for a try in his opening appearance for Papua New Guinea.

Segeyaro threw a dummy and broke through the Hawks line before drawing the fullback and offloading to Lam who pumped his fist in joy before putting the ball down and running in to celebrate with the crowd.

With the floodgates now open, Papua New Guinea started to apply the heat to the Americans who conceded two tries in two plays.

After a simple backline move, winger Justin Olam found himself with enough space on the flanks to crash over giving PNG a 10-0 lead in just 12 minutes.

The Kumuls then scored off the kick off when Moses Meninga made the initial line-break before offloading to James Segeyaro who streaked away to score under the posts.

PNG ran in three more tries before the half-time siren blew, including Lams second of the day as the USA headed into the sheds trailing 34-0.

Unfortunately for the Hawks, the Kumuls picked up where they left off in the first half taking only two minutes to find the try line.

USA got close to points in the 73rd minute when fullback, Corey Makelim, looked certain to score before David Mead produced an amazing try-saving tackle to deny the USA of points.

The win means Papua New Guinea progress out of the group st...


An important issue for New Zealand "IndyWatch Feed"

Guest Post: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern visited Australia to talk about the most important issue facing our country. Was it economics? No. Was it work opportunities? No. Rather, its what Australia is doing with the hundreds of refugee border jumpers they are housing on Manus Island. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and now Prime Minister Jacinda []

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The two sides to the refugees on Manus Island story "IndyWatch Feed"

There are two sides to every story. How should we feel about the plight of the refugee men of fighting age marooned on Manus Island who are refusing to leave the immigration detention centre that has been closed to move to other accommodation where food and power and medical care is provided? Side one: Manus []

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Belden Namah Tribunal the developments, and drama Papua New Guinea Today

Commentary By Bonny Kaiyo 

The tribunal set up to hear allegations of leadership misconduct made against Honourable Belden Namah MP for Vanimo Green River entered Day 5 or Session 5 yesterday.
And, the Public Prosecutor adduced evidence in Category 1 by calling Mr Conrad Tilao, now Acting Provincial Administrator for West Sepik Province as witness when the tribunal re convened at 9.30am. The tribunal also heard evidence adduced for Category 2, involving the court room drama where it is alleged Belden Namah with the assistance of some policemen and soldiers stormed the supreme court in session and ordered the arrest of Chief Justice Sir Salam Injia.

Mr Tilao under oath said the MP for Vanimo Green River immediately after winning the 2007 seat and declared MP threatened to suspend him as District Administrator for Vanimo Green River District when he expressed contrasting views, and was seen with Mr Philip Inou, the former MP whom Belden Namah just defeated at the polls.

Under cross examination by Belden Namahs lawyer Greg Sheppard, he said although the threat was made the discipline and suspension never eventuated , and he ended up being cross transferred or swap- transferred with the District Administrator for Teleformin District Lou Badui on the same salary scale, and even promoted to Deputy Provincial Administrator and now Acting Provincial Administrator in the intervening 10 years since the alleged leadership breach by Belden Namah.

Mr Sheppard successfully, after re- structuring his questions asked to Mr Tilao, had him admit that Belden Namahs action did not influence his professional status to diminish.

Under Category 2(photo shown, MP for Vanimo - Green River moments before the alleged court room drama), evidence was adduced by the Public Prosecutor with Registrar of Courts being called to the witness box, but he was absent, and his affidavit was subsequently rejected and the Public Prosecutor was asked by the tribunal to produce him in person to testify today.

The other evidence presented to the tribunal was the audio recording by the court of the confrontation that occurred when it was alleged Belden Namah with the assistance of some policemen and soldiers stormed the supreme court in session and ordered the arrest of Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia.

Belden Namahs lawyer Greg Sheppard did not object to the 30 seconds playing of the audio tape, which was presented as oral evidence exhibit.

It is expected the MP for Vanimo Green will b...

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