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Saturday, 17 November


For APECs poorest member, flashy cars point to another boondoggle "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit that opens in Port Moresby this week is supposed to be a showcase of Papua New Guineas hosting, but the run-up to the event has been overshadowed by fast cars. Italian-made Maseratis, mostly 40 of them, flown in on specially chartered cargo flights as well as three Bentleys. At a reported $148,000 per Maserati, and an estimated freight cost of at least $1.2 million, this outlay by the poorest of the APEC member states has put the government of Prime Minister Peter ONeill in the spotlight. ONeills APEC minister, Justin Tkatchenko, has justified the move, saying in a statement that the cars will provide the level of carriage for [world] Leaders that is the standard for vehicles used at APEC Summits. He also said the cars would be paid for by the private sector, but gave no details. ONeill was reported as saying separately that they would be auctioned off after the summit. But the extravagant spending has struck a nerve in a country where basic infrastructure and services are severely lacking. Thousands took part in an Oct. 26 Maserati Strike, including public bus drivers in the northern city of Lae. The spending on the summit at large has come at the expense of the health system, the education system, rural infrastructure, law and order, government finances and the economy, and employment, Mekere Morauta, an opposition member of parliament, said in a statement. Gary Juffa, the governor of Oro province and

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Friday, 16 November



New Dawn FM News

The member for RAMU and Minister for Education, THOMAS MAUROKO PATAAKU yesterday called on the ABG House to close Bottle shops and only allow Taverns and Guest Houses to sell liquor with food only as a means of controlling the disturbances drunkards cause when they drink in public places and on the streets.
He said Bottle shops open during odd hours and continue to allow people to take liquor out into the streets.
MR. PATAAKU said liquor sold in these Specified areas could restrict people taking liquor out and also restrict children from having access to liquor at an early age.




New Dawn FM News

The member for TONSU, IZIKIEL MASAT has called on the ABG members to work together and stop what he termed as walking guns from their constituencies.
He was speaking during the ABG Parliament house yesterday.
The member said that although constituencies may have declared themselves some walking guns are still moving un-monitored in their constituencies.
Member MASAT said that these are the weapons that must be silenced quickly as part of the weapons disposal program.




New Dawn FM News

A local copra buyer is calling on the border crossers between Solomon Islands and Bougainville to stop from carrying plants across the border between the two countries.
He told New Dawn FM that from experience during the Bougainville conflict there is special ant species called SOLOMON ANTS that were taken to Bougainville and are now all over the island.
PAULUS KEPSON said that he was concerned at learning that BEETLES were now destroying coconut trees in the Solomon Islands and does not want these pests to reach Bougainville.
He said Bougainville has the largest coconut plantations and if these pests reach Bougainville it could destroy the industry on Bougainville.
PEPSON also called on the Customs officers to make sure they monitor the travelling public on the border.






New Dawn FM

Buka customs officials are concerned at Business Houses importing goods into Bougainville and not declaring what they are importing and evading import taxes.

Officials from the Customs office in Buka today gave New Dawn FM pictures of goods that came in one of the Business houses and these goods were not declared.

The officials said they will continue to monitor goods being imported by the business houses to make sure they were not trying to evade taxes to the government.

The Business house concerned will be referred to Police for investigation and will be charged.





New Dawn FM News

Bougainville today joined the rest of PAPUA New Guinea to observe the National APEC day declared by the National Government to coincide with the first arrival of APEC leader to Port Moresby.
The main government and Business houses closed their doors whilst some businesses continued as normal.
Despite the negativities regarding the APEC funding by the Prime Minister, Bougainville continues to go about its businesses as normal.





New Dawn FM News

The former BIG/BRA Secretary and now Businessman, MARTIN MIRIORI has supported the ABG President CHIEF DR. JOHN MOMIs call to deploy Regional Security Force during the conduct of the Bougainville Referendum vote next year.
MR. MIRIORI said it is important that Bougainvilleans must do everything that is possible to ensure that the outcome of the Referendum is fully credible and therefore no one must be allowed and be given any possible opening and opportunity to question the credibility of the popular peoples final choice.
He said that this International Security Force must be similar to the Truce Monitoring Group and must not be armed.




New Dawn FM News

The Tonsu Constituency is now on its final preparations to hold its Christmas and New Year Youth Sports Tournament with the THEME UNITING TONSU TOWARDS REFERENDUM.
The tournament is planned for the 26th to the 31st of December, 2018 and will showcase talents in Soccer for men and Volleyball for both men and women.
The Opening will be staged at TUNG village whilst all finals and closing will be done on Petats island.
Teams wishing to participate in Soccer must register only 22 players plus three officials whilst Volleyball must register 12 players and three officials.
For Volley Ball the Prizes will range from EIGHT HUNDRED KINA, FOUR HUNDRED KINA and TWO HUNDRED KINA.



New Dawn FM News

The Bougainville House of Representatives adjourned today to December for the BUDGET SESSION.
The house adjourned after completing business listed for this weeks meeting.
Business listed for this week included the Presidents Statement on a range of issues of relevance to the Peace Process and Referendum, Regional Parliamentary Committee Reports from the respective regions of North, Central and South Bougainville and changes to the Parliamentary Committees to accommodate the newly elected members for TAONITA TEOP, HALIA and KONGARA and the member for Tsitalato and former Minister for Economic Development, FIDELIS SEMOSO as members of Parliamentary Committees.
This weeks meeting also had the three new members made their maiden speeches to the House of representatives.




New Dawn FM News
The Member for the biggest constituency on Bougainville, Konnou constituency and Minister for Police, Correctional Service and Justice, WILLIE MASIU yesterday called on members of the Bougainville House of Representatives to support him and not to dis unite his people by talking to them separately.
Minister MASIU made the call after the member for TOROKINA, STEVEN SUAKO told Parliament that he was concerned at the Meekamui activity in Konnou and will be talking to the people to get them to support the ABG.
Minister MASIU in welcoming support by other members appealed that if they want to visit his constituency they must make sure him as the local member is present.
He said members must concentrate in their constituencies to make sure they meet the 31st December target to declare their constituencies, Weapons free and referendum ready.
Konnou constituency has three Community Governments of Konnou, Konnou Coastal and Wisai and borders with Kongara, Kokoda, Lule and shares its border with the Solomon islands.



New Dawn FM News
The ABG Minister for Health, DENNIS LOKONAI says that the Health Department has worked diligently to advance the delivery of basic health Services to our people despite critical challenges and unavailability of the required resources.
The Minister made these remarks in his Ministerial statement to the ABG House of Representatives yesterday.
He said that despite these setbacks his department achieved some significant results.
The Minister said that his Ministry and Department is keen to continue the thrust and to drive the changes that are necessary to transform the health system and enhance the quality of healthcare.
Minister LOKONAI said the Ministry and the Department are trying to address the impediments that affect the health sector and dealing with non-performance and addressing corruption in the department.



China in South Pacific Region: One Step Away from Absolute Power "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


The South Pacific region, stretching from the shores of Australia to South America and encompassing more than 30,000 islands, has felt Chinas growing influenced since 2000s. By 2018, it had grown so strong that it became a threat to Australias strategic security. It should be noted that in the last 30 years, Australia has viewed itself as a regional leader. Chinas enormous investments, loans, grants, intended for the benefit of thirteen small island-states and another thirteen dependent territories in the South Pacific, belonging to Australia, New Zealand, France, and the USA, have made PRC a key benefactor, but not a strategically important player in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean as yet. Beijings negotiations with the island states on stationing Chinese bases there have been thus far successfully countered by Australian diplomacy. These negotiations are linked with PRCs initiative One Belt One Road, a part of which encompasses the Pacific Ocean. And establishing Chinese military bases in the territory of country-participants is a by-product of the project.

Papua New Guinea could have become a geostrategically convenient location for Chinas first military base in the South Pacific. The country lies only 2,000 km away from Australia and provides a convenient access point to the South China Sea, an area where PRC is pursuing its policy of expansion (including military expansion). Historically, China and Papua New Guinea have had close ties. By the middle of the 20th century the biggest Chinese diaspora in the region (approximately 100,000 people), working in the export of timber and natural resources, had made Papua New Guinea its new home. In 1968, the Chinese established Papua New Guineas second most powerful party. In 1980 (five years after the nation had gained its independence), the leader of this party, Julius Chan of Chinese and Papua New Guinean descent, became the countrys leader. In fact, in the following twenty years he occupied the post of Prime Minister three more times. By the end of the 20th century, the Chinese had settled in South Pacific islands, rich in forests and natural resources, such as the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji, and French territories of New Caledonia and French Polynesia (better known as Tahiti, where from 2006 to 2011 a member of the Chinese diaspora, Gaston Tong Sang was in power three times).

Negotiations, which started in 2014, on a strategic partnership between PRC and Papua New Guinea, and on repair work of four ports in the cities of Wewak (home to Japans largest air base fr...


Live from the 2018 APEC CEO Summit Business Advantage PNG

Welcome to the 2018 APEC CEO Summit in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. Business Advantage PNG is following events at the Summit.


The post Live from the 2018 APEC CEO Summit appeared first on Business Advantage PNG.


Palm oil supplier to PepsiCo, Mars, and Hershey resumes deforesting in Indonesia "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A palm oil supplier to PepsiCo, Mars, Hershey and Johnson & Johnson has resumed clearing intact forest in West Papua, Indonesia, despite pressure by other major companies, many of which have since severed ties with the producer. The deforestation triggered a series of automatic alerts by Global Forest Watch, a satellite monitoring system operated by the World Resources Institute (WRI). PT Permata Putera Mandiri (PPM), a subsidiary of Austindo Nusantara Jaya Tbk (ANJ), has cleared 4.5 square kilometers (1.7 square miles) of intact forest since May. While this may seem like a relatively small area (in 2017 Indonesia lost 13,000 square kilometers, or 5,000 square miles, of tree cover), it is significant for the location, ANJs previous history, and the fact that this action violates the well-publicized commitments many of its customers have made to not deforest, not develop on peatlands, and not exploit indigenous peoples, also known as NDPE. PPM first began clearing forest in 2014. In response, palm oil giants GAR and Wilmar dropped ANJ from their supply chains, and Cargill followed in 2016. Facing a global boycott, PPM temporarily suspended forest clearing, but resumed operations again in late 2017. The Forest Trust (TFT), a nonprofit organization that helps businesses establish sustainable sourcing policies, has worked with many of the above companies on their NDPEs. In 2014, TFT engaged with its members and ANJ to address the deforestation issue, but reached an impasse when the company said it had to clear the forest for plantation to remain profitable.


Govt Announces Action To Resolve Basamuk Los Concerns Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

Landowners forced to take out media adverts to make Minister aware of human rights and other serious issues relating to MCC and the Ramu mine refinery

Post Courier | November 15, 2018

Minister for Mining Johnson Tuke has announced immediate action will take place to address the concerns of the Basamuk Limestone landowners of Madang Province.

Speaking from Goroka, yesterday, Mr Tuke said he was not aware of the alleged criticisms nor the human rights abuses and complaints made by the landowners until he sighted the one-page overly media release in this paper yesterday.

Mr Tuke said that he would in the next couple of days summon all concerned parties to his office for answers.

I appreciate the concerns of the Basamuk landowners and I am now very aware of the matter so in the coming days I will call up the MCC and Ramu NiCo Management, the Mineral Resources Authority, Department of Mineral Policy and Geo-Hazards Management, CEPA, and other government agencies involved in this matter to sit with me and tell me what is going on, he said.



Major Project Agreements Must Be Reviewed To Benefit PNG Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

There have been many complaints of a lack of benefits coming from the LNG project Photo: RNZI/Johnny Blades

The Current Business Model and Tax Concessions are Cheating PNG of Revenues and Landowner Benefits

Post Courier | November 15, 2018

In the period leading up to and eventual start of the multi-billion kina PNG liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in 2014, there was much fanfare and grandstanding of the promise/premise that the project would single-handedly transform PNG.

In fact, the project has delivered some much-needed tangible developments in terms of major infrastructure, additional employment and spin-off business opportunities as well as foreign exchange revenue. However, there are still many unresolved issues that demand National Governments most swift and appropriate remedial action.

On October 30 2018, it was reported (Post-Courier) complaints by Paguale Kekero resources landowners association from Southern Highlands Province over benefits from the PNG LNG project. The report referred to major clans with population of over 2000 people left in the dark on LNG project...


Kokoda barricades: Official disengagement leads to Trail unrest Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE

Kokoda - the fee noticeRASHMII BELL

BRISBANE The words were handwritten on a torn white plastic sheet, and the images appeared on Australias Channel 9 news on Sunday.

Reason for collection of gate fees

  1. You trekkers payed K350.00 to KTA, but that never reach the landowners in terms of service for the last 10 years
  2. For the last 10 years landowners never received ward allocation
  3. The landowners want KTA chairman to step down before gate will be open
  4. For that reason, we are collecting half of that K350.00 which is K175.00 for road to pass through

Plis pay K175.00 cash now to walk

On Remembrance Day, journalist Tim Davies presented a disturbing news story even as companion media were beginning to focus on the exorbitant expenditure of staging the APEC meetings in Port Moresby.

Davies succinctly reported on the modern-day battle that is taking place along PNGs historic wartime Kokoda Trail.

Footage of an expansive lawn, a hauswin and shirtless small children playing were overshadowed by audio of loud voices ricocheting around a quiet village. The camera cut to trek operator Adventure Kokoda staff and several village people engage in strained but peaceful negotiations.

Kokoda barricade
One of the barricades blocking the Kokoda Trail

Davies described how the Papua New Guinea government agency, Kokoda Track Authority (KTA), charged each trekker a fee of K350 (...


Journalists live on board for APEC in Port Moresby Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE

Pacific Jewel
Most journalists in Port Moresby for APEC are being accommodated aboard P&O's Pacific Jewel


ABOARD THE PACIFIC JEWEL Quoits deck, plunge pools and sunset yoga: For security and logistical reasons, thousands of delegates and journalists attending this years APEC summit are being quartered on hulking cruise ships.

Like nothing on Earth, screams a slogan in huge dark lettering against their gleaming white hulls, moored off Papua New Guineas crime-ridden capital of Port Moresby. Indeed, few attendees can have experienced summit accommodation like it.

The 245-meter Pacific Jewel, where mainly journalists are housed, has 14 decks and berths for nearly 1,700 people, ranging from small interior cabins to spacious suites with an ocean view.

It boasts an array of restaurants and bars from the Mix Cocktail bar to the darker and jazz-filled Orient. Other entertainment includes the Marquee theatre for shows and Gatsby and Back to School parties.

Those who have not had their fill of high-wire summitry can try walking the plank being suspended by a rope 14 floors over the sea or rock climbing up the ships funnel.

Others can try their luck at the casino, with plush blue-baize blackjack tables and dozens of blinking slot machines.

Sporting memorabilia adorns the walls, from Magic Johnsons famous 32 LA Lakers shirt to stamps featuring the legendary Australian cricketer Donald Bradman.

Summit organisers turned to the cruise ships amid a lack of sufficient facilities in Port Moresby.

We simply do not have enough hotel rooms in Port Moresby to accommodate all delegations, admitted Justin Tkatchenko, minister in charge of APEC, in a recent parliamentary speech.

The other concern was how to keep officials safe in Port Moresby, one of the most dangerous cities on Earth. Car-jackings have become commonplace, often carried out by the notorious raskol street gangs, and petty crime is rife.

The Economist Intelligence Unit this year ranked the city 136th out of 140 on its list of most...

The short attention span of the PNG public Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE

Martyn Namorong on ABC TV
Voices like Martyn Namorong, Bryan Kramer MP, Governor Gary Juffa, Bal Kama and PNG Attitude writers do exist on social media but they struggle to be heard and find it hard to get traction


TUMBY BAY - One of the tactics that the politicians of Papua New Guinea rely upon is the fallibility and short life span of public memory.

The way it works is fairly simple. When an uncomfortable truth is revealed about their behaviour, PNG politicians resort to bluster and threats and, if that doesnt work, stalling in the courts until everyone gets bored and forgets about it.

The stalling in the courts is relied upon as a regular source of income by a whole cadre of lawyers with questionable ethics. That income is usually supplied from the public coffers.

Prime minister Peter ONeill is a master of this sort of tactical deception. Its not his invention, there are many precedents for its efficacy, but he has refined it to a fine art.

There are a couple of ways by which it can come unstuck.

The first is the pursuit of the issue by statutory bodies set up to monitor such things. Task Force Sweep was one of those.

Peter ONeill soon realised how dangerous Task Force Sweep was to his nefarious dealings and quickly cut off its funding. In a similar way he has resisted the setting up of an Independent Commission Against Corruption.

That he defunded Task Force Sweep and refuses to advance an anti-corruption commission is like a flashing neon sign telling everyone that this prime minister and his government have a lot to hide.

The second way the tactic can come unstuck is through a conscious effort by the media to pursue anything it perceives as questionable in the way the government behaves.

It is one of the main reasons why any nation claiming to be democratic needs a strong, inquisitive and fearless media.

We have many fine examples of brave and dedicated journalists in Australia who are able to bring the government to account. The most recent example was the journalism leading to a banking royal commission....


Momis manages expectations about referendum outcome Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE

Bougainville-flagANTHONY KAYBING

BUKA - The integrity of the referendum to enable the people of the province to vote on Bougainvilles ultimate political future is an essential part of the self-determination process for the autonomous region.

The world will be watching, and the actions of all of us in this House will be held to account, Bougainville president John Momis told parliament this week.  We must therefore ensure that we manage these expectations.

The referendum is a milestone, but it will not lead to any immediate outcome, Dr Momis said. The day after the referendum the hard work of negotiation must begin.

Our people must be made to understand that the referendum is the start of a longer-term process.  They cannot expect to become independent immediately, if that is what they choose to express.

He explained that people must understand there is a clear process in the respective constitutions of PNG and Bougainville, as well as the Bougainville Peace Agreement, that must be followed.

Dr Momis warned that unrealistic expectations may not be met. If this occurs, there is a very real danger of conflict. Simply put, we must not allow this to occur, he said.

After the referendum there will be a detailed consultation about the outcome to consider the implications arising from the result.

Then there will be a need to seek the approval of the PNG parliament, as it will have a final vote and ratify future arrangements.

Dr Momis said while the referendum is non-binding, it will have a moral authority which cannot be ignored.

Its outcome will provide the basis for negotiation and the will of the people of Bougainville must be taken into account in this process.


The ULMWP calls for an end to Indonesian military operations in West Papua West Papua Action Network
The ULMWP calls for an end to Indonesian military operations in West Papua
The ongoing joint Indonesian military and police operations in Lanny Jaya and the surrounding areas in West Papua are causing widespread death, terror, and displacement towards West Papuan people. The ULMWP therefore calls for the immediate cessation of such brutal Indonesian state operations and hostilities.
Over the past few days, the Indonesian military and police have intensified their operations in Lanny Jaya. Several West Papuans are believed to have been killed, with thousands more fleeing into the jungle.
This rampant, state-sponsored terror is leaving innocent West Papuan civilians branded by the Indonesian Security Forces as separatists in an attempt to justify killing anyone accused of supporting self-determination.
These recent human rights violations began after an Indonesian military commander recently proclaimed himself as a local West Papuan chief. He has since been trying to use this title to call for further military operations in Lanny Jaya and nearby areas. The ULMWP is deeply concerned for all those affected in these operations. West Papuan woman and children are particularly at risk in this militarized zone and currently many people have been left without enough food and are afraid to go back to their gardens for fear of further military violence.
Such brutal military operations against the West Papuan people call into question the Indonesian governments status and self-proclaimed values at international fora.
For example, Indonesia is an Associate Member of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG), yet these human rights violations clearly show the Indonesian government has no regard for Melanesian lives in West Papua. Indonesia will also be a temporary member of the United Nations Security Council (2019/2021 term), yet such an increasing military build up has led to West Papua becoming the most militarised zone in the Pacific; posing a grave security threat towards West Papuans and the region at large. Finally, Indonesia proudly claims to be a democratic country, yet clearly democratic principles are not being upheld in West Papua. The systematic denial of our democratic and fundamental right to self-determination continues to leave West Papuans as colonial subjects, oppressed for peacefully striving to be free in our own country.
Therefore, on behalf the people of West Papua, the ULMWP calls upon the Indonesian government to immediately stop these brutal operations in Lanny Jaya, Wamena and all other areas, and to withdraw all Indonesian Security Forces personnel from West Papua.
The ULMWP also calls upon human rights organisations, civil society groups, and allies around...


Australias Trump Lite is overseas seeing what other trade opportunities he can wreck "IndyWatch Feed"

The Australian, 13 November 2018, p.2:

Scott Morrison has mounted the strongest defence of any allied leader so far of Donald Trumps trade policies, denying that Washington has turned protectionist because of its imposition of tariffs on China.

The US wants to see greater trade and more open trade and they want to see it on better terms, the Prime Minister told The Australian in an interview in his Sydney office. It is yet to be established that the US is pursuing a protectionist policy. 

Mr Morrison said he did not agree with the protectionist interpretation of the administrations trade policy.

Mr Morrison leaves today on a trip to Singapore and Papua New Guinea for APEC and ASEAN-related summits, during which he will meet US Vice-President Mike Pence, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Japans Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and a range of regional leaders.


Thursday, 15 November


How the worlds media is reporting APEC 2018 in Papua New Guinea Business Advantage PNG

The eyes of the worlds media are on Papua New Guinea as delegates arrive in Port Moresby for APEC Leaders Week. Heres a overview of how the country and the event has been covered by the worlds press this week.


The Xi Show. The Summit on a Boat. The regions poorest member hosting its richest event.

The international media has discovered APEC 2018 in PNG and is starting to file stories about the event and the country itself. They arent all complimentary. Yet.


Even though PNGs Pacific-scale APEC is costing dramatically less than many previous APEC meetings, the expense of hosting the event is one focus of international reportage.

After three decades of promoting free trade as a panacea to poverty, the APEC grouping of nations that includes the U.S. and China is holding its lavish annual leaders meeting in the country that can least afford it, reports Associated Press, in a piece which has been widely syndicated, including in the Washington Post.

Time magazines Charlie Campbell is already...

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