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Wednesday, 23 August


Sir Mekere joins Pangu Papua New Guinea Today

Sir Mekere Morauta has joined the ranks with Pangu Pati under the leadership of Sam Basil as the party leader together with 4 other Independent MPs.

The move by the 5 Independent MPs brings the total numerical strength of Pangu Pati to 16.
The 4 other members include Central Governor Robert Agarobe, Member of Rigo Lekwa Gure, Member for Wabag Dr. Tom Lino and South Fly MP Sekie Agisa.
Sir Mekere on the behalf of the independent members said they were all pleased to join the 11 member team of Pangu because they believe in joining a strong political party to encourage and promote stability.

Pangu Pati leader Sam Basil while welcoming the 5 Independents to his party boasted a stronger Pangu Pati who is ready to work together to progress development agendas in their respective districts.
Mr. Basil challenged his team to make sacrifices while having belief in dialogue and respect to move forward as a team who is willing to transform PNG starting from the district level.


More transformation for Port Moresby Future City Papua New Guinea Today

The National Capital District Governor, Powes Parkop, says the PNG Government had already invested more than 2-billion Kina on development projects in Port Moresby.

Speaking at the PNG International Business Summit in Brisbane, Australia, today, Mr Parkop says, Port Moresby will undergo more transformation over the next five years to reach the goal of making it the Future City in the South Pacific.

He says apart from plans to build more infrastructure, are plans to convert unplanned settlements into suburbs and modernize the 10 Motuan villages which form part of the city.
Mr Parkop says another of his priority would be to address safety and security of residents and visitors in Port Moresby.
NBC News - Adrian Mathias (in Brisbane)


Direct Flights betwen PNG and China to enhance business, tourism Papua New Guinea Today

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter ONeill says the direct air links established between PNG and China later this year will enhance business and education opportunities.
Mr ONeill made the remark when Chinas Ambassador to PNG Xue Bing called on his office last Friday.
People-to-people engagement is also vital to growing our friendship, and we are seeing increased travel between our two countries.
When direct air links are established between Port Moresby and Shanghai later this year we will have even more opportunities to strengthen business and education exchanges.
Direct flights will also open up more opportunities for Chinese tourists to visit Papua New Guinea in the years and decades to come, Mr ONeill said.
During the meeting, the leaders discussed development issues of mutual importance and the upcoming visit by Chinas President during the APEC Summit in November 2018.
Papua New Guinea remains firmly committed to our One-China Policy, and growing the friendship that was established with diplomatic relations in 1976, Prime Minister ONeill said.
The strength of our bilateral relationship is based on respect and a common interest in economic and community development.
Papua New Guinea and China have a strategic partnership of mutual co-operation and common development that provides a basis for advancing projects that enhance the standard of living in communities, he said.
The Prime Minister said a number of projects are underway with the support of China, and he looks forward to discussing these with President Xi in November 2018.
Through the APEC year we will receive more than a thousand delegates from China culminating with the State visit by President Xi Jinping during the APEC Summit.
This will be the first visit by Chinas President and will mark a new chapter in cooperation and business between our countries.
Our Government and people look forward to welcoming President Xi to Papua New Guinea, and giving him and his delegation the opportunity to see the diversity of our country and the development taking place.


House Is Open PNG Daily News


Seventeen Judges of Papua New Guinea added colour to the official opening of the 10th Parliament yesterday.

Their red coloured ceremonial dresses stood out among the dignitaries and crowd who were there to be part of the ceremony in front of the Parliament House to join Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia, Speaker Job Pomat, Prime Minister Peter ONeill, Opposition Leader Patrick Pruaitch and their wives.

The judges of the National and Supreme Courts turned up for the official opening in their full ceremonial attire.

They included Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika, justices Les Gavara-Nanu, Ambeng Kandakasi, Elenas Batari, Allen David, Derek Hartshorn, Ere Kariko, Stephen Kassman, Jacinta Murray, Iova Geita, Robert Lindsay, Leka Nablu, Kenneth Frank, Frazer Pitpit, Hitelai Polume-Kiele, Terence Higgins, Lawrence Kangwia and Martin Ipang.

Governor-General Sir Bob Dadae turned up in his white ceremonial dress, accompanied by the parade host Colonel Raymond Numa to inspect the Guard of Honour. Colonel Numa is acting Commander of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force.

The guard of honour was from the 1st Royal Pacific Island Regiment and a combined Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary and Correctional Services band provided the music for the ceremony as the leaders were escorted to the Parliament chambers for the official address by Sir Bob.

There was a 19-gun salute and traditional singsing groups performed on the parliament grounds while Sir Bob delivered his message to the nation and officially opened the 10th National Parliament.

Prior to that, Speaker Job Pomat gave his welcome speech.

When the governor-general and chief justice retired from the chambers, Parliament was adjourned to 2pm at which a Deputy Speaker was elected. He is Nipa-Kutubu MP Jeffery Komal who had 57 votes to 47.

The Prime Minister Peter ONeill also gave his address to Parliament and the nation.

Parliament was adjourned to September 26.

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Bougainville group adamantly against renewed mining "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Radio New Zealand |  23 August 2017

A group calling itself Bougainvilleans United Against Mining has re-stated its opposition to a resumption of mining at Panguna.

The government in the autonomous Papua New Guinea province wants the huge copper and gold mine re-opened to give the economy a lift ahead of the independence referendum to be held in 2019.

Bougainvilles Mining Minister Raymond Masono this week applauded a joint resolution by ex-combatants to back the re-opening, but one of those praised by the minister, a former Bougainville Revolutionary Army commander, James Onartoo, said he and his group do not support it.

Mr Onartoo said their group, which includes many women, landowners and ex-combatants, will not support Panguna being re-opened, or mining anywhere on Bougainville.

Members of the group joined a blockade that stopped the Autonomous Bouginaville Government (ABG) from signing a memorandum of agreement with landowners at Panguna two months ago.

Mr Onartoo says the ABG is weak and lacks the l...


Gunshots all around as election violence resumes in Wabag Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE

The late Sano Peter MendaiDANIEL KUMBON

WABAG, Wednesday afternoon - Election violence has resumed here and gunshots are ringing out over the small township after a ceasefire imposed last week broke down yesterday and a death was reported this morning.

Wabag is experiencing its most violent time since Enga Province severed ties with the Western Highlands to assume its own political and administrative responsibilities in 1974.

Maters were made worse by the unrelated death of a young pilot Sano Peter Mendai (pictured), who was to graduate from a flying school in New Zealand this month.

Sano Mendai had come to Port Moresby to witness the graduation of his wife, Jane Kipok, from the University of Papua New Guineas.

They had planned to get married in Wabag then fly to New Zealand for Mr Mendais own graduation. But he died unexpectedly early this month.

His relatives from the Lankep tribe on the edge of Wabag town could not hold a proper funeral because of continued election violence.

Nor did they properly celebrate the election victory of their tribesman, Dr Lino Jeremiah Tom, who toppled PNC strongman Robert Ganim in the Wabag Open seat.

Jane Kipok's relatives from Kandep could not go to the funeral because of election violence between supporters of Alfred Manasseh and Don Polye who are from Kandep.

The other heart-wrenching tale in Wabag was the death in a fire of a Bangladeshi businessman.

3 of the surviving businessmenFour of his colleagues escaped to the police station with no possessions, not even their passports. They lost everything including much cash.

The men, three who are pictured here, had moved to Wabag from Manus this year and rented a new property to establish a store

Over 30 people h...


Rabaul leaders voice opposition to experimental seabed mining Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

Seabed mining plans spark environmental concerns in Rabaul

The National aka The Loggers Times | August 23, 2017

LEADERS of Rabaul district in East New Britain want the Nautilus Minerals Explorations Limited to provide evidence that the proposed Solwara One seabed mining operation will not destroy environment and marine resources.

They are concerned about a potential impact on the coastal areas of New Ireland and East New Britain.

A committee which met at the office of Rabaul MP Dr Allan Marat on  Thursday raised the concern in response to the intention by the company to carry out community projects on Watom Island and on the north coast of the Gazelle Peninsula.

Rabaul district administrator Marakan Uvano said Nautilus planned to build health facilities on the island and on the north coast of Rabaul as part of its services to the people who would be affected by the deep-sea mining operations.

Uvano said the...


The ACTU - the harder you fight us, the more you teach us "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

A few weeks ago the ACTU boss Sally McManus gave this speech to commemorate the anniversary of the great strike by trade unions in Sydney during the height of World War one. You can never crush a belief - the right to be treated equally & fairly - the act...


K92 Mine Responds To Landowner Claims Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

Post Courier | August 22, 2017

K92 Mining Limited says claims about it not honouring commitments engaging landowners in its operations were unfounded.
Chief operating officer John Lewins said since recommencing operations K92 had built up a formidable workforce of 500 with contractors on site including 300 employees alone from Bilamoia and associated landowners.
Mr Lewins revealed this when responding to threats by Bilamoia landowners to shut down the mine claiming K92 had not honoured commitments on the engagement of their people under a memorandum of agreement.
Mr Lewins said K92 Mining understands that the first meeting of a group of landowners occurred on Sunday August 13, but K92 was not represented at this meeting as it was understood this would deal with internal issues for BILA and its stakeholders.
He said K92 Mining understands that the BILA is still to determine whether they will use the existing Bilamoia Development Corporation (Bildevco) or a new business entity to participate in business opportunities created by the company and its suppliers. He reiterated this is a matter for BILA and not K92 Mining.
There are however many business ventures which Bildevco and Bilamoian landowners are participating in, including the mine catering contract, provision of security services and refus...


PM: Data vital PNG Daily News

August 23, 2017
Main Stories


NO one knows the exact population of Papua New Guinea today because no national census had been conducted since 2000, it has been revealed.

Prime Minister Peter ONeill told the first sitting of Parliament yesterday that an accurate population data was important for public policy planning and monitoring.

We must aim to keep our economic growth above our population growth.
We can only do this by having access to reliable data so that we can monitor these important indicators as we move forward.

A national census is supposed to be conducted every 10 years.
But the one scheduled for 2010 was never held.

Unofficial estimates of the current total population have been put at between eight and 10 million.

It is understood that the absence of this vital information had led to discrepancies in the national roll which created a lot of problems during the 2017 general election.

The National Identification Project (NID) in the past government was supposed to have provided this information during preparations for the elections.

Last week, new National Planning and Implementation Minister Richard Maru queried how the K250 million allocated for the NID project had been spent in the past five years, given that only 300,000 ID cards were issued prior to the start of the elections.


Bougainville Copper: will it get to play again? Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

Rivers and streams in the mines vicinity remain polluted and unusable as sources of freshwater or fish. Photo by Catherine Wilson.

MAC [Mines and Communities] | Nostromo Research 18 July 2017 

Odds seem loaded against recent moves

When the great no doubt sometimes also good, but frequently woefully ignorant among mining outfits (and their desk-bound investment advisors) look at a risk-laden, problematic, prospect like Bougainville Copper Ltds Panguna mine, any upturn in commodity markets are apt to be heralded as a golden opportunity....



by Professor Kristian Lasslett 


The problem with corruption in PNG, at its most grand levels, is that it is everywhere and nowhere. Its morbid symptoms are apparent for all to see, but the particular mechanisms through which the disease of corruption infects governments and markets, and disables the body of the nation, proves difficult to observe, owing to its secretive nature.

Yet in order to fight corruption effectively, we need to answer elementary questions relating to its core characteristics. For example, what type of corrupt transactions are most common and damaging in PNG, who are the participants, what motivates them, how do they make their illicit gains, what do they spend it on, and which institutional structures permit these illegal activities to take place?

Despite the difficulties associated with observing corruption, we can still pull together enough credible data from the civil and criminal courts, commissions of inquiries, national audits, public account committee hearings, Ombudsman Commission reports, and independent research, to formulate hypotheses on these different dimensions of the corruption problem, for testing and refinement.


And, in this respect, there is one general thread that runs through a vast range of corrupt schemes observable in PNG, whether it be rigged tenders, land fraud or sham litigation they employ, on the surface, a range of legitimate commercial/legal transactions, to cloak what is in fact crude theft from the public purse.

Often a real service is provided, for example a road is built, or expert advice is provided to a government department. However, the primary commercial motivation of the corrupt parties involved in these transactions is not to profit from providing the contracted good or service, at say a 10% rate of profit. The real motivation is to use the contract as a front, behind which a deal is rigged, that allow costs to be inflated well beyond market value, leading to substantial returns.

In this context the 10% rate of profit is small potatoes, when riggi...


Young voices to oppose seabed mining off Patea coast Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

School groups hope for better weather than these protesters encountered at Mana Beach in Patea last Sunday. Photo/Lewis Gardner

Liz Wylie | Wanganui Chronicle | 22 August, 2017

Pupils from schools in the region will gather on Mana Beach at Patea to let the world know their feelings about how the decision will affect them. South Taranaki youth will be voicing their opposition to ironsand mining off the Patea coast on Wednesday.

Organiser Bianca Mitchell will be filming the protest for distribution on social media and says young people in the region want to add their opposing voices.

They have very strong feelings about the kai moana and coastline which are central to their lives.

Patea Area School students reacted strongly on August 10 when the Environmental Protection Agency announced that...


Global mining major needed to re-open Bougainvilles Panguna copper mine? Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

Kevin McQuillan | Business Advantage PNG | 18 July 2017

Moves to re-open the Panguna copper mine on Bougainville are gathering momentum. Funding the re-opening is a key concern, however, says Bougainville President, John Momis. Could one of the global mining majors get involved?

Bougainville Copper Ltd (BCL) is currently advertising for a local Bougainville-based manager, and are looking at the payment of K14 million in rent and compensation that was owed to the 812 customary clan groups who own the blocks of land within the mining lease areas.

Autonomous Bougainville Government President John Momis tells Business Advantage PNG, that over the next year, he expects BCL to open an office and start dealing with some of the legacy issues, demonstrating BCLs commitment, in a just and fair way, to some of the real issues that have been bothering the land owners.

That includes, he says, the ecological, environmental, and health d...


INDONESIA: Stop unlawful deprivation of liberty against Indigenous Papuans West Papua Action Network

Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC)

INDONESIA: Stop unlawful deprivation of liberty against Indigenous Papuans

August 21, 2017 []

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) condemns the unlawful deprivation of liberty of Papuans which has occurred frequently of late. The AHRC has learned that the Indonesian Security Forces have been using excessive force and flaunting their authority to illegally arrest indigenous Papuans. They are simply exercising their rights to freedom of expression and opinion and peaceful assembly.

For instance, take the case which took place on August 20, 2017. Police officers of the Fak-Fak Police Station (Polres Fak-Fak) arbitrarily arrested 24 indigenous Papuans. They are members of the National Committee for West Papua (KNPB). The AHRC was informed that they were illegally arrested because they are registered to attend a meeting organized by KNPB in Fak-Fak Regency, West Papua Province.

Previously, the AHRC noted some similar cases faced by members of KNPB Papua. Consider the case of Mr. Yanto Waine, a member of the National Committee for West Papua (KNPB). He was illegally detained in the Nabire Police Station (Polres Nabire) after distributing leaflets to the public. And 29 student activists, mostly Papuan students, were arbitrarily arrested in Yogyakarta Province. Additionally, 32 student activists in Jakarta and 46 student activists in Semarang were also arbitrarily detained.

Considering the massive unlawful deprivation of liberty against Indigenous Papuans, the AHRC strongly recommends the Government to re-evaluate its policy and the behaviour of its Security Forces. The Government should ensure that there is no policy in practice that clearly violates or goes against the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). Indonesia became a State party to this Covenant by enacting Law No.12 of 2005.

Under Article 19 of the ICCPR, it states

1. Everyone shall have the right to hold opinions without interference.

2. Everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of choice.

3. The exercise of the rights provided for in paragraph 2 of this Article carries with it special duties and responsibilities. It may therefore be...


Papua New Guinea: Lets be honest about the debt Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE


IN the face of foreign media reports indicating a lack of liquidity in government coffers, I urge the prime minister to come clean about the country's debt situation.

Why is it that we continue to hear stories of government workers facing lockouts because rental payments are not being made, both here in PNG and abroad in places like Washington DC and Singapore?

We also hear of unpaid United Nations fees and electric power being cut to government departments.

Is all of this due to mistakes, glitches  in the system, incompetent  public servants?

We have heard every excuse in the book - now it's time to tell the truth.

Furthermore, as the government looks to borrow more money, it is important to ask why we are moving ahead with these measures without all members of parliament being fully briefed on existing national debt levels.

It is the right of every government to borrow, all I ask is that the decision to borrow is made responsibly and does not mean that overall debt will exceed the public debt ceiling.

As elected leaders, how can we members of parliament be expected to support anything blindly?

It would be a disservice to the people who elected us and a severe dereliction of duty on our part.

Hon Kerenga Kua MP is the member of parliament for the Simbu electorate of Sinasina Yongomugl, leader of the PNG National Party and a former Attorney-General


Papua New Guinea expresses gratitude for Australian support Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE

MEDIA STATEMENT | Office of the Prime Minister Peter O'Neill Bruce Davis & Bronte Moules

PRIME minister Peter ONeill has welcomed partnership activities between Papua New Guinea and Australia that are building capacity in healthcare, and providing support for the hosting of APEC in 2108.

Following a courtesy call by Bruce Davis, Australias high commissioner to Papua New Guinea (seen here with deputy high commissioner Bronte Moules), Mr ONeill said the bilateral relationship with Australia continues to strengthen.

The ongoing co-operation between our two governments is very strong which is also enhancing business links, and delivering capacity building support, he said.

Australias commitment to improving healthcare in Papua New Guinea is delivering tangible results, particularly in dealing with diseases such as HIV/AIDs and tuberculosis.

Cooperation activities are underway, together with World Bank support, to deal with TB in areas that include Western Province, Gulf Province and Port Moresby, and this is saving lives.

We thank Australia for this ongoing healthcare co-operation that is also strengthening infrastructure and service delivery.

Current projects include the new nursing school, dental clinic and maternal and child health ward at Angau Hospital.

Mr ONeill said Australian support and co-operation is particularly important as Papua New Guinea prepares to host APEC.

In 2018 the leaders of APECs 20 other member economies, together with more than 15 thousand delegates, will come to Papua New Guinea.

This is an enormous logistical undertaking, and Australia is providing support that is building our capacity, particularly in the area of safety and security.

I have expressed my appreciation to high commissioner Davis for the support that Australia is providing, including the allocation of Australian Federal Police in training and mentoring.

Papua New Guinea will deliver a very safe and successful APEC year and leaders summit in 2018, and we thank Australia for its ongoing contribution.

During the courtesy call the prime minister and high commissioner further discussed the closure of the Manus regional processing centre that is underway as planned and the outcome and processes of the 2017 national electio...

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