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Saturday, 15 December


Effectiveness of Myrtus communis in the treatment of hemorrhoids. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  J Integr Med. 2017 09 ;15(5):351-358. PMID: 28844211 Abstract Title:  Effectiveness of Myrtus communis in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Abstract:  Myrtus communis is an important plant in the treatment of many different diseases. The aim of this review was to determine the importance of M. communis essential oil in the treatment of hemorrhoids. For preparing this manuscript, the information was extracted from different resources. The results of clinical studies showed that M. communis essential oil (lotion or ointment) can significantly improve bleeding, permanent pain, pain during defecation, anal irritation, anal itching and anal heaviness in patients with hemorrhoids types I and II. M. communis was also effective in treating patients who did not respond to current chemical treatments (anti-hemorrhoids ointment). Further clinical studies should look into designing a suppository form of M. communis essential oil and compare its effect with the lotion and ointment forms.

read more


Australian mining interests in north Bougainville "IndyWatch Feed"

Jubilee Australia

While the Panguna mine one of the largest operating copper-gold mines in the world until the Bougainville crisis forced its closure in 1989 might grab the attention of many people, there is more going on in Bougainville in relation to mining in than just Panguna. As at the beginning of 2018, four exploration licences have been issued to Australian, Canadian and Filipino mining companies.

Australian company Kalia Holdings holds some of these licences and is exploring for copper and gold in the Mt Tore region in North Bougainville.

We are concerned that affected communities have not given their free, prior and informed consent for Kalia Holdings activities. In particular we are conc...


For 40 Maseratis, 3,000 Marlenes could be helped Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE


Thanks to these readers, Marlene Potoura has been enabled to....

  • move to a better and safer place
  • take her kids on a Christmas outing
  • mobilise her new learning centre
  • visit her family in Bougainville for the first time in 14 years
  • meet the man who killed her father
  • gather material & photographs for her forthcoming memoir
  • better pursue her avocation as a writer

Allan Kidston; Craig Coolum; Ross Wilkinson; Anonymous; Norm Wilson; Simon & Bea Ellis; Janis Roberts; Bob Cleland; Frank Alcorta; Dan & Judy Duggan; Max Uechtritz; Michael Main; Geoffrey Hancock; Bill Brown MBE; Alex Harris; Rick Nehmy; Deborah Ruiz Wall; Paul Munro; Gary Tongs; Joe Herman; Chris Overland; Col Young; Anne-Marie & Peter Smith; Paul Oates; John in Adelaide; Murray & Joan Bladwell; John Bennett; Betty, Nikitta & Valesca Kagl; Bill Welbourne; David Ransom; Ed Brumby; Jo Holman; Lindsay Bond; Jan MacIntyre; Phil Fitzpatrick; Elissa Roper; Robin Lillicrapp; Tess Newton Cain; Keith Jackson AM

There are many Marlenes in Papua New Guinea. They are the ordinary people who, in large measure, have been abandoned by their own government - a malodorous government fawned upon by people and institutions who should know better, including the government of Australia.

PNG Attitude has been able to help only Marlene and her two children. Targeted assistance for the fraction of the cost of a Maserati.

We hope that, before too long, those in positions of authority where they can assist change the lives of many of the fine and hospitable people of PNG will begin to fully realise their responsibilities.

You know who you are. Perhaps you can start now. This Christmas.


Thank you everyone, you have made so many things possible Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE

Marlene with Darhlia Dee & Martin GrayMARLENE DEE GRAY POTOURA

LAE - My two children, Darhlia Dee and Martin Gray, and I would like to thank you all, our overseas readers of PNG Attitude who contributed in the Australian spirit, well known throughout the Pacific, to make sure my kids and I have an awesome Christmas.

I want to kindly and gratefully inform you all that you succeeded. My two children and I are most grateful, which writing here cannot express.

Firstly, we have moved out from a really shitty cave like building, where I had tried to operate a learning centre this year.

The struggles I went through in that cave are not worth mentioning now because it was downright unbelievable.

On 22 February, a week after resigning from a teaching job I had with the Salvation Army School, I was robbed senselessly and mercilessly.

All my writing from over 20 years went to nothing, taken right out on my two laptops, an external drive and over 16 flash drives. I nearly went insane, because I was worried.

The worst feeling was that people did not understand and see how important my writing was. I didnt even care about the computers and the phones. I was really worried about my years of work that I treasure more than anything.

I felt friendless and sad. I even told my friend Ed Brumby the way I was feeling and he told me how sad he was too that my work had been stolen.

Some weeks later, I pulled myself together. I have realised long ago that there is no one to help me and I must always be strong and make things happen.

I scavenged for hard copies of my work from files I kept on shelves and got myself into intensive writing. This year, I have published two more youngsters books which are My Brother Warrollu 2 and 6 Whacky Tales for Youngsters.

Then, on Wednesday 28 November, while we were still sleeping, thieves crept through a window and stole all our phones, my electric sewing machine, money in cash, my sons graduation attire and brand new shoes that I had got ready for his graduation the following Wednesday.

When the three of us woke up in the morning, we were dumbfounded and sat on the floor and looked at each other. I was really angry and frustrated. 

I had to get new graduation things for my son and t...


The Manus babies who face a stateless future Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE

Manus baby 1LYANNE TOGIBA & MICHELLE CHENG | The Guardian

SYDNEY - The children of Manus Island refugees and local women are being denied birth certificates, according to their families, potentially leaving up to 39 of them stateless.

A number of refugee men detained in the Australian-run Manus Island regional processing centre and Papua New Guinean women started relationships as early as 2015, with some children born shortly after.

The regional processing centre was shut down in 2017 but at least 750 refugee and asylum seeker men remain in the country, with 580 of those on Manus Island, according to UN high commissioner for refugees estimates from July.

Families say authorities have refused to issue birth certificates to their children, despite multiple attempts to obtain the documents.

I just want a marriage certificate for my wife and I, birth certificates for our two babies, citizenship and an area where we can live, Haroon Rashid, a 27-year-old Rohingyan refugee, says.

Rashid fled Myanmar because of ethnic cleansing by government forces and arrived in PNG in 2013. The following year he was found to be a refugee and married a 22-year-old Manusian woman, Molly Noan.

The couple says provincial authorities have refused to issue birth certificates for their two-year-old son, Mohammed, and 17-month-old daughter, Almeera.

In 2016, after their eldest child was born, they asked the Manus Island provincial administrator for documents but were told to get confirmation from the PNG Immigration and Citizenship Authority.

But the authority told the couple it was not its responsibility and referred the matter back to the Manus Island provincial government.

Rashid and Noan have given up trying to get these documents owing to what they say are continual delays and refusals. Our marriage and life is aimless and our destiny is uncertain without him being a citizen, Noan says.

The future remains unknown for these refugee and asylum seeker men without PNG citizenship, while others face a long wait for resettlement in third countries. Now their children face a risk of statelessness too, as they lack birth certificates to prove they were born and registered in PNG.

Experts warn that the denial of birth certificates violates the childrens international legal right to be registered immediately after birth.



Me story long Talk Pinglish Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE


This fella (th)em story belong talk Pidgin
Me by talk him you (long) talk English
Talk pidgin (th)em talk talk belong all one talk
Time all sin down (na) gossip easy easy
Time all sun up (na) story kind kind
Time all eye sleep (na) sail him think think

Talk Pidgin come up number one talk talk now
Belong you me all Papua New Guinea
This fella talk talk (he) come before
Time you me like talk talk one time all whiteman
(Long) all mission (na) plantation long New Guinea
(Long) Madang (na) Rabaul (na) Kavieng (na) Buka

All this fella whiteman belong country Germany
All Germany learn him me fella
(Long) talk raus (na) makmak
(Na) me fella learn him too
(Long) talk gumi (na) maski

(Na) time me fella work one time all Catholic
All mission learn him me fella
(Long) talk pyre (na) pater
(Na) me fella learn him too
(Long) talk beten na bruder

(Na) time me fella work (long) all plantation
Me fella work one time all one talk belong Tolai
All Tolai learn him me fella
(Long) talk guria (na) avinun
(Na) me fella learn him too
(Long) talk turangu (na) tumbuna

(Na) time big fella fight (he) been come
All army fight man belong Australia (na) America
All Australia learn him me fella
(Long) talk bomb (na) cartridge
(Na) me fella learn him too
(Long) talk savvy (na) soccer

(Na) time big fella fight (he) finish
All kiap patrol officer belong Australia (he) come
All kiap learn (him) me fella
(Long) talk house line (na) master
(Na) me fella learn him too
(Long) talk humbug (na) bighead

(Na) all (a)nother fella (he) been talk talk
Time all been steal (him) all go (long) ship
Time all been work (long) sugar plantation
All too learn him me fella
(Long) talk this fella (na) kaikai
(Na) me fella learn him too
(Long) talk pikinini (na) calaboose

Time me fella go back (long) ol place
Belong me fella one one
Me fella (he) been smart true
Me fella (he) been lose him place long fella time true
(Na) me fella come up big fella man hurry up true

Because me fella stop one time all whiteman
Because me fella work one time all whiteman
Because me fella pray one time all whiteman
Because m...

Friday, 14 December



True North in Buka




True North Pictures




New Dawn FM News
More tourist are expected to visit Bougainville as Tour operators include Bougainville as one of a safe and attractive tourist destinations in the world.
This was made known by the owner and Skipper of True North Cruise Ship at the Sasalam Hihikuma Festival this afternoon.
The Tourists said that Bougainville has a lot of tourists attractions that can be further developed.
They said it was much safer and closer to home.
The Captain also presented THREE THOUSNAD KINA cash to the Sasalam Hihikuma festival at Hamatana Primary School this afternoon.
Meanwhile the Member for Hagogohe, ROBERT HAMAL SAWA also thanked the tourists for visiting Bougainville.
He said Bougainville has a lot to show the world in terms of tourism products and historical world war two sites.





Pictures from the Sapani Ward Reconciliation

SAPANI WARD Recon131218 173



New Dawn FM News

The member representing the women of North Bougainville and Deputy Parliamentary Speaker, FRANCESCA SEMOSO yesterday praised the people of Bougainville for moving ahead with reconciliations throughout the region.
Speaking at the SAPANI reconciliation in Peit, MS SEMOSO said that she has attended several reconciliations in South, Central and Bougainville and just returned from the Atolls and Nissan island reconciliations and was satisfied that the people are committed to the peace process on Bougainville.
He said in her trips she has witnessed that the people have taken ownership of the process and the process in moving.
She said that she wants to see all reconciliations completed and constituencies declared as referendum ready by the end of December this year.

SAPANI WARD Recon131218 061



Member for Haku Robert Tulsa Chika

SAPANI WARD Recon131218 218



Minister for Community Development at the recon.
Picture L Banae

SAPANI WARD Recon131218 228



New Dawn FM News
The former ABG Vice President and member of the Bougainville Referendum Commission, PATRICK NISIRA has told the people of SAPANI, SOLOS and Bougainville as a whole that Bougainville can become one of a very successful and peaceful places on earth.
He made these remarks at the reconciliation ceremony at SAPANI village yesterday.
MR. NISIRA said Bougainville once led the way by creating a very successful Provincial Government in Papua New Guinea and can do it again this time after the conduct of the Bougainville Referendum.
He said that no matter which way the cookie crumbles Bougainville will repeat the history by creating something better in the Pacific Region.
MR.NISIRA said Bougainvilleans just need to complete their reconciliation ceremonies to set the stage for this to happen after the referendum.
He said there was no turning back and Bougainville must move swiftly into the future.

Picture of Patrick Nisira shaking hands with the people Picture Lawrence Banae

SAPANI WARD Recon131218 213


West Papua liberation movement calls for UN support for independence referendum in 2019 West Papua Action Network

West Papua liberation movement calls for UN support for independence referendum in 2019

Peter Boyle
December 14, 2018


West Papua


Rex Rumakiek, secretary of United Liberation Movement for West Papua. Photo: Peter Boyle.

Rex Rumakiek, a veteran campaigner for independence for his homeland of West Papua, lives in political exile in Australia. He serves as secretary of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP). On the eve of West Papua Flag Day, an annual commemoration of the declaration of independence by the Free Papua Movement on December 1, 1961, Rumakiek was part of a group that raised the Morning Star flag over Leichhardt Town Hall in Sydney.

Morning Star flag raisings took place peacefully all around the world, but in Indonesian-occupied West Papua and several cities in Indonesia, peaceful flag raisings were met with violent repression and hundreds of arrests. Many West Papuans were beaten up by police or Indonesian ultra-nationalist militia.

"The flag raisings throughout Indonesia were a ULMWP coordinated activity", Rumakiek explained to Green Left Weekly in an interview on December 13. "There were a great number of Indonesians who participated this time. The West Papuan Peoples Petition calling for a referendum was also signed by many Indonesian trans-migrants to West Papua."

On December 2, 24 Indonesian road construction workers were killed in Nguda, in a highlands work camp along the controversial Trans-Papua road and bridge project. Sebby Sambon, a spokesperson for the West Papua National Liberation Army (TPNPB), which has opposed the project, claimed responsibility for the attack.

Since then, the Indonesian armed forces (TNI) have escalated their campaign of attacks on and bombings of villages in the area. Such attacks are not new; just three months ago villagers in the area were killed and displaced by similar military operations.

The killing of the 24 road construction workers was just the "latest flash point of the existing tension regarding the road construction contract run by the Indonesian military", Rumakiek told GLW. "It was bound to happen".

Rumakiek explained, &quot...


The Weekly Volcanic Activity Report: December 5 - 11, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

New activity/unrest was reported for 2 volcanoes between December 5 and 11, 2018. During the same period, ongoing activity was reported for 14 volcanoes. New activity/unrest: Manam, Papua New Guinea | Mayon, Luzon (Philippines). Ongoing activity: Aira, Kyushu...... Read more


US$13B Porgera Arbitration To Go Ahead, Says Tuke Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

The dispute is a domestic issue involving the people of Porgera suing the government of PNG for breaches of contract, breach of the duty of care owed to the landowners of Porgera for damages including injury, loss and harm caused by the operation of the Porgera gold mine by Barrick Niugini Limited for over 29 years since it has commenced operation in Porgera in 1989.

Yombi Kep | Post Courier | December 13, 2018

A US$13.28 billion arbitration notice served by a landowner group to the Department of Mining and the Department of Justice and Attorney General (DJAG) has been given the green light by the department responsible.

According to an interview with the Minister for Mining, the department has agreed to the arbitration notice served by the Porgera Gold Mine Landowners and the Justice Foundation for Porgera.

The matter is registered with our office and we will just go through the international arbitration process, said Johnson Tuke.

Mr Tuke said that arbitration is an international matter, and they will allow the arbitration process to go forward wit...


Bougainville gets caught in Chinas Pacific power game with West Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

Bougainvilles huge copper reserves and independence vote draw global interest

Fumi Matsumoto, Nikkei Asian Review | December 11, 2018

A small island has found itself caught in the escalating battle for influence in the South Pacific.

On both economic and diplomatic fronts, Papua New Guineas autonomous region of Bougainville has become a key piece in the game between Beijing, on one side, and the U.S. and its allies on the other.

With Bougainville holding one of the worlds largest untapped deposits of copper, Chinese and Western companies are weighing the prospects for reopening its Panguna copper mine closed since a vicious civil war broke out in 1989. The island is also set to hold an independence referendum on June 15, potentially creating a new country that could vote in international forums such as the United Nations.

John Momis, president of the Autonomous Bougainvill...


PNG government rethinking China mining deal after opposition "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Radio New Zealand | 13 December 2018

Papua New Guineas mining minister says the government is looking at changing parts of a mining deal struck with China.

In November, China and PNG signed a $US148 million memorandum of understanding to extend the Ramu nickel mines refinery in Madangs Basamuk Bay.

But more than 1,000 locals are now threatening to shut down the Basamuk refinery if their demands arent met.

They want funding for a local highway extension and other local benefits from the Chinese developer, the Metallurgical Corporation of China.

The minister, Johnson Tuke, met with landowners on Tuesday and said hes now raising their concerns with the company.

There are some terms and conditions of the MoA might change and the treasury department are waiting on certain terms and conditions of the physical responsibilities too.

The petitioners have given the government until 19 December to r...




The recent outburst by the Attorney General has a lot to be desired coming from a Senior State Minister considered by many to be one of the last remaining upright and good leaders of this nation. However, it seems there is a lot more than what meets the eye. Our knight in shining Amour appears to be a devil of the highest order. A lot of information is intentionally concealed and withheld to deceive the general public and so the government of the day. And to what end, one may ask. Is this a ploy to remove a hardworking and honest woman who has been knocking out dubious claims from the minister and his cronies and may be, other personal reasons the Minister is not telling? Well soon find out. He may not be as honest just like the current crop of ministers in parliament. Ministers of the current government are frantically fighting for their own self-interests and he is no exception. If he was honest, he would have addressed some very high-profile corruption cases that have been before his office for a long time now and of true national importance. Paraka saga and co to name a few. This money as we will see is rightfully the peoples and the delays in settlement was not the Sol Gen fault. Off course not the K200 million as he purports and intentionally inflates to defame, but a fraction as we will see.
This judgment for the payout of royalties of K200 million stems from a Supreme Court decision passed in 2003 against the State. The Plaintiffs were aggrieved Gobe PDL land owners who claimed that royalty payments were not done properly. Royalty payments and not tax payers monies. A Creditors Screening Committee was therefore, set up comprising DPE officers and land owners to assess the claims for payout pursuant to the court order.

However, the Department of Petroleum and Energy wanted a proper audit conducted to ascertain and confirm payments already made and ones owing to the Plaintiff before outstanding payments were settled. This information was to be provided by the DPE and the Finance Department. Numerous court orders and decisions in 2014 demanded the provision of this information before payments were made but to no avail. This off course is not the Solicitor Generals fault. However, it now has become the cross on which she would be hanged. That is, for administrative failures by the Finance Department and the DPE. Nonetheless, the K200 million ordered by court to be...


Nautilus deep sea mining plans in doubt over vessel conflict "IndyWatch Feed"

mining vessel

Ewen Hosie | Australian Mining | December 12, 2018

Nautilus Minerals production support vessel (PSV) has been acquired by Indian company MDL Energy in a blow to Nautilus deep-sea mining plans.

The in-construction PSV is a cornerstone of the Canadian companys plans for its Solwara 1 deep sea mining project in Papua New Guinea.

The Solwara 1 project is an underwater mining project using heavy vehicles called seafloor production tools (SPTs) for sulphide extraction (primarily gold, silver and copper) from the Bismarck Sea, offshore Papua New Guinea.

The PSV is primarily designed to support Nautilus mining operations by collecting the extracted materials at the waters surface via pumps running up from the seabed.

In July 2018, the owner of the Chinese shipyard where the PSV is being built announced that it had rescinded its shipbuilding contract with Nautilus-contracted Marine Assets Corporation (MAC) due to the latter defaulting on its payments, throwing the vessels future into doubt....



New Dawn FM News
Bougainville will soon pass its own laws to regulate the Land Transport Business in Bougainville.
A officer from the TRANSPORT DEPARTMENT, DOUGLAS KENDI told New Dawn FM this afternoon that once the ABG passes its own transport law Bougainville can now establish its Transport Board to regulate the industry in Bougainville.
MR. KENDI said currently many transport Businesses like, Taxies and Hire cars and big trucking companies are operating without licence.
He said Bougainville has the powers to make its own laws to regulate the industry and also collect revenues.
MR. KENDI said that officers from the Transport Department have been coming to Bougainville training ABG officials to prepare policy papers for the ABG Parliament to enact transport laws for Bougainville.
On the question of Registered vehicle Inspection workshops, MR. KENDI said that they have already licenced Vehicle Inspection depots in ARAWA, BUIN and BUKA and this work will start in JANUARY next year.





New Dawn FM News

The member for HAGOGOHE and Minister for Public Service, ROBERT HAMAL SAWA today called on the people of Bougainville to unite despite their differences to make sure they create a conducive environment to have a event free Referendum next year.
MR. SAWA made these comments at the SASALAM HIHIKUMA festival this afternoon.
He said that the leaders of Bougainville including ABG and the National members are united and want the people to also do the same at their level.
MR. SAWA said that HAGOGOHE Constituency is now working to declare HAGOGOHE has homebrew free after they have removed all gas bottles from their constituency.
He said anyone who is found to be brewing homebrew and selling will be dealt with by the law.
MR. SAWA said that is why the five days SASALAM HIHIKUMA festival is running smoothly with no drunkards.
The member said this to make sure all show goers and performers showcase their items in a safe and free atmosphere.
He again thanked his people for their participation at this years SASALAM HIHIKUMA FESTIVAL.






The ABG President Chief DR. JOHN MOMIS today addressed show goers at the SASALAM HIHIKUMA CULTURAL FESTIVAL which is on its second last day.
The Show started on Monday and will end tomorrow with a visit from Tourists on board TRUE NORTH CRUISE ship from Australia.
The tourists today met the people of Korepovi in Kereaka.
In his speech President MOMIS called on the people of Bougainville to stay focus on the upcoming referendum and not to be distracted by people who want to divert the attention of the people of Bougainville.
He said the people of Bougainville have a goal and that is not to miss the only opportunity of a life time and that is to decide their destiny.
President MOMIS also thanked the leaders and the people of HAGOGOHE for staging the SASALAM HIHIKUMA Festival in which they can clearly showcase their culture and their identity as a people.
He said people who have no identity do not know where they are going and have no future.





New Dawn FM News

The Acting Secretary for the Department of Bougainville Peace Agreement Implementation, DENIS KUIAI says that proper and uniform information is needed so that the people of Bougainville get the same information.
Speaking at a Press conference with news reporters today, MR. KUIAI said that government information should be channelled through the Bureau of media and Communications and then to outlets like Radio Bougainville, New Dawn FM and the PNG Newspapers and online news outlets.
MR. KUIAI said that his department was also concerned that some information that are currently disseminated to the communities are not sanctioned.
He said at this stage the awareness should be on the Referendum itself and why it must be held.
The other issues as the questions can then be discussed once the people are fully informed so that there is no confusing on Referendum day.
He said that he was confident that the outcome of the referendum would be accepted by the people of Bougainville.




The single mother in PNG: Just how does she do it? Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE

Brian and BriannaDOMINICA ARE

GOROKA This past 4 September, I gave myself a huge pat on the back, congratulated myself and hugged my twins Brianna and Brian so tight they gasped for air.

I had made it. We had made it. We had survived their first year. A single mother and two small twins. Honestly, I couldnt even believe it.

Time flies so damn fast when youre having double fun.  I was full of glee and so proud of myself that I could hardly concentrate at work.

I almost burst with happiness as I dwelled on the struggles I rose above in that first year. The feeling was superb. I spoilt the children with cupcakes afterwards.

True, the journey was not all rosy; there were several setbacks. But we survived. Most importantly, my babies are happy and healthy and thats all that matters.

There are times and situations when I wished things would be different. It was hard work and emotionally wearing.

However, no matter how tough and heavy it got, I just carried my cross and marched on. Ive learnt a lot. This state has unleased strengths and powers within me I never knew existed.

Certainly, no woman is an island. There are people who made the passage bearable by being there and urging me on my mum and sisters are my rock, my babysitter is heaven sent, my neighbours turned into family by loving my children as their own.

People like them make this harsh world a better place to live. I consider myself blessed to be given such wonderful gifts.

Even though some things may not make perfect sense now, eventually they will fall into place. I guess my journey has just started.

Countless people have and will travel this path and I know Im not alone in this. Im grateful for the courageous women who share their experiences fearlessly. Our experiences and stories may not be the same but we stood and dealt with our situation head on. You inspire me.

People ask me all the time how I did it alone with two kids at the same time. People ask me how much I spend on diapers and formulas. People ask me how it is my babies are blooming each day. People ask me if I have enough sleep at night. People ask me how I cope with my CPA accounting studies.

The endless questions continue. Ill sum up my answers by looking at Dominicas year.




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