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Saturday, 17 February


Lae City Dwellers miss out on home final but not out Papua New Guinea Today

OFC Champions League debutants Nalkutan used home ground to their advantage as an impressive second half performance saw them overcome the favoured Lae City Dwellers 4-1 to claim the top of Group A at Korman Stadium in Vanuatu yesterday.

Lae City Dwellers coach Peter Gunemba was unhappy his side wouldnt be offering their supporters a home match for the quarter final, but said the most important thing was qualifying, which they did.

We were supposed to play our best but something went wrong, he said.

We were thinking we would play better in the second half, even though in the first they raided our defence a few times. I know we can play better but I think they went in and went to sleep.

The goal went in and the boys just lost concentration and they need to be on all the time at this level.

Gunemba said the mind-set switches to the quarter final now and making sure the side is as prepared as possible.

Nalkutan coach Moise Poida praise his side for the outstanding performance and said executing was near perfect.

The top two teams in Group A, the fans who trickled into Korman Stadium knew they would be in for a tight match, and for the first 45 minutes they were.

Both sides had chances, although the home side appeared to enjoy much more possession, and were inseparable going into the break.

However Nalkutan came out of the sheds much more prepared for the second half and almost caught Lae sleeping as Azariah Soromon netted just two minutes after the restart.

A second came in the 58th minute followed a minute later by substitute Richard Manurikis well placed strike.

Lae City Dwellers answered back through Nigel Dabinyaba who latched onto a great pass before chipping it into the net. Soromon rounded out his hat-trick and put the game to bed in the 90th minute to send the crowd into frenzy.

After a fairly even first half where both sides enjoyed chances in a high-pace, test of strength and stamina, Poida said the instructions at the break were clear.

We analysed the first half and changed a bit the way we played. We had to take them behind the back so the combinations in the final third were really important.

We managed to get it right in the second half pretty quickly, and that early goal gave us confidence and put them under a lot of pressure.

Nalkutan will now host a home quarter-final while Lae City Dwellers will await the official draw on 5 March to learn where they will be heading...


Father pledges second walk to Canberra to support Manus Island refugees "IndyWatch Feed"

Father pledges second walk to Canberra to support Manus Island refugeesCompelled by human rights and a desire to teach his son valuable life lessons, Adam Richards will make his second trek from Sydney to Canberra to raise awareness to the plight of refugees and asylum seekers. Story by Chris Mordd Richards. read now...


On the trail of the missing PNG fisheries observers Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE

Fishing monitoringKEITH JACKSON

NOOSA The other day I tweeted an alarming story that had been raised in the Papua New Guinea parliament by East Sepik Governor Alan Bird.

The latest observer lost was James Numbaru, an employee of PNG's National Fisheries Authority, who went missing in mysterious circumstances in the sea near Nauru last year, Radio New Zealand had reported.

My tweet read: In recent years 18 official #PNG fisheries observers have disappeared from foreign fishing vessels. Eighteen! Their job is to look out for illegalities. Only now has the matter been raised in the PNG parliament.

Well this brief note had a big reaction: so far it has reached more than 5,000 people and triggered over 160 interactions with readers.

This morning Ive received an email from Philip Flipper Brown, a Hawaii-based American Fisheries Observer whose beat is North Central Pacific.

Aloha, wrote Flipper. I read a retweet from you about the disappearance of 18 PNG fisheries observers.

The Association for Professional Observers is very interested in keeping track of such things, and I am trying to track down the source of your statistic or where I might find any records of these deaths.

We only have records of six deaths(thats what it means when someone disappears at sea) - all good well-intentioned people trying to make a living and protect our resources.

Anything you could do to point me in the right direction would be appreciated .

Illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing accounts for at least 14% and up to 30% of the total world seafood catch, so we are up against a huge financial interest that will kill an observer with impunity.

If four mailmen were to disappear the reaction would be immediate. Any help would be appreciated.

Ive sent on Flippers request to Radio New Zealand, but any assistance readers are able to offer will be taken up by Flipper and his colleagues to help keep the Pacific safe for fisheries observers and environmentally secure.

You can email Flipper here [] or respond through the Comments link below.


The trials of Professor Schram: Beyond facts, logic or truth Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE


Albert Schram
Professor Albert Schram

NOOSA It was a brief response from Albert Schram that I received last night: Thank you for your support. This has gone beyond facts, logic or truth.

Now, as regular readers of PNG Attitude will know, Professor Schram is vice-chancellor of the University of Technology in Lae, Papua New Guinea.

In 2013, as he tried to revitalise an ailing institution, Schram was booted out of the country because hed discovered a nest of vipers in his own institution and in PNGs higher education sector.

But sanity eventually prevailed and in 2014, to the delight of Unitech staff and students, he was allowed to return to PNG and to his post.

He received the homecoming of a hero.

And now, as his institution rebuilds and begins to make real progress, it is all happening again.

I must admit I dont fully understand the background to the most recent moves against Dr Schram. But here, in his own words, is what he says just happened and why.

The reasons stated in the forum for my dismissal were:

1 - Failure to present credentials. This is untrue. I presented the proof to the Registrar who destroyed it.

2 - Travelling six months a year. This is true. Two months leave and four months travel. Ive done that each year since 2014 to restore the reputation of Unitech. And why was this not an issue at my performance review of 26 August 2016?


Friday, 16 February



By Aloysius Laukai
The ABG Vice President and member for Atolls and Minister for Mining, RAYMOND MASONO says mining and Independence cannot be separated.
He said only mining can enable the ABG to meet its 3rd pillar that is Fiscal
Self-reliance in a short period of time.
MR. MASONO said other economic activities like agriculture will take years and will not reach the amount needed by the ABG to govern as an Independent nation.
The Vice President made these remarks when thanking KOKODA constituency for the launch of their Exploration licence at Aropa recently.
MR. MASONO said he has been talking mining since day one, but now KOKODA will lead Bougainville if their exploration is successful.
A local company SRMI Bougainville Limited has started its exploration work in the KOKODA area whilst ISINA and TOREMANA and KALI Resources are yet to start with their exploration work.
The Vice President said that KOKODA is leading the way forward to move Bougainville into its previous glory days before the Bougainville conflict.



Dancers at the Kangu Launch




By Aloysius Laukai
The Bougainville Electoral Commission has lost a very senior and reliable officer and would take time to find another such officer.
These were the words of the Bougainville Electoral Commissioner, GEORGE MANU when farewelling the body of the late DORCAS AUASI at PAGHUI village in the WISAI area of BUIN last night.
The Bougainville Electoral Commissioner his wife and officers from the Electoral Commission office escorted the body to PAGHUI where they handed the boy to the family.
MR. MANU was lost for words in describing his officer who worked with him since 2008 at the then PEACE office and later moving to the Office of the Bougainville Electoral Commission when MR. MANU was appointed as the Acting Electoral Commissioner.
Earlier at the Funeral ceremony at the UNITED CHURCH in Buka town, MR. MANU called the late DORCAS AUASI as an IRON lady who mediated between the warring WILMO and Mekamui fighters in the Konnou area.
He said that she silently contributed a lot to the Bougainville Peace Process as the Bougainville Peoples Congress member and later as an officer of the Peace office and the Office of the Bougainville Electoral Commission.



By Aloysius Laukai
The ABG member for Konnou and Minister for Police and Justice, WILLIE MASIU yesterday thanked the Bougainville Electoral Commissioner and his staff for making arrangements to get the body of the late DORCAS AUASI to her final resting home in PAGHUI, WISAI.
Speaking at the Funeral Service in Buka, MR. MASIU said that as the member for Konnou he was happy that the Department of Peace and Obec officers have moved quickly to make funeral arrangements and including the airlifting of her coffin from Port Moresby.
MR. MASIU also acknowledged the work that the late DORCAS did in Konou and Wisai to bring peace and reconciliation to Konnou and Bougainville as a whole.




By Aloysius Laukai

The ABG President Chief DR.JOHN MOMIS is calling on the ABG members not to threaten the Manager for the Bougainville Ombudsman Commission office regarding the Constituency Support Grant saga.
In a media release yesterday, the ABG President that it was not appropriate for some ABG members to make threats to the Ombudsman Commission Manager in Buka regarding this issue.
President MOMIS said that he was working with the Ombudsman Commission to resolve this matter as quickly as possible.
He said that a formal submission will be made to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission to reach a resolution on this important allowance to support members of the House of Representatives in the work they undertake.
He also called on the Ombudsman Commission to maintain open communication channels with the ABG Parliament so that members remain informed of the work to resolve this matter as quickly as possible.
New Dawn FM last year ran a story on the concerns raised by the Ombudsman Commission on ABG members banking the Constituency Support Grants to the members personal accounts.




By Aloysius Laukai
The South Bougainville fastboat, MVSANDY ROSE TOURUKA was officially welcomed to South Bougainville last week.
The ONE MILLION KINA boat bought with funding from the DSIP funds of the member for South Bougainville failed to arrive at the KANGU wharf where the celebration was staged due to strong winds and bad weather.
The boat left TOROKINA the previous night but took refuge at MAMAGOTA and could not travel to Buin due to strong winds.
Despite this the launce was staged at the KANGU wharf and officials came from BANA, Siwai and Buin to witness the boats arrival.
Speeches at the beach was made by the member for the South Bougainville former combatants, Women member for South Bougainville ISABELL PETA and the ABG President Chief DR. JOHN MOMIS.
The ABG President, Chief DR. JOHN MOMIS said that the coastal villages of South Bougainville will now be serviced by this boat once it starts operating.
He said that the ABG was not able to service these areas in the past as it had no money. And he thanked the member for South Bougainville, TIMOTHY MASIU for working with the ABG to serve the people of Bougainville.





BY Aloysius Laukai

The new UN Resident Coordinator for Papua New Guinea,
GIANLUCA RAMPOLLA arrived in Buka today for an official visit to Bougainville.
MR RAMPOLLA was accorded a Bougainville traditional welcome and was welcomed by the ABG Vice President, RAYMOND MASONO, ABG leaders, senior Government officials and UN and UNDP Bougainville officials.
The UN team then proceeded to meet the ABG President, Chief DR.JOHN MOMIS than later meet with the Bougainville House of Representatives Deputy Speaker FRANCESCA SEMOSO and Chairman of the Bougainville Referendum Committee and member for Selau, Joseph Watawi.
They will then meet with women parliamentarians tomorrow morning.
The UN leader will also meet with former combatants before meeting with the Minister for Peace Agreement Implementation, ALBERT PUNGHAU and the Secretary for the Peace Agreement Implementation, JAMES TANIS.
Also tomorrow the UN team will later meet with the Bougainville chief Secretary, JOSEPH NOBETAU at the Bougainville administration conference room.
Before departing for Port Moresby on Thursday the UN leader will meet with the Gender and Youth Promotion Initiative for a round table consultation.




By Aloysius Laukai

The ABG President Chief DR.JOHN MOMIS today paid tribute to the late PAUL AKOITAI the big brother of SAM AKOITAI of TOGARAU in WAKUNAI.
President Momis in his condolence message to the family of the Late PAUL AKOITAI said that on behalf of his wife Lady Elizabeth Momis And the people of Bougainville he extended their most sincere condolences on the passing on of the late PAUL AKOITAI.
He said that the late PAUL AKOITAI was a leader and Commander of the Wakunai Resistance Force but also known to other resistance forces on Bougainville.
The late PAUL AKOITAI contributed greatly to peace negotiations and agreements.
He was a great supporter of Peace and the Autonomous Bougainville Government.




By Aloysius Laukai
The former Bougainville Revolutionary General SAM KAUONA said that the Bougainville Mining law protects the rights of landowners and they should organize and find investors to develop their land.
MR. KAUONA made these comments at the launch of the KOKODA Exploration program at TUNANIA near Aropa on Monday.
He said that 28 years ago he joined the militants to remove oppressors from Bougainville which led to the Bougainville conflict.
MR. KAUONA said that those days are gone and now with the ABG and Bougainvilles own Mining act the landowners are well protected to move forward and raise their standards of living.
He said with the change in the land laws the landowners are powered as they own their land with resources under their land.




By Aloysius Laukai

The ABG member for KOKODA, RODNEY OSIOCO says KOKODA constituency will support the ABG meet the Pillar for Fiscal Self Reliance of Bougainville under the Bougainville Peace Agreement.
Speaking at the launch of the KOKODA Exploration launching in Tunania on Monday, MR.OSIOCO said that the Autonomous Bougainville Government has wasted Millions of Kina in the hope of kick-starting the now closed Panguna Mine.
He said each time new funds were injected to Panguna another new problem would emerge making it more difficult for the ABG to realize its dreams.
MR. OSIOCO said that the granting of an Exploration license to SR METALS INC Bougainville has made it possible for the company to start exploration in the KOKODA area and eventually establish a mine that would support the ABG with the much needed funds.
He called on the people of KOKODA to forget their differences and support the project that would benefit the landowners and the people of Bougainville as a whole.
The ABG President Chief DR. JOHN MOMIS officially launched the exploration program for KOKODA .
The ABG last year granted another exploration license to the ISINA Resources Limited also in the KOKODA and Kongara area of Central Bougainville.



MRA and PNGTPA collaborate on initiative Papua New Guinea Today

Papua New Guinea is set to add a new product onto its existing list of tourists attractions and products.

The PNG Tourism Promotion Authority (PNGTPA) and the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) have begun initial discussions on the concept of Geo-Tourism as a new product development initiative. This is an addition to the traditional tourism products such as culture, diving, surfing and bird watching among others.

The two agencies will soon sign an MOU to cooperate in developing the concept. Officials from the two agencies have had several meetings to agree on the details of the MOU.

The concept capitalises on the countrys tropical and natural geographical landscapes including rocks, caves and springs, which carry unique historical stories such as origins and formation.
The idea is to survey and identify these distinctive features, research and write about the scientific aspects behind their formation, and present them as tourism products. In addition some of these features may have cultural significance. Not only will these features and their stories be able to attract tourists for leisure and entertainment purposes, but they are also natural habitats that can be used to provide training and educational opportunities for researchers, students and surrounding communities to learn about the environment they live in.
The pilot project will be developed initially in the National Capital District, Central and the East New Britain provinces after the first quarter.

Besides the concept being an opportunity to earn direct revenue for local communities and villagers in terms of tourism Kina, it will be the first for concerned communities to appreciate the science behind how their villages and surrounding environment was formed.


ExxonMobile PNG thanks its community development partners Papua New Guinea Today

More than 100 organisations attended a community partner thank you event, hosted by ExxonMobil PNG on Thursday 15 February in Port Moresby.

ExxonMobil PNG Managing Director Andrew Barry acknowledged the many development partners the company works with including community organisations, government agencies, NGOs and aid agencies.

Our approach has always been to build partnerships to identify, define and prioritise potential programs to deliver results that meet stakeholder needs said Barry.

Through a range of innovative and strategic community programs we are using our combined talents to improve access to education and health care, elevate womens initiatives, enhance livelihoods and protect the countrys extraordinary biodiversity.

Witnessing the achievements of our partners have been some of my greatest moments at ExxonMobil PNG. The results speak for themselves and support a shared vision to contribute to societal development in line with the countrys sustainable development goals.

A number of organisations showcased and spoke about the work they were doing in partnership with ExxonMobil PNG.

Esmie Sinapa said it was a unique opportunity to partner with ExxonMobil to help improve living standards in their respective community development sectors. Ms Sinape developed and is implementing an innovative leadership and governance training program for school boards of management in Central Province under a Public Private Partnership arrangement, between ExxonMobil PNG Limited, the Central Provincial Government and Esmie Sinapa Development Consultants. The journey is rewarding and one of growth for many of us, she said.

Mr Barry concluded by thanking everyone present. On behalf of ExxonMobil PNG, I would like thank you for your support and partnership throughout 2017. 2018 will be an exciting and busy year with APEC coming up, we must continue to work together to deliver programs that are efficient, drive positive development and will benefit the livelihood of Papua New Guineans for the long-term.

Since 2014, ExxonMobil PNG has invested over K820 million in community and infrastructure development programs focused on education, health, womens empowerment, environment and agriculture.


BCL wants to bully Bougainville into reopening Panguna "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Has BCL not learnt from history that Bougainvilleans do not like being bullied!

BCL takes Bougainville Govt to court over licence non-renewal

Radio New Zealand | 16 February, 2018

Mining company Bougainville Copper Ltd is taking an arm of the Bougainville government to court.

This came after the autonomous government in the Papua New Guinea region announced late last year a moratorium on mining at Panguna, which had been abandoned in 1989 after the civil war started.

Two companies are vying to re-open Panguna but Bougainville President John Momis said to get the nod, the successful company must first win the trust of the people and BCL is yet to do this.

Meanwhile a mining wardens meeting in central Bougainville in December turned down BCLs request for its exploration licence to be extended.

But the company is not...


Chinese looking to cut costs for Frieda river mine Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

What will be the costs for the environment and the mighty Sepik river as PanAust looks to decrease capital expenditure?

Frieda River upside options explored

PNG Industry News | 16 February 2018 

THE Frieda River copper-gold project in Papua New Guineas Sandaun Province represents PanAusts long-term strategic growth opportunity.

This was said by PanAust managing director Fred Hess when he presented the companys quarterly report for December 2017 this week.

[PanAust is wholly owned by Chinese State company, Guangdong Rising Assets Management Co. Ltd (GRAM)]

In 2017, we made strides towards making the project a reality through identifying opportunities to increase the value of the project, decrease capital expenditure, and reduce its overall risk profile. 

We will continue to evaluate these opportunities in 2018, Hess said. 



The Weekly Volcanic Activity Report: February 7 - 13, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

New activity/unrest was reported for 3 volcanoes between February 7 and 13, 2018. During the same period, ongoing activity was reported for 15 volcanoes. New activity/unrest: Fuego, Guatemala | Kadovar, Papua New Guinea | Mayon, Luzon (Philippines).Ongoing activity:...... Read more

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