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Monday, 19 February


Fina'kuentos Chamorro #6: Si Yu'os, Yu'os... "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople.pacific"

I have not written one of these posts in a while, although the collecting of Chamorro sayings continues. Fina'kuentos Chamorro is where I post different Chamorro sayings or phrases, they are important in providing us a sense of the Chamorro worldview, both in history and in a contemporary context, and give us a sense of the Chamorro particular flavor to life. Sometimes this flavor can be very familiar to other cultures, sometimes it can be very Catholic, sometimes is can appear to be very tied to the land and people here themselves.

This saying "Si Yu'os, Yu'os. I taotao, taotao ha'" can be both very simple, yet also encompass very deep thoughts. It translates simply to "God is God, man is man."

On the surface it is simply that men should not worry about things that are beyond their control, as those things lie in God's hands and he will determine what happens. It is a simplified serenity prayer.

I find this saying useful in terms of its critical potential in referring to those things that are supposed to be beyond our ability to affect or influence. To this end I have used this saying in my Pacific Daily News columns and even academic articles when trying to discuss Chamorro layers of epistemology.

For example, if you swap out "Yu'os" and "taotao" and replace them with nouns more familiar to political status discussions, you receive the division that animates much of Guam's decolonial deadlock, "Iya Amerika, Amerika, Guhan, Guhan ha'." The US is that which brings life, order, prosperity and possibility, Guam is just Guam, and that's it.


The Death of the Chamorro Language "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople.pacific"

Ti siguro yu' hyi tumuge' este, lao interesnte. Guaha meggai na hestoria put i Chamorro gi Islas Sangkattan gi este na ti gof anakko' na tinige'. Hu sodda' este na tinige' ginen i gasetan Saipan, annai manespipiha yu' infotmasion put Fino' Chamorro gi halom i kottre gi Islas Sangkattan. Ti meggai na infotmasion humuyong, lao hu fakcha'i este. Ti hu tungo' i kilisyanu na fulnu ni' tumuge', lao ya-hu i milalk-a i hinasso-a siha. Frihon yan botlon.


The Death of Chamorro Language
March 31, 1999
The Saipan Tribune

For many years, we were active participants in the death of our local vernacular. It started with the golden days in grammar school when speaking your language lands you some corporal punishment, a fine of five cents, scribbling several pages of I will not speak Chamorro; picking up trash outside the classroom after school, among others.

Well into high school, theres the student monitors or JPOs who were authorized to arrest students for speaking their native tongue. At Hopwood, we even had a student court where defendants are brought in to justify why they spoke Chamorro. More often than not, its a textbook case and we giggle when the sentence is issued.

But I noticed too that dependents of TTG stateside employees were never arrested for speaking the local language. Of course, English is their first language spoken both at school and at home. But the use of our local and new lingo is divided: we brave use of conversational English at school, scrap the whole bag as we leave campus in the afternoon, return the next day pretending were all real Amerrrrican kids bluffing other students with our Dick, Jane, Sally and Spot vocabulary.

There were graceful moments too as we struggled to learn the English Language. Our sixth grade teacher, Mr. Frank M. Sablan, once asked the class to name the fruit right next to our classroom window known in Chamorro as laguana. There was a moment of silence when a tiny hand in the corner was raised. Declared my classmate: Legueners! Man, did the class broke out in laughter. Our wonderful teacher finally volunteered that its called sour sop.

I remember another classmate who cont...


Surprise, Surprise. Nationals appear to be telling pork pies to voters on the NSW North Coast yet again "IndyWatch Feed"

Echo NetDaily, 15 Februaty 2018:

An animal activist has accused two National Party MPs of 'misleading the public' over claims the RMS has revegetated more than a hundred hectares of land along the Pacific Highway Ballina upgrade route with tens of thousands of koala feed trees.
In recent weeks both roads minister Melinda Pavey and north coast MLC Ben Franklin have made public statements regarding the re-vegetation of koala habitat at Meerschaum Vale to compensate for the damage caused by the highway upgrade construction.
On February 3, Minister Pavey said in a press release that 'the government had re-vegetated 130 hectares of land with 95,000 koala feed trees.'


Global fires affect Earth's methane emission levels "IndyWatch Feed"

National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA), 4 January 2018:

A reduction in global burned area in the 2000s had an unexpectedly large impact on methane emissions.

A new NASA-led study has solved a puzzle involving the recent rise in atmospheric methane, a potent greenhouse gas, with a new calculation of emissions from global fires. The new study resolves what looked like irreconcilable differences in explanations for the increase.

Methane emissions have been rising sharply since 2006. Different research teams have produced viable estimates for two known sources of the increase: emissions from the oil and gas industry, and microbial production in wet tropical environments like marshes and rice paddies. But when these estimates were added to estimates of other sources, the sum was considerably more than the observed increase. In fact, each new estimate was large enough to explain the whole increase by itself.

Scientist John Worden of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, and colleagues focused on fires because they're also changing globally. The area burned each year decreased about 12 percent between the early 2000s and the more recent period of 2007 to 2014, according to a new study using observations by NASA's Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer satellite instrument....

Sunday, 18 February


Wakeboarding "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Hey guys, got a wakeboard boat and looking for places to go in Townsville. By the looks of it Loan Island is my best bet and the Black Weir. Is there any other spots close with freshwater where I can go or are they the only two. Thanks

submitted by /u/DoraTehXplora
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World watch Monday "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Sunday GMT For posting on events, news, opinions and anything of interest from around the world.


February 19 in history "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

197 Roman Emperor Septimius Severus defeated usurper Clodius Albinus in the Battle of Lugdunum, the bloodiest battle between Roman armies.

1473  Nicolaus Copernicus, mathematician and astronomer, was born (d. 1543).

1594-  Having already inherited the throne of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth through his mother Catherine Jagellonica of Poland,Sigismund III of the House of Vasa was crowned King of Sweden, succeeding his father John III of Sweden.

1600 The Peruvian stratovolcano Huaynaputina exploded in the most violent eruption in the recorded history of South America.

1674 England and the Netherlands signed the Peace of Westminster, ending the Third Anglo-Dutch War. A provision of the agreement transfered the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam to England, and it was renamed New York.

1743 Luigi Boccherini, Italian composer, was born  (d. 1805).

1807 Former Vice President of the United States Aaron Burr was arrested for treason and confined to Fort Stoddert.

1819 British explorer William Smith discovered the South Shetland Islands, and claimed them in the name of King George III.

1847 The first group of rescuers reached the Donner Party who had been snowbound. Some of the party resorted to cannibalism to survive.

1861 Serfdom was abolished in Russia.

1878 The phonograph was patented by Thomas Edison.



The US is Executing a Global War Plan "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

When Washington accuses Moscow and Beijing of trying to alter the international order to their advantage what the American rulers are tacitly admitting is their anxiety that the days of US hegemony are on the wane. Russia and China are not doing anything illegitimate. It is simply a fact of historical evolution.


Save Clump Point "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

ACT NOW: Make an urgent submission to GBRMPA on the proposed marine infrastructure development at Clump Point, Boat Bay, Mission Beach. DUE 5pm MONDAY 19 Feb 2018.


This is Clump Point, Boat Bay, Mission Beach, situated at the meeting point of the Great Barrier Reef and Wet Tropics World Heritage Areas.

For decades there has been pressure to enclose Boat Bay at Mission Beach to create a marina. There is now a new proposal on the table for a safe boating facility at Clump Point.

The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads is seeking approval from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority to construct a new detached breakwater (145 m rock wall) in the Marine Parks, supporting a jetty, 2 berthing pontoons, 5-6 pen berths (for commercial lease) and 5-6 swing moorings (4 commercial, 2 for visiting recreational), and the upgrade of the existing Clump Point boat ramp to provide a third lane and additional floating walkway. The boat ramp is to be designed for infrequent barge use.

Impacts of the development include:  

  • permanent loss of mangroves, healthy inshore reef and benthic habitat,
  • increased risk to seagrass meadows and megafauna due to expanded commercial operations,
  • increased risk to the numerous sensitive receptors in the immediate vicinity due to refueling operations; and
  • ...


Putin Prefers Aramco to Trump"s Sword Dance "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

In the slideshow that is Middle Eastern politics, the series of still images seldom add up to make an enduring narrative. And the probability is high that when an indelible image appears, it might go unnoticed such as Russia and Saudi Arabia wrapping up huge energy deals on Wednesday underscoring a new narrative in regional and international security.


EP 237: Violent Soho "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Ep 237 Instagram.png

Photo: Matt Walter


Violent Soho

Recorded and mixed by Branko Cosic
Recorded at the Mansfield Tavern, Brisbane, 23rd December 2017

The Mansfield 4-piece first formed in 2004, all attending Mansfield State High School. Local shows with Brisbane favourites Eat Lazer Scumbag and Gazoonga Attack caught the eye of producer Bryce Moorhead of who recorded their first EP Pigs & T.V. in 2006.

The EP gained the band attention nationally, recruiting Magic Dirts Dean Turner as manager. He also produced and released their first full length album in 2008 on his Emergency Music label. We Dont Belong Here continued their steady growth in popularity, allowing them to tour internationally for the first time as well as play national festivals Homebake, Laneway, Meredith, Falls and Southbound.

Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth became a fan of the ba...


The US-UK Deep State Empire Strikes Back: "It"s Russia! Russia! Russia!" "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The Mueller indictment against the Russians is a well-timed effort to distract Americans attention from the real collusion rotting the core of our public life by shifting attention to a foreign enemy.


Human Rights And Human Dignity "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Human rights are based on an individuals worth and should have as their goal the realization of that persons human dignity.

The post Human Rights And Human Dignity appeared first on


One way or another, Barnabys cactus. Malcolm might be too. "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Barnaby bunny blinks in the spotlight centre stage in our national political show, this week, as our Deputy PM shrewdly plays the victim in his marriage break-up while he muffs his special pleading self-defence for begging his Tamworth mogul pal, Greg Maguire, to be allowed to crash for six months at his millionaire mates luxury

The post One way or another, Barnabys cactus. Malcolm might be too. appeared first on The AIM Network.


The Changing Face of Sufism in South Asia "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Sufi syncretic culture today in South Asia is overstated. While tolerance may have been an inherent trait, the Sufi institution has evolved in a manner that it may not be able to deliver on this count.

Tomb or Shrine of the famous Sufi Saint Hazrat Baha-ud-din Zakariya in Multan, Pakistan. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Tomb or Shrine of the famous Sufi Saint Hazrat Baha-ud-din Zakariya in Multan, Pakistan. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

It was around 2010 that I started my search for Sufism in my part of the world. Initially, the idea was to get away from the excessive heat generated after publication of my second book, Military Inc. But more importantly, working on the military had trained my mind to think about power from a peoples perspective what it meant for the ordinary folk, how was it applied on them and the varied relationships that stakeholders carved out to control the public.

Someone from the family of the sufi-poet Khwaja Farid suggested that I sh...


Florida school massacre survivor against Trump, NRA "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

This 17 February 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

Emma Gonzalez, a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who survived Wednesdays mass shooting, gave a blistering speech at an anti-gun rally on Saturday about the politicians complicit in the murder of her classmates.

It was yet another reminder that the teenagers and children who grew up in the shadow of school shootings (and the 150,000 who survived one) are more practicaland less tolerant of empty rhetoricthan the adults who are supposed to protect them.

Gonzalez had no use for crocodile tears from President Trump, who was in Florida on Friday to offer his condolences (and, reportedly, to drop by a Studio 54 theme party at Mar-a-Lago):

If the president wants to come up to me and tell me to my face that it was a terrible tragedy, and how it should never have happened, and maintain telling us how nothing is going to be done about it, Im going to happily ask him how much money he received from the National Rifle Association. But hey, you want to know something? It doesnt matter, because I already know: $30 million. To every politician who is taking donations from the NRA, shame on you!

The first funerals were held Thursday and Friday for several of the 17 students and staff killed in the horrific massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in...


The Result of Mueller"s Investigation: Nothing "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Robert Mueller discredited himself and his orchestrated Russiagate investigation today (Friday, February 16, 2018) with his charges that 13 Russians and 3 Russian companies plotted to use social media to influence the 2016 election. Their intent, Mueller says, was to sow discord in the US political system.


PERTH Perth woman suffers critical head injuries "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

snip .

Perth woman suffers critical head injuries .

February 17, 2018 at 09:18PM .

5.15pm on Saturday, where they found the woman with severe head injuries. The woman remains in Fiona Stanley Hospital in a stable condition. The man has been charged with committing an act intended to cause grievous bodily harm and will appear before the Perth Magistrates Court today. .



A Rare Peek Into the Revolt of 1857, the First War to Be Caught on Camera in India "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The Alkazi Collection of Photography: The Uprising of 1857, edited by London-based historian Rosie Llewellyn Jones, examines the infamous revolt, which was among the first fully photographed wars in the history of India.

Felice Beato took this photograph of Humayuns Tomb in Delhi in 1858. Courtesy: Alkazi Collection of Photography

The East India Company arrived in India towards the end of the 17th century, and by the 19th century, it could had appropriated the entire sub-continent through treaties, trade, through war, and latterly, as in the case of Awadh, through annexation.

The book, The Alkazi Collection of Photography: The Uprising of 1857, edited by London-based historian Rosie Llewellyn Jones, examines the infamous sepoy revolt, which was among the first fully photographed wars in the history of documentary photography in India. It examines examines the upheaval from multiple perspectives.

In an interview conducted via email, the historian talks about the fascinating images:

Great book and great images, but why did you choose to work with the Alkazi collection of photographs alone? The book, titled 1857: A Pictorial Presentation published by the Indian government in 1957 to mark the centenary of the Uprising has a wider range of images culled from diverse sources. There are paintings of the Rani of Jhansi in the battlefield and of the arrest of Bahadur Shah Jafar and of the death of his sons. Of course, the 1957 book was poorly produced

I was commissioned by Ebrahim Alkazi to edit the book, the last in a series showcasing various aspects of his large collection (over 90,000 images). Pr...



365 days of gratitude "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

On my morning walk I happened to be passing the entrance to Burnside Homestead as four cyclists came out and stopped to take a photo.

I offered to take one of all of them and in the process got into conversation with them.

They were very enthusiastic about the Alps2Ocean cycleway and the hospitality theyd received at Burnside.

The cycleway has created lots of jobs and brings a lot of people who would never have travelled from Mount Cook to Oamaru Harbour without it.

Its boosting the local economy and also providing exercise opportunities for locals and Im grateful for that.


Become a Travel Writer in Japan With Global Hobo "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Are you a wannabe travel writer or an aspiring journalist with itchy feet? Do you want to spend a month in the Land of the Rising Sun learning a language, studying with media industry pros and getting real-world writing experience?

Were on the hunt for a team of hobos who want to live, work and study in Tokyo one of the worlds coolest capitals. Over the course of four weeks, youll be living and breathing all of Tokyos quirks, attending daily writing workshops taught by passionate young people from the media industry and studying Japanese with a top language school. In your spare time, youll will be writing their butts off, preparing two pieces to be pitched and published online and putting together a comprehensive city guidebook in teams.

The course has been expertly designed to be a bridge between studying and entering the workforce as a freelance writer, starting a publication or transforming your own blog into a workable commodity. If youre a high-school leaver, its the perfect mini escape before you hit the books again next year. If youre already in the throes of university and studying journ...


Working in Asia: Real Life on Easy Mode? "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

14-hour work week, why would I ever want to leave this glorious life? *crying laughing emoji*

I met this guy on Tinder, and this is how he described his job as an English teacher in Shanghai. Because, spoiler alert: basically every white guy living in China is teaching English in some capacity.

Know why? The salary is enough to cover living expenses, and the exchange rate makes money from home all-the-more useful.

And while Mr. English Teacher is living his luxury 14-hour work week, the Chinese kids he teaches are in for years of stringent study, desperate to rise to the top of an overwhelming population pool.

The university entrance exam, or (GaoKao) is a grueling two-day exam that covers a range of subjects, and is known for being one of the hardest tests in the world. These exams are lauded over kids from primary school, and the stress and pressure of performing well means ambulances are parked outside of exam halls in case students collapse.

I cant help but feel like something is off when a white man can waltz into China with no relevant qualifications (he graduated with a mathematics degree) and find a fairly comfortable life off the merit of his native English, white skin and maybe a TEFL certificate. Meanwhile, migrants venture into the West only to work twice as hard to get half as far.

Well, something is off: its called colonialism.

Dont get me wrong. Theres nothing wrong with wanting to live in another country. I mean, obviously: Im a second-gen migrant. And the fact the country you move to has a lower GDP than your native one isnt inherently insidious.

But I have a sneaking suspicion that this guy wouldnt have moved to China if there wasnt a red carpet rolled out for him.

The whole idea that life in Asian or developing countries is real life on easy mode really rubs me the wrong way. Its like those men who only date Asian women because feminism ruined white women, as if were the second choice when our Western counterparts dont work out.

It reinforces the very colonial idea that Asia exists purely for the West to invade, exploit and profit off. News flash: Asia doesnt exist so white people can play millionaire for a day.



Tourists on Scooters: Why So Many Dickheads? "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Terima kasih. Terima kasih, I repeat over and over, till my throat goes dry and the Indonesian words of gratitude become a meaningless, Australian-flavoured gibberish.

I wince. And fiddle with the label of the plastic water bottle that Ketut pressed gently into my hands. Made chucks me a toothy grin and tells me to breathe as he treats my left leg with Betadine. His hands, baked golden by years of sun with deep ridges of age, dance softly along my calf, imploring my body to express where it hurts. Through salty, wobbly vision, the faces of concerned onlookers swim in and out of focus.

A cat smelling of something rotten, with sticky, sweat-saturated fur, stares at me through a nearby bush. He cocks his head and twitches his nose as I squeeze my eyes shut. Taking off my grit-stained glasses, I rest my head in my hands.

This scene is the result of 19 years of unawareness, and borderline carelessness, of my own mortality. Well, thats not entirely true. In fact, as a rule, I refuse to eat anything past its use-by-date and never leave home without a thick sheen of SPF50+. Yet, somehow, last month I found myself crumpled on the edge of a T-junction with my ankle wedged tightly beneath a freshly-rented scooter.

Its a common enough story for young travellers.

Let go of your inhibitions! they say. Be free, wild and adventurous!

Sure. Fuck yeah! I can do that.

It seems that most Westerners become well acquainted with the hot sting of gravel-grated flesh when scooter-venturing through Southeast Asia. Particularly in Bali, where a culture of helmetless, Aussie Bintang fiends thrives despite the barrage of figures released by the Department of Foreign Affairs each year.

An Australian dies in Bali every nine days.

For me, upon arrival on this beautifully balmy island, and with my parents more concerned about angry Mount Agung, the volcano, than the mortality rate of scooter-loving tourists, the statistics faded into white noise and felt about as sobering as Melbournes Dumb Ways to Die campaign. Like thousands of other Western travellers, I felt as if death from misadventure just wasnt me.

As night falls, illuminated by the ever-faithful florescent glow of 24/7 convenience stores, the main streets of Kuta come alive with the shouts of young travellers. Men and women with fre...


George Brandis, the Rule of Law and Populism "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Nothing stimulates frankness like an imminent departure from politics.  From the deceptions, dissimulations and general obtuseness offered by the political craft, a person appointed to a diplomatic position can be reassured to lie in a different way.  Mendacity is less taxing and always more civil, away from the dirt and dust of political tussling.  Views can be expressed with more sophistication and, even occasionally, candour.

Senator George Brandis, Australias conservative Attorney-General, was one such creature.  A political beast given to punching holes in the law, he has been given a chance to pursue the Sylvan fields in London as Australian High Commissioner.  He will be suitable for this station, a period of easy living in London lubricated by the Australian tax payer.  As an ideological hard knocker in the Liberal Party, he has earned his stripes.

His valedictory speech to fellow parliamentarians should have created more waves than it did.  Australian journalists and commentators tend to nod off on such occasions.  A man without glamour, a product of the law, will never stir the heart.  But his words were worth noting on several levels.

Brandis has witnessed, during his tenure, a greater centralisation of security matters in the form of a Home Affairs ministry overseen by Peter Dutton, a ruffian immune to the finer points of jurisprudence.  In his farewell speech, thinly veiled swipes were taken against various figures of his own side of politics, notably those to the Right. Interestingly enough, Brandis was leaving as a self-described moderate, a champion of some holy middle ground.

Brandis noted what should be a common place assumption: that the attorney-generals duty is to defend the rule of law, even from political colleagues who fail to understand it, or are impatient of the limitations it may impose on upon executive power.  The senator had not disguised his concern at attacks upon the institutions of the law the courts and those who practice them.  To attack those institutions is to attack the rule of law itself.

His own awkward positioning as defender of the law and doyen of propriety, doesnt survive closer scrutiny.  He cites several robust occasions where he supposedly took issue with recalcitrant colleagues.  One such occasion was the stance taken on stripping those convicted of terrorism charges of sole Australian citizenship.  That decision would lie with the Immigration minister, a certain Dutton.

Despite backing the authoritarian suggestion, then Prime Minister Tony Abbott met resistance from cabinet colleagues.  Brandis is reputed to have said at one meeting concerning the draconian proposal that, as attorney-general, it was his job to stand for the rule of law.  But in all fairness, he was hardly a voice in the wilderness, keeping company with a host of other c...


The website of Victorian UFO Action "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Dear readers,

The family is out for the day, so it's now my time to indulge in my hobby - UFOlogy. 

Today's post is continuing my look at websites of Australian UFO groups. After several years away from the topic of UFOs, this is one way to re-acquaint myself with today's UFOlogy. So after looking at New South Wales and Queensland it is time for my home state of Victoria, and the sole UFO group website I could find, that of Victorian UFO Action.

A few general observations

Interestingly unlike UFO Research (NSW) Inc. and UFO Research (Qld) Inc. VUFOA does not have the word 'research' in their name. I was therefore interested to see just what it is that the group does?

I mentioned in previous posts that I don't usually bother about the appearance of a site, being more interested in the content. However I am going to make an exception for the VUFOA website. It is cluttered; and visually overwhelming to my eyes. It scrolls down and down and down, unlike most website home pages which are short and to the point. Coloured letters and lots of icons don't make for a good first impression with me.


There are nine tabs along the top of the home page,  'Home;' 'About us;' 'donations;' 'members pages;' 'search VUFOA;' 'guestbook;' 'report a sighting;'seek support' and 'more.'

'Home' of course is the home page.

'About us' opens up into 'contact us;' 'team members' and 'media releases.' 

'Contact us' brings up a preformatted form which asks for your name, and email address and allows you to send an inquiry to VUFOA.

'Team members' fi...


Disturbances in Whitianga 4: Clandestine And Dangerous "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

(To read the earlier episodes scroll down to February 14, 15 and 16.) Nobody seemed to know but DoC By Stephanie McKee  DoC managers were utterly secretive about the storage of 23,000 kgs of 1080 bags in the centre of Whitianga town. Very few knew about this storage, as far as we know not the []


The Problem is America: The Malignant Cultural Hegemony "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


What is wrong with the American people? After several years of horrific policy toward the waking world, democracys standard bearers seem to be drowning in a lake of selfishness. Distracted, apathetic, or simply dumbed and numbed by unrelenting propaganda, the most admired society on Earth has turned to a wriggling mush of diverging ideals. I fear that American have become what we ultimately deplored, just another despicable cultural hegemony. Heres a short brief on the matter.

A recent article by James Carden at The Nation prompted me to discuss this unsavory truth today. The title of the piece, Trumps Syria Policy: Perpetual War Without Debate, provides a stunning introduction for my proofs of Americas war on peace. But, the reader need not read Cardens story to understand that the United States has been transformed into a lawless international pirate state. This paragraph is evidence enough our government has gone rogue:

Currently there are, in the absence of congressional authorization and in violation of international law (since the United States was not attacked by Syria, nor are US troops there at the invitation of the sovereign Syrian government), an estimated 2,000 American troops based in Syria. Given this, it was odd, though hardly surprising, when major US media outlets like CNN carried the news that American occupying troops were acting defensively last week when the United States launched a series of strikes against regime forces, killing over 100 Syrian soldiers, in retaliation for an attack on a headquarters of US-allied Syrian Democratic Forces in Khusham. Reports emerged this week that perhaps dozens, if not hundreds, of Russian mercenaries were also killed in the US attack.

We Are the Enemy

Its high time we face the fact that successive administrations have been operating outside the Constitution of the United States of America. Theres no arguing that Obama and Trump blatantly exceeded their authority under that founding do...


Tripura Assembly Elections: Polling Begins Amid High Security "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Representative image. Credit: PTI

Representative image. Credit: PTI

Agartala: Polling in the Tripura assembly election began on a peaceful note at 7 am today (February 18) amid massive security arrangements.

Voting is being held in 59 of the total 60 seats due to the death of the CPI(M) candidate for the Charilam constituency, Ramendra Narayan Deb Barma, six days ago. The Charilam constituency will go to polls on March 12.

Voters were seen queuing up at polling stations across the state since morning.

In hilly and tribal areas, women huddled in large numbers outside poll booths in their colourful traditional attires.

Small-time shopkeepers were seen doing brisk business selling tea and snacks to the voters.

Voting will end at 4 pm in all the 3,214 polling stations in the state, election office sources said.

Altogether 307 candidates are in the fray with the CPI(M), the major partner of the ruling Left Front, contesting 56 seats and its constituents RSP, Forward Bloc and CPI one seat each.

The BJP, which forged a pre-poll alliance with tribal outfit Indigenous Peoples Front of Tripura (IPFT), has fielded 51 candidates. The IPFT, an anti-Left party, will contest the remaining nine.

The Congress is going it alone in Tripura this time and is contesting 59 seats. The party has not fielded any candidate from Kakrabon constituency in Gomati district.

Altogether, there are 25,73,413 registered...


Uncomfortable Truths "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Who would have thought an analysis of corporate tax policy would set so many pulses racing? Perhaps it was a form of group therapy for the nation after weeks of seeking to shut out images Read more


Why an Early Election Has Become a Political Compulsion for Narendra Modi "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The secular realm jobs, prices, the economy, living conditions is trumping the world of perverse ideas delivered slickly through clever propaganda disseminated by fanatical Hindutva outfits and a section of the fawning media.

But something is happening here and you dont know what it is
Do you, Mr, Jones? (Bob Dylan, 1965)

Rulers seldom know whats happening, do they? They have the intelligence apparatus and their party politicos feeding them whatever the powerful like to hear, but the assessment of the people can be in delicious discord.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee ordered elections early because his India was shining. He paid the price. Through cries of policy paralysis and corruption, Manmohan Singh went in expecting to be reasonably rewarded. After all, his government had delivered a nearly 7-8% (9-10% by todays yardstick) rate of growth over most of his ten-year period, unprecedented for a democracy. Yet, the result was a shock.

What was common between the two governments covering a period of about 16 years of elite section boy-scout optimism was bubbly talk for much of the time by economists, policy wonks, and the World Bank and the IMF. In the end, the politics probably turned on a less talked about variable: jobless growth, which analysts hadnt troubled themselves with.

In the strapped situation of lukewarm private sector investment we are in today, and the major employment-generating informal economy sector having taken a hit since demonetisation, no analyst or political planner can afford to overlook jobless growth.

Pakora growth, a close enough synonym, staring the country in the face is ha...



Solwara 1 is the worlds first seabed mine to get a license to operate. It will set a worldwide precedent if the project does go ahead. There are strong indications that microbial life is widespread at depth in the crust of the Earth, just as such life has been identified in numerous ocean vents. This []



As Iran Ridicules US Haggling, India Supports Full Implementation of Nuclear Deal "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

India and Iran signed nine agreements during President Rouhanis visit, including a pact with an Indian company to take over operations at Chabahar for the next 18 months.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani shakes hands with Indias Prime Minister Narendra Modi (R) ahead of their meeting at Hyderabad House in New Delhi, India, February 17, 2018. Credit: Reuters/Adnan Abidi

New Delhi: During his trip to India, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani described the USs haggling after signing the nuclear deal as ridiculous, even as New Delhi re-affirmed support for full and effective implementation of the agreement that is under threat of withdrawal from President Donald Trump.

Rouhanis visit to India is the first by an Iranian president after a gap of 10 years. It takes place...


Daily roundup "IndyWatch Feed"

A Progressive candidate   Ill have a hot dog with mustard thanks, clearly didnt translate well.   A pair of these complete with  faux mud look will set you back only $1000  

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Ethiopias State of Emergency to Last Six Months "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn speaks during an interview with Reuters at his office in the capital Addis Ababa, October 10, 2013. Credit: Reuters/Tiksa Negeri/File Photo

Addis Ababa: A state of emergency imposed in Ethiopia a day after the prime minister resigned will last for six months, the defence minister said on Saturday, as authorities sought to tamp down unrest in Africas second most populous nation.

Outbreaks of violence had continued in parts of the country and...


In our best interests: Unitech council details reasons for Dr Schrams termination & says due process was followed "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


Download Public Statement by Unitech Council

PORT MORESBY  Jean Kekedo (pictured), the Acting Chancellor of the Papua New Guinea University of Technology, this afternoon issued a statement on behalf of the Unitech Council on the termination of Vice-Chancellor Dr Albert Schram for alleged serious misconduct and breach of his employment contract.

Ms Kekedo said the Council made a unanimous decision last Thursday to terminate Dr Schrams contract with immediate effect, adding that the Council consisted of very learned people of standing in the society hence the decision was made after considering all the materials and following due process.

The statement said that on 19 January 2018, Council made a unanimous decision to charge Dr Schram with 21 allegations. As per the term of his contract of employment, Dr Schram was given seven working days to respond to the allegations. During the term of his suspension, he was allowed to access his office to prepare his reply although his powers as VC were suspended.

Council also suggested to Dr Schram to consider resigning quietly if he considered the allegations serious. He refused to do so. On 30 January 2018, Dr Schram submitted his response to the Council through the Registrar. The materials constituting the allegations and responses were forwarded to a private lawyer for an independent legal advice. The advice was furnished on time. Council reconvened on 15 February 2018 at 9:30am.

At this meeting, the Council reviewed the documents before it for some hours before seeking the advice of the independent lawyer. Dr Schram was then called in to add to his written response and clarify Council members issues.

The Council deliberated for another two hours before resolving to terminate Dr Schrams employment.

Todays statement (Download Public Statement by Unitech Council) said the main allegations sustained by the Council were:



Thought for the day on idealism (or, perhaps, ideology) "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

An idealist is one who, on noticing that a rose smells better than a cabbage, concludes that it makes a better soup.

H L Mencken.


Whaleoil backchat "IndyWatch Feed"

Good evening, welcome to Whaleoil Backchat. You dont have to stay on topic in these posts like you do in all others. Feel free to share your own stories, discuss other news or catch up with friends. If you havent tried it before, signing up for a Disqus account is free, quick, and it is easy. New []

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Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

1.00 AUD = 0.00007 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 1.35 AUD


The Life of Labour: 5 Killed in Blast at Cochin Shipyard, 12 Deaths in 3 Days Due to Manual Scavenging "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The Life of Labour, a compilation of important labour developments from around the world, will be delivered to your inbox every Sunday at 10 am. Click here to subscribe.

Illustration by Aliza Bakht

Illustration by Aliza Bakht

Explosion at Cochin Shipyard kills five, 13 injured

On Tuesday, February 13, there was an explosion on board a ship undergoing repairs at the Cochin shipyard. 5 workers lost their lives a firefighter, a permanent worker, and the other four were contract workers. Preliminary investigations indicate that the explosion was caused by a leak of acetylene, a gas used for welding and cutting. The Hindu quotes officials of the Department of Factories and Boilers trying to shift the blame for the accident saying tendency to bypass safety procedures and the overconfidence of workers might have triggered Tuesdays fatal accident.

The News Minute reports that there were delays in contacting the fire and police departments. The General Secretary of the Cochin Shipyard Workers Union, A. Kishore, is quote...


Lets talk "IndyWatch Feed"

Is the concept of male privilege a myth? Can you come up with examples of male privilege? Is there such a thing as female privilege? Do men have it easier than women and if they do is it because of privilege or because of something else? Discuss.  

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A honey of a story "IndyWatch Feed"

A Christchurch couple has paid tribute to helicopter pilot Steve Askin by making a special batch of honey, from their beehive which was wiped out in the Port Hills fires. Catherine and Carlton Duston have been going door to door delivering their first ever batch of honey, in memory of Mr Askin who died fighting []

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Word of the day "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Athwartships across a ship from side to side; from one side to the other of a vessel at right angles to the keel.


The Jungle in Our Living Rooms "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

 Nature programming on TV feeds a utopian delusion that pristine nature still exists in abundance and contributes to our apathy.

Two month old snow leopard cubs. Credit: dingopup/ Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Two month old snow leopard cubs. Credit: dingopup/ Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Late last year, a video of a polar bear starving in the Canadian tundra left millions of viewers devastated. Whether it was a gritty reminder of the reality of climate disruption or merely a sign of disease, it was certainly proof of how images can stir us much more than lifeless data. But the viral video was also unusual. It is more common for nature videos to lift our spirits with magnificent sights than to try and shake us out of our complacency about the state of the environment.

Nature documentaries have been bringing the wild into our living rooms since the 1960s. They take us to remote regions of the planet, and imprint in our minds an idea of the state of the natural world. At a time of environmental crisis, they continue to show images of unspoilt natural splendour. It can be said that this will make urban men and women love and want to protect it and sensitise them to environmental degradation. Yet it may be that the jungle in our living rooms only gives us a false impression of nature as an abundant resource, and deepens our environm...


BEHIND BARS PART 2: Australias Shocking Cruelty To Aboriginal People With Disabilities; In Their Own Words "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

The abuse of Aboriginal prisoners with disabilities in Australian jails is confronting, and ongoing. In Part 2 of this special three part series for New Matilda, Michael Brull gives voice to the victims detailed in a report written by Human Rights Watch.

In my first report on Human Rights Watchs report on Aboriginal people with disabilities in prison, I summarised some of the findings, particularly relating to abuse and bullying. In this article, I want to provide some of the testimonials provided in the report by those incarcerated. Warning: many of the reports are distressing. HRW protected the anonymity of all of those mentioned.


Sexual abuse

I was going in to take a shower, and I saw three male prisoners. I sensed trouble and I started backing out. But one of them ran towards me. The other two held me down and they made me kiss his penis. I tried to run away. [Tried] to get help and shout out to the prison guards. But they were too far. I could not do anything because I would be labeled a dog [traitor].

When I finally managed to find someone to tell and the guards found out, they put me in the punishment unit. I was told it was for my safety. And there was nowhere else they could put me. And then the guards on call taunted me. All night I could not sleep. I could just hear the guards giggling outside. I had to wait for a couple of days before I was transferred to another prison. I am suffering from depression. I get no support.

Man with cognitive disability


I got hit on sexually by officers quite regularly, even though Im old. Male predators work in that jail [a womens prison]next to young vulnerable girls. They catch you when youre working by yourself and touch your boobs, bum, or put a hand around your waist. Or they make stupid comments like, Youve been here a while, you must be horny.

Woman with psycho-social disability


[I] was sexually assaulted. It happened in my room. He [the perpetrator]was my cellie. Afterwards, he told me to kill myself. So I cut myself.

Prisoner with a cognitive disability


It was a few guys. I know at least one of them raped me, but I kind of blacked out. I was bleeding, I still bleed sometimes. I reported it the same day to two of the superintendents, I filled out the medical request form. They told me if I report it, I would go to the DU [detention unit]for...


First time home buyer "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Hi all, looking to buy somewhere in TSV in the next little while. Any advice for areas to buy, don't want to be out in the burbs. In between domain and city would be ideal but open to suggestions. Looking to rent the place out after a while as well, anything to aim for? How is the market just now? Ive heard it's picking back up and on the turn?

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Madge Digest #149 February 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Many thanks for your submissions on WAs Farmer Protection Legislation and for signing Stop GM Golden Rice letter asked for in the previous digest. They make a huge difference!

  1. Your help is needed again to get new GMOs regulated by this Wednesday 21st Feb. 

  2. GMO food labelling a possibility in South Australia!

  3. Keep yourself grounded and happy with others who care.

1)Your help needed again to get new GMOs regulated by this Wednesday 21st Feb

Put in a brief submission by Wednesday 21st February (suggested content below). Some scientists and industries see New GM as a bonanza for their careers and profits although it is only five years old and has no history of safe use. We suggest mentioning:

  1. The techniques (CRISPR, RNAi, gene drives and all other new techniques mentioned in this Friends of the Earth GM 2.0 Australian Regulators Engineering the Truth report) are GM.
  2. The new  GM techniques need safety assessments, regulation, labelling and monitoring. The developers of these techniques must be fully liable, including financially, for their products and actions.
  3. The Australian Department of Health has advised the World Trade Organisation* of its proposal to change the Gene Technology Act. I am concerned this may remove the opportunity to acknowlege these new technologies are GM and will close down public discussion of precaution and alternatives. 

If you add a sentence or two of your own it gives your submission much more power.

GM, old and new, thrives on secrecy, manipulation of science, exclusi...


School Children Need a Re-Modeled Education System, Not Tips to Crack Exams, Mr PM "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Teaching students how to give exams does little to help solve the larger problem of education in India.

At the Pariksha Par Charcha interaction with school children on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi walked around on stage, relaxed and easy, much like a speaker at a TED event. Credit: PTI/Manvender Vashist

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken it upon himself once again to dispense advice to Indias millions of school-going children. This time the subject is exam preparation and clearing their Board exams. While in itself this is a good and noble initiative, the irony inherent in the event was a bit hard to miss, given that the PMs own academic history has been opaque at best and the matter of his own educational qualifications continues to remain a matter of controversy.

Coming on the heels of his newly-launched book, Exam Warriors, the event called Pariksha Par Charcha was held at New Delhis Talkatora...


How 21 Artists Famously Graffitied a Mans Property, Sued Him When He Knocked It Down and Won $6.7m "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

In a landmark court decision in New York, graffiti has been ruled to be proper art worthy of recognition and protection.

Credit: Nigel Morris/Flickr, CC BY-SA

Its an extraordinary tale with a whiff of Banksy about it, although surprisingly, he was not involved. In a landmark ruling, 21 New York street artists have sued and won US$6.7m in damages from the owner of a building who destroyed their graffiti when he had the building demolished.

Following a three-week trial in November, on February 12, Judge Frederic Block ruled against Jerry Wolkoff, owner of the 5Pointz complex in Queens, conferring the biggest award of $1.3m on the buildings mastermind-curator, graffiti artist Meres One, real name Jonathan Cohen.



A SAD SAD STORY "IndyWatch Feed"

There is a certain bond among those who have served ... they are in effect  part of your wider family.   When one of them falls on hard times you are duty bound to help them to be best of your ability.

Not so it seems for now ex President of the New South Wales RSL (RSA) aided and abetted by members of his Executive.   Their  culture was one of helping themselves to the best of their ability at the expense of ordinary RSL members and then engaging in a deliberate plan to cover up their malfeasance.     This week the NSW Government released the report of former NSW Supreme Court Judge Patricia Bergin into the goings on by former members of the NSW RSL Executive.   Not short (700 pages) you can read it here.

It is a sordid tale of corruption, greed, fraud and the total misuse of public donations ... donations given by the general public for the welfare of returned servicemen and women.   The figures are in the millions and those involved in the rort lived a champagne lifestyle.   For Mr Don Rowe (ex President) it included his claiming of approximately $40,000 in reimbursement for telephone bills; his making of $214,050 in cash withdrawals on his RSL credit card without supporting documentation; the charging of $92,679 in services to his RSL credit card  for which there was no supporting documentation and allowing his son to live for seven years rent free in the Presidential suite at the Hyde Park Inn (owned by the NSW RSL).   Read too how members of the Executive (including the President) voted themselves huge consultancy fees in their capacity as Directors of RSL LifeCare (formed in 1911 to provide care and services to war veterans).

These matters are now the subject of a formal NSW police investigation.

Don Rowe and his merry band deserve to be stripped of their assets and their medals and then incarcerated for life  (but only after a fair trial).     They dishonor the veteran community.    

As an Honorary Member of the NSW RSL I am highly pissed orf.


Crystal cascades are paradise "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Im from the UK visiting austrlia based mostly on reddit recomendations. The highlight of the trip was Crystal cascades. Gorgeous rain forest; no crowds; birds; waterfalls and cool water. I sat on the bottom of the creek watching the fish through my snorkle watch me. Im in love. Thankyou reddit for the tip.

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A Glimpse of Pre-Partition Punjab Though the Eyes of a Rationalist "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Edited by his great-granddaughter Neera Burra, Ruchi Ram Sahnis A Memoir of Pre-Partition Punjab is a remarkable historical document.

In later years, Ruchi Ram Sahni in his compound on 22, Rattigan Road, Lahore, circa 1940s

If many memoirs have nostalgia lingering over them, there is a special poignancy to those of undivided British Punjab. Nothing quite like it is found elsewhere in South Asia except perhaps in memories of the bhadralok Hindu zamindars of East Bengal. Possibly what imparts this special quality is not simple nostalgia for a life that is now in the past but rather that the act of writing is itself a requiem for a way of life that vanished because it was eradicated. Punjab, with the near cent percent ethnic cleansing in 1947, over a large part certainly evokes such memories.

Two classics in this genre are Prakash Tandons reminisces in his Punjab Centenary about Gujrat and even more so the Pakistani historian K.K. Azizs memories of pre-partition Batala (2006). In both, Lahore inevitably has a larger than life presence and here its Government College reigns supreme, an epitome of colonial modernity and a filtering ground for a future meritocracy.

Its significance lies in the memories and respect it evokes not just in those who passed through its portals in the late nineteenth century and the first three or four decades of the 20th century for they in the main part are long departed but in their children,...


Biter bit "IndyWatch Feed"

It is with a profound sense of schadenfreude that I announce that: Yassmin Abdel-Magied has revealed she is the subject of a complaint to the Australian Human Rights Commission over her tweets A professional whinger with the dress sense of a Mr Whippy van ramming a Mardi-Gras parade, Yassmin came to Australia as a refugee []

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Shortens breath-taking hypocrisy accusing Joyce of misconduct "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Larry Pickering at his best

Cairns News cannot believe the breath-taking hypocrisy of Bill Shorten when he asked Turnbull in Parliament if he would sack Barnaby Joyce over his pregnant girlfriend. We read about Shortens widely-reported extra-marital dalliances and rape allegations which leave him with no feathers to fly with. He really is a grub, according to readers, whose expertise would be better applied to being a brothel manager.


Julie Anne Genters Big Announcement Shes pregnant "IndyWatch Feed"

So lets get this straight press conference called for big announcement woman announces she is pregnant cue media swoon. Heat off Greens over their incompetence.

Note to media women get pregnant, this is a well established fact, it is not a political miracle. Ardern did not invent pregnancy, and Genter did not catch a disease.  Media GROW UP!!!!

Adam congratulates Genter and her partner.  He does. Really. Sincerely.

God that is so false! Truth he does not care, not his child, not his problem, nor is it anybody elses issue. Politicians stop weaponisng your fecundity!

The politicians piled in with their faux messages of congratulations.

Back in the bunker , Ardern fumes , a new child for the nation. Where is Damien?


Removing Tasmanias pokies would help gamblers without hurting the economy "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Debate over poker machines is at the centre of the lead-up to this years Tasmanian state election. Labors promise to remove pokies from Tasmanias pubs and clubs by 2023 if it wins government has been met with both praise and fierce criticism from lobby groups. Announcing the Liberals gaming policy recently, Premier Will Hodgman said: Unlike Labor, we believe that Tasmanians should be able to choose how to spend their money, not be dictated to by the government


PERTH Magistrates court perth "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

snip .

Magistrates court perth .

February 18, 2018 at 11:15AM .

For more information about how to contact the various courts and the State Administrative Tribunal, see the The Perth Drug Court operates in the Perth Magistrates Court, and is aimed at breaking the cycle of drug related offences. The Magistrates Court < Back to list. wa. Courts in Perth Amboy on YP. .



In which the pond reluctantly tackles our Joycie with our Gracie ... "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

After the latest attempt to hack the pond - move along people, nothing to see here - the pond was fooling around, and was amused to check out the source of all the hacked CNN streams that turn up on YouTube ... it had to be the Ruskis ...

Some of the streams carry a link to a dot com site, which offers American cable news streams, which as can be seen above turn up on Odnoklassiki, the shonky Russian equivalent to YouTube ... and the CDN host is, owned by a shelf company located in Limassol, Cyprus, home to many Russians.

The pond cautions attending the site without some protection of the digital condom kind ... at best, it's probably doing data mining, and at worst who knows, because the pond didn't care to reveal itself ...

The trail quickly petered out, and the pond lost interest ...

The chances of getting Automatic/Wordpress, ironically an American company, to hand over details without a warrant is somewhere between zilch and zero and nada, and with client transfer prohibited, the chance of getting the domain suspended would be tricky even for cable folk who didn't like the notion ...

And so once again American capitalism gets done over by Russian digital ingenuity ... and the Donald, seriously compromised, sells the country down the river. Does it get any better than this?

Meanwhile, back in Oz, the pace has slackened in the Barners affair, with only the Currish...

Growth, infrastructure and town planning: Cementing a sustainable future "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Growth, infrastructure and town planning: Cementing a sustainable futureAmidst pressing concerns for housing affordability, population growth and social inequality, Michael Bayliss reveals how good (or bad) town planning underpins it all. read now...


Why do media keep touting Bridges? "IndyWatch Feed"

Is he Jacindas weapon to demoralise the right?

Just look at this post on Your NZ , a centrist NZ blog, looking at Bridges candidacy and referencing Bridges interview with Guyon Espiner:-

And he went on, and on, and on. His opening sentence ran until 1:43 into the interview.

That pitch is unlikely to appeal narrowly let alone broadly. Bridges has repeated Jacinda Arderns generational change approach, but there is a stark contrast with Arderns effortless ability to speak positively and clearly.

He was then asked about the significance of being the first Maori leader of National. He waffled, admitted his te reo was not as good as Espiners, and waffled.

As Pete George who runs Your NZ summed up , very well in Adams opinion:-

Its fair to say that Bridges was hopeless in this interview. Perhaps he speaks much better in the National caucus and can convince a majority of the MPs to back him, but on this performance he should have dashed any hope of becoming leader.

It was awful.

It looks like it should be a contest between Amy Adams and Judith Collins.

Leader,  just how stupid do people think we are?


German SPD Sees No Plan B to Merkel Coalition as Support Falls "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Chancellor Angela Merkel during a news conference with Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in Berlin, Germany, February 16, 2018. Credit: Reuters/Hannibal Hanschke

Berlin: Support for Germanys Social Democrats (SPD) hit a record low, a poll showed, and the partys leader-in-waiting said she had no Plan B should members reject a coalition deal with Angela Merkels conservatives.

The SPDs 464,000 members vote in a postal ballot beginning on February 20 on whether the centre-left party should go ahead with the...


Helicopter Crash in Mexico Kills 13 on Ground in Wake of Earthquake "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Family members and friends carry coffins during the funeral of people who were killed after a military helicopter, carrying Mexicos interior minister and the governor of the southern state of Oaxaca, crashed on top of two vans in an open field while trying to land in Santiago Jamiltepec, Mexico February 17, 2018. Credit: Reuters/Jorge Luis Plata

Santiago J...


Turkey Denies Use of Chemicals in Syrias Afrin, Says Allegations Baseless "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Smoke rises from the Syrias Afrin region, as it is pictured from near the Turkish town of Hassa, on the Turkish-Syrian border in Hatay province, Turkey January 20, 2018. Credit: Reuters/Osman Orsal/File Photo

Beirut, Ankara: Turkey never used chemical weapons in its operations in Syria, and takes the utmost care of civilians, a Turkish diplomatic source said, after Syrian Kurdish forces and a monitoring group acc...


Firearms Debate Rages As Florida Rally Coincides With Gun Show "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

A protester is framed by signs calling for more gun control three days after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, at a rally in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US, February 17, 2018. Credit: Reuters/Jonathan Drake

Miami: Student survivors of a mass shooting that killed 17 people at a Florida high school called for gun restrictions on Saturday during an angry and somber rally, but attendees at a nearby gun ...


A, B or C comes down to who is most valuable to the Caucus "IndyWatch Feed"

The next leader of potentially-the-next-government is a very important job.   In the race for the top job, applicants should know that besides appearing important you actually have to perform better than your competition.  Not only to get the job but to stay in it.  Im not sure they all know this. Not being privy []

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French President Macrons Approval Rating Drops Below 50% "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

French President Emmanuel Macron delivers a speech to members of Frances Chinese community to mark Chinese New Year, at the Elysee Palace in Paris, France, February 16, 2018. Credit: Reuters/Ian Langsdon/Pool

Paris: French President Emmanuel Macrons approval rating has fallen below 50% to its lowest...


Whatever happened to integrity? "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Our politicians and, to a large degree, our media, do not seem to understand the real implications of the Joyce Affair. As Dr Simon Longstaff AO, the Executive Director of The Ethics Centre, wrote: In helping Mr Joyce evade responsibility, our government has put yet another nail in the coffin of Ministerial (and personal) responsibility.

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Letter | We should be looking closer at fluoride facts "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

FELLOW residents, Im a little worried. Having waded through the National Health and Medical Research Councils (NHMRC) much-touted cornerstone documentation into fluoridation, Ive gone on to research a highly critical review of that reporting prepared by Merilyn Haines of Fluoride Action Network (FAN) Australia. Her review, written in August last year, has identified over 20 major issues that bear greater scrutiny if this 2017 reporting by the NHMRC is be taken seriously by decision-makers. FAN is publicly calling for a Royal Commission into the NHMRC as a result. Dont shoot the messenger.

If these NHMRC products are what state health, the Oberon Health Council and other parties are relying on to push the fluoridation agenda, then I feel there is good reason to worry.  Ignoring established and new scientific data because it fails to pass obviously restrictive entry criteria only fuels the counter-narrative and adds to suspicion; particularly when it is irrefutable data that does not support the official agenda. Theres something definitely not right about this whole affair and decision-makers should carefully consider their next move. The legal repercussions alone should cause concern. If you can chew through it, Mr Mills, and find me a reason not to worry, Ill buy the first two rounds.

The old paradigm of innocuously adding a heavily propagandised industrial waste product to the water supply to medically treat the unwitting population has clearly run its course; as it already has for arsenic, mercury, barium and lead (all of which comes with industrial grade fluoride). The official product S6 Fluorocilic Acid [H2SiF6] and DiSodium Hexafluorosilicate [Na2SiF6] should not be in our bodies at any level. Its useful on the teeth as pharmaceutical grade fluoride only, then spat out! Thats it! (Hint: Poison warning on tube.) Trace amounts, dear people. It accumulates. Nothing nutritious or good about any of these waste products in the body. Time for us all to collectively face the music. Arent we sick enough? When we dwell in truth things only get better.

Chris Freeman

*Original letter published online at


Quote Of The Year (so far) "IndyWatch Feed"

From Fran O'Sullivan

".....the only reason we have a 37-year-old female Prime Minister is because a septuagenarian put her there.  "


Map of the day "IndyWatch Feed"

The map above shows how Europeans feel about their children being in a relationship with a black person. The data comes from the 2015 Eurobarometer report on Discrimination in the EU. On average only 64% of EU citizens would be comfortable with their sons or daughters being in a relationship with a Black person. However, []

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Wolltet ihr schon immer mal wissen, was passiert, wenn ... "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Wolltet ihr schon immer mal wissen, was passiert, wenn auf einem Kreuzfahrtschiff eine italienische Grofamilie zu randalieren und rumzuprgeln anfngt?

Hier ist eure Chance!

Update: Es gibt ein Video.


Too many questions over Florida shooting official narrative "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

By Aaron Kesel

Activist Post  

Port Arthur parallells

Anytime a shooting happens, its a tragic event whether it was a false flag or a legitimate mass shooting by a lunatic; but just because people died doesnt mean we shouldnt question the veracity of the events reported. Here are 5 reasons why you should question the recent shooting and remain vigilant.

  1. There was a drill planned the day of the shooting.

Coincidentally, earlier on the day of the shooting, teachers at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were told there would soon be a code red or lockdown drill, to practice their response to an immediate threat, Miami Herald reported.

  1. The shooter claims he heard demonic voices.

Alleged shooter Nikolas Cruz. Three eyewitnesses claim there were three shooters. Armed policeman/security guard on grounds at the time of shooting did not see or hear shooters

The shooter Nikolas Cruz is claiming to have heard demonic voices, like previous mass shoot...


Florida Shooting: MSM Doesnt Miss Opportunity to Attack Trump "IndyWatch Feed"

US President Donald Trump has called the suspect in the mass school shooting in Florida mentally disturbed as he vowed to help local jurisdictions tackle mental health issues, but he made no mention of stricter gun control laws. Thats because stricter gun control wouldnt have made a difference. []Trump pledged his administration would help tackle []

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Retail "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

David Rowe AFR

I am not here to moralise.

Turnbull, 15 February 2018

This creeping notion that women need protection from men, that we are weak creatures against mens rampant desire for sex, is not good for women. Its regressive.

Gay Alcorn, Guardian

Over the last couple of weeks political journalists have been conducting a debate on the ethics of reporting Joyces private life that has perhaps been a little pompous as ultimately the decision of what they write about and get published will depend on the newspapers and media outlets that generally employ them.

There has been humbug. Some claimed that there was public interest just as there would be if Turnbull had had an affair. Well yes. There would have been prurient interest in it, no doubt, but attempts to apply that to the usual meaning of public interest are unconvincing. There were rumours that Curtin had long-running affairs while he was married, but would knowing the nitty grits of him and Belle at the Kurrajong Hotel have been needed to judge his competence as wartime Prime Minister?

In reality the debate is reflecting a broader one: how do political journalists cover politics that is unravelling, and how far do they follow it down the rabbit hole of reporting on the sex lives of the generally unattractive occupants of Capital Hill?

The Nationals exemplify that unravelling, being a party that more than the other major parties has long ago lost its role but remains at the centre of the political establishment. The Country Party, as it was then called, was formed in the 1920s to represent rural business interest diverging from their metropolitan brethren, especially on tariffs and devaluation, but by the 1970s and early 1980s the slashing of tariffs and floating of the dollar had made it redundant.

Having lost its role representing sectional interests, the Country party did what political parties usually do, become an ideological cause and try to find an audience for it. In the 1980s it changed its name to the Nationals, posing as a social conservative bulwa...


Changing room nudity "IndyWatch Feed"

Debate has apparently been sparked over pool changing room etiquette. An uncomfortable incident in a pool changing shed has sparked debate about how appropriate it is for adults to strip naked in front of children. Engineer Shabbir Ahmed was at the Lido Aquatic Centre in Palmerston North in February when he saw a child become []

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Pipes Skirl At Weka Park "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

leave a homeland we have lost, to make a new beginning beneath the Southern Cross. Scottish balladeer, Steve McDonald Scottish heritage alive and well  Story by Roger Childs, photos by Pam Childs Twelve pipe bands playing in Raumati were a reminder of New Zealands proud Scottish heritage. Saturday 17 February saw the annual Wellington, []


How free are we really? "IndyWatch Feed"

I was telling my husband that Lordes concerts in Miami might be cancelled because Florida law states that they will do no business with anyone involved with the BDS movement. He said, In a free society, I am amazed that there are laws like that. My reply to him surprised me. If you really think []

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The Russian Probe: Mueller Oversees a Grand Jurys Indictment of 13 Ham Sandwiches "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

(L) Hilary and (R) the Kremlin

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

When I ran for US Senate in 2017, I did not seek, or receive, any donations. When I ran for US House of Representatives in 2006, I did receive donations but was not allowed, by law, to accept any from foreigners. At that time it did not occur to me that the potential foreign donor would also be breaking the law. Like what law? If he is a citizen of, say, Uganda, how can he be subject to American law? Maybe I do not understand extra-territorial jurisdiction. In any case, lets go through the indictment of February 16, 2018.

I have mercifully abridged it by about a third, where it was repetitive, and bolded whatever looks interesting.  There are...


China offers $1.3 million paanga relief fund to help Tonga recover from cyclone Gita "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

His Excellency Wang Baodong, Chinese Ambassador to Tonga meeting with Honorable Prime Minister 'Akilisi Pohiva. Photo/Supplied
China is offering an initial relief fund of more than $1.3 million paanga to support Tonga following the ferocious winds of Tropical Cyclone Gita.

The offer was confirmed this morning after Prime Minster Akilisi Phiva met with His Excellency Wang Baodong, Chinese Ambassador to Tonga, a statement released to Kaniva News by the Chinese Embassy said.

The Chinese Government has provided US$500,000 of emergency humanitarian assistance by remittance to the Tongan Government.

The Red Cross Society of China pledged US$100,000 of emergency humanitarian assistance by remittance to the Red Cross Society of Tonga. The Chinese Embassy in Tonga has offered $40,000 Paanga by remittance for the relief work.

Furthermore, the Chinese side will continue to actively help the Tongan government and people fight against the disaster and rebuild the country according to the need of the Tongan side, Chinese Ambassador to Tonga said.

Prime Minister Phiva welcomed the Chinese assistance, the statement said.

Hon. Phiva was quoted as saying Tonga looks forward to Chinas participation in the post-disaster reconstruction of Tonga and is ready to keep communication with the Chinese side on the recovery effort.

Before the meeting, the embassy sent a message expressing its heartfelt condolences to those affected by the category 4 storm in Tonga.

Honorable Wang Yi, Minister of Foreign Affairs of China sent a message to Honorable Akilisi Pohiva, Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Tonga on February 13, extending heartfelt sympathy to the Government and people of Tonga, vowing that China is ready to provide emergency disaster relief assistance within its capacity, and believing that with the joint efforts of the Tongan government and people, Tonga will be able to overcome the disaster and rebuild the country.

source: Kaniva News :  Photo: His Excellency Wang Baodong, Chinese Ambassador to Tonga meeting with Honorable Prime Minister 'Akilisi Pohiva. Photo/Supplied


Peggy Lee Nails Robert Mueller "IndyWatch Feed"

Today when I read the reports of Robert Mueller's indictments of thirteen Russians, the first thing to cross my mind was this opening line by the wonderful Peggy Lee

"Is That All There Is?

The most extraordinary thing about these so-called indictments is that nobody seems to know whether the trolls were ever in the USA.   It is clear that if they ever were, they are no longer, so the whole farrago is meaningless.

The Keystone Cops even gave them a hand.  The Russkis organised a couple of pro-Trump rallies which were well attended but, just to show they are even handed, they then put on a couple of pro-Hillary events, also well attended.

Mueller and Co have spent gazzillions of dollars to establish that Russia tries to undermine western countries.  Just ask any of the hairy old lefties from NZ's "Peace" Movement of the 60s and 70s.  They would never admit it at the time but they were financed by Moscow.

Funny thing is, Mueller had nothing to say about Obama's blatant and illegal interference in the elections of Israel, were he attempted to bring about the defeat of Netanyahu.

So, all in all, this Mueller circus is the Mother of all Nothingburgers.

Due to the 'dossier' revelations it now appears likely Mike Flynn will never be taken to court as the evidence against him is tainted.  So, one wonders what is really going on here?

I'm inclined to think Mr Mueller has a pretty good idea what is heading for him over coming weeks and today's phony indictments will give him an excuse to wrap up and disappear, while the going is good.


Not quite last, but cross country placing still a victory for Tonga, says ski boss "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Tongan Olympian Peter Taufatofua has successfully completed the 15km mens cross country freestyle competition at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Taufatofua came 114th in 56 minutes and 41 seconds.

He finished 23 minutes behind Swiss skier Dario Cologna, who took gold, but still ahead of four other competitors.

Head of Sport for the Royal Tonga Ski Federation, Steve Grundmann, said his result was a success for Tonga.
It was never about what position he would finish, Grundman said.

Before the race Taufatofua told the BBC his ambitions were to finish before they turn the lights off and not ski into a tree.

Taufatofua said he did not expect to win gold, but hoped he would inspire others from the Pacific Islands to compete.

As Kaniva News reported earlier, he is only the second Tongan to compete in the Winter Olympics. Bruno Banani completed in the luge at Sochi.

He began training as a skier only a year ago, after competing in taekwondo at the Rio Games.

Earlier this week Taufatofua expressed sympathy for people in Tonga affected  by Cyclone Gita, which he described as devastating for the country.

The main points

Tongan Olympian Peter Taufatofua has successfully completed the 15km mens cross country freestyle competition at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.
Taufatofua came 114th in 56 minutes and 41 seconds.
Head of Sport for the Royal Tonga Ski Federation, Steve Grundmann, said his result was a success for Tonga.

Source: Kaniva News


Unbend "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Unbend Prints

Theres always a moment when you see how youve bent yourself into a shape that fits the people youve known & you see how that has to stop & though its not always easy, thats exactly where you begin to find out who youre meant to be.  Unbend    2018 Brian Andreas posted with permission.

You can buy books, posters, cards, ornaments and more and sign up for a daily dose of whimsy like this by email at Story People.


View from your window "IndyWatch Feed"

Where do you think todays photo was taken? Yesterdays photo was taken around 8:30 in the morning at Wanaka. If you think that you have the perfect competition photo please send it to me today to Put Competition photo in the subject line. We need one full of visual clues.

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Morobe Students awaits scholarships "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

More than 1,200 tertiary students from Morobe Province are still out of school awaiting the Morobe Provincial Government GersonSolulu Scholarship.

The scholarship process is said to be finalized this week however many students are worried of them missing out on school registration.

Anthony Bok the president of Morobe Tertiary Students Union said two name list have been processed so far but had exceeded the provincial government budget.
He said the Provincial Government is yet to clarify how much money will be allocated for the scholarship and how many students would be in or out of the scholarship.

Furthermore, Morobe students at UPNG have been evicted from the school campus with many finding and renting accomodation around Port Moresby.

Also Levi Arof a parent whose son is yet to enter Don Bosco Technical College said Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu should walk his talk and have these students be at school on time.
Meanwhile Deputy Provincial Administrator Robin Bazzinuc, who is also a member of the Special Scholarship Committee set up by Governor Ginson Saonu, said the scholarship review process has just completed and students with qualified GPAs would be in class anytime sooner.

Mr Bazzinuc however stopped short of saying how and when the provincial government and administration will find several more millions of kina to cater for all students.

NBC News  : Pic: Morobe Students outside Morobe Provincial Administration.


Whooping Cough hits Morobe "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

A total of10 babies lost their lives while more than 142 are under treatment after an outbreak of whooping cough in the Burum Kuat Local level Government area in Finschaffen, Morobe Province.
According to the Morobe Provincial Health office, the outbreak of Pertussis disease or whooping cough was reported in Mindik, Wagezareng and Sopa Valley in the Finchaffen District of Morobe Province.
The pertussis desease has infected more than 59 babies and reports have stated that this babies were not being immunized.
Health Advisor Micha Yawing confirmed that this part of Finschaffen District was left without basic health services due to its remoteness.
Mr Yawing said Health workers have been deployed to the area to contain the disease despite few logistical hiccups.

This whooping cough outbreak in Finschhafen has also seen 59 infections being reported at Yus LLG area in neigbouring Kabwum District.

NBC News/PNG Today


Julie Anne Genter has called a press conference "IndyWatch Feed"

Theories are swirling as they say.

Adams pick, she is no longer running for co-leader.


The Scientific Reason You Keep Finding Spiders In Your Car "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

WHEN buying a new car people usually take into account certain factors like price, kilometres and fuel economy but it turns out there is one crucial element that is being overlooked and could leave you constantly fighting off swarms of spiders. A Queensland researcher has found that the vibrations given off by certain cars can []


99% of New Zealanders have too easy a life "IndyWatch Feed"

I see complete and utter amazement time after time on Whaleoil as to what are they thinking and/or doing? This is aimed mainly at the political classes, and then moves on to the left in general. People suspect a one-world government, or a destruction of Western civilization to be at the core of these seemingly []

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Free Hawai`i "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople.pacific"


Honolulu Civil Beat - February 14, 2018

The state has no immediate plans to clear out a well-established homeless encampment near the Wai`anae Boat Harbor, according to state homeless coordinator Scott Morishige. 

But community members and residents of Pu`uhonua O Wai`anae fear a sweep is increasingly likely. 

About 15 of them gathered at the Capitol on Wednesday to defend the camp after recent criticism from some city and state leaders.

The village is a safe and stable place to live, said Twinkle Borge, the camps leader. 

We want to dialogue with people to make a decision about our future. We want to keep our `ohana together as much as possible. We are open to exploring all options including relocation.

She said more than half of the roughly 200 camp residents are Native Hawaiian.


plus a change, plus cest la mme chose "IndyWatch Feed"

We have been here before, as Rubens noted in his famous painting



Crime Stoppers and the cost of community vigilantism "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Crime Stoppers and the cost of community vigilantismCrime Stoppers boasts its success in helping make more than 18,000 arrests in Victoria alone but at what cost? Dr Binoy Kampmark reports. read now...


Rural round-up "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Are you bogged mate? Mary OBrien Rural:

I spend a lot of time raising awareness about spray drift but recent events have compelled me to talk about something that disturbs me even more than spray drift.

I have spent my whole life working in rural and remote Australia and always around country blokes; working with them, for them, and beside them. My father was one, my brother is one, and most of my dearest friends are country blokes. I have always worked in male dominated occupations and that certainly doesnt make me special but I believe it has given me a good understanding of rural men and it has definitely given me a deep and profound respect for them.

So when I see country blokes facing challenges like never before, I need to say something because I know none of them will. Im talking about rural mens mental health and more specifically, rural male suicide. Yes, that mongrel black dog that sneaks in when you least expect it, grabs all of your rational thoughts, buries them somewhere you cant find them, and without you or those close to you noticing, it gradually pulls you into a hole, a bog hole. . . 

Taupo Beef and Lamb starts exporting its meat range to Japanese supermarkets Gerald Piddock:

Taupo Beef and Lamb has begun exporting its meat range to Japan.

The company, established by farmers Mike and Sharon Barton, sent the first container load of product in December which went on sale at five high end supermarkets east of Tokyo in mid-January.

The response from shoppers so far had been great, said Mike Barton at a field day at Onetai Station.. . 

NZ Ireland collaboration confirmed Nicole Sharp:

Similarities between Ireland and New Zealand are leading to collaborations on research and development in the dairy industry.

Southland dairy farmers Tim Driscoll and Tony Miles travelled to Ireland recently with DairyNZ research and development general manager David McCall and AgResearch scientist Jane Chrystal.

The aim of the visit, which had funding from the two organisations and the Ministry for Primary Industries, was to cement the collaboration between the t...


Massive swing against Auckland Future "IndyWatch Feed"

The merry band of halfwits running Auckland Future told donors they were expecting good things on election day 2016. When the results came in Auckland Future managed to get about half the votes of former Labour candidate Richard Hills and former Alliance MP Grant Gillon in North Shore. They managed to lose in Albany against []

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You Need To Hear This: Epic Radar/Visual/Multiple Witness UFO Event "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

This one is set to become a classic in the annals of ufology! secureteam10 Published on Feb 16, 2018 You Need To Hear These FAA Tapes From That Oregon UFO Incident That Sent F-15s Scrambling New evidence offers great detail of the bizarre event and provides unprecedented insight into how such a unique incident is []

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Quote of the Day: "May"? "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

As manufactured credit balloons, savings disappear and the marginal productivity of debt collapses

"The Austrians may have had it right all: ...ineffective central bank policies, which cause interest rates to remain too low for too long, resulting in excessive credit creation, speculative economic bubbles and lowered savings.
~ Lance Roberts from his post (and tweet) 'There Will Be No Economic Boom'


Tony Mansplains Why Malcolm Shouldnt Malsplain In Public! "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

In what must be the first time in a number of days, Tony Abbott was openly critcical of the Prime Minister in an interview last week. Mr Abbott thought that Malcolm Turnbulls public admonishing of Barnaby Joyce was a poor way to handle things, telling us: I am just not going to get into any

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Kermadec and Gould's Petrels, Masked and Red-footed Boobies and a Buller's Shearwater at Offshore--Southport pelagic reported by Rob Morris and all on board the Southport Pelagic organised by Paul Walbridge on 17-02-2018 "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

A good day - lots of Tahiti's performing well + single Kermadec and Gould's Petrels, Masked and Red-footed Boobies and a Buller's Shearwater on the way in. More Flesh-footed Shearwaters than we've had in many months and some great views of Pomerine Skuas and Sooty Terns.


Follow the money - it won't make you communist "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Anyone would think I'd gone communist. Along with John Howard.

As soon as the Treasury released its tax expenditures statement last week, I and others who reported it were accused of wanting to ape Eastern Europe, of going "Peak Orwellian".

"The author has raised an interesting concept, everything belongs to the government and one has no individual rights or assets," wrote one of my kinder correspondents.

"The left regards tax not gouged as government spending," wrote another. "Since when has retaining your earnings been a government handout?"

The short answer is: since at least 1998. That's when Howard made it mandatory for the Treasury to report tax expenditures as if they were cash expenditures.

On taking over as Coalition prime minister after 13 years of Labor government, he set up a Commission of Audit to tell him what to cut.

It told him that government programs were delivered in two ways: as direct payments which hurt the budget, and as tax breaks which also hurt the budget.

Although often functionally identical (parents don't care whether they get the family tax benefit as a payment or a rebate, patients don't mind how they get the private health insurance rebate, and most wouldn't know whether the baby bonus was a payment or a tax break) the two get treated quite differently.

Payments get put in the budget of individual ministers as a line item to be scrutinised and reviewed in the lead-up to every budget.

Tax breaks go on no one's budget and become part of the furniture. As the Henry tax review reported later, they can be "difficult to contain".

Accounting for them once a year, in the same way as direct payments are accounted for twice a year in each budget and budget update, lets us know what they are and what they are worth.

It doesn't mean (necessarily) that they are at risk, any more than accounting for the annual cost of the pension means i...


How Labour undermine themselves "IndyWatch Feed"

Gwynn Compton takes a look at how Arderns Government constantly undermines the positivity and kindness she trumpets all the time, as aided and abetted by a fawning media pack. Unsurprisingly he chose Chris Hipkins as an exemplar

Whats more, the whole announcement around forcing Charter Schools to close from Hipkins is indicative of an ongoing issue from Jacinda Arderns Government (and one that plagued the Labour Party in opposition too), and that is their uncanny knack to do something good at the start of a news week, then spectacularly shoot themselves in the foot by the end of it

Compton goes on to suggest:-

The net result of Chris Hipkins bully-boy tactics towards Charter Schools is that its taken all the gloss off the Governments successful visit to Waitangi. Instead the narrative for the week ahead will be people asking what students in Charter Schools did to deserve to be so directly threatened by Chris Hipkins, and where did Jacinda Arderns promise to be kind get lost over the summer?

Adam agrees, but for many in the media the fairydust still seems to be working.

There were a number of other points in Mr Comptons psot which Adam will address later.



February 18 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

1793 - The first school in the new colony began thumping learnin' into young heads in an unfinished church building in Sydney with the first teacher being one Mr Stephen Barnes.

1796 - One of the Scottish martyrs, Thomas Muir, did a bunk and successfully escaped on an American ship Otter.

1804 - The first Russian to become an Aussie resident - before we were known as Aussies - was John Potocki who was given the Grande Tour of Tassie as a transported convict.

1815 - George Wood and others were lost en route from Illawarra to Shoalhaven to pick up cedar.

1844 - The foundation stone of the monument to Surveyor-General Colonel William Light, over his grave in Light Square, was laid on this day.

1856 - A bovine lad by the name of King Oscar was pupped on this day; being of a lowly state his fate was in the hands of others and, thus, he was sold to Mr Broadie and travelled to Oz where he spent the remainder of his days.

1858 - The HMS Sappho may have been armed with sixteen cannon but she still managed to disappear on her voyage from England ; she was last sighted a few miles off Cape Otway, Vic, on this day and then not seen again. Despite an extensive search in Bass Strait and a report that the masts of a ship were seen protruding from the sea near Wilsons Promontory, no definite trace was ever discovered.

1862 - Margaret Coghlan was Hanged at Campbell Street Gaol, Tassie, for the murder of her husband.

1865 - John McDonald was another Melbournian who chose to chance it aboard the CSS Shenandoah; he popped out of his hiding place after the ship had sailed, becoming another of the OZ & NZ veterans of the American Civil War.

1869 - A transported Fenian, JB O'Reilly, took his unlawful leave from Fremantle in the American whaling ship Gazelle and sailed off into the sunset for USA.

1874 - Little Nell was a steam launch whose boiler exploded during a race with the tug Tamar, off Coulson, Tasmania.  In an attempt to beat the powerful tug, the safety valve of the launchs boiler was clamped down and more fuel thrown on the fire. Eleven on board; the river cutter Margaret rescued three passengers, one dying a few days later, the other two badly scalded.

1874 -  I say, What!
That earnest explorer chappy Ernest Giles was nearly killed by one of his horses when he was thrown and dragged along, only narrowly escaping being killed.

1883 - Jessie Litchfield, a fantastically inspirational woman, was found in the tulip patch. She was an author, poet, Aussie and international journalist and editor of a NT newspaper, who helped push tourism in the Top End.

1893 - The Marlborough Express succinctly stated how both Tamworth and Toowoomba were out of railway and telegraph communicat...


ABC of Nationals contenders "IndyWatch Feed"

Unlike the keyboard worriers, Audrey Young actually interviews real people and has written a great piece on Adams, Bridges and Collins. The answers are revealing.   Q. What is the Governments greatest weakness and how would you counter it? AMY ADAMS: The lack of any real thinking about how they will actually deliver on their motherhood []

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Cost of tax breaks soars on profits selling homes "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Government spending on tax breaks is set to hit a record $170 billion this year, largely as a result of an explosion in the value of concession for the family home.

Treasury's Tax Expenditures Statement required under the Charter of Budget Honesty and released quietly after the close of business on Thursday puts the value of the exemption from capital gains tax for owner occupiers at $74 billion this financial year, up from $66.5 billion last financial year, which was itself $5 billion more than Treasury had forecast.

Four years ago, before house prices shot up, it was worth $46.5 billion. Treasury says by 2020-21 it will be worth $91 billion.

The exemption releases owner occupiers from the obligation to pay capital gains tax on profits made from the sale of their primary residence. Those profits have soared in recent years as prices have climbed, especially in Sydney and Melbourne. Investors pay capital gain at half the income tax rate, a concession the Treasury costs at $10 billion, up from $4.4 billion four years ago.

The cost of tax expenditures is tabulated so that the government can compare the budgetary impact of direct spending in the form of grants with indirect spending in the form of tax breaks.

The government costs assistance to the aged at $64.3 billion and assistance to the unemployed and the sick at $10 billion.

The concession tax treatment of superannuation contributions is costed at $16.9 billion. The concessional treatment of super fund earnings is costed at $19.25 billion. The two figures can't be added together to get a total for super tax concessions, because if contributions were fully taxed the funds would earn less.

The exemption of so-called fresh foods from goods and services tax costs $7 billion per year. Among the items exempt because they are used to prepare food at home is sugar, although commercially prepared products containing sugar such as soft drinks are subject to the GST.

The GST exemption for education services including private school fees will cost $4.55 billion in 2017-18 and $5.65 billion in 2020-21. The exemption for medical services costs $4.1 billion.

The cost of the farm management deposit system, which gives tax advantages to qualifying farmers, is is expected to double from $245 million in 2016-17 to $560 million in 2017-18.

The figures come as the government attempts to find savings to fund personal income tax cuts in the May budget and reduce the deficit of $21.4 billion.


Tax Break Top 10

The 10 biggest tax expenditures identified by the Treasury



A tick from the IMF but company tax cuts no sure thing "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

When the International Monetary Fund boosted its forecasts of world economic growth on the back of better prospects in the US this week, Australia's Treasurer Scott Morrison was quick to claim it as an endorsement of company tax cuts.

"These new global growth forecasts demonstrate yet again that the move that's been taken in the United States, but also in other countries, the United Kingdom and France and other parts of the world, to drive their economies and to see their businesses grow, is going to generate growth and jobs," he said.

"Labor is stopping us."

The Fund lifted its forecasts of global growth for this year and the next from 3.7 to 3.9 per cent. It said half of the jump was due to the Trump tax cuts. Its US 2018 US growth forecast climbed from 2.3 to 2.7 per cent and its 2019 forecast from 1.9 to 2.5 per cent.

But much of that boost wasn't due to the most impressive and expensive ($US1.3 trillion) part of the cut; the slicing of the rate from 35 to 21 per cent. It was due to another, cheaper measure: a temporary instant asset write-off. Firms that install new buildings and equipment will be able to deduct the full cost straight away without depreciating it over years. It is similar to, but larger than, capped schemes introduced in Australia by both Labor and the Coalition to boost investment after the global financial crisis and the demise of the mining boom.

Like those schemes, it will be temporary, lasting for five years. Like those schemes, much of it will bring forward investment that most likely would have happened anyway, but later, meaning that when it ends US growth will slump, which is what the IMF expects and one of the reasons it is forecasting weaker US growth down the track.

Australia isn't proposing such a scheme. What the Turnbull government is proposing is a cut in the headline company tax rate from 30 per cent to 25 per cent for all companies, not just those with turnovers of up to $50 million, whose cuts to 25 per cent have already been approved by the Senate.

Will the US cut to 21 per cent, and other cuts including Brtiain's cut to 18 per cent, leave Australia uncompetitive?

It depends on how you calculate competitiveness.

These days John Fraser heads the Commonwealth Treasury. Until 2013 he was head of UBS Global Asset Management and responsible for its worldwide investments. He told a budget forum in Australia in 2015 that while he understood the argument for cutting company tax, his own experience told him that the tax was a "second or third order issue" for would-be investors.

"Generally the internal rates of return that are required the hurdle rates are so high it would be false to say the taxation rate,...


In which a complimentary woman speaks or at least scribbles and so sets off a Sunday mediation ... "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

The pond is inordinately proud and pleased that the only winter sporting event it's seen in recent weeks is the movie I, Tonya ...which is much better than the overly solemn Battle of the Sexes, though Jessica McNamee captures the vacant glare of the incipient religious fundamentalist well ... and as for that fish film, The Shape of Water, sorry, the pond's heart was given long ago to Cocteau and La Belle et la Bte and damned if some overlong, slowly paced bout of faux whimsy is going to come along and snatch it away ...

Yes, it's all part of the pond's attempts to find life beyond Barners, though the Barners struggle goes on, and the pond will be forced to confront the new reality some time soon ...

In the meantime, why not - for a Sunday meditation - return to that perennial favourite of the whining, moaning religious fundamentalist - the right to be an offensive judgemental righteous and pious bigot ... and lo, see how the lizard Oz scores the top three mentions when the subject is raised with google ...

They never give up, do they?

Of course freedom comes in many forms, including the right of Mike Pence to be deeply weird, as outlined at Rolling Stone in The Radical Crusade of Mike Pence - about the only moment the pond paid attention to the current Olympics came with Adam Rippon's takedown of the weirdo .........


Fran OSullivan on the leadership struggle "IndyWatch Feed"

Fran OSullivan writes a column about the leadership struggle in the National party. Jacinda Ardern can thank Judith Collins incisive political attack for reminding her of her biggest job: get on her game as Prime Minister. The media-endorsed mother of the nation celebrification which has been wall-to-wall since Ardern announced her pregnancy could []

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US Pacific Command Admiral prepared for war with China, hopes it won't happen "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

The next US ambassador to Australia and the current Pacific Command (PACOM) Admiral Harry Harris addressed Congress with a hardline proposal to deter China's growing influence in the Asia-Pacific region. In his speech, Harris commended regional non-NATO ally Australia for its role as a hub for PACOM's military prowess in the Pacific Ocean. "Australia is one of the keys to a rules-based international order," he asserted, signaling that the country would play an increasing part in America's new doctrine. "China's ongoing military buildup, advancement, and modernization are core elements of their strategy to supplant the U.S. as the security partner of choice for countries in the Indo-Pacific, but China also holds clear global ambitions," Harris continued. "At the end of the day the ability to wage war is important or you become a paper tiger. [We will] cooperate where we can, but remain ready to confront where we must," he remarked. "I'm hopeful that it won't come to a conflict with China, but we must all be prepared for that if it should come to that." However, Harris' rhetoric may not be so well-received, as Canberra's interests remain intrinsically linked to the Chinese.


Bridges hopeless off-script "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Simon Bridges stood for the deputy leadership of the National Party after John Key stepped down in December 2016, and failed. He has now put himself forward for the leadership position being left vacant by Bill English. RNZ: National leader vote: Bridges touts generational change Simon Bridges has made a pitch for leader of the []


Another head on a pike for Vlad Newman "IndyWatch Feed"

Aucklands most formidable campaigner, Councillor Daniel Vlad Newman took another Labour party head in the Manurewa Local Board by election. Vlads ticket, Manurewa Action Team, ran Dave Pizzini, a former local cop and highly regarded local candidate. Labour ran Brooke Loader, who was head girl of Manurewa High School and is a local lawyer, who []

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Mike Williams on the leadership race "IndyWatch Feed"

Mike Fat Tony Williams offers up his opinion on the National party leadership race: At the time of writing there are three confirmed contenders; Amy Adams, Judith Collins and Simon Bridges. The only nominee I havent met is Amy Adams, the MP for Selwyn since 2008 and an experienced minister in the Key/English Government where []

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Gina Rineharts son petitions for Barnaby Joyce to stop wearing Akubra "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

The writer of this blog-site Donald Elley of Bellingen

Akubra hats are fantastic hats the best you can buy in Australia, and possibly the best in the world. These rough tough Aussie hats, which you can crunch up in a bag and theyll bounce back (better not to), go through a rainstorm and theyll dry out (theyll shrink a fraction) and keep the blazing sun off your fair Anglo-Saxon skin, are great hats.

I see people wandering around Bondi with trendy caps, straw hats, Panama hats and floppy hats, but nothing beats the Akubra.

As for Barnaby Joyce I hope he stays on as Australian Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Nationals. Barnaby is a goof-ball, thick as a brick, self-serving and possibly corrupt. But hes O so entertaining please stay on Barnaby Joyce purely for your unique highly entertaining out-there personality, and nothing else please stay

As for cheating on his wife and getting his much younger female staff member pregnant only Barnaby Joyce could do itgo Barnaby.



Refreshing taking fight to Arderns celebrification "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Jacinda Ardern has taken celebrity politics to a whole new level since. This began before she became Labour leader and Prime Minister. Her media management had already included celebrity style magazine coverage. That has continued, with the latest example being Ardern featuring in a US magazine, Vogue. In general the New Zealand media has both []


ICO Craze Lures Australian Investors "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

ICO Craze Lures Australian Investors

The hype surrounding the profit-potential associated with initial coin offerings (ICOs) is continuing to attract participation from Australian investors. Despite the potential to incur fast losses just as easily as fast profits, many Australians appear to be dabbling with casual cryptocurrency investment.

Also Read: US Regulator Warns Against Pump-and-Dumps and Advises How to Buy Crypto

Australian Investors Seek ICO Exposure

ICO Craze Lures Australian InvestorsInitial Coin Offerings are attracting investment from ordinary Australians, with a recent report by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation describing the experiences of many investors actively trading the ICO markets.

Warren Stokes, a 58-year-old casual crypto investor, recounts being in...


Hooton on the leadership challenge "IndyWatch Feed"

Matthew Hooton wrote at NBR about the National party leadership challenge: Before they choose from Amy Adams, Simon Bridges and Judith Collins, National MPs may want to ask themselves some more fundamental questions. Its undoubtedly important which of the candidates has the best nose for the populist issues and potential scandals necessary to more quickly []

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Russian collusion of hoax? "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

The indictments announced this week by the FBI special investigation into Russian interference into US elections have shown that probably some Russians did try to interfere in to 2016 election. This would hardly be a surprise, both the US and Russia have long records of interfering in the democracies of other countries. So the hoax []


Garner says pick Collins "IndyWatch Feed"

Duncan Garner can see sense: Contemplating Judith Collins as Nationals next leader must have some in the caucus shaking in their sensible mid-priced shoes. If Collins is the answer as Nationals next leader then what the hell is the question again? The great white hope wears her ambition with pride. Her philosophy: Why step over someone []

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My fight for my job: Unitech council is denying me due process "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Happier days
Happier days - Dr Schram after winning his first battle to remove him from Unitech in 2014. He now faces a new struggle over his academic credentials

ALBERT SCHRAM | Vice Chancellor, Papua New Guinea University of Technology

LAE To understand my predicament, people need to understand that allegations about my credentials reaching back to 2014 and 2015, and which were not an issue a year ago during my annual performance assessment, are the product of political infighting and nothing else.

The only ones who have treated me as a convicted criminal without giving me the benefit of the presumption of innocence are those who seem to have, for whatever reason, a personal interest in my removal.

With the gracious help of the press, I created an opportunity for the University Council to give me access to my personal file and provide me with a few more weeks to refute all the allegations in detail.

Regrettably, the Council seems impervious to any influence from outside: staff, press or students. All this has nothing to do with logic or the truth. The agenda was set in advance and seems to be driven by narrow personal interests.

My request to get an extension of time has been denied by Chancellor Jean Kekedo. I also received an email from Deputy Vice Chancellor Dr Ora Renagi to stay away from the office and all my requests to the Registrar to get access were not answered.

My question to the Registrar of whether a recent copy of my certified doctorate were available was never answered.

My case is going to focus on the Registrar not submitting key evidence that I complied with Councils request upon contract renewal in 2015 to produce a certified copy of my degree.

At this time, I had immediately sent an email, with a copy to the Registrar and Deputy Vice Chancellor, to the renowned European University Institute and asked that certified copies be sent to Lae and Cairns.

When the copy arrived in Lae, I walked to the Registrar with the envelope and gave it to her. With this, for me, the matter of my credentials was finished after having to deal with a stream of s...


NASA Explains What Would Happen If Earth Stopped Spinning "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

The good news is that if the Earths rotation stopped, we wouldnt fall off. With water pushed to the poles, we could walk on land around the entire equator, but it would be a very inhospitable place.- Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki 

It is common knowledge that the Earths rotation has been gradually slowing down with time, but what would happen if our planet suddenly came to a dead stop?

The world would shift into two very different environments, both resulting in devastation. Half of the earth would continuously face the suns fiery rays, while the other would remain in the depths of icy darkness. Though there would be a minimal twilight zone offering the best possible living conditions, it would in fact slowly creep around the earths circumference over the span of a year due to the suns natural orbit.

Assuming that the oceans were to remain intact and did not ice-over or vanish they would still experience the centripetal force. The fluidity and abnormal elevation of the earths body of water would increase.

The oceans would gradually migrate towards the poles. Eventually, there would be a huge mega-continent wrapped continuously around the Earth at the equator. You could travel around the Earth on the equator and stay entirely on dry land.  The waters would shift into two very disconnected polar oceans on each side of the equatorial mega-continent.

In the north, Canada would be entirely underwater. And roughly following the line of the border of current-day USA and Canada, all of Greenland, as well as the northern plains of Siberia, Asia, and Europe would be underwater. But Spain would mostly stay above water.

On the other side of the equator, the new southern ocean would start roughly on a line running through current-day Canberra. Africa would be joined to Madagascar, while Australia would be joined to New Guinea and Indonesia.

It turns out that the underwater basin around the South Pole is much bigger than the one around the North Pole.

So the new southern ocean would be lower. Because its a bigger bowl with a greater capacity, its sea level would be about .86 miles lower than the sea level of the new northern ocean.



National leadership safe option or risk? "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

National support stayed remarkably high throughout their three terms in government, barely changing when John Key stood down and Bill English took over. This was partly due to the performance of National voters tend to prefer steady, sound and predictable governance and partly due to the weakness of the Opposition, especially Labours failure []


Teenager in Western Australia gets his jaw broken by kangaroo he was attempting to hunt "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

A hunter who had a kangaroo in his gun's crosshairs had his jaw broken when the animal launched a pre-emptive strike. Joshua Hayden, 19, was out with his brother looking for wild animals to shoot in Western Australia when the attack happened, according to Australia's ABC News. The pair initially spotted three kangaroos, but one disappeared and the teenager put his head out of the window of the moving car to target the other two. The animal that had vanished then reappeared, charged at the car and attacked, reports said. "It actually collided with the side of the car and smashed the front window," Mr Hayden told ABC. "Then it bounced back onto me and headbutted me straight in the jaw."


Why child poverty targets make no sense "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Published in NBR, Friday, Feb 9, but behind a paywall:

Why child poverty targets make no sense

The new coalition government intends to set targets to reduce the proportion of children living in low income homes, and impose them on future governments. It's feel-good stuff from a fledgling Prime Minister who's made fighting child poverty her own personal crusade.

It's feel-good but definitely fraught, and probably futile and foolish. Let me explain by way of example.

My family is 2,2 (two adults, two dependents). That's the coding description used in the Household Incomes Report, the official  source of child poverty statistics.

For argument's sake, our income could be $100,000.  Because, according to the report, "... a larger household needs more income than a smaller household for the two households to have similar standards of living... " a process called equivalisation is applied. That means  $100,000 is scaled down to $50,000 for comparative data purposes.

Equivalised incomes provide the median from which thresholds are set. Children in poverty are usually deemed to live in households with incomes under the 60 percent threshold of the equivalised median.

Your eyes are glazing over.

But the point to make is that in 2017 our 2,2 family reduced to a 2,1 group after 1 left home to study in Dunedin. Immediately we got 'richer' due to the equivalisation process artificially bumping up our income.

In fact we got 'poorer' because 1 in Dunedin required more financial support than when part of our 'official' household.

The current statistical measurement does not capture what is actually happening in our household. We apparently got richer but actually got poorer. Of course this is just a one-off example of how surveyed statistics can't accurately measure what is happening in individual households.

At the macro level, let me pose a circumstance whereby children in poverty could also apparently get 'richer'.

The ageing population and reducing home ownership means that increasingly, more elderly will rely solely on Super. That means more will be poorer. As they move into statistical ranks of poverty, fewer children can occupy those ranks (remembering all measured poverty in New Zealand is relative).

The Household Incomes Report - a meticulous and honest piece of work -  highlights how various circumstances can throw up misleading outcomes:

" times of good economic growth with rising real wages, rising employment and reducing unemployment, median income (and therefore the poverty lines which are simply a proportion of the median) can rise more quickly than the incomes in the lower parts of t...


Daily crossword "IndyWatch Feed"

Welcome to our Daily Crossword.

Readers have requested a daily crossword and stated that the only reason they maintained a subscription to the NZ Herald or other newspapers was for a daily crossword.

We have now sourced a quality crossword provider, the same provider who provides many crosswords to media outlets for print. It is available for ALL readers who have a subscription package with Whaleoil.

Now you can safely cancel your newspaper subscription as your final remaining reason to keep it has now gone. Instead, you can sign up for one of our subscription packages and enjoy crosswords online on Whaleoil.

If demand is sufficient we can extend what we offer to other puzzles like Sudoku as well. Let us know.

The Crossword is now only available for subscribers only. 

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If you want to UPDATE, UPGRADE or CHANGE any details this post has all the links you will need "IndyWatch Feed"

If you want to update your credit card details click here. If you want to upgrade or change your subscription click here. You can easily upgrade between subscription levels at any time by visiting your account page. When upgrading your subscription, it will be prorated based on the amount you have already paid and how much time is left on your []

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The KIN Mid-Week Quiz 109 "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

  The seventh quiz of 2018 can still be attempted by scrolling down to February 14.   Remember that no correspondence, computers or cell phones may be entered into!   Answers below.   Which two American states feature in the titles of the following songs: Sweet Home Alabama, Hotel California.   What is the family []


Poem of the Month "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

  Do you remember? By Gill Ward Do you remember the streamers the ones we threw from the ships? And the crowds on the old wooden wharves who grasped them as we threw.  That boy I was leaving to get 12,000 miles away from I just had to hope that he was on the []


Sunday soapbox "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Sundays soapbox is yours to use as you will within the bounds of decency and absence of defamation. Youre welcome to look back or forward, discuss issues of the moment, to pontificate, ponder or point us to something of interest, to educate, elucidate or entertain, amuse, bemuse or simply muse, but not abuse.

Image may contain: text

What makes heroic? To face simultaneously ones greatest suffering and ones highest hope. Friedrich Nietzsche



Whaleoil general debate "IndyWatch Feed"

Morning everyone, and welcome to Whaleoils daily General Debate post (another one called Backchat will start at 6pm). To participate youll need to register a free Disqus account. There are some rules, and if there is one thing about Whaleoil that you need to know is that these rules are dispassionately and strictly enforced.  (No []

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Be kind to animals or "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Hes Sonia Yoshioka Braid (@eloquentsonia) February 17, 2018  


Faces of the day "IndyWatch Feed"

  Former students of South Auckland Middle School (completely off their own bat) decided to make and share this video on Facebook in response to Jacinda Arderns governments decision (as articulated by Education Minister Chris Hipkins in his recent press release) to close all Charter schools. We love South Auckland Middle School and the Foundation []

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Liberals bent on destroying college system ... "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

The Tasmanian Liberal Partys education policy reveals a Government set on destroying the college sector, the AEUs Secondary Colleges Committee of Management (SCCOM)


Word of the day "IndyWatch Feed"

The word for today is doodlesack (noun) The Scottish bagpipe. Source : The Free Dictionary Etymology : Doodlesack, a respelling of German Dudelsack bagpipe, literally bagpipe sack, is a rare word in English. The German word is, or seems to be, a derivative of dudeln to tootle (unless the verb is a derivative of []

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Daily proverb "IndyWatch Feed"

Proverbs 18 19 An offended friend is harder to win back than a fortified city. Arguments separate friends like a gate locked with bars.

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How France Became the Front Line of Salafists Expansionism "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


Belief so far has prevailed that Terror, such as that expressed by those factions which ambition through bloodshed and plunder to create a system of governance they believe to be the expression of their Salafist faith, remains forever rooted within the Islamic world thus putting the onus on Islams many communities and territories.

While History indeed accounts to such truth the pages of our books still echo of the many battles, invasions, and persecutions nations have faced before Arab hegemons, Terror, that we experience today, is also rooted in colonialism; the expression of a socio-political malaise fallen empires failed to address, so quick were they to dismiss their responsibility vis a vis those communities which now populate their national landscape.

If Terrors militants have chosen to exert their wrath on Europes streets it is because Europe sits a designated enemy, the old enslaver and conqueror, who now, dictates and shapes geopolitical realities from afar. If Europe no longer sees itself as a colonial force, the former colonies have yet to outgrow such stigma.

As often in politics it is not so much how one sees oneself that matters but rather how others do. For better or for worse, rightly or wrongly, much of Africa and Asia look upon western capitals with reserve mixed with resentment latent anger and longing for retribution. Such sentiments are shared by those migrants who now call the West their home.

This may explain why France, more than its other European counterparts has suffered the brunt of this new perverse form of violence: Islamic terrorism.

Today France is home to the largest Muslim community in Europe, with more than 5 million people from North Africa, the Middle East, and the so-called Black Atlantic. If Frances colonial adventures are a thing of the past, it has yet to close the chapter on its long history or tradition, depending how one wishes to look at it, of violence with those communities it once ruled over.

This war, Andrew Hussley argues in his book: The French Intifada, began with Napoleons cynical aggression in Egypt in 1798, marking the start of a French lust for all things Oriental that culminated in the acquisition by force of Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco. All of this was conducted in the name of the mission civilisatrice (civilising mission), the historical destin...


Habitat loss and hunting have eliminated more than 100,000 Bornean orangutans, report states "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

Photo courtesy of the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation.

The number of orangutans on the Southeast Asian island of Borneo plummeted between 1999 and 2015, according to a new report.

The population decreased by more than 140,000 over the period, scientists have deduced, and the causes range from land clearance for industrialised plantations to hunting.

The most severe population declines occurred in areas in which habitat had been removed, the researchers concluded. However, most orangutans were lost from forests, which, the scientists say, suggests that hunting is a major cause of the decrease in numbers.

The researchers say habitat degradation and loss is happening in response to the local and global demand for natural resources, including timber and agricultural products.

In their report, which was published in Current Biology, the researchers point to what they call the unsustainable use of natural resources.

They say their modelling indicates that, between 1999 and 2015, half of the Bornean orangutan population was affected by logging, deforestation, or industrialised plantations. They estimate that there were 1...

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