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Thursday, 24 August


Australian Politics: when is a welfare program trial not a trial? "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

When is a welfare program trial no longer a trial? When the Turnbull Government decides to remove those restriction which made it a trial.

This Bill removes section 124PF of the Social Security (Administration) Act 1999, which specifies that the cashless debit card trial will occur in up to three discrete locations, include no more than 10,000 people, and will end on 30 June 2018. Removing this section will support the extension of arrangements in current sites, and enable the expansion of the cashless debit card to further sites. Individual sites, once identified, will be determined by disallowable legislative instruments. [Explanatory Memorandum, Social Services Legislation Amendment (Cashless Debit Card) Bill 2017

What the federal government proposes to implement is in practice an open-ended cashless debit card roll-out at the discretion of Minister for Human Services and Liberal MP for Aston, Alan Tudge


Human rights implications
The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights conducted a review of the Social Security Legislation Amendment (Debit Card Trial) Bill 2015, which notes that the Cashless Debit Card engages and limits three human rights: the right to social security, the right to a private life and the right to equality and non-discrimination. [Ibid, p. 6]

See Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights, ...

Wednesday, 23 August


Will the Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up-You Cant Make Deals with the Mentally Ill Left "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"



America has become a sick nation, a nation characterized by mass hysteria and widespread mental illness. Donald Trumps campaign promised to restore some of the sanity lost to the Neocon George Bush and Marxist/Communist former President Obama.

How is America doing? We have to look no further than ESPN and their mentally ill, Deep State philosophies to answer that question.

ESPN Has Lost Their Mind

I interviewed former all-star pitcher, Curt Schilling, on my radio show after Schilling was fired by ESPN for declaring that America was in danger due to the radical terrorism, many of whom were Muslim. Schilling was correct. We sacrificed the 1st, 4th and 5th Amendments to the Constitution due to Bushs promise to keep us safe from radical Muslim terrorists after 9/11.

Curt Schilling stands as a symbol that the lunatic leftist media who would not let one of their employees stand up to one of the most dire threats to the peace and security of this nation, namely ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood.

If you thought ESPNs attack upon Curt Schilling was bad wait until you hear about what they did to one of their play by play announcers who was scheduled to broadcast the Virginia University football game.

Whites are White, Blacks are Black, Latinos are Latino, but at ESPN Asians are NOT Asian. They are white supremacists. The Deep State network of ESPN confirmed last night (August 22) that it had decided to pull an announcer from calling a University of Virginia football game because his presence behind the microphone could prove offensive to certain groups. The announcer that was pulled is Asian. His name happens to be, Robert Lee, Robert Lee is Asian, but in the eyes of ESPN he is a white supremacist. Lee is an Asian name. ESPN needs a quick and accurate history lesson. How many slaves did Asians own in 1861? But dont confuse ESPN with the truth and a sportscaster, because he bears an Asian...


Its Time for the Middle Class to March Barefoot "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The middle class doesnt have the foggiest idea that it is consigning its vital identity of being the people to the ritual flames of evening television day after day.

Flatowners protesting against the Amrapali Group. Credit: Twitter/@ProtestAmrapali

Flatowners protesting against the Amrapali Group. Credit: Twitter/@ProtestAmrapali

When political consciousness assumes farcical proportions, people start organising havans instead of protest demonstrations. A few days ago, harassed home buyers organised a havan outside the corporate office of the Amrapali Group in Noida. The ritual was performed by a priest who happens to be caught in the same dilemma.

The much larger lot of harried home buyers, which is suffering at the hands of realtors like the Amrapali Group and Jaypee Infratech, has done its share of demonstrations too. Recently, as I went through the routine of gathering newspapers from the table to consign them to obscurity, my gaze fell upon some photographs of such demonstrations at Jantar Mantar in Delhi.

There was something off about the pictures which bothered me for a long time. The people have elevated the politician to the level of the supreme benefactor and reduced themselves to beggars, whereas they were imagined as something else entirely in a democracy as those who determine the destiny of the nation.

For the last 12 days or so I was toying with the idea of dedicating five prime time shows to the plight of distraught home buyers but, inexplicably, something inside me held me back.

In the...


Besides Gender Justice, Triple Talaq Case Was Also About Separating Religion and State in Family Law "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Marriage must now conclusively be held to be a secular institution, governed by civil law that confers equal rights on men and women within a marriage.

Triple talaq

Muslim women hold placards in support of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board during a signature campaign in Ahmedabad. Credit: Reuters

Marriage in Islam is a contract, and like other contracts, may under certain circumstances, be terminated. There is something astonishingly modern about this no public declaration is a condition precedent to the validity of a Muslim marriage nor is any religious ceremony deemed absolutely essential, though they are usually carried out.

These are the...


Pfizer Gets Pneumonia Vaccine Patent, Months After Inclusion in Indias Universal Immunisation Scheme "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Pneumonia kills two lakh children in India every year, but the vaccine has so far been available only in the private market at a high price.

pneumonia vaccine

Indias patent office has just granted the US pharmaceutical corporation, Pfizer, a patent for their pneumonia vaccine. Credit: Reuters

No child should die in the country from vaccine preventable diseases. This is the goal and commitment of our government, Union health minister J.P. Nadda said as he announced the introduction of the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) into Indias Universal Immunisation Programme (UIP).

This was three months ago in May. Nadda was launching the PCV in his constituency, Mandi district in Himachal Pradesh.

Three months later, Indias patent office has just granted the US pharmaceutical corporation, Pfizer, a patent for their PCV. It will extend upto 2026. The order, on August 11, is for Pfizers vaccine that is marketed as Prevnar13 and protects against 13 types of pneumococcal bacteria. The patent was opposed by Medecins Sans Frontieres and Panacea Biotech Ltd.

PCV is the worlds best-selling vaccine and it has earned Pfizer nearly $35 billion in sales between 2009 and 2017. Until now, in India, PCV has only been sold in the private market, to those who can afford it. Here, it costs approximately Rs 11,000 per child for all three doses of the Prevnar13 vaccination.

Pneumococcal disease is the leading cause of...


Terrorism Starts in the Classroom: Lessons from Romania "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"


Charlie Hebdo the Madrid attacks van attacks in Berlin and London Paris 2015 Brussels 2016 Barcelona 2017


The real answer is very intricate, but we can grasp part of it if by knowing more about Arab communities and their educational systems in non-Arabic countries.

Unlicensed institutions, centers and imams in Europe ruin the future of the immigrants. They teach in isolation. Bodies grow in Romania and minds grow in strange lands! Unlicensed institutions become social and religious extremism-generating environments, says Mazen Rifai, a Syrian journalist naturalized in Romania in 1990. Rifai also serves as secretary of the League of Syrians in Romania, and is generally very well informed about the situation of immigrants across Europe.

He believes he has found the essence of a failed approach to integration in non-Arab countries. His basic idea is that part of the immigrants failure to find their place in Europe is the educational system implemented by Arabs in non-Arabic countries. A schizoid manner of teaching them about their identity and purpose in life results into breaking their personality, instead of making them strong and genuinely proud to live in their new country.

Mazen Rifai performs a critical X-ray of this Arabic educational system in non-Arabic countries: The Arabic educational system is isolated from the surrounding community. It happens also in Romania, schools with Arabic educational curricula!

Mr Rifai explains that students in those schools mentally belong to socially, politically, and economically underdeveloped countries and intellectually, they are forced to understand the mindset of other countries, so they learn curricula that are unrelated to the society which they actually live in, and unrelated to science. Their brains are stuffed with information that doesnt interest them and they wont use.

Unlicensed institutions, centers, and imams in Romania build walls separating their students from the society in which they live and develop a schizophrenia inside their students, forcing them to live in two different and contradictory societies, says Mr Rifai. To compensate for the emptiness caused by these discrepancies between two societies and two cultures, Arabic schools educate on a nervous tendency and imaginary superiority over their community. Their thoughts and beliefs contribute in building hatred and seclusion tendencies and a sense of injustice and oppression among their students, so that their loyalty is aimed at a state outside their state, and a community outside their community. They look with a contemptuous eye and sometimes with hatred at their surroundings.

This educational curricula and method leads to loneliness, isolation, fear, anxiety, and social contradictions, foste...


Home Ministry Admits It Has Standard Operating Procedures On Human Shield But Doesnt Give Details "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The Centre had admitted in 2013 that a draft on such a policy was circulated to the states and armed forces.

Farooq Ahmad Dar being used as a human shield and Major General Leetul Gogoi. Credit: Video screengrabs

Farooq Ahmad Dar being used as a human shield and Major General Leetul Gogoi. Credit: Video screengrabs

The use of a civilian as a human shield by the Indian Army in Budgam, Jammu and Kashmir, during the Srinagar byelections, had stirred the collective conscience of the nation. It left many wondering if the act by Major General Leetul Gogoi was allowed under the standard operating procedures (SOPs) laid down for the security forces. The ministry of home affairs (MHA) has, in a response to a query filed under the right to information (RTI) Act, refused to divulge the details of such SOPs, while dropping broad hints that they do exit.

Compensation for human shield

Although Gogoi was honoured by the army for using Farooq Ahmad Dar as a human shield, the fact that the state human rights commission (SHRC) had ordered that...


Neoliberal Restoration is Losing Its Way in Latin America "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Neither Macri nor Temer are achieving what they had promised, and in other countries, the panorama does not correspond to what the right was hoping for.

Brazil's President Michel Temer is pictured before a meeting with Paraguay's President Horacio Cartes at the Planalto Palace in Brasilia, Brazil, August 21, 2017. Credit: Reuters/Adriano Machado

Brazils President Michel Temer is pictured before a meeting with Paraguays President Horacio Cartes at the Planalto Palace in Brasilia, Brazil, August 21, 2017. Credit: Reuters/Adriano Machado

It looked like a done deal. The populist governments were to be a brief parenthesis in the continent, running against the global currents. In the right wing and the ultra-left, the analysis was ready: the end of the cycle of the anti neoliberal governments.

Serious problems in Venezuela, electoral defeat in Argentina, a reversal in Bolivia, a coup dtat in Brazil, among others, were considered a forecast that the right would return. The announced neoliberal restoration...


Guinea Mudslide at Rubbish Dump Claims at Least Eight Lives "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Rescuers carry a child who survived after a mudslide at a rubbish landfill in the Dar Es Salam neighbourhood, on the outskirts of the capital Conakry, Guinea, August 22, 2017. Credit: Reuters/Saliou Samb

Rescuers carry a child who survived after a mudslide at a rubbish landfill in the Dar Es Salam neighbourhood, on the outskirts of the capital Conakry, Guinea, August 22, 2017. Credit: Reuters/Saliou Samb

Conakry: At least eight people died and others were injured in Guinea when a portion of a rubbish landfill site collapsed on houses on the outskirts of the capital, Conakry, in torrential rain, police and government officials said on Tuesday.

The disaster followed landslides in Sierra Leone and Democratic Republic of Congo in which hundreds of people have been killed since early last week. Authorities have said that heavy rain in the region could cause more deaths.

Mondays incident in Guinea occurred in the morning in the Dar Es Salam neighbourhood after an overnight deluge. The area is filled with wood and tin-roof houses, some of which are situated at the base of a towering mass of refuse.

I saw the mou...


A Comment on Dual Citizenship and Obedience, or Adherence to a Foreign Power "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

by Dee McLachlan The list of politicians holding dual citizenship has been growing. The first casualties were the Greens. Scott Ludlam quit after realising he had citizenship of New Zealand, then Larissa Waters, born in Canada, did not check the Canadian changes in the law and thus did not renounce her dual citizenship when running for office. []


Haryana, Punjab Tense Ahead of Verdict in Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Rape Case "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Paramilitary forces have been deployed as thousands of Dera Sacha Sauda followers descend on Punjab.

Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh

Security forces have been deployed in Panchkula and other parts of Punjab and Haryana ahead of the courts ruling. Credit: Twitter/ANI

With less than two days to go for the CBI court in Panchkula to pronounce its verdict in the rape case in which Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh is an accused, security in Haryana and Punjab, and joint capital Chandigarh, has been beefed up. The Centre has rushed in additional companies of paramilitary forces to meet any exigency should the supporters of the controversial godman resort to violence in the event of an unfavourable judgment.

The alleged rape dates back to 1999, when the victim, who was an inmate of the Dera ashram in Sirsa, claims to have been sexually assaulted by Singh. But it was only in April 2002 that an anonymous complaint by the victim reached the Punjab and Haryana high court. In May 2002, the high court directed the Sirsa district and sessions judge to probe the matter and in September the case was handed over to the CBI.

In December that year, the CBI booked Singh for rape, criminal intimidation and acts intended to insult the modesty of a woman. Five years later, in July 2007, the chargesheet was filed, with the trial beginning in August 2008. The arguments were completed last week on August 17, with the court set to pronounce its order on August 25

Panchkula tense...


World watch Thursday "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Wednesday GMT For posting on events, news, opinions and anything of interest from around the world.


August 24 in history "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

79   Mount Vesuvius erupted. The cities of PompeiiHerculaneum, andStabiae were buried in volcanic ash.

1198 King Alexander II of Scotland, was born (d. 1249).

1200  King John of England married Isabella of Angouleme in Bordeaux Cathedral.

1215  Pope Innocent III declared Magna Carta invalid.

1349 Six thousand Jews were killed in Mainz  after being blamed for thebubonic plague.

1391  Jews  massacred in Palma de Mallorca.

1456  The printing of the Gutenberg Bible was completed.

1511 Afonso de Albuquerque of Portugal conquered Malacca, the capital of the Sultanate of Malacca.

1556   Sophia Brahe, Danish horticulturalist and astronomer, was born (d. 1643).

1561 Willem of Orange married duchess Anna of Saxony.

1591 Robert Herrick, English poet, was born  (d. 1674).

1662 Act of Uniformity required England to accept the Book of Common Prayer.

1759 William Wilberforce, English abolitionist, was born (d. 1833).

1814  British troops invade Washington, D.C. and burned down the White House and several other buildings....


Magnetic fields "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Mildred Thompson, Magnetic Fields (1991) oil on canvas


Barcelona & the cult "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

There was some sobering video footage posted on social media of the immediate aftermath of the Barcelona terrorist attack. Unlike the images of candles and flowers and people hugging, this showed very starkly the human toll, including the violence to the bodies of young people.

So what was the reaction of those living in Barcelona? An estimated crowd of 160,000 marched in the street demanding that the government take in more "refugees" - despite the fact that a number of these "refugees" had just carried out an horrific attack on the native Spaniards' own young - on their own sons and daughters.

The Barcelona March

And then I saw a footage of another leftist demonstration, this time in Boston in the U.S. About 40,000 leftists came out to protest against a free speech rally. There were white demonstrators in the crowd holding up "white people suck" placards.

And the thought occurred to me that the leftists in Barcelona and Boston are committed to a cause that is self-annihilating and that this kind of unhealthy mindset is normally to be found within cults, i.e. a commitment to a cult can be so strong that some adherents will self-annihilate as an act of loyalty to it.

It's not my intention to prove that leftism really is, strictly speaking, a cult. But I do want to follow through, as a thought experiment, with the idea that there might be some cult-like aspects to modern day leftism.

So what is the cult oriented to? I've often given the answer that the aim is a vision of individual freedom, defined as personal autonomy, in which the individual self-defines their own good and their own identity. But I was reading an old discussion...


Syria and Lebanon in Epic Battle Against the ISIS Terrorists "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

No matter what Washington thinks or wants, people of the Middle East have chosen to work together in a bid to create a better future.

No matter what Washington thinks or wants, people of the Middle East have chosen to work together in a bid to create a better future.

Whatever the West may think, and no matter what the Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri may say publicly, the Lebanese army, in clear coordination with Hezbollah (which is outlawed in many Western countries) as well as with the Syrian army, is now pounding the positions of deadly ISIS/Daesh, right at the border region.

The army began the operation on August 19, 2017, at 5 in the morning, by firing at the terrorists positions in Jaroud, Raas Baalbak and al-Qaa using rockets and heavy artillery. It all has an emotional twist: the army commanders declared that the operation was launched in honor of the countrys kidnapped military men and martyrs.

Apparently, Lebanon has finally decided: that, enough is enough! First Al-Nusra Front and now ISIS have to go.

Ignore the fact the Lebanese government went out of its way to say that the Lebanese army is actually not coordinating with Syrian forces, or with Hezbollah. After all, Mr. Hariri just recently returned from Washington, where he met the US President who is treating Syrian President Assad as his personal enemy, and Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. Personally, Mr. Hariri likes the West, and he is very close to its loyal ally, Saudi Arabia, where he was born.

But Mr. Hariri was never elected. Lebanon is using a complex and obscure confession system, distributing political and institutional power proportionally among confessional communities. President has to be a Maronite Christian; Speaker of the Parliament is Shia Muslim and Prime Minister has to be a Sunni Muslim.

Therefore, one thing is what Mr. Hariri says, and other what most of the people of Lebanon think or do.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese resistance, political and social movement Hezbollah has also declared a joint anti-Daesh (ISIS) offensive with the Syrian army, at the other side of the border. The gloves are suddenly off.

Unlike one month earlier, when Al-Nusr...


Meet The Conservative Trying To Unseat Joe Manchin And Redden The Senate In 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Its a remarkable quirk of our federal republic that U.S. policy often hinges on local races. Regional personalities and issues, emerging from places coastal elites have never visited, will play a significant role in next years midterm electionsmost crucially, the battle for the U.S. Senate.

At stake is not just which party controls the upper chamberthe rough number of blues versus redsbut how faithful senators will be to their governing philosophies. As the dust settles from 2018, will Washington be more conservative? More liberal? More functional? Local politics will determine many of these answers.

In tiny Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, around 100 local Republicans recently gathered for one small episode in that larger drama. Most people arrived from work, still in business attire, but a few were more expressively dressed: T-shirts emblazoned with Dont Tread on Me or West Virginia Citizens Defense League. As volunteers scrambled to bring in additional chairs, and the air conditioning struggled to keep the temperature comfortable, West Virginia attorney general Patrick Morrisey entered the room. Attendees held signs declaring the reason for the gathering: Patrick Morrisey for U.S. Senate.

It was the official kickoff for a campaign that has long been expected in West Virginia. Incumbent Sen. Joe Manchin, one of the few remaining moderate Democrats in the upper house, is widely viewed as vulnerable in the 2018 election. While Manchin walks a tightrope in a state that grows more Republican every year, he has often angered both West Virginians on the one side, and national Democrats on the other. Hes even drawn enough ire to attract a long-shot primary opponent to his Left.

On the GOP side, the field for Manchins seat is even more crowded. While Politico reports that national GOP recruitment for the Senate is slow-going, West Virginiathe reddest state on the electoral map last yearappears to be the exception. Donald Trump won every county here in 2016, trouncing Hillary Clinton by a 42-point margin. Trump is such a dominant figure on West Virginias political landscape that the newly elected Democrat governor put his finger in the wind and announced he was switching parties.

In this promising climate, three Republicans to date have cast their hats into the ring: Morrisey, Rep. Evan Jenkins, and Bo Copley, a political newcomer.

A Record of Fighting Hard Battles

Of these three, only Morrisey has been elected statewide. He first won the attorney general spot in 2012, then was reelected last year. His initial run was something of a David-and-Goliath story: not only was he the first Republican elected attorney general since 1933, he also unseated a 20-year incumb...


The Earth Looks Like A Living Creature In This Amazing NASA Video "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

In a world full of crazy ideas about the nature of our planet yeah, were looking at you, flat-earthers its pretty bloody awesome to see something like the simulation in this video from NASA.

According to NASAs Scientific Visualisation Studios, The SVS works closely with scientists in the creation of visualizations, animations, and images in order to promote a greater understanding of Earth and space science research activities at Goddard Space Flight Center and within the NASA research community.

I think what that basically means in Ozzy terms is, we show you grouse pictures of the earth and other bonza stuff like that so you can see how it all works.

The typhoon is clearly visible here. (Credit: YouTube)

The typhoon is clearly visible here. (Credit: YouTube)

For the rest of you who dont speak a proper language like ours, that means they want to give the public a clearer picture of our planet and an idea of what NASA is all about.

Bloody noble a goal like that. Bloody noble indeed.

There are really only so many photos of it I can show you before you get the gist of it. (Credit: Gizmodo)

For this video theyve taken a period of time that coincided with a typhoon developing off the coast of China and time-lapsed that seven-day event from different angles.



This New Cersei Theory Makes A Lot Of Sense And Will Blow Your Mind "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

OK, if youre the kind of bloke (or kind of sheila) who has to run for the hills with their fingers in their ears every time someone mentions possible Game of Thrones spoilers, do that now.

You gone? Good. Lets get started:

F***ing Cersei. You know who she is. The evil hag that was cursed by another evil hag, gave birth to the most vile little shit in all of Westeros, the incestuous Queen of Westeros, etc, etc, etc.

Shes a b***h. You know it, I know it, even Jaime f***ng Lannister knows it.

Would Cersei have spared a child she had with Robert Barratheon? (Credit: Bustle)

Would Cersei have spared a child she had with Robert Barratheon? (Credit: Bustle)

And now, the Game of Thrones nerds over at The Winter is Coming fan site have cooked up a theory as juicy as one of Wyman Manderleys pies (one for the booklovers there).

Some of them are positing a fine little theory that says Gendry (dude with the hammer/fine young member of the C.U.N.T.S) might not be exactly who we think he is.

You know, Gendry? The smith who's come to pay his respects?

You know, Gendry? The smith whos come to pay his respects? (Credit: Winter is Coming)

They reckon f***ing Cersei might be his real mum. All the way back in season 1, Cersei mentioned her first-born son who supposedly died during childbirth. She called him her Black-haired beauty. Cue the sound of a penny dropping.



Sir Mekere joins Pangu "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Sir Mekere Morauta has joined the ranks with Pangu Pati under the leadership of Sam Basil as the party leader together with 4 other Independent MPs.

The move by the 5 Independent MPs brings the total numerical strength of Pangu Pati to 16.
The 4 other members include Central Governor Robert Agarobe, Member of Rigo Lekwa Gure, Member for Wabag Dr. Tom Lino and South Fly MP Sekie Agisa.
Sir Mekere on the behalf of the independent members said they were all pleased to join the 11 member team of Pangu because they believe in joining a strong political party to encourage and promote stability.

Pangu Pati leader Sam Basil while welcoming the 5 Independents to his party boasted a stronger Pangu Pati who is ready to work together to progress development agendas in their respective districts.
Mr. Basil challenged his team to make sacrifices while having belief in dialogue and respect to move forward as a team who is willing to transform PNG starting from the district level.


The State (episode 3) "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Isnt it odd that as soon as you realise that someone who youve admired is a run-of-the-mill antisemite your admiration instantly slams into reverse?
For example I used to like Brian Sewells acerbic critiques of pretentious art until he said something about Manchesters greedy Jews. I mean how many of Manchesters greedy Jews would a self-regarding old queen who makes a living out of sneering actually know? See what I mean? One minute you like, next you dont.

Anyway, this might apply to me and Peter Kosmisnsky. I have to admit his films have their good points. Like Ken Loach, perhaps. But having seem the third episode of The State Im wondering if Ive been over-estimating him.

Yesterday I gave the film credit for aiming beyond the superficial message, its so awful no-ones gonna want to run away and join Isis. I put forward the hypothesis that he was sending a more ambitious and perhaps subliminal signal, i.e., ISIS has got (the real) Islam all wrong; true Islam is peaceful.

Maybe, after all, he is only saying is that joining Islamic State is less romantic than running away to join the Foreign Legion, (isnt that what the disenfranchised used to do?) so dont do it. 

Anyway the drama slid into farce during last nights episode. Two scenes in particular were positively cartoonish. Number one was a slave market where the histrionic sobbing and cowering reminded me of a rather sophisticated sixth-form production of Les Mis.

Number two. The prize for the most implausible scene showed our feisty female heroine, the doctor (no, not that doctor) risking death by making a clandestine, unchaperoned visit to the only nice man shed come across since she arrived, a doctor colleague at the hospital. She had a cunning plan. To avoid becoming the second wife of a horrid scary man, she proposed marriage to her  unmarried colleague, only to deduce from his momentary hesitation a deadly secret that no-one else had ever spotted. Are you gay? (He was.) I cant be the only one who found that scenario particularly laughable. 

There are several other unanswered questions, too numerous to list, though I would quite like to know what happened to the defiant...


This Real Life Zombie Escape Halloween Event Looks Scary As F*&k "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

The zombie apocalypse. We all know that sooner or later its going to happen. And when it does you better f***ing believe tonnes of dudes are going to think theyve got exactly what it takes to save the bloody day.

Admit it: youve pictured yourself there:

Its dusk and the breeze wafts the rancorous odour of decaying flesh and corruption through the streets.

You see your reflection in a storefront window and you know that with every zombie you kill you lose a little more humanity.

You hear a guttural moan emanate from a nearby alleyway and you know youll have to kill one more, lose one more piece of yourself. But itll be worth it. You need to avenge your loved ones. You need to find a cure.

I'm not sure there are brains in that... (Credit: Glasgow Live)

Im not sure there are brains in that (Credit: Glasgow Live)

Well, guess what cobbers: nows the time to put your money where your mouth is and prove that sh*t.

A new Zombie Escape is opening in Glasgow and it looks f***ing mint!



More transformation for Port Moresby Future City "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The National Capital District Governor, Powes Parkop, says the PNG Government had already invested more than 2-billion Kina on development projects in Port Moresby.

Speaking at the PNG International Business Summit in Brisbane, Australia, today, Mr Parkop says, Port Moresby will undergo more transformation over the next five years to reach the goal of making it the Future City in the South Pacific.

He says apart from plans to build more infrastructure, are plans to convert unplanned settlements into suburbs and modernize the 10 Motuan villages which form part of the city.
Mr Parkop says another of his priority would be to address safety and security of residents and visitors in Port Moresby.
NBC News - Adrian Mathias (in Brisbane)


US Nuclear Modernization Plans to Bury Existing Arms Control Regime "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

You may like Donald Trump or not but he will go down in history as the President who made decisions of fundamental importance for his country and the world. Nobody else but Donald Trump will determine the configuration of US future nuclear arsenal, which is to go through massive modernization...


Direct Flights betwen PNG and China to enhance business, tourism "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter ONeill says the direct air links established between PNG and China later this year will enhance business and education opportunities.
Mr ONeill made the remark when Chinas Ambassador to PNG Xue Bing called on his office last Friday.
People-to-people engagement is also vital to growing our friendship, and we are seeing increased travel between our two countries.
When direct air links are established between Port Moresby and Shanghai later this year we will have even more opportunities to strengthen business and education exchanges.
Direct flights will also open up more opportunities for Chinese tourists to visit Papua New Guinea in the years and decades to come, Mr ONeill said.
During the meeting, the leaders discussed development issues of mutual importance and the upcoming visit by Chinas President during the APEC Summit in November 2018.
Papua New Guinea remains firmly committed to our One-China Policy, and growing the friendship that was established with diplomatic relations in 1976, Prime Minister ONeill said.
The strength of our bilateral relationship is based on respect and a common interest in economic and community development.
Papua New Guinea and China have a strategic partnership of mutual co-operation and common development that provides a basis for advancing projects that enhance the standard of living in communities, he said.
The Prime Minister said a number of projects are underway with the support of China, and he looks forward to discussing these with President Xi in November 2018.
Through the APEC year we will receive more than a thousand delegates from China culminating with the State visit by President Xi Jinping during the APEC Summit.
This will be the first visit by Chinas President and will mark a new chapter in cooperation and business between our countries.
Our Government and people look forward to welcoming President Xi to Papua New Guinea, and giving him and his delegation the opportunity to see the diversity of our country and the development taking place.


MACKAY Woman accused of dealing ice in the Mackay region "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

MACKAY August 23, 2017 at 06:45AM ,

Woman accused of dealing ice in the Mackay region

August 23, 2017 at 06:45AM ,

Lau appeared briefly in Mackay Magistrates Court on Monday, represented by Cassandra Adorni-Braccesi of Wallace & Wallace Lawyers.

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Rossleigh Interviews Malcolm "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Rossleigh: Good evening, we have the Primed Minister, Malcolm Tinbull. Malcolm: With all due respect, I dont think you can say that. Rossleigh: Why not? Malcolm: Well, Im just a fictional character, arent I? Im not the real Prime Minister. Rossleigh: Yes, thats what most people are saying. Malcolm: No, theyre saying that Im a

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Bob Katter to meet with Tony Abbott when parliament returns "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

It would appear to be, as they say in the political genre, on. Katter seeks meeting with Abbott Updated: 7:50 pm, Wednesday, 23 August 2017 Crossbench MP Bob Katter says he will seek a meeting with Tony Abbott when parliament returns. Key crossbench MP Bob Katter has thrown a political...


North Korea Wont Negotiate Nuclear Deal With Hostile US "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Pyongyang (TLS) Pyongyang said as long as the hostile U.S. policy and nuclear threat remains unchallenged, it wont eliminate its nuclear deterrent arsenal.

North Korea, or the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, DPRK, will not take its self-defensive nuclear deterrent arsenal to the negotiating table, a Pyongyang envoy has said.

The measures taken by the DPRK to strengthen its nuclear deterrence and develop inter-continental rockets is a justifiable and legitimate option for self-defense in the face of such apparent and real threats, Ju Yong Chol, a DPRK diplomat, said at a U.N.-sponsored Conference on Disarmament in Geneva.

As long as the hostile U.S. policy and nuclear threat remains unchallenged, the DPRK will never place its self-defensive nuclear deterrence on the negotiating table.

north korea nuclear dealAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic Flickr: NOS Nieuws

RELATED: Why the DPRK Needs a Nuclear Deterrent

Jus comment comes after U.S. disarmament ambassador Robert Wood told the same forum that U.S. President Donald Trumps top priority was to protect the United States and its allies against the growing threat presented by the DPRK.

The path to dialogue still remains an option for Pyongyang, Ju added.

Delegations from about 20 countries spoke at the four-hour U.N. session, including the United Kingdom, France, Australia, Japan and South Korea.

The DPRK has pursued its defensive weapons programs in defiance of U.N. Security Council sanctions and successfully tested two intercontinental ballistic missiles in July. It also threatened to fire...


Philippine Police do house-to-house drug testing, but no law allows it Government coercion Poverty is root of drug problem "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Police officers from QCPD Station 6 knock on a makeshift gate in Lupang Pangako, Payatas as they conduct drug testing operations. VERA Files/Luz Rimban

MANILA, Philippines (First published Aug. 22 at 3:31 p.m.)  What would you do if a group of policemen showed up at your doorstep and asked you to pee into a plastic cup for an on-the-spot drug test that could reveal whether or not you had taken shabu or marijuana in the last seven days?

That is the question residents of Lupang Pangako in Barangay Payatas have been grappling with since June when groups of policemen started going house-to-house, armed with do-it-yourself drug testing kits that show, within seconds, that a person is either positive or negative for the use of those banned substances.

Answering the question is not easy, even if you were clean and had nothing at all to fear.

One 19-year-old man who was asked to take the drug test in place of his brother who was the person the police were actually looking for, had no choice but agree to do it.

Yet he could not get himself to pee, possibly out of fear, despite two tries and the police telling him to drink water.

In another home, the police went looking for a woman, but also did not find her there.

Instead, it was her grandmother who opened the makes...


The difference between saying and doing "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

This evening, your intrepid slave ventured to the Sydney Institute to hear Senator the Hon Mathias Cormann, Minister for Finance Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate give his (sort of) annual address.

It was so exciting, that the Australian published its story on it about the same time the function ended.

Last year, Senator Cormanns theme was wibble-wobble-wibble-wobble jelly Bill Shorten.  This year it was Shortenomics and the politics of envy.


Just like his wibble wobble effort last year, Senator Cormann regaled the audience with what a Bill Shorten government might do.  Yet, same as last year, Senator Cormann failed to account for what the Abbott and Turnbull governments have done.  The governments in which Senator Cormann was and still is a senior member.

Just a quick list to remind Cats and Corm:

  • Increased regulations on business including the bank BEAR regulations.
  • Increased taxes (bank levy, superannuation taxes, medicare levy, deficit levy, ASIC cost recovery, APRA cost recovery).
  • Record levels of government debt.
  • Gonski 2.0*.
  • $50billion for floating French bath tubs
  • The highest energy prices in the world.
  • Threatened intervention into the LNG export market.

And lets not forget the NBN the No Bloody N-ternet network.

The cherry on top was when mentioning Gonski 2.0, Senator Cormann said that what all parents worried most about when dropping their kids off at school was that the other schools were funded equally and not party to sweetheart deals.  I know thats the main thing I worry about.

Oh and yes.  Apparently (again), the bank levy is good for banking competition and promotes smaller banks.  By that logic, you know what else would be good for banking competition and promotion of smaller banks?  A 100% bank levy.  Hey, why not implement 100% taxes on every part of the economy, it would surely improve national competitiveness.

It used to be said that the  conservatives thought progressives were wrong while progressives thought conservat...


North Koreas angry response to Australia participating in USA- South Korea war games "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

North Korea fires back at suicidal Australia over war games,   PRIMROSE RIORDAN, Political reporter, Canberra, @primroseriordan 22 Aug 17

North Korea has attacked Malcolm Turnbull for sending Australian Defence Force personnel to join US-led war games, describing it as a suicidal act.

After being singled out by the North Korean regime, the Prime Minister issued a statement late yesterday staring down threats against Australia.

North Korea has shown it has no regard for the welfare of its own population, no regard for the security and good relations with its neighbours and no regard for international law, he said.

We call on all countries to redouble their efforts, including through implementation of agreed UN Security Council resolutions, to bring North Korea to its senses and end its reckless and dangerous threats to the peace of our region and the world.

North Korea has warned Australia against further aggression in response to the governments commitment to the Ulchi-Freedom Guardian War Games, which began yesterday.

Not long after the Australian Prime Minister had stated that they would join in the aggressive moves of the US even referring to ANZUS which exists in name only the Australian military announced that they would dispatch their troops to the aggressive nuclear exercises of the US, said a spokesman from North Koreas Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This is a suicidal act of inviting disaster as it is an illustration of political immaturity unaware of the seriousness of the current situation.

Defence Minister Marise Payne sent more than two dozen ADF members to join the 10-day war games between the US and South Korea.



By 2050 the number of climate migrants might reach one billion "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Climate Migrants Might Reach One Billion by 2050, 

Although not yet based on definite scientific projections, the proven speed with which the process of climate change has been taking place, might lead to such a scenario by 2050. If so, 1 in 9 human beings would be on the move by then.

Migrants in Countries in Crisis: Guidelines

Currently, forecasts vary from 25 million to 1 billion environmental migrants by 2050, moving either within their countries or across borde...


Deal or No Deal? "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

In the aftermath of the 2003 Iraq War the Atlanticist Oxford historian, Timothy Garton Ash, rolled out an excellent work Free World - an analysis of then rising levels of anti-Americansim - and the detrimental impact war in Iraq had and was having on the stability of the Euro-Atlantic Alliance.


Non nuclear production of medical radioisotopes st South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

 Having the CRIC located on the same site as SAHMRIs cyclotron will enable new shorter half-life compounds to be used in research. There are now several compounds being developed using the cyclotron for conditions such as dementia, cancer and cardiovascular disease which need to be tracked by advanced imaging machines.

States most advanced clinical imaging centre, worth $13m, opens at SAHMRI, Brad Crouch, Medical Reporter, The Advertiser February 15, 2017   THE growing South Australian Health and Biomedical Precinct takes another step forward today with the opening of the most advanced clinical imaging centre in the state.

The $13 million Clinical and Research Imaging Centre at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute has been established in partnership with Dr Jones and Partners Medical Imaging.

Space on the ground level of the SAHMRI building on North Terrace has become a Dr Jones & Partners clinic, with dedicated time allocated to SAHMRI researchers for clinical research without com...


Traditional Owners fighting Adani undeterred by Qld Court outcome "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Where theres mining there is no justice

Responding to a Supreme Court decision in Brisbane today, Traditional Owners fighting Adanis proposed Carmichael coal mine  say that yet again the Queensland Government and Adani  have benefited from laws designed to suppress Aboriginal peoples rights.

The Queensland Court of Appeal today upheld an earlier decision that the Queensland Minister for Mines did not have to afford Wangan and Jagalingou people natural justice when he issued the mining leases for Adanis Carmichael Mine.  The Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners Council
is now seeking legal advice on grounds to appeal to the High Court.

Senior spokesperson for the W&J Traditional Owners Council, Adrian Burragubba, says,

Where theres mining theres no justice for Traditional Owners. The mineral resources regime so often puts massive barriers in the way of Traditional Owners and the wider community which opposes coal mining in Queensland.

We appealed the decision of Queensland Mines Minister, Anthony Lynham MP,  to issue leases over our country to Adani, only to find our common law right to natural justice is of little worth.  We have always aimed higher than this in pursuit of our rights. We are not deterred by todays outcome.

The Court decision has let the Minister get away with sacrificing  our heritage and sacred places to promote his own political interests.

Instead of standing up for our rights in the lands and water of our ancestors, in April 2016 the Queensland Government preferred not to wait for our fight to be resolved in the Federal Court court and instead issued leases to Adani.

As Traditional Owners we wait more than a decade for our native title claim to be dealt with, while Adani can get a lease quickly, without our consent and with no money for its project.

We have clearly and unambiguously rejected a land use deal with this shyster company, yet they push on.  We are not done yet. We will exhaust all legal avenues in our fight to for our rights and to protect our country.  We have further litigation challenging their fake land use agreement in the Court, with a hearing date set for March 2018.

There will be no surrender. , Mr Burragubba concluded.

Continue reading W&Js statement here:


24 Million Now Impacted by Flooding in Southeast Asia "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

The Heavens Continue to Unleash Their Fury on Southeast Asia 24 Million Now Impacted by Flooding as Hato Approaches

The far heavier rains of a warming world have fallen hard over Southeast Asia for nearly two months. In India and Nepal more than 18 million have been affected. But the floodwaters in these higher lands have combined into great torrents flooding downstream into Bangladesh. A country that is now witnessing its worst flood in 100 years as one-third of its low-lying land mass is covered by water.

The damage for such a poor country sitting at the forefront of a growing climate-change-based destruction from the recent extreme rain event has been tremendous. At least 115 people have died. Nearly six million have been impacted. The government has run out of medicine, water purification tablets, and temporary shelters for the hundreds of thousands of people displaced. More than 400,000 hectares of crops have been destroyed. Fully half a million hom...


Fear and loathing in Americas Environment Protection Agency (EPA) "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

turning the agency into a hollow shell by whacking its budget, overturning rules based on bogus reports and keeping employees in the dark allows Pruitt and his allies to claim publicly that all they are doing is restricting the EPA to its original purpose, not demolishing it.

In fact, the damage that Pruitt is inflicting will take years to repair.

Scott Pruitts EPA Is Crazyland, Clean Technica , August 22nd, 2017 ..By Meteor Blades     Coral Davenport and Eric Lipton at The New York Times report that Pruitt has injected a sense of paranoia at the agency, making career employees feel as if they are the enemy. Those staffers say floors at EPA HQ are frequently locked, and if they wish to see Pruitt, they must have an escort. They are often told to leave their cellphones behind and not to take notes in meetings with him:

Mr. Pruitt, according to the employees, who requested anonymity out of fear of losing their jobs, often makes important phone calls from other offices rather than use the phone in his office, and he is accompanied, even at E.P.A. headquarters, by armed guards, the first head of the agency to ever request round-the-clock security.

A former Oklahoma attorney general who built his career suing the E.P.A., and whose LinkedIn profile still describes him as a leading advocate against the EPAs activist agenda, Mr. Pruitt has made it clear that he sees his mission to be dismantli...


23 August More REneweconomy news "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

  • Origin Energy faces three shareholder resolutions on climate
    Coordinated by environmental finance group Market Forces, shareholders in Origin Energy have filed a series of resolutions with the oil and gas major.


Why the Russian Navy Is a More Capable Adversary Than It Appears "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Russia still depends on the remnants of a blue-water navy inherited from the Soviet Union, but a new force is slowly rising to take its place both above and beneath the waves. This navy will be different, with a strategy of its own. The United States should not fear the Russian Navy, but it should respect and study what Moscow is trying to do with its naval forces. Failure to understand an adversarys capabilities, and the logic behind them, is a good way to someday become unpleasantly surprised by them. Learning from that kind of experience usually comes at the expense of lives...


30MW battery to create renewables-based mini grid in South Australia "IndyWatch Feed Aunews", By Giles Parkinson on 23 August 2017 The Australian Renewable Energy Agency says it is providing $12 million towards the $30 million cost of a major battery storage installation to be located on the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia and close to the Wattle Point wind farm.

The 30MW/8MWh large scale battery will deliver both network services and market services, and is the result of a lengthy study begun in 2014 called ESCRI (Energy Storage for Commercial Renewable Integration) by local grid operator ElectraNet, Worley Parsons and AGL.

It is designed principally to provide fast frequency response and help balance the local network, but it will also help reduce congestion on the Heywood interconnector with Victoria, because its placement means more power can be transported over the line. This should relieve constraints imposed by the market operator.

It will also have the ability to island the local network pairing with the local 90MW Wattle Point wind farm and local rooftop solar PV as a local micro-grid to ensure grid security and so keep the lights on in case the network failures elsewhere in the state.



23 August REneweconomy news "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

  • BOC to collaborate with CSIRO on revolutionary $3.4m hydrogen project
    BOC will support CSIRO during its $3.4 million ammonia to hydrogen cracking and membrane purification project that is set to revolutionise the global supply chain for hydrogen.


Ardern on Tax the facts "IndyWatch Feed"

From the Comrade Jacinda parody account, but like all good parodies, close to the truth



Central banks still funding government deficits and the sky remains firmly above "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

There was an article in the Financial Times last week (August 16, 2017) Central banks hold a fifth of their governments debt which seemed to think there was a challenge facing policymakers in unwinding assets after decade of stimulus. The article shows how central banks around the world have been buying huge quantities of government (and private) bonds and holding them on their balance sheets. Apparently, these asset holdings are likely to cause the banks headaches. I dont see it that way. The central banks, in question, could write the debt off any time they chose with no significant consequence. Why they dont is the question rather than whether they will become insolvent if the values crash (they wont) or whether the yields will skyrocket if they sell them back into the non-government sector (they wont). Last week (August 15, 2017), the US Department of Treasury and the Federal Reserve Board put out their updated data on Foreign Holders of US Treasury Securities. Other relevant data was also published which helps us trace the US Federal Reserve holdings of US government debt. Overall, the US government holds about 40 per cent of its own total outstanding debt split between the intergovernmental agencies (27.6 per cent) and the US Federal Reserve Bank (12.4 per cent). In some quarters, the US central bank has been known to purchase nearly all the change in total debt. That folks, is what we might call Overt Monetary Financing and the sky hasnt fallen in yet as a consequence.

They report, as if it is news, that Leading central banks now own a fifth of their governments total debt which is in the assessment of the journalists:

a sign of the scale of the challenge they will face in unwinding unprecedented stimulus measures deployed over the past decade.

Why is that?

Well central banks in six nations that embarked on quantitative easing over the past decade now hold more than four times the pre-crisis level of assets and the public composition amounts to one dollar in every five of the $46tn total outstanding debt owed by their governments.

Scared yet?

The article recounts that:

Central banks bond-buying has helped push sovereign yields to record lows and in some cases into negative territory, with bondholders paying governments to own their paper.

Okay, that just shows who is in charge the currency-issuing government not the bond markets.

Private bond dealers are being forced into a hunt for yield by the central banks. The idea that the bond traders....


James Clapper: I Question Trumps Fitness For Office, Wonder If He Is Looking For A Way Out "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Image may contain: 1 person, eyeglasses and closeup
Clapper on Screen with Don Lemon

CNN contributor James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence, said after watching President Trumps Tuesday night rally in Phoenix he questions his fitness for office. Clapper said Trump seems to be looking for a way out of the presidency.

I really question his ability, his fitness to be in this office and I also am beginning to wonder about his motivation for it, Clapper said. Maybe he is looking for a way out.

I do wonder, as well about the people that attracted to this to this rally as others. You know, what are they thinking? Or why am I so far off base? Because I dont understand the adulation. Of course, thats why I think he gravitated to having this rally as ill-timed as it is, Clapper said.

You said you questioned his fitness. Is he a threat to national security? The president? Lemon asked.

Well, he certainly could be. Again, having some understanding of the levers that a president can exercise, I worry about, frankly, you know, the access to the nuclear codes, Clapper answered.


The Jacciahs first 3 weeks "IndyWatch Feed"



Wordless Wednesday 23082017 "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Cityscape      Filed under: Architecture, Australia, Photography, Travel Tagged: Australia, Brisbane City, Cityscape, Edits, Filter, Photo Art, Wordless Wednesday


The Nations that Accept Nazism Today "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The US Government leads a global operation to make racist fascism respectable again. On 21 November 2014, in a vote at the United Nations on a Resolution opposing a resurgence of the racist-fascist ideology (opposing the ideology thats commonly called nazism) which Resolution was titled Combating glorification of Nazism, neo-nazism and other practices that contribute to contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia, and related intolerance, 115 nations voted Yes to pass the Resolution, 3 voted No to reject it, and 55 voted Abstain, meaning they didnt want to express a view on the resolution. An additional 19 didnt vote at all on it (decided to absent themselves from that roll-call, for whatever reason ...


El Salvador Court Quashes Arrest Warrants For Soldiers Over 1989 Killings "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

El Salvador flag. Credit: AFP

El Salvador flag. Credit: AFP

San Salvador: El Salvadors Supreme Court on Tuesday quashed arrest warrants against a group of soldiers wanted in Spain for their alleged role in the 1989 killing of six Jesuit priests, a notorious atrocity of the Central American nations bloody civil war.

In January 2016, El Salvador agreed to cooperate in the arrest of 17 former soldiers accused of killing the priests, five of whom were Spanish and the other Salvadoran. A housekeeper and her daughter were also murdered in the attack.

El Salvadors government made the announcement after a Spanish judge had sent a new petition to international police agency Interpol, ordering the arrests of the soldiers. Among the wanted men were three generals and four colonels.

However, the Supreme Court ruled the warrants were void on the grounds the soldiers were tried for the murders at the time. Two officers were handed long sentences, but they were later released following the passage of an amnesty law in 1993.

Prosecutors say soldiers carried out the attack on the priests at their home at a university to silence their criticism of rights abuses committed by the US-backed army during the 1980-1992 civil war that claimed an estimated 75,000 lives.


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Damian Light to lead United Future "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

UnitedFuture announces new leader @damianlight United Future (@UnitedNZ) August 23, 2017 Damian was deputy leader and the only visibly active member of United Future other than Peter Dunne so this is no surprise. Ive met Damian, hes a nice guy, and intelligent enough to know how hard things are going to be for []


Trump in Phoenix "IndyWatch Feed"

Adam detests Trump. Adam thinks Trump is a disgrace, but he believes in free speech, so here is the lying braggart with his fake tan in full flow in Arizona today, aided and abetted by his VP Pence.


The US Has Shown Its Teeth With Trumps Afghanistan Policy, but Can It Bite? "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

If implemented, the new policy will likely lead to confrontation with nuclear-armed Pakistan, but that does not mean the US should shy away from holding Islamabads feet to the fire.

Trump Afghanistan policy

US President Donald Trump announces His Afghanistan Policy. Credit: Reuters

Donald Trump, the 45th US president and the third one to preside over its war in Afghanistan, has finally outlined his much-awaited Afghan policy. The wounded giant has bared its teeth but will it bite? At least thats the question the Pakistani military planners are trying to answer in the immediate aftermath of Trumps speech, which has put that country on notice. In a calculated departure from his predecessor Barrack Obamas Afghan policy speech at the West Point Military Academy in 2009, Trump has vowed to score a military victory in Afghanistan. The words victory or win were conspicuously absent from Obamas address. Trump also underscored that what stands between the US and victory in Afghanistan, inter alia, is the Pakistani support to the Afghan Taliban. And he is spot-on.

There is no way that the Taliban could have waged a relentless war against the Afghan state and people without its leadership enjoying sanctuary in Pakistan. The demise of the Taliban emir Mullah Omar, killing of his successor Mullah Akhtar Mansoor and the selection of his replacement Mawlawi Haibatullah Akhunzada, all inside Pakistan, show that while the Talibans tentacles may be in Afghanistan, its nerve centre remains on Pakistani soil. The Talibans sword arm, the so-called Haqqani Network (HQN), remains the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate, the ISIs veritable arm. The HQNs key financial lynchpin,...


Father bashed unconscious while daughters hid in bathroom during Melbourne home invasion "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

The Australian Government has banned the right to obtain, carry & use anything for the sole purpose of self defence, & this is the result. Australian homes & law abiding citizens are left defenseless. NO guns, NO pepper spray, NO tasers, NO anything!!! One would have thought that it was a human right to defend oneself & ones family!!! NOT IN AUSTRALIA IT ISN'T!


Taxing business "IndyWatch Feed"

A reasonably lengthy post, but well worth reading;plus read the comments thread as there are some interesting points made there also

croaking cassandra

One subject that seems destined to get little attention in the current election campaign is the appropriate tax rate to be applied to business income.  As Ive noted previously, our company tax rate is now in the upper third of those in OECD countries.  And if there is any discussion at all in this campaign, it seems more likely to centre on plans to raise more money from companies   foreign companies anyway.   The government has just announced measures designed to have that effect, and parties on the left seem keen on doing even more, under the cover of OECD-coordinated moves in that direction.

I was talking to some tax people yesterday, which prompted me to dig out the OECD data on company tax rates and company tax revenue.  Both matter.  A country can have quite a high statutory headline company tax rate but also have so many

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It's time for Queensland to shine "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Queensland picking up

Hot on the heels of the SEEK survey, comes another positive set of job ads figures.

Total job advertisements are now +26 per cent higher than at the 2013 nadir, according to the Department of Employment. 

After a torrid time since 2013, Queensland is now leading the way forward, with the strongest annual increase from around the states. 


Many of the finest opportunities over the decade ahead will be found in the Sunshine State.

Townsville is set for an economic lift following a torrid few years, while Cairns, Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast will continue to benefit from the Chinese tourism boom.

Then there is the Commonwealth Games coming up in 2018, which will be another welcome boost for Brisbane and the Gold Coast. 

Of course, the above figures are only one measure of what's going down (or up) in the Queensland economy.

ANZ's 'Stateometer' covers a considerably broader set of measures, and showed Queensland accelerating back to life in the June quarter.....


North Korea Presses Rocket Programme But Crisis Appears to Abate "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspects the long-range strategic ballistic rocket Hwasong-12 (Mars-12) in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on May 15, 2017. Credit: KCNA via Reuters/Files

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspects the long-range strategic ballistic rocket Hwasong-12 (Mars-12) in this undated photo released by North Koreas Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on May 15, 2017. Credit: KCNA via Reuters/Files

Seoul: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has ordered the production of more solid-fuel rocket engines, state media said on Wednesday, as he pursues nuclear and missile programmes amid a standoff with Washington, but there were signs of the drama easing.



Sharif and Children Do Not Appear Before Anti-Graft Body "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif looks out the window of his plane after attending a ceremony to inaugurate the M9 motorway between Karachi and Hyderabad, Pakistan February 3, 2017. Credit: Reuters/Caren Firouz/Files

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif looks out the window of his plane after attending a ceremony to inaugurate the M9 motorway between Karachi and Hyderabad, Pakistan February 3, 2017. Credit: Reuters/Caren Firouz/Files

Lahore: For the third consecutive time, ousted Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif and his sons today failed to appear before the countrys top anti-graft body which is to interrogate them over the money launder...


Top Prosecutor to Use New Testimony in Bid to Open Investigation into Brazils Temer "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Brazil's President Michel Temer is pictured before a meeting with Paraguay's President Horacio Cartes at the Planalto Palace in Brasilia, Brazil, August 21, 2017. Credit: Reuters/Adriano Machado

Brazils President Michel Temer is pictured before a meeting with Paraguays President Horacio Cartes at the Planalto Palace in Brasilia, Brazil, August 21, 2017. Credit: Reuters/Adriano Machado

Brasilia: The office of Brazils prosecutor general plans to use an entrepreneurs testimony in a new plea bargain deal to build up an investigation targeting President Michel Temer, a person with direct knowledge of the matter said on Tuesday.

The office of the prosecutor general signed a plea deal with entrepreneur Lcio Funaro, who worked for politicians close to T...


RSS Affiliate Writes to Government on Department of Pharmaceuticals, Alleges Industry Collusion "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The Swadeshi Jagran Manch has accused the pharmaceutical department of undermining the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Agency and diluting its powers.

A letter by an RSS affiliate alleges that wings of the ministry of chemicals and fertilisers are working against making healthcare affordable. Credit: Reuters

Swadeshi Jagran Manch (SJM), the economic wing of the Sangh parivar, has written to the minister of chemicals and fertilisers, Ananth Kumar, alleging that certain wings of his ministry are working against making healthcare and medicines affordable to the public.

The letter is aimed directly at the department of pharmaceuticals (DOP), which is under the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilisers. The SJM alleges that the DOP is working against the stated objectives of prime minister as well as your ministry.  The letter was also sent to Union health minister J.P. Nadda, CEO of the NITI Aayog Amitabh Kant, secretary of the DOP Jai Priye Prakash and the chairman of the drug price regulator Bhupendra Singh.

The letter raises four major issues, with the bulk of the focus on Indias drug price regulator, the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Agency (NPPA). There are severe, unwarranted intrusions in the functioning of the NPPA and undermining of the authority delegated to it, it says.

The letter was sent to the Kumar a few days before a draft of the pharmaceutical policy was circulated to various industry and civil society bodies....


Phoenix Police Use Pepper Spray Against Thousands of Protesters Outside Trump Rally "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Pro-Trump supporters face off with anti-Trump protesters outside a Donald Trump campaign rally in Phoenix, Arizona, US, August 22, 2017. Credit: Reuters/Sandy Huffaker

Pro-Trump supporters face off with anti-Trump protesters outside a Donald Trump campaign rally in Phoenix, Arizona, US, August 22, 2017. Credit: Reuters/Sandy Huffaker

Phoenix: Police fired pepper spray to disperse protesters outside a rally by US President Donald Trump in Phoenix, Arizona, on Tuesday after being pelted with rocks and bottles, police said.

Police have not given an estimate of the number of protesters, but Arizona media said there were several thousand.

People in the crowd have begun throwing rocks and bottles at police, Phoenix police department spokesman, sergeant Jonathan Howard said.

Police have responded with pepper balls and OC (oleoresin capsicum) spray in an attempt to disperse the c...


More Firearms Restrictions! Further Licensing Issues Police Policy "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Property Letters
We are encountering issues regarding property letter sizes.  Specifically, a change in policy within Police Licensing Services (PLS) on what are adequate property sizes for certain calibre firearms.  A client recently had a firearms license application refused for a shotgun on 6 acres.

The PLS maintain they have a duty of care and responsibility to ensure license applicants have access to a property to safely shoot a firearm on.  Property size has a large part to do with this.  They do this by applying arbitrary rules, that do not exist in legislation, to decide whether or not a certain license application should be granted.  PLS will not officially release these figures.  Subsequently, acceptable property sizes change periodically without consultation with the industry or even a warning.

These changes make it particularly hard for firearm dealers to advise clients on suitable firearms for their requirements.  While a certain caliber would be needed to humanely kill certain pests or to engage in a certain style of recreational shooting, there is no certainty that PLS will approve that caliber.  This results in license applications being refused, when similar applications were granted only weeks prior.  Firearm Dealers and license applicants lose money and considerable time is needlessly wasted.  The Police Licensing Services claim to assess applications individually and consider other factors we do not accept this.  Our experience is that little other than property size is considered by assessors in the application process.  License applicants are usually forced to fight to get applications approved, often explaining relatively simple realities of pest eradication to assessors with seemingly little training.



No. You didnt. "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Matthew Prince asks the question:

I helped kick a group of neo-Nazis off the internet last week, but since then Ive wondered whether I made the right decision.

To ask the question is to answer it.

Matt Prince knows the correct answer.

I have a lot of sympathy for that view the transaction wasnt profitable and the company chose not to pursue the relationship. But he made a moral choice, not a business choice.

When standing up to government requests or angry Twitter demands to silence unpopular speech, it was powerful to be able to say wed never terminated a customer due to political pressure. Im not sure we can say that anymore.

Indeed no, you cant.

Id like to fall back on the First Amendment. Im the son of a journalist. I grew up with discussions around the dinner table on the importance of freedom of speech. But the First Amendment doesnt compel private companies to let anyone broadcast on their platforms.

That is a terrible, terrible argument. It is true, of course. Yet I would like to see the underlying internet infrastructure to remain in private hands and not face pressure to be regulated as utilities or even nationalised and operated as utilities.  Matt Prince alludes to this point:

The upshot is that a few private companies have effectively become the gatekeepers to the public squarethe blogs and social media that serve as todays soapboxes and pamphlets. If a handful of tech executives decide to block you from their services, your content effectively cant be on the internet.

Nobody really cares about Nazis but now we know that commercial reality isnt what motivates our gatekeepers but rather their personal values.

On this note if you havent ever seen it, the movie Skokie it is highly recommended.


Bawana Assembly Polling Underway as BJP, AAP and Congress Vie for Victory "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal. Credit: PTI

Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal. Credit: PTI

New Delhi: Voting began this morning for the Bawana assembly constituency by-election in Delhi, in which the BJP, the AAP and the Congress are locked in a three-way contest.

Over 2.94 lakh electors are eligible to exercise their franchise in the bypoll, in which EVMs equipped with voter verifiable paper audit trails are being used at all polling stations.

The voting began at 8 am, officials said.

The assembly seat that falls in the north-west Delhi area is reserved for the SC category.

Eight candidates are in the fray in the election, which is being carried out at 379 polling stations. The counting will take place on August 28th.

All three major parties are eyeing a victory in the bypoll, seen as the barometer of their political influence.

Though the AAP enjoys an overwhelming majority in the assembly with 65 MLAs, a victory in the bypoll would rejuvenate the party after successive setbacks in the civic polls, the Rajouri Garden assembly by-election and the Punjab and Goa polls. The AAP has fielded Ram Chander from the constituency.

The BJP, which has just four members in the 70-member house, hopes to maintain its winning streak in the national capital where it is working hard to make a comeback.

The other major contender is of the Congress, which is trying hard to open its account after being relegated to zero seat in the legislative assembly. It has fielded its former three-time MLA from Bawana, Surender Kumar.

Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, his cabinet colleagues and top AAP leaders campaigne...


Blackwater Founder Seeks Privatization of Afghan War "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

August 23, 2017 (Ulson Gunnar - NEO) - Recent murmurs across the US media have indicated increased interest in "outsourcing" the war in Afghanistan to private military contractors. National Public Radio (NPR) interviewed Erik Prince, founder of controversial military contracting firm, Blackwater, who appears to be leading lobbying efforts toward this end.

In an interview titled, "Blackwater Founder Backs Outsourcing Afghan War-Fighting to Contractors," Prince would defend his proposal for the creation of an "American viceroy" in Afghanistan, consolidating and overseeing all US operations in the country.

He would also suggest replacing US troops with private mercenaries who he claimed would operate inside Afghan units, noting that some 25,000 contractors are already present in Afghanistan. When asked if his current private military contracting company, Frontier Service Group (FSG), would be interested in bidding on contracts that might materialize out of his proposal, he responded by saying, "absolutely."

Steve Inskeep, who conducted the interview, noted that Prince's proposal for an "American viceroy" overseeing what is essentially a private army inside of Afghanistan resembled very closely Imperial Britain's colonial administration of India, an administration that carved out personal fiefdoms for influential British businessmen and lords, and emptied out India's wealth into British coffers.

Inskeep also noted that such a proposal, even before being implemented, most likely would create further resentment among Afghans.

Prince, for his part, attempted to defend the proposal, claiming that current efforts in Afghanistan have cost American taxpayers several trillions and the cost would only continue to rise. He noted that such efforts have resulted in little progress. The "progress" Prince was referring to was defeating "terrorism" and preventing the country from becoming a safe haven for organizations like Al Qaeda and the Islamic State.

Prince would claim:
There's really three w...


Green candidate now standing in Ohariu "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

The Green party has just announced they will now stand a candidate in the Ohariu electorate. Last November it was suggested that Labour and the Greens may be doing some deals in electorates. TVNZs Breakfast @Breakfaston1 Good morning, @avancenz joins us soon with exclusive details of backroom deals between Labour and the Greens ahead of next []


Gorakhpurs Children Died of Death "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

If all the suspects are declared innocent, the responsibility for whatever happens must lie with the victims, for victims are the only certainties in any case.

Relatives carry a child at the Baba Raghav Das Medical College Hospital in Gorakhpur. Credit: PTI

Relatives carry a child at the Baba Raghav Das Medical College Hospital in Gorakhpur. Credit: PTI

Contemporary British novelist Jim Crace published a most unusual novel in 1999. It was called Being Dead. It opens on the beach on the bodies of a middle-aged couple lying in the sand dunes of Baritone Bay. Celice and Joseph, in their mid-50s and married for more than 30 years, have returned to the seacoast where they met as students. Here, they are battered to death by a thief with a chunk of granite. Their corpses lie undiscovered and rotting for a week, prey to sand crabs, flies and gulls. Yet there remains something touching about the scene, with Josephs hand curving lightly around his wifes leg, quietly resting; flesh on flesh; dead, but not departed yetTheir bodies had expired, but anyone could tell that Joseph and Celice were still devoted. For while his hand was touching her, curved round her shin, the couple seemed to have achieved that peace the world denies, a period of grace, defying even murder. I am tempted to say more and with no spoiler alerts, no fear of revealed endings because, in a sense, a brutal ending is where the novel begins. And after death, we know, nothing happens, nothing can happen



India Grants Pfizer Patent for Pneumonia Vaccine "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The decision bars other companies from making cheaper copies of the vaccine and allows Pfizer to exclusively sell the drug in India until 2026.

The Pfizer logo is seen at their world headquarters in New York, April 28, 2014. Credit: Reuters/Andrew Kelly/Files

The Pfizer logo is seen at their world headquarters in New York, April 28, 2014. Credit: Reuters/Andrew Kelly/Files

Mumbai: India has granted Pfizer Inc a patent for its powerful pneumonia vaccine Prevenar 13, in a blow to some health groups that said this would put the treatment out of reach of thousands in poorer nations.

The decision by Indias patent office bars...


Profit over people "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Debt amount: 
Date debt issued: 
Wednesday, 1 March 2017
Period debt occurred: 
July 2014
Has your case been referred to a collection agency?: 
Payment Type: 
Newstart Allowance
Appealing Debt?: 
Yes & I won
Tell us about your debt and how has this affected you? e.g. anxiety levels, financial and accommodation stress: 

In November 2015 I made a very serious attempt on my life and ended up in hospital for a period of time.
This wasn't the first attempt. It was simply the most serious.

It was by the doctor's recommendation that I spend a couple of months on a hiatus with my family where I could be monitored, seek counseling and eventually, when ready, move back into normal life.
I was working a casual job in Sydney at the time, living alone in a studio apartment and my family lived 7 hours away.
I did as the doctor suggested (I would not have been allowed out of hospital if I hadn't) and I stayed at my family's house for 3 months - du...


Labours Janus faces "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Gareth Morgan has been in trouble for suggesting, in a sexist tweet, that Jacinda Ardern has the face of a pig. If I were to characterise the Labour Party of the Ardern era, then I would use a different metaphor. I think that the party is a little like the Roman god Janus, who had []


NZ First disarray on asset buyback policy "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

NZ First has struggled to get attention in a volatile election campaign, but they attracted the wrong sort of attention today at Business NZ conference at Te Papa. MP Richard Prosser caused a stir he warned he would set the cat among the pigeons with comments on a State buyback of power company []


Kaifiyat Express Derails in UP, Leaving Dozens Injured "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The Kaifiyat Express after it derailed. Credit: Twitter/ANI UP

The Kaifiyat Express after it derailed. Credit: Twitter/ANI UP

Lucknow: As many as 74 passengers were injured as nine bogies of the Kaifiyat Express derailed in UPs Auraiya district early today after dashing against a dumper carrying construction material for railway work, PTI reportedHowever, the railways said 25 persons were injured in the incident and that the dumper did not belong to them.

Principal secretary, home, Arvind Kumar said 74 people were injured, of which four received serious injuries and have been rushed to Saifai and Etawah hospitals. Superintendent of police, Auraiya, Sanjeev Tyagi also said that 74 passengers were injured in the incident.

Early this morning, Livemint reported that around 50 people have been injured. The Indian Express reported that over 70 people have been injured in the Kaifiyat Express derailment, four of whom have been seriously injured. The Express also reported that eight bogies had derailed and that the ninth had overturned.

However, G.K. Bansal, North Central R...


Don't try to revive the zombie TPP "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Don't revive the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Use our online form to send a message to the Trade Minister now!



When are we Australians? Xenophon, Australian born and bred "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Racism is a beast that threatens those whom it stares downs and regularly mauls its prey. This beast remains at all times as a firmament in the institutions of this so-called Australian nation. Racism has many veils and layers, institutional and structural and copiously pollutes the overarching documents that define this nation. The citizenship crisis []


Authorities freeze $70m of assets from alleged $144m tax fraud "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Authorities have frozen about $70m worth of assets as they begin to claw back the proceeds of an alleged $130m tax-evasion racket, a New South Wales court has heard. The scandal was blown open last month, culminating in the arrest of nine people, including the son and daughter of former Australian Taxation Office deputy commissioner []


Expunging the commonweal from the Commonwealth Bank "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Expunging the commonweal from the Commonwealth BankThe Commonwealth Bank has lost its moral compass [and should] refrain from using ... "Common" and simply refer to themselves ... as the "Wealth Bank". read now...


Alleging Slave-Like Treatment, Foreign Inmates Go on Strike at Lampur Detention Facility "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Representative image. Credit: Reuters

Foreign inmates went on strike at the Lampur facility. Credit: Reuters

New Delhi: At least 50 foreign national inmates went on an indefinite hunger strike to protest against slave-like treatment at the detention facility in Lampur in Narela, in Northwest Delhi, which forms the citys border with Haryana.

An Indian Express report said that the inmates alleged they were extorted at the facility and given poor quality food and expired medicines. They said they had written to the president, the prime minister and to the ministry of external affairs a number of times before going on strike.

An August 17 letter, accessed by the Indian Express, says the reason for the hunger strike is the indefinite incarceration of three-thirteen months by the Indian Foreigner Regional Registration Offices (FRRO) without any court judgement. The letter says, We are not slaves nor goods for sale by the Indian FRRO and alleges that extortion has been ta...


House Is Open "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


Seventeen Judges of Papua New Guinea added colour to the official opening of the 10th Parliament yesterday.

Their red coloured ceremonial dresses stood out among the dignitaries and crowd who were there to be part of the ceremony in front of the Parliament House to join Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia, Speaker Job Pomat, Prime Minister Peter ONeill, Opposition Leader Patrick Pruaitch and their wives.

The judges of the National and Supreme Courts turned up for the official opening in their full ceremonial attire.

They included Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika, justices Les Gavara-Nanu, Ambeng Kandakasi, Elenas Batari, Allen David, Derek Hartshorn, Ere Kariko, Stephen Kassman, Jacinta Murray, Iova Geita, Robert Lindsay, Leka Nablu, Kenneth Frank, Frazer Pitpit, Hitelai Polume-Kiele, Terence Higgins, Lawrence Kangwia and Martin Ipang.

Governor-General Sir Bob Dadae turned up in his white ceremonial dress, accompanied by the parade host Colonel Raymond Numa to inspect the Guard of Honour. Colonel Numa is acting Commander of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force.

The guard of honour was from the 1st Royal Pacific Island Regiment and a combined Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary and Correctional Services band provided the music for the ceremony as the leaders were escorted to the Parliament chambers for the official address by Sir Bob.

There was a 19-gun salute and traditional singsing groups performed on the parliament grounds while Sir Bob delivered his message to the nation and officially opened the 10th National Parliament.

Prior to that, Speaker Job Pomat gave his welcome speech.

When the governor-general and chief justice retired from the chambers, Parliament was adjourned to 2pm at which a Deputy Speaker was elected. He is Nipa-Kutubu MP Jeffery Komal who had 57 votes to 47.

The Prime Minister Peter ONeill also gave his address to Parliament and the nation.

Parliament was adjourned to September 26.

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Divorce and long ride inspires Naz Bags "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

An Aussie woman has started the Naz Bags canvas motorcycle luggage company after being inspired by the Long Way Round and a year-long motorbike adventure following her divorce.

Narelle Naz Lyons, of Aratula in Queenslands Scenic Rim, says she has been riding since she was 16, but only started riding seriously about eight years ago.

I started off with a Virago, but after watching Long Way Round I knew I had to get an adventure bike, Naz says.

It was a Suzuki DR650 and when my husband suddenly left me a year later I sold up and travelled Australia on it. It was mostly just me and my tent. I loved it.

As I had spent a year travelling on a bike I had a lot of ideas about luggage.

So the marketing and design graduate started Naz Bags about a year ago, making affordable, high-quality canvas motorcycle luggage and tool bags from tough Australian canvas.Narelle

I was working with my sister-in-law, Janine, doing horse rug repairs, she says.

I had sewn most of my life but not so industrially. Janine is a professional machinist who makes horse float covers and she offered me machines to work on and some scrap canvas to see what I could develop.

Naz says her tool rolls are her best seller.

I designed these because when I travelled Oz on my bike it frustrated me digging around in a tool bag to find what I needed, especially in Central Australia in the heat, she says.

They have a strap at the back so they can be attached in lots of different places on a bike. Mine is attached so that I can open it to roll down my seat....


Whaleoil Backchat "IndyWatch Feed"

Good evening, welcome to Whaleoil Backchat. You dont have to stay on topic in these posts like you do in all others. Feel free to share your own stories, discuss other news or catch up with friends. If you havent tried it before, signing up for a Disqus account is free, quick, and it is easy. New []

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Google has been recording you without your knowledge "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"


Arts Friday 25 August presented by Bronwyn Rennex "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Today I be talking about making art accessible. I went along on a tour through the Jenny Watson exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia that was run for participants with visual impairment as part of the MCAs Bella Program. Ill be playing part of the tour as well as interviews with the artist educators and the participants in the tour. It will be an interesting way for many to experience the work of Jenny Watson.

I also talk about the Making Airwaves initiative. You can find out more about this on the Eastside Website.

Theres also a wonderful program called Gig Buddies thats worth checking out and getting involved with.

There are some tours for people with visual impairment coming up soon at the Art Gallery of NSW too including a tour of the Archibald Wynn and Sulman prizes on Sat 9 September at 11am.

As always, I present lots of sweet tunes.

Jenny Watson, Self Portrait as a Narcotic, 1989, Museum of Contemporary Art, purchased 1989, image courtesy the artist and Museum of Contemporary Art Australia the artist

Jenny Watson, Self Portrait as a Narcotic, 1989, Museum of Contemporary Art, purchased 1989, image courtesy the artist and Museum of Contemporary Art Australia the artist

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Blindman Death Stare "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Sat Sept 9 THE ZOO
ENTRY: $12

Fresh off the back of their shows with Night Birds, Melbourne punks Blind Man Death Stare will be tearing Sonnys a new fire exit alongside supports Kill Dirty Youth, Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up & Hound.

By September, theyll be in the midst of an extensive national tour to promote the release of their first full-length album titled ITLL GROW ON YA, released July 26th on Arrest Records.

The tour starts at the Dead of Winter Festival in Brisbane, on July 29th alongside The Meanies, The Bennies, The Porkers and many more.
They will then be joined by Melbourne ratbags Kill Dirty Youth for the remainder of the tour, playing over 20 dates spanning most of Australia and New Zealand.

Check out the video for the first single off the record, Spike My Drink But Dont Take My Kidneys.

Tickets on sale now via oztix. For more info head to

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As 19 Pro-Dhinakaran AIADMK Leaders Meet TN Governor, DMK Demands a Trust Vote "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The Dhinakaran faction in the AIADMK has made it clear that they intend to remove chief minister Palanswami from his post and put forth their own candidate.

T.T.V. Dhinakaran being greeted by supporters. Credit: PTI/Files

T.T.V. Dhinakaran being greeted by supporters. Credit: PTI/Files

New Delhi: As political turmoil within the AIADMK in Tamil Nadu continues, 19 pro-T.T.V. Dhinakaran MLAs reportedly met with the states governor on Tuesday and asked that he take action against chief minister E. Palanaswami (known popularly as EPS) for abuse of power, corruption and favouritism.

..the present situation has arisen that the governance of the state cannot be carried on in accordance with provisions of the constitutionI request you Excellency Governor of Tamil Nadu to intervene and institute the constitutional process as constitutional head of the state the document submitted by the MLAs to governor Vidyasagar Rao was quoted by India Today as saying.

Speaking to a television channel, Sasikala-Dhinakaran loyalist Thangathamizh Chelvan said, We have told the governor that we will be taking steps to change chief minister Palaniswami.

According to an...


Yes, I know I should be ashamed of myself. But I'm not "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Because nobody else was brave enough to tell the truth about cannibal sea lice. In less than one week. With no editing. Or cover artist.

Available where all good books are sold, even though, you know, it really shouldn't be.


Movie Vaxxed gets up Qld Health Ministers nose "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Movie Vaxxed exposes CDC research fraud and cover-up

By Brent Melville

QUEENSLAND Health Minister Cameron Dick was either seriously misinformed, ignorant, or flat out lying when, in response to the touring movie Vaxxed: From Coverup to Catastrophe, he said there is no shred of credible scientific evidence to support claims that vaccinations are dangerous (Gold Coast Bulletin, 15/7/17).

The same with Victorian Health Minister Jill Hennessy who stated on Seven News in February last year: There are no risks in vaccinating your children the science is really clear.

From left, Meryl Dorey of Australian Vaccination Sceptics Network, research scientist Dr Brian Hooker, UK parent Polly Tommey (both parents of autistic children) and US nephrologist (kidney specialist) Dr Suzanne Humphries.

Vaxxed: From Coverup to Catastrophe traces the case of UK gastroenterologist Dr Andrew Wakefield who, in the 1990s, discovered 10 of his patients developed health problems following MMR vaccines. His...


The Rising Trend of Civil Unrest "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"


QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; You said that this civil unrest will continue to escalate and that the left is attempting to just suspend government until 2020. It does seem that every possible issue is always turned into an anti-Trump issue from vocal threats against North Korea that seems to have worked and protests against any company trying to work with the White House because they claim Trump is now a White Supremacist.  It seems to me that there have been a lot more leftist protests than alt-right. I think Charlottesville was the first. It is very strange how the left burn cities but thats ok and it is not attributed to Democrats. Is this the root cause of the escalation in civil unrest ahead?

Thank you for really offering a fair vie of things.


ANSWER: Correct. The list of leftists protests far outnumber anything of the alt-right has dome so far. This is why the violence will continue and escalate into some very bloody events going into 2020. Here are the list of the leftist protests:

  • 2009 Oakland, Akron, Pittsburgh
  • 2010 Santa Cruz, Oakland, Los Angeles,
  • 2011 Oakland
  • 2012 Chicago, Anaheim
  • 2013 Brooklyn
  • 2014 Ferguson, New York City
  • 2015 Baltimore
  • 2016 Anaheim, Chicago, St Paul, Milwaukee, Charlotte, Standing Rock, Oakland, Portland
  • 2017 Washington DC, Berkeley, Anaheim, Berkeley (again), Berkeley (again), Olympia, Portland, New York City, Boston, Hot Springs, Ark., Portland, Houston, Memphis, New Orleans

You can see that there has been a stark increase with the Trump election.


Over the Past Seven Years, Politically-Connected Sectors Have Tanked at Stock Market "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

While firms in the FMCG and auto sectors have done well, certain power, steel and telecom companies  where access to natural resources and political connections are crucial to success  have performed horribly.

Companies in sectors that depended on natural resources and were afflicted by crony capitalism are threatening India's economic growth now. Credit: Reuters

Companies in sectors that depended on natural resources and were afflicted by crony capitalism are threatening Indias economic growth now. Credit: Reuters

Mumbai: Despite benchmark stock market indices touching new highs in recent years, some of Indias large corporates have seen a precipitous drop in their share prices.

The reason? While its difficult to say exactly, the most poor-performing stocks are conglomerates and companies operating in sectors such as power, steel, telecom and real estate, where...


Chairman Mal's bollard video "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Hi XXXXXXXX Yesterday I released Australias Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism and I wanted to briefly tell you why this strategy is such an important part of our plan to keep Australia safe. This strategy was developed in close partnership with the states and territories, local government, police...


My generation is no longer their generation "IndyWatch Feed"

The rise of Jacinda Ardern and the resignation of Peter Dunne show New Zealands political scene is heading towards a generational change, writes Tim Watkin. A stark difference has arisen between the two major parties in recent days one doubling down on old ways and another bursting with new generation vibes. Peter Dunnes resignation []

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How Will India Cope with the Ill-Effects of Mass Education? "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

At the national level, India seems intent on raising the gross enrolment ratio without considering if it will be sustainable as well as maintain a good standard of quality.

Credit: bansal98/Flick, CC BY 2.0

Credit: bansal98/Flick, CC BY 2.0

Madhvi Gupta is an independent researcher based in Goa. Pushkar is director, the International Centre Goa (ICG), Dona Paula. The views expressed here are personal.

Some higher education commentators have argued that India can learn much from China about building well-ranked universities within a relatively short period. And with the Indian government currently in the process of identifying 10 public and 10 private universities as institutions of eminence to give them extra support so that they can be placed among the top 500 institutions in the world within 10 years, it should certainly be looking at how China catapulted its elite universities into the top 100 or 200.

But China has another lesson for India in the matter of higher education: that promoting mass college education without a careful assessment of the absorptive capacity of the domestic economy ...


New Research Reveals Why Avoiding Tuna Is Still a Good Idea "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

By Dr. Mercola

Fish has always been the best dietary source of the animal-based omega-3 fats EPA and DHA. While your body may be able to produce some of these fats, the process is relatively inefficient, so they are considered conditionally essential.1 This means to acquire sufficient amounts for optimal health, you need to consume the omega-3 fats EPA and DHA from your food.

Unfortunately, as the levels of pollution in the oceans have increased, so have the toxins you consume. If you arent choosy about where your fish is harvested, the pollutants in the fish may outweigh the benefits of the healthy fats. At the same time, many fish species have been overfished and dangerously depleted. Orange roughy is one example. A slow growing, deep water fish, they dont usually reproduce until age 20 and may live up to 149 years.2

In the 1980s the popularity of orange roughy exploded and led to driving it almost to extinction. In some areas, fishing for roughy has been restricted and scientists expect it to take many years for the population to recover, if it ever does. Farm-raised fish are also not the answer as they present problems for both the environment and the consumer.3

Raising fish in a confined area results in the same kind of waste pollution problems as land-based factory animal farms struggle with. Fish farms also reduce biodiversity, spread disease and sea lice, and contaminate water with pesticides. It is important to consider not only your health but also the impact on the environment when choosing seafood for your family.

Why Tuna Is Best Avoided

Historically, tuna has been a very popular fish, and among the most widely consumed. They are known for a distinctive flavor and versatility in the kitchen. There are at least 15 different species,4 but only five are commonly fished and eaten. Depending upon the species, the adults can weigh from 10 pounds up to 500 pounds. The largest is the Atlantic bluefin tuna that is migratory and can travel at great speeds o...


LNP leaves the crocs to eat Far Northerners and their animals "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Young dog taken by huge croc near Innisfail

 Two days after a huge crocodile devoured a six-month-old puppy in North Queensland, the major parties have refused to declare KAPs Safer Waterways bill as urgent.

 KAPs Shane Knuth today sought leave to fast track the Safer Waterways bill so it could be voted on by October. Labor and the LNP ganged up to block Shanes request, meaning Queensland will have to wait until at least the end of March next year for a vote.

 In seeking leave, Shane read out a letter from a constituent (who did not want to be named):

LNP an ALP refuse to fast track KAPs crocodile legislation, leaving more North Queenslanders to be eaten by crocs

 We live on the banks of the South Johnstone River in Mourilyan, North Qu...


DANCE & THEATRE: Khon Exquisite Masked Dance Drama of Thailand "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

KHON: Exquisite Masked Dance Drama of Thailand

Free public event: Celebrating 65 years of Australian-Thai bilateral relations, Khon, Esquisite Masked Dance Drama of Thailand will soon arrive in Sydney to present one of the countrys most significant dance performances.

Having toured internationally, the Sydney Khon performances will consist of a special presentation and workshop at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre (Wednesday 30 August).

For one night only, the audience will get a chance to see this Thai extravaganza, as well as the performers glittering handmade costumes and tantalising live music.

Traditionally performed exclusively at significant royal functions, Khon performances depict the story of the Ramakien. The story follows Phra Ram, an incarnation of the god Phra Narai, who is assisted by monkey warriors that help him rescue his wife, Sida, from the demon king, Tosakanth. The story presents the universal belief that virtue always wins over evil.

Khon is a complex Thai classical dance whose history dates back hundreds of years. The masked dance drama is the most refined of Thai theatre forms, requiring strict training from childhood, and combines
music, martial arts, painting and elaborate costumes.

Presented by aMBUSH Gallery, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre and Assajan Collective, the special presentation at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre will be a free public event, and include an opening.

Dont miss this rare opportunity! There are only 100 seats available, all free of charge, but registrations are essential.

DATE: Wed. 30 August 2017
TIME:2:00 pm 4:10 pm AEST
WHERE:  Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, 1 Powerhouse Road, Casula, NSW 2170

To reserve your place at this historic event, register now at




Framing Commonwealth offences - including guidelines on when criminal charges should be preferred "IndyWatch Feed Aunews" The guide can be downloaded through the links below: A Guide to Framing Commonwealth Offences, Infringement Notices and Enforcement Powers [DOC 7543B] A Guide to Framing Commonwealth Offences, Infringement Notices and Enforcement Powers [PDF 1.32MB] Principle in relation to criminal charges A criminal offence is the ultimate sanction for...


Something linear "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

The first time I fall in love it is with a girl. She tells me if you were a boy you would be my perfect person. You, as a boy. I smile and nod. I say, Ill keep a lookout for a boy like me, for you. I work early mornings at a caf. On the bus home at 11.30am I think about this and lean my head against the white-lit windowpane and cry because I know shes not wrong, but shes not right either. I get breast cancer. They cut off my breast and immediately make moves to replace it.


Corporation-v-Walter court dates "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

David Walter has sent advice regarding his next court appearances.

Cairns Magistrate Court October 16, 2017 to face charges of failing to submit a form relating to his bankruptcy action

Cairns Magistrates Court October 30, 2017  to face an assault charge against a court protection officer

We suggest anyone with an interest in the bogus charges against Walter listen to the Australian Patriot Radio podcast on Cairns News.



Country matters #6 "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Michael Baume in the Spectator on cow dialects:
Keeping inequality in proper perspective, the London Evening Standard last week ran a full page article quoting Sir Patrick Stewarts US National Public Radio talk explaining that the dialects of British cows moos reflect, like their human counterparts, a society dominated by class, social status and location. He noted that the sound made by a cow from West Oxfordshire, birthplace and home to many right of centre politicians, is quite an upper-class bray compared with those from West Yorkshire. The National Farmers Union backed this up, maintaining that when cows are mo(o)ved from one area of strong accents to another, there is a problem of them initially not responding to the new accent. Cows in the West Country have the distinctive Somerset twang (more of a moo-arr) while Midlands beasts moo with Brummie accents and Geordie tones are heard Tyneside. And in the US, those bred in the southern states sound very different from the moos heard in the north. In the Anglospheres animal farms, all cows are not equal.
I wonder if this is the case in New Zealand, that a Friesian from Southland might have a different moo from a Waikato Friesians, perhaps with a hint of a burr. 

Nationals Bill English is a farmer from Dipton in Southland and Labours Jacinda Ardern is from Morrinsville in the Waikato, so perhaps this could be a question in the Leaders Debate come the election. Can they tell the difference between regional moos? 


This needs to be repeated until it sinks in "IndyWatch Feed"

At least somebodys awake. This needs to be repeated until it sinks in. Europe must wake up, urges Poland Interior minister Mariusz Blaszczak, telling state TV that we are dealing with a clash of civilizations, where Muslim enclaves form support bases for terrorists. The official, a member of the ruling rightwing Law and Justice Party (PiS), said he []

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Word of the day "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Scumber  the dung, particularly that of a bear, dog or fox; to defecate; to void excrement.

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Notes from focus group and strategy discussion pro-gay marriage activists in Sydney "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

One of our readers was sitting next to a group of gay marriage activists in an inner-Sydney cafe. They were talking strategy and focus group outcomes and our reader made some notes: Campaign needs to: - inject more guilt - "guilt will win this for us" - push polling -...


Bougainville group adamantly against renewed mining "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

Radio New Zealand |  23 August 2017

A group calling itself Bougainvilleans United Against Mining has re-stated its opposition to a resumption of mining at Panguna.

The government in the autonomous Papua New Guinea province wants the huge copper and gold mine re-opened to give the economy a lift ahead of the independence referendum to be held in 2019.

Bougainvilles Mining Minister Raymond Masono this week applauded a joint resolution by ex-combatants to back the re-opening, but one of those praised by the minister, a former Bougainville Revolutionary Army commander, James Onartoo, said he and his group do not support it.

Mr Onartoo said their group, which includes many women, landowners and ex-combatants, will not support Panguna being re-opened, or mining anywhere on Bougainville.

Members of the group joined a blockade that stopped the Autonomous Bouginaville Government (ABG) from signing a memorandum of agreement with landowners at Panguna two months ago.

Mr Onartoo says the ABG is weak and lacks the l...


Gunshots all around as election violence resumes in Wabag "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The late Sano Peter MendaiDANIEL KUMBON

WABAG, Wednesday afternoon - Election violence has resumed here and gunshots are ringing out over the small township after a ceasefire imposed last week broke down yesterday and a death was reported this morning.

Wabag is experiencing its most violent time since Enga Province severed ties with the Western Highlands to assume its own political and administrative responsibilities in 1974.

Maters were made worse by the unrelated death of a young pilot Sano Peter Mendai (pictured), who was to graduate from a flying school in New Zealand this month.

Sano Mendai had come to Port Moresby to witness the graduation of his wife, Jane Kipok, from the University of Papua New Guineas.

They had planned to get married in Wabag then fly to New Zealand for Mr Mendais own graduation. But he died unexpectedly early this month.

His relatives from the Lankep tribe on the edge of Wabag town could not hold a proper funeral because of continued election violence.

Nor did they properly celebrate the election victory of their tribesman, Dr Lino Jeremiah Tom, who toppled PNC strongman Robert Ganim in the Wabag Open seat.

Jane Kipok's relatives from Kandep could not go to the funeral because of election violence between supporters of Alfred Manasseh and Don Polye who are from Kandep.

The other heart-wrenching tale in Wabag was the death in a fire of a Bangladeshi businessman.

3 of the surviving businessmenFour of his colleagues escaped to the police station with no possessions, not even their passports. They lost everything including much cash.

The men, three who are pictured here, had moved to Wabag from Manus this year and rented a new property to establish a store

Over 30 people h...


The world according to Professor Triggs "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

As reported on the Mandarin website, former (thank heavens) Human Rights Commission President, Gillian Triggs said that:

Public servants must be eternally vigilant in maintaining their tradition of frank and fearless advice based on evidence.

Interesting since ex-Presidente was frequently confused about what actual evidence was.

Also according to ex-Presidente:

I think there has been a definite trend in Australia for public servants to be more concerned about doing what the ministers asked them to do, than they have working collaboratively with the minister to inform them about evidence-based policy,

Really?  Despite her inference, doing what a minister says and evidence-based policy are not necessarily mutually exclusive.  But more to the point, and consistent with her modus operandi, public servants are not free agents able to act and pursue any objectives they see fit.  Public servants are there to implement the policies of elected governments.

Its nice living in an ivory tower in fairy land.

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Danya Pigeon crowned 2017-18 Junior Miss Cherokee "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

2017-18 Junior Miss Cherokee Danya Pigeon receiving her crown from 2016-17 Junior Miss Cherokee Lauryn Skye McCoy.

Published August 23, 2017

TAHLEQUAH Sequoyah High School senior Danya Pigeon, of Hulbert, was crowned the 2017-18 Junior Miss Cherokee during the 26th annual leadership competition on Saturday.

For the next year, Pigeon will act as a goodwill ambassador for the tribe, promoting the government, language, history and traditions of the Cherokee people.

Cherokee Nation Deputy S. Joe Crittenden, 2017-18 Junior Miss Cherokee Danya Pigeon and Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker.

Three teens competed for the honor at the Tahlequah Armory Municipal Center in three categories: a cultural presentation, an impromptu question-and-answer, and a speech on their respective platform. Pigeon, 18, earned her crown and sash after giving a special presentation on Sequoyah and the Cherokee syllabary, giving her opinion on connecting citizens inside and outside of tribal jurisdiction, and speaking on her platform, alcohol abuse.

It has been a dream of mine to be Junior Miss Cherokee, and I would like to thank God for giving me this opportunity to serve the Cherokee Nation, Pigeon said.

Pigeon is the daughter of Tammy West and Walter Pigeon. She previously served in the Cherokee National Youth Choir and is currently a member of the Harvest Time Tabernacle youth group.

The Junior Miss Cherokee competition is held each year in conjunction with the Cherokee National Holiday. The 2017-18 Miss Cherokee competition is slated for 6 p.m....


Toxic language detection is totally inadequate "IndyWatch Feed"

Alphabet (nee Google) is working on Perspective, which is a machine learning algorithm that tries to detect toxic language. Perspectives got a ways to go, and some of the errors the program has been shown to make are enough to cause one to question if machines will ever be able to parse meaning-laden human expression []

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Sometimes Boys Are Like Girls and Girls Are Like Boys, so Whats the Difference Again? "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Thats pretty much what the history of gender difference science has told us, according to a new book by British science journalist Angela Saini.

Credit: archivesnz/Flickr, CC BY 2.0

Credit: archivesnz/Flickr, CC BY 2.0

In the introduction chapter of Inferior, the British science journalist Angela Saini says very poignantly that at the heart of her book is a hushed uncertainty a dark, niggling feeling that we arent the same. The dangerous part of letting such uncertainties fester is that, once in a while, this delicate equilibrium gets messed up as it was very recently by James Damore. In his now infamous Google memo, the former Google employee made an impassioned plea to the company to stop being in denial of what science tells us about biological differences between the sexes. To spare us the trouble of finding out what these differences are, he lists them out himself:

  1. Women on average show a higher interest in people and men in things,
  2. Women on average are more cooperative,
  3. Women on average are more prone to anxiety,
  4. Women on average look for more work-life balance while men have a higher drive for status on average,
  5. ...


Former U.S. Attorney On Awan Indictment: "There Is Something Very Strange Going On Here" "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

We've written frequently over the past couple of months about the litany of unanswered questions surrounding the mysterious case of Debbie Wasserman Schultz's (DWS) IT staffers.  Why did DWS seemingly threaten the chief of the U.S. Capitol Police with consequences for holding equipment that was confiscated as part of an ongoing legal investigation?  Why did DWS keep Awan on her taxpayer funded payroll all the way up until the day he was arrested by the FBI at Dulles airport while trying to flee the country to Pakistan?  What, if anything, does the Awan family know about the DNC hacks that may have caused DWS to act in this way?


The Weather Station Announces Self Titled Album "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Image Courtesy of The Weather Station Canadian singer-songwriter The Weather Station, AKA Tamara Lindeman, has announce plans to release her forth studio album on the 6th October. The self-titled album sees The Weather Station channelling a new, more energetic sound. I wanted to make a rock and roll record, Lindeman explained, but one that sounded []



Stallholder Profile for Grandpa's Toys

Your name:  David Burrage
Your business name and facebook/website name and link:
The suburb/town you live in now: Alton Downs Qld (we have a workshop in Marian also which we share with Blacklist Prints)
What is it that you make and what skills do you use?: Handmade wooden toys for toddlers through to 80 year old. I use carpentry and furniture making skills to create my toys


Unbreakable with Jane Caro "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Jane Caro was Sylvias guest on Arts Wednesday 23 August 2017 to talk about her new book, Unbreakable: Women share stories of resilience and hope. Jane edited this sometimes confronting series of contributions, from mostly professional writers, telling storied they have never told before. Janes passion and compassion make for  compelling listening.

That was Part 1of the conversation  and here is Part 2:


And now for the final part:


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Transforming trauma: Shoeb Ahmad on Jack Off With Jack Shit "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

  • Shoeb Ahmed :: Interview & Live Songs on Jack Off

Shoeb Ahmad has made some bold changes in the past year somehow transforming the trauma of experiencing a burglary at an interstate hotel (whilst secretly presenting as femme) into a courageous coming out.

This recent interview with Jack Shit is startlingly frank, revealing an extraordinarily brave human being a gifted musician of the Muslim faith, born brown via Bangladeshi parents, then raised in Parramatta transcending multiple levels of discrimination with creativity and grace.

Naturally (given the circumstances) the current attempted sabotage of popular hopes for marriage equality, via the Coalitions cynical and unrepresentative postal plebiscite, was discussed. Neither Shoeb nor Jack were backwards in coming forwards about where responsibility for the harm unleashed by this regressive process will lie. In the days ahead determination of the type displayed by Shoeb will be more vital than ever.

Be organised and ensure that you are correctly enrolled to vote by the cut-off date this Thursday in order to have your say.

Were going to need all the care and kindness our community can muster to endure the hate-speech of reactionary elements who object to the long-overdue extension of equal rights to all loving partners.

If you are looking for a little inspiration right now listen here to Shoebs story and marvel at the two stunningly sincere and plaintive songs (written during all of this upheaval) performed on either side of its telling.


The post...


The Prefu "IndyWatch Feed"

Not the lolly scramble many hoped for.

RNZ has a sober article

Consequently, PREFU suggests that Labour will impose more and higher taxes..

The full PREFU is here.prefu17

Look forward to all the lies and obfuscatiom.


The Long, Long Story: Principled Realism, Trump and Afghanistan "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

The story continues with dispiriting relentlessness. The remark by Samuel Beckett in The Unnamable comes to mind: I cant go on.  Ill go on. With the sense of incapacity about going on, yet doing so with a drones dedicated commitment, President Donald Trump did what US Presidents have done since George W. Bush: commit. Commit,

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Oh, FFS "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

In response to scaremongering by (highly-paid) journalist Patrick Gower, (highly-paid) Labour leader Jacinda Ardern and (highly-paid) finance spokesperson Grant Robertson have just ruled out any prospect of tax increases on highly-paid people like themselves. By doing so they've chained themselves into National's current fiscal straitjacket, under which the government can not collect enough revenue to properly fund our health, education, and welfare systems, and effectively ruled out any real chance of making any progress if they become government.

If people wonder why I have nothing but contempt for the Labour Party, this is why. They talk a big game about fixing things, but refuse to embrace the necessary tools to do so. Instead, they're just the smily face of the austerity status quo, unwilling to really change anything.

But its not just a betrayal, its also simply fucking stupid. There is absolutely no political downside to making MP's and corporate bigwigs pay more tax. To the contrary, Helen Clark ran on a platform of taxing the rich, and she got elected on it. But now Labour has just made it look like they've put their own personal greed ahead of the public's needs. And they deserve to be punished for it.


The political ads Labour "IndyWatch Feed"

First up is Labours new ad

Is it credible?

Very much focused on Ardern?

Was anyone else struck by the grandiose promises?

Did they really promise Homes for all who will pay for these?

What will that promise cost?

Is it false advertising?



Yellow paint spilled all over Wellington "IndyWatch Feed"

Pollen season has arrived early this year, and its causing some concern for environmentally aware Wellingtonians. The Greater Wellington Regional Councils hotline is being inundated with calls from people reporting paint spills in waterways, but it turns out to be pollen. Environmental regulations manager Al Cross said the council doesnt want to discourage people ringing []

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Women Take the Lead in Building Toilets in Rural Bihar "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Womens self-help groups in the villages of Jehanabad are encouraging people to build toilets in their homes and end open defecation.

A womans meeting in Jehanabad discussing the benefits of building toilets in homes. Credit: Mohd Imran Khan

A womans meeting in Jehanabad discussing the benefits of building toilets in homes. Credit: Mohd Imran Khan

Jehanabad district, Bihar: Poonam Devi and Nageena Devi are happy and proud women today. They have every reason to be. Leading from the front, they have succeeded in their mission to ensure that nobody in their village defecates in the open. They achieved this by building toilets in their homes and motivating others to follow suit.

Poonam, in her mid 40s, is the head of Ujwal Gram Sanghatan, a womens self-help group (SHG) in Kalanaur village. She is one of the thousands of jeevika didis (livelihood sisters). Nageena, who heads the Tulsi Samuh SHG of Dharnai village in Makhdumpur block of Jehanabad district, is also a jeevika didi. They are called this since their SHGs have been formed under Jeevika, the Bihar governments rural livelihood programme.

The jeevika didis have been motivating rural women to construct toilets and to use them for self-dignity and better hygiene.

Change begins at home

When I decided to construct a toilet in my house by taking loan from my SHG, none but my husband opposed it. He felt that there was no need for a toilet since we live in a mud house. I finally convinced him and constructed it, Poonam told



Word of the day "IndyWatch Feed"

An example might be the NZ Greens are a group of fopdoodles.


Fopdoodle   stupid or insignificant fellow; fool; simpleton; someone of little significance.

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Farmers pledge will work where water tax wont "IndyWatch Feed"

This post is well worth a look


Farming leaders have pledged to make rivers swimmable:

In a first for the country, farming leaders have pledged to work together to help make New Zealands rivers swimmable for future generations.

The Farming Leaders Pledge has been signed today by a group of New Zealand pastoral farming leaders, that represent over 80% per cent of that countrys farmed land, committing them to an ambitious goal of working to make New Zealands rivers swimmable for their children and grandchildren.

Group spokesperson, Federated Farmers President and West Coast dairy farmer Katie Milne says the intent behind the pledge is clear.

Many of our rivers are not in the condition we all want them to be. We are doing this because we want our kids and their kids to be able to swim in the same rivers that we did as children.  And by swim we mean swim. Its as simple as

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The Benefit Of The Doubt: Try It Some Time, My Fellow Facebookers "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Passion is a good thing. Flogging someone to death (virtually) online probably isnt. Nelly Thomas wishes for a gentler conversation.

For those of you who are politically inclined (Im looking at you New Matilda readers) passions run deep. Most of us actually do sincerely care about the issues we fight and agitate about, and for many of us, the issues are personal.

This is both an asset and strength.

If you dont care about an issue, whats the point thats just ego or grandstanding (and yes, we all know people for whom this is true).

If you do care, youre likely easily triggered by the issues and passionate discussion can quickly lead to no discussion at all.

I had one of those experiences recently on Facebook where I was accused of a prejudice I dont believe I hold. Nothing unusual there Ive only been on Facebook for about a month but Ive been in public life for 15 years and know its par for the course to be misunderstood and/or misrepresented.


And I can tell this is even more likely on Facebook where tone and nuance are lost and where theres no conch to pass to piggy. No benefit of the doubt is given and theres little room for good intentions or mistakes. But nonetheless, it made me think.

The world feels like it has gone mad.

I know every generation has said that, and Ive always thought there were mostly wack-a-doodles running the joint, but at the moment I feel genuinely scared. We are facing deep and serious problems and the debate seems to be getting ever more polarised.

Lots of people are talking, not many seem to be listening.

And when I say listening, I mean being fully present with two ears open and one mouth closed. When I think of this particular moment in history, I think of children shouting into the wind.

A few things for us, as activists, to consider. One is that being an activist is bloody tiring. Theres the necessary thinking, reading, volunteer work and the like, but theres also the energy it takes to live your principles day-to-day and, to remain civil in the face of what can feel like incomprehensible stupidity.

It also absolutely necessary.

Yes, theres a time and place for fighting extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures, but this must be the last resort. Wherever possible, I do believe opposing points of view should be debated respectfully if we want a better world. In short, pick your battles....


In Odisha Public Hearing, Cries of Jai Titanium and Allegations of Coercion "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Proponents of the project refused to let those bringing up environmental and health concerns say their piece.

The public hearing was marked by high police presence. Courtesy: Authors

The public hearing was marked by high police presence. Courtesy: Authors

Kanamana (Ganjam district, Odisha): The much-awaited public hearing on August 16 to assess the environmental impact of the decision to set up of a captive thermal power plant and expand capacity by Saraf Agencies Pvt Ltd in Ganjam district, Odisha was mired in controversy. Many leaders including Gurudeb Behera from Badaputti, D. Kamraj from Lakhimpur and N. Dhanajay Reddy, the block chairman from Chhatrapur, were prevented from entering the venue of the hearing in Kanamana village and deposing before the panel that comprised additional district magistrate Bijay Kumar Das and state pollution control board officer, Mitrasen Majhi.

The ground in front of the gram panchayat office in Kanamana was full of women and men, young and old, who were seated under a shamiana. Despite the sweltering heat, there was a lot of enthusiasm among those waiting for the proceedings to begin. The large police presence perhaps also hinted at the possibility of a scuffle between the pro- and anti-project groups.

A one-sided public hearing

As soon as the proceedings began at 11 am, with panel members explaining the terms of references for the public hearing, young people in their late teens and early 20s cap...


In which the pond has a portmanteau day, with a splash of Devine, a ride on the Canavan caravan, and a neo-Nazi moment with Dame Slap ... "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

The pond realised it had been a long time - too long - since it'd quoted a little genuine surrealism, as opposed to the reptile surrealism on daily parade, if only to explain why it had embarked on a lunchtime portmanteau of reptilian works ...

It means sensible folk can just skip to reading Carroll's Through the Looking Glass here, thanks to the good folk at the Uni of Adelaide, leaving only the most pain-addicted masochists to carry on ...

It's safe to say that once anyone has heard Miranda the Devine outgribing, somewhere between a bitching and a bellowing, they'll be quite content, or quite uncontent, or in a state of discontent, but one way or another they'll know they're far from mome, and have lost their way ...

Yes, it's saucy doubts and fears day at reptile bunker HQ, and who better to lead off than the bilious Devine, gyring and gimbling in her inimitable corkscrew way ...

Ah the poor suffering persecuted Xians. The pond almost wept at the suffering. Damn it, and all they want to do is consign gays to hellfire for all eternity, and perhaps help....


Mental Health Break "IndyWatch Feed"

Herbie and Nathan Fletcher: Peninsula South from Nixon on Vimeo.

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The Impracticable Attempts of the United States in Afghanistan "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Are they going to leave anytime soon?

Are they going to leave anytime soon?

The Khaama Press Agency reports that Taliban radicals have sent an open letter to United States President Donald Trump, in which the U.S. is accused of destroying Afghanistan. According to their version, the Pentagon operation against Osama bin Laden brought only grief to the inhabitants of the country, turning Afghanistan into one of the worst states in terms of security, and having virtually destroyed the Afghan economy. As the letter states, the so-called anti-terrorist operation of the United States against Osama bin Laden was not only misguided and unhelpful, but fully and completely destroyed the lives of almost all the people in the region. The authors of the letter believe that the fate of the U.S. policy in Afghanistan is doomed.

It may be recalled that the war in Afghanistan was unleashed by former US President George W. Bush, Jr., then continued by Barack Obama, contrary to his earlier-made campaign promises. Current head of the White House, US President Donald Trump, has found himself back at the bottom of the ladder. Referring to the American policy in the region, many politicians believe that in light of the repeated appeals to the United States authorities for the withdrawal of its troops, the U.S. can be considered the losing superpower. As is known, the occupation of Afghanistan was launched in 2001 by the United States under the so-called anti-terrorist operation against the Taliban radical movement and the Al Qaeda terrorist group. Then, in 2015, the status of the combat operation was changed to a non-combat mission, which was not at all different from the military operations, and brought only misery and misfortune to ordinary Afghans.

Washington is thus well aware of the dismal and ultimate failure of its own policy in Afghanistan. In this regard, on July 19, US President Donald Trump called on the Pentagon leadership to replace the commander of the armed forces in Afghanistan in connection with the ineffectiveness of the Afghan mission, even though just a few months earlier, he had granted the department the right to decide on sending additional troops to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (IRA). 

However, the U.S. military leadership came to the defense of the commander of the...


Bullying on the Australian Independent Media Network "AIM" "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Michael Taylor, co-owner of The AIM Network, and his on-line associate, Kate Lee, have wrongly and publicly accused me of promoting on the AIM Network site the argument that Martin Bryant was unfairly convicted of the 1996 Port Arthur Massacre, using this to characterise me as a 'conspiracy theorist'. My commenting ability was terminated as Taylor was publicly accusing me of lying and insisting on a response. To me, this was clearly an attempt to shout down views that were against their preferred argument and, when that failed, they cut me off. Even if I had written a piece about Martin Bryant and even if it it had been proven to be rubbish, this should not come into an argument about something entirely unrelated - population numbers. For this reason I am publishing this abreviated record of our exchanges, and commenting on the behaviour others have also encountered on this so-called 'alternative media' site. I think it is important to warn people of how they may be treated on the AIM Network, because of the importance of providing respectful true alternatives to the Mainstream Media (msm). The AIM Network purports to be independent media, but many of its articles seem to mirror the propaganda attitudes of the mainstream news. The AIM site seems to be dominated by a socialist alliance brigade that has attempted to take over every indymedia site in Australia.

Other examples of the bullying behaviour include the treatment of an excellent AIM author, Sean Stinson, whose work can be read at His article, "Aleppo has been liberated, so why isnt anyone talking about it?"(December 15, 2016). This was the article that first attracted me to the site. I made comments on it, but the aggressive trolling drove me away. There were over 200 comments on that article, but Stinson's latest article, July 1st, "When Governments Lie: Humanitarian intervention from Serbia to Syria and beyond," has only 21 comments, and similar trolling. Have the trolls destroyed Stinson's readership? To one of the trolls, Sean says, "Honestly, the level of petty tribalism I see here does my head in some times." And, you will see in the extracts of comments from my own recent experience of the AIM Network, that the co-owner of the site, Michael Taylor, and his on-line-associate, Kaye Lee, blithely malign Stinson with the description of 'conspiracy theorist', which is such a gratuitous insult....


Changing the world "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Whats the problem? Class struggle? Population? Debt? Bank nationalisation? Something else? Something else is more important than each of the others, but we always say its too hard and will never happen! And so we continue to plod along in an economic slough of despond, blaming this government or that government, for not taking this []


Damned if you do, Damned if you dont "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

We have talked about media bias against China, Chinese culture, and Chinese people a lot here.  Almost every day, you hear stories about how China is doing illicit things or creating demands for illicit products.  Its often we hear stories about how China is polluting the world, flooding the world with steel or solar panels or electronics or toys, etc. And of course, you rarely if ever see any stories about the social good associated with cheap steel, or solar panels, or electronics flooding the world market

And then we have stories about how China is making the world do bad things such as creating illicit demand for shark fins, ivory, rhino horns, etc.  Stories about bad things such as poaching various animals in Africa or India inevitably turns to China when some of the goods turn up in China.  It becomes all about China, not the evil poachers  la evil drug growers and drug dealers in Mexico or Columbia supplying illicit drugs to the U.S. say.

The world is rarely about saints and villains, but the West almost always caricatures China in those terms.  If China is involved in any way in a problematic supply chain, the fault is placed squared on the Chinese.  Such reflexes are so ingrained that people often do it without even thinking about it.

The following screen shot is taken from Asia Times, not the most anti-Chinese publication per se.  Its noteworthy in the sense that rarely do I find a publication that unabashedly blames China on both the demand as well as supply side on the same page.

Damn Chinese Suppliers, Damn Chinese Consumers


Cloudfare bans those with evil thoughts but not those with evil actions "IndyWatch Feed"

You can now add Cloudfare to the long list of online platforms that pick and choose which voices are allowed free speech. They are not alone in their jihad on free speech. Paypal this week refused service to truth teller and free speech advocate Pamela Geller and also cut Robert Spencer and Jihad Watch from []

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Jordan, Tunisia Make Strides Towards Gender Equality "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Tunisia passed a law to combat violence against women on July 26, while Jordan abolished the use of marriage to avoid rape prosecutions on August 4.

Salma Nims, secretary-general of the Jordanian National Commission for Women. Credit: Jordanian National Commission for Women.

Salma Nims, secretary-general of the Jordanian National Commission for Women. Credit: Jordanian National Commission for Women.

Rome: In just three weeks time, two Arab countries adopted major steps to combat violence against women, with Jordan abolishing a law allowing rapists to avoid prosecution by marrying their victims, while Tunisia adopting its first national law to prevent gender-based violence and provide support to survivors.

In the case of Jordan, the law until now allowed a rapist to avoid prosecution by marrying his victim for a minimum period of five years. However, the parliament of Jordan on August 4th voted to abolish the so-called rape law of the penal code.

Jordan becomes the third county in the region, after Morocco and Lebanon, to abolish the use of marriage to avoid rape prosecutions, the UN specialised body, UN Womeninformed.

The abolishing of article 308 is an important victory for the womens movement in Jordan, said Wafa Saed Bani Mustafa, a lawyer an...

Photo Essay: Bauxite Mining a Curse for Adivasis in Odishas Baphlimali "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Mining in Baphlimali has caused destruction to the climate and environment, and has wrecked the lifestyle of thousands of adivasis.

These days we are seeing an increasing number of accidents in the area. The uncovered trucks create problem of spreading dust in air, said Sahadev Jani, a native of the village. Srinibash Das, a developed professional working in the region, said, The permissible capacity for each truck to carry the ore is ten tonne/truck with ore wrapped by proper cover. But it has been observed that most of the times the trucks are much overloaded and run without covering the ore. Credit: Abhijit Mohanty

These days we are seeing an increasing number of accidents in the area. The uncovered trucks create problem of spreading dust in air, said Sahadev Jani, a native of the village. Srinibash Das, a developed professional working in the region, said, The permissible capacity for each truck to carry the ore is ten tonne/truck with ore wrapped by proper cover. But it has been observed that most of the times the trucks are much overloaded and run without covering the o...


Rabaul leaders voice opposition to experimental seabed mining "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

Seabed mining plans spark environmental concerns in Rabaul

The National aka The Loggers Times | August 23, 2017

LEADERS of Rabaul district in East New Britain want the Nautilus Minerals Explorations Limited to provide evidence that the proposed Solwara One seabed mining operation will not destroy environment and marine resources.

They are concerned about a potential impact on the coastal areas of New Ireland and East New Britain.

A committee which met at the office of Rabaul MP Dr Allan Marat on  Thursday raised the concern in response to the intention by the company to carry out community projects on Watom Island and on the north coast of the Gazelle Peninsula.

Rabaul district administrator Marakan Uvano said Nautilus planned to build health facilities on the island and on the north coast of Rabaul as part of its services to the people who would be affected by the deep-sea mining operations.

Uvano said the...


The ACTU - the harder you fight us, the more you teach us "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

A few weeks ago the ACTU boss Sally McManus gave this speech to commemorate the anniversary of the great strike by trade unions in Sydney during the height of World War one. You can never crush a belief - the right to be treated equally & fairly - the act...


Another dirty war "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

By Dr George Venturini Heinz Alfred Henry Kissinger obtained a Ph.D. at Harvard University in 1954. His interest was on Castelreagh and Metternich two empire builders. He devoted his life to sublimate them. In an incendiary, studiedly defamatory book the late Christopher Hitchens described him as a mediocre and opportunist academic [intent on] becoming

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Inquiry Reveals Large-Scale Corruption at Safdarjung Hospitals Sports Injury Wing "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Maintenance tenders at the Sports Injury Centre in Delhis Centre-run Safdarjung Hospital show several financial irregularities, a committee formed to look into the matter has said in its report.

The Sports Injury Centre at Safdarjung hospital. Courtesy:

The Sports Injury Centre at Safdarjung hospital. Courtesy:

New Delhi: Indias sports policies have been in the news lately, and not for the right reasons. The death of national-level wrestler Vishal Kumar Verma due to electrocution in Ranchis Jaipal Singh stadium has brought home the gross neglect of sporting facilities. The Olympic task force has also pointed out issues in sports administration, leading to disastrous performances at international games. But this neglect is not limited to stadiums and sports authorities; it transcends to health facilities created in the name of helping sportspersons with their injuries. A case of financial corruption at a prominent hospital in New Delhi only goes to prove this.

The case pertains to the Sports Injury Centre (SIC) at Safdarjung Hospital, a central government health facility located in South Delhi opposite the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. The report from a recent inquiry by the Union health minis...


Map of the Day "IndyWatch Feed"

Countries currently eligible for SmartGate automatic border entry Click here for larger view

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Why the churches will not influence the same-sex marriage vote "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Why the churches will not influence the same-sex marriage voteMany religious leaders in Australia are now actively campaigning for a 'Yes' vote in the same-sex marriage postal ballot. read now...


K92 Mine Responds To Landowner Claims "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

Post Courier | August 22, 2017

K92 Mining Limited says claims about it not honouring commitments engaging landowners in its operations were unfounded.
Chief operating officer John Lewins said since recommencing operations K92 had built up a formidable workforce of 500 with contractors on site including 300 employees alone from Bilamoia and associated landowners.
Mr Lewins revealed this when responding to threats by Bilamoia landowners to shut down the mine claiming K92 had not honoured commitments on the engagement of their people under a memorandum of agreement.
Mr Lewins said K92 Mining understands that the first meeting of a group of landowners occurred on Sunday August 13, but K92 was not represented at this meeting as it was understood this would deal with internal issues for BILA and its stakeholders.
He said K92 Mining understands that the BILA is still to determine whether they will use the existing Bilamoia Development Corporation (Bildevco) or a new business entity to participate in business opportunities created by the company and its suppliers. He reiterated this is a matter for BILA and not K92 Mining.
There are however many business ventures which Bildevco and Bilamoian landowners are participating in, including the mine catering contract, provision of security services and refus...


My bits of poetry from Twitter. "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

My random poems from twitter (140 characters or less).

4 AM.
4 am. I lay warmly abed,
Rain raps its staccato fingers on the glass
And my sleeping lady lies naked next to me.
Croesus riches r but nought.

Little dreams of a moth.
I have little dreams,
They are quiet and shy.
I dream of primrose days
And the patterned wings of butterflys

Sometimes I dream of thee,
And sometimes I dream of us,
But come the Primrose light of day
My dreams fall back to dust.

But when next I lay abed,
Eyes closd by nights velvet glove,
Return to me quiet dreams,
My shy dreams..
My dreams of sylthn love.

How do I declare that to thee,
What is natural as leaf to tree?
As close a bond as river to reed,
As smile to laughter!
Yourself , my need.

The cold claws into the bone,
Hollows the heart,
Freezing the home.
Must needs warmth like a summers day,
A lovers frolic in new-cut hay!

The mirror tells its secret tale,
What is REALLY YOU will prevail,
When all may not be as it seems,
The really you will haunt my dreams.

China girl, shy thy eyes,
Lest thy soul I do surmise.
Cherry lips; silk fan eclipse,
Tho heart-face turn aside,
Womanly beauty cannot hide.

Neath dark root of Mallee tree,
Quite hid there for history,
Things thou will never see:
Pots & poems and chipperee
Secreted there of you by me.

Poetry chess between you and me.
You open; Ruy Lopez,
I counter shiny knight.
Until our pieces do finally see
Checkmate to thee or me.

I held a bird with broken wing,
No more to fly, tender thing.
Put it down or leave it go?
Let nature deal the final blow?

Yet in its small, frightened eye,
A touch of myself do I espy,
Who am I to refuse it balm,
When never has it done me harm?

Why not, with helping touch,
Can I not relieve its hurt,
And with tender love & care,
Will it not sing once more its air?

It will not fly you cld say,
And does a tree run away?
And does the oyster glued to rock,
Not wait with patience for its food?

So this bird, broken now,
Us together shall allow
Some moments when we can share,
A little of life, a lot of air.

Would pebble fall,


Timber and Steel Premiere: House of Straw Video from Anna Smyrk "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Image Courtesy of Anna Smyrk Were so proud to premiere the brand new video from Melbourne based folk singer Anna Smyrk, the stunning House of Straw. The song was written by Anna Smyrk while she was staying in a Buddhist monastery guesthouse in Northern India during a backpacking trip around the sub-continent. The track itself []


PM: Data vital "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

August 23, 2017
Main Stories


NO one knows the exact population of Papua New Guinea today because no national census had been conducted since 2000, it has been revealed.

Prime Minister Peter ONeill told the first sitting of Parliament yesterday that an accurate population data was important for public policy planning and monitoring.

We must aim to keep our economic growth above our population growth.
We can only do this by having access to reliable data so that we can monitor these important indicators as we move forward.

A national census is supposed to be conducted every 10 years.
But the one scheduled for 2010 was never held.

Unofficial estimates of the current total population have been put at between eight and 10 million.

It is understood that the absence of this vital information had led to discrepancies in the national roll which created a lot of problems during the 2017 general election.

The National Identification Project (NID) in the past government was supposed to have provided this information during preparations for the elections.

Last week, new National Planning and Implementation Minister Richard Maru queried how the K250 million allocated for the NID project had been spent in the past five years, given that only 300,000 ID cards were issued prior to the start of the elections.

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