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Sunday, 04 November


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Wednesday, 31 October


News update "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

5 reasons why Tibets melting ice is a disaster for India, Europe and US
Nihar Gokhale, Catch News
Did you know that rivers originating in Tibets glaciers supply water to 1.3 billion people? Thats equivalent to the entire population of India. But these glaciers are fast disappearing due to global warming. Tibets sustainability is crucial for sustenance of the world, but this fact is not commonly known. The glaciers are just the tip of the iceberg.

The Gulf will soon be too hot for human beings literally
A study by Jeremy S Pal and Elfatih AB Eltahir of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology finds that human beings will not be able to survive in the Gulf just 65 years from now. Our results expose a specific regional hot spot where climate change, in the absence of significant mitigation, is likely to severely impact human habitability in the future, the study, published in the journal Nature Climate Change, said.

World set to use more energy for cooling than heating
The Guardian UK
The world faces a looming and potentially calamitous cold crunch, with demand for air conditioning and refrigeration growing so fast that it threatens to smash pledges and targets for global warming. Worldwide power consumption for air conditioning alone is forecast to surge 33-fold by 2100 as developing world incomes rise and urbanisation advances. Already, the US uses as much electricity to keep buildings cool as the whole of Africa uses on everything; China and India are fast catching up. By mid-century people will use more energy for cooling than heating (Also read: How America became addicted to air conditioning).

The Rapid and Startling Decline Of Worlds Vast Boreal Forests
Jim Robbins, Yale Environment 360
Scientists are becoming increasingly concerned about the fate of the huge boreal forest that spans from Scandinavia to northern Canada. Unprecedented warming in the region is jeopardizing the future of a critical ecosystem that makes up nearly a third of the earths forest cover...

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Sunday, 28 October


Call for Papers: Indian Society for Ecological Economics "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


The 8th Biennial Conference of the Indian Society for Ecological Economics (INSEE)



Hosted by

Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore


4 6 January 2016

Rapid urbanization and industrialization-led economic growth are the quintessential features of developing country landscapes, particularly in South Asia. Urbanization brings about dramatic changes in local environments, occupying land and water bodies, creating air pollution and heat island effects. It places demands on regional resources such as water and agriculture. Urban areas and industry dump their solid waste and effluents onto peri-urban areas, remote islands or deep beneath the oceans. The growth of industry, which promises and at times provides more jobs, legitimizes this demand for resources, the creation of new slums and gentrified spaces, different gender relationships, lifestyle changes and health impacts. Urban lifestyles also set the benchmark to which others aspire, and therefore the ecological footprint they will generate.

INSEE, an association of professionals interested in issues at the interface of ecology, economy, and society, invites submissions of original papers and panels of papers addressing these concerns at its 8th Biennial Conference, which focuses onUrbanization and the Environment.

Analyses of gaps in current challenges as well as of possible ways towards more sustainable and equitable urbanization are welcome. Contributions from different interdisciplinary perspectives (e.g., ecological and environmental economics, geography, political ecology, gender-environment studies, environmental governance, ecology, water and wastewater management, energy studies) are invited. Scholars include academics, students, environmental and social activists, policy-makers, entrepreneurs and bureaucrats: anyone engaged in rigorously exploring questions, conducting analysis and deriving lessons on these issues.

The Conference will be held at the Indian Institute of Science in the city of Bengalurubetween 16th-18th December 2018. Bengaluru, once known as Indias garden city, is one of the worlds most rapidly expanding metropolises, and a microcosm of the socio-environmental challenges and responses that urbanization and industrial...

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Friday, 26 October


Credit Suisse: Richest 1% own 53% of Indias wealth "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

According to Credit Suisse, Indias wealth increased by $2.284 trillion between 2000 and 2018. Of this rise, the richest 1% has hogged 61%

Manas Chakravarty, Live Mint Graphic by Prajakta Patil/Mint

The richest 1% of Indians own 53% of the countrys wealth, according to the latest data on global wealth from Credit Suisse. The richest 5% own 68.6% of the countrys wealth, while the top 10% have 76.3%. At the other end of the pyramid, the poorer half of our countrymen jostles for 4.1% of the nations wealth. As Deng Xiaoping put it so pithily, It is glorious to be rich.

Whats more, things are getting more and more glorious for the rich. Data from Credit Suisse show that Indias richest 1% owned just 36.8% of the countrys wealth in 2000, while the share of the top 10% was 65.9%. Since then the richest have managed to steadily increase their share of the pie, as the chart shows. This happened during the years of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government from 2000-04, during the first United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government backed by the Left, during the second UPA tenure and now in the first year of the Modi government; the share of the top 1% has now crossed 50%. The colour of the government has been no impediment to the steady rise in the riches of the wealthy.

The chart shows that the difference between the share of the top 1% and that of the top 10% was 29.1 percentage points in 2000, but is down to 23.3 percentage points in 2018. In other words, the top 1% is eating into the share of the next 9%. The richest are growing at the expense of the relatively well-off. Between 2010 and 2018, the share of the poorer half of the population shrank from 5.3% to 4.1%.

According to Credit Suisse, Indias wealth increased by $2.284 trillion between 2000 and 2018. Of this rise, the richest 1% has hogged 61%, while the top 10% bagged 81%. The other 90% got the leftovers.

The share of Indias richest 1% is far ahead than that of top 1% of the US, who own a mere 37.3% of the total US wealth. But Indias finest still have a long way to go before they match Russia, where the top 1% own a stupendous 70.3% of the countrys wealth.

View original article
Download Credit Suisse Global Wealth Databook 2018 

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Wednesday, 24 October


Sagar Dhara: The climate challenge is deeper than technology "IndyWatch Feed Asia"



Technologys role in a climate solution
If the world is to avoid severe, widespread, and irreversible [climate] impacts, carbon emissions must decrease quicklyand achieving such cuts, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, depends in part on the availability of key technologies. But arguments abound against faith in technological solutions to the climate problem. Electricity grids may be ill equipped to accommodate renewable energy produced on a massive scale. Many technological innovations touted in the past have failed to achieve practical success. Even successful technologies will do little good if they mature too late to help avert climate disaster. Below, experts from India, the United States, and Bangladesh address the following questions: To what extent can the world depend on technological innovation to address climate change? And what promising technologiesin generating, storing, and saving energy, and in storing greenhouse gases or removing them from the atmosphereshow most potential to help the world come to terms with global warming?

The challenge is deeper than technology

Sagar Dhara

Human beings habitually prioritize their own right to nature over other species rights to it; energy growth has depended on this habit.  It has also depended on private ownership of nature, which allows an investorindividual, enterprise, stateto make small energy investments that deliver large amounts of surplus energy. Surplus energy spurs human development and lifestyle changes, and the desire for development drives further energy growth.

Fossil fuels, with their high energy density, have played a major role in the human growth story. In 2012, the most recent year for which International Energy Agency figures are available, fossil fuels provided 82 percent of the worlds primary e...

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Tuesday, 23 October


E-book: Water warriors Stories on people and their relationship with water "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The stories in this yearbook highlight efforts by rural and urban communities across India to take back ownership of their water resources.

India Water Portal

Prayers on the bank of the Kshipra

Prayers on the bank of the Kshipra

Water sustains lives and livelihoods. It is a precious and finite resource that, in future years, is likely to become the main bone of contention between peoples, states and nations. Water like every other finite resource needs sustainable and equitable management, with equal focus on reducing demand, recycling and finding alternatives, as well as the usual emphasis on supply solutions.

While alarms are regularly raised over its increasing scarcity, water is largely seen as a matter of state regulation and governance, and is affected by large-scale issues such as privatisation, industrial and human pollution, and corruption.

Water warriors Stories on people and their relationship with water presents the issue of water from the perspective of local communities, based on the premise that water is a very local issue that affects the lives of people everywhere, every day. The stories in this yearbook highlight efforts by rural and urban communities across India in as far off regions as Umananda island in Assam, Amatikra in Chhattisgarh, Bengaluru in Karnataka, and Dhanukshkodi in Tamil Nadu to take back ownership of their water resources.

These stories first appeared on the India Water Portal in English, Hindi and Kannada. This book showcases the best content from the Portal since its inception.


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Monday, 22 October


Series: INDCs and the road to Paris 1 "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

(Note: Indias Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC), its eagerly awaited promise of action to counter climate change ahead of the Paris climate talks this year, was released earlier this month. Starting with this one, we present a series of posts that look at whether Indias pledge is all its claimed to be. In this post, we present some of the initial coverage of the pledge that summarises its contents and a guide to understanding the importance of INDCs, apart from Indias INDC document itself)

Full text of Indias INDC

A concise summary of Indias INDCs: India Announces New Climate Targets

A primer on INDCs and what they imply, read: Adding up INDCs: what country commitments could mean for climate change


Indias INDC is fair, and its renewable energy and forestry targets are ambitious, says CSE
CSE India
Indias INDC reflects its development challenges, aspirations and the realities of climate change. Indias renewable energy target is more ambitious than that of the US. Indias emission intensity target is exactly similar to that of Chinas. About 85 per cent of countries have submitted their INDCs. Their collective pledges are not in line with keeping the world within the safe 2C temperature rise target.

 5 Key Takeaways from Indias New Climate Plan
World Resources Institute
As the worlds third-largest emitter and a country thats highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, it is encouraging to witness India invest in actions to tackle climate change while addressing critical issues such as poverty, food security and access to healthcare and education.

Indias climate pledge: keeping promises will be a tall order
Nihar Gokhale, Catch News
While it is true that much of the climate action plan depends on getting money and technology fro...

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Sunday, 21 October


News update "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Capitalism is Mother Earths Cancer: World Peoples Summit Issues 12 Demands
Common Dreams
Decrying capitalism as a threat to life, an estimated 7,000 environmentalists, farmers, and Indigenous activists from 40 countries convened in the Bolivian town of Tiquipaya for this weekends World Peoples Conference on Climate Change, aiming to elevate the demands of social movements and developing countries in the lead-up to upcoming United Nations-led climate talks. Capitalism is Mother Earths cancer, Bolivian President Evo Morales told the crowd, which also heard over the course of the three-day conference from United Nations Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon as well as other Latin American leaders.

Why Earths future will depend on how we build our cities
Chris Mooney, The Washington Post
It may be the most important number on Earth: 1,000 gigatons. Thats roughly how much carbon dioxide humanity has left to emit, scientists say, in order to have a two-thirds chance of keeping global warming below 2 degrees Celsius above the temperature in pre-industrial times and thus, staying within what has often been deemed a safe climate threshold. A new report, though, finds that if we dont build cities more wisely, using much greener infrastructure, then they could be a crucial factor that tips the planet over the 1,000 gigaton line and indeed, that they could play this role in just five years time.

Europes greenhouse gas emissions fall to record low
The Guardian UK
Greenhouse gas emissions in Europe have plunged to the lowest level ever recorded after the EUs member states reported an estimated 23% drop in emissions between 1990 and 2014. The bloc has now overshot its target for 2020 of cutting emissions by one-fifth at the same time that its economy grew by 46%, according to the EUs climate chief, Miguel Arias Canete .

Integrated Energy Policy Formulated To Boost The Energy Sector
In order to provide a collective policy covering all sources of energy including renewable energy sources, the Government of India has formulated an Integrated Energy Policy. The said policy outlines a roadmap to develop energy supply...

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Friday, 19 October


Workshop: Introduction to Permaculture and Forest Farming, Bangalore, Oct 28-30 "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Permaculture Patashala

When: 28-30th (Wed-Fri) Oct 2018

Where: Bhoomi Campus (Sarjapur Road) & Bhoomi Gurukul Farm, Bengaluru.
Instructor: Shri. Narsanna Koppula, Aranya Agricultural Alternatives, Telangana.
Course Fees: INR 3000 to be paid to Bhoomi College.
To register: Drop a mail to OR call at +91-9449051027 (limited seats).

Course Details:
During the workshop, Shri Narsanna will elaborate on the concepts and practices of permaculture at the Bhoomi campus (Sarjapur Road). He will also accompany participants on a field trip to understand water conservation and other practices at the Bhoomi Gurukul farm, located on the outskirts of Bengaluru.

About Shri. Narsanna Koppula:
Narsanna Koppula is a Permaculture pioneer in India, campaigner of permaculture practices all over the world, nature lover, environmentalist and humanitarian working for cause of empowerment of rural communities. Forest being his first love, believes forest is the future and he spreads his message through his child Aranya Agricultural alternatives a nonprofit organization operational presently in tribal areas of Adilabad, also in backward areas of Zaheerabad, in Telangana, India. While working with grassroots level communities since almost three decades, he is committed to the vision of achieving Ecological and sustainable Agricultural Livelihoods through Permaculture, and Subsistence farming practices for healthy and non exploitative society. Watch: Video interview with Narsanna Koppula

About Aranya

Since 1999, Aranya has been empowering farming communities across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh with Permaculture practices that create sustainable agricultural livelihoods. We have facilitated community participation in w...

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Thursday, 18 October


National Geographic Special Issue on Climate Change "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Fresh Hope for Combating Climate Change (Introductory article)

If a climate disaster is to be averted, well have to move forward without relying as much on fossil fuels. It can be done.

Robert Kunzig, National Geographic

01-intro-2048THIS YEAR COULD BE THE TURNING POINT. Laurence Tubiana thinks so. Shes a small, elegant, white-haired woman of 63. At a press briefing in a noisy restaurant near Washingtons Capitol Hill, she apologized for being incapable of raising her voicewhich in a diplomat is no doubt an excellent quality. Tubiana is no ordinary diplomat: Shes Frances climate ambassador, charged with the greatest cat-herding project in history. For the past year and a half she has been traveling the world, meeting with negotiators from 195 countries, trying to ensure that the global climate confab in Paris this December will be a successa watershed in the struggle against climate change. This notion of a turning pointthats super important, Tubiana says.

There are at least 20 reasons to fear she will fail. Since 1992, when the worlds nations agreed at Rio de Janeiro to avoid dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system, theyve met 20 times without moving the needle on carbon emissions. In that interval weve added almost as much carbon to the atmosphere as we did in the previous century. Last year and the past decade were the warmest since temperature records began. Record-breaking heat waves are now five times as likely as they once were. A large part of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, scientists reported last year, is doomed to collapsemeaning that in the coming centuries sea level will rise at least four feet and probably much more. Were already redrawing the map of the planet, especially of the zones where animals, plants, and people can live.

And yet theres also an unmistakable trace of hope in the air. A lot of it is still just talk. China and the United States, the two largest carbon emitters, have announced a deal to reduce emissions. Six European oil companies say theyd welcome a carbon tax. A giant Norwegian pension fund has pledged to stop investing in coal. And the pope has brought his immense spiritual authority to bear on the problem.

But the reasons for hope go beyond promises and declarations. In 2014 global...

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Friday, 20 July


Three Nobel Prizes in economics the truth about aid "IndyWatch Feed"

Development twitter erupted in chirping last week. The cause was a Guardian op-ed from a group of development notables decrying foreign aid. Prominent aid commentator Duncan Green tweeted that the piece was a must read. Greens tweet alone was re-tweeted nearly 100 times.

Aid, especially government aid, needs criticism. Ive spent the last eight years highlighting problems with New Zealand aid. But criticism is more useful if it is cogent and accurate. This op-ed was anything but.

To be fair to the authors, the first error presumably isnt their fault. The Guardian describes them as, Fifteen leading economists, including three Nobel winners. At least one of the fifteen economists Jason Hickel is actually an anthropologist. Oh well.

The authors add their own errors quick enough. Their first paragraph:

Global poverty remains intractable: more than 4 billion people live on less than the equivalent of $5 (3.80) a day, and the number of people going hungry has been rising. Important gains have been made in some areas, but many of the objectives set by the millennium development goals [sic] to be reached by 2015 remain unfulfilled. And this despite hundreds of billions of dollars of aid.

Global poverty is not intractable. The share of the globes population living in extreme poverty is falling. This is true if you use the standard global poverty lines, or the authors preferred $5 a day line. (For a good discussion see here. You can play round with the numbers yourself here). As for hunger, the absolute number and percentage of undernourished people rose globally between 2015 and 2016 (the most recent available data; see page 5 here), but this is in the wake of steep declines over the previous decade.

And while not all of the Millennium Development Goals were met, in most areas trends were in the right direction.

Meanwhile, hundreds of billions of dollars of aid, sounds like a lot of money, but its not, when put in perspective. In 2017, government aid from OECD DAC donors summed to 0.31% of donors combined Gross National Income (GNI) (data here.) A trivial effort.



Whaleoil wisdom "IndyWatch Feed"

This piece of Whaleoil wisdom was brought to you by the Whaleoil Store. Visit us now and find the perfect piece of Whaleoil swag for your collection.   The post Whaleoil wisdom appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


When cows go bad "IndyWatch Feed"

Cows are fighting back.  They have wised up.  They know plans are afoot, to clean up farms and to remove them from our fields.  They are breaking free from their paddocks, and are making a pre-emptive strike against tyranny. In the last week alone, there have been three attacks on vehicles. Sadly on all three [] The post When cows go bad appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


An offensive and provocative poster that Phil Goff is okay with "IndyWatch Feed"

This poster is currently outside and on the Auckland Town Hall building where Phil Goff has his offices. Doesnt this provocative and offensive poster and the political play it is advertising incite hatred against politicians? Is this a good look for liberal lefties who support Auckland Mayor Phil Goff denying a public venue to conservative [] The post An offensive and provocative poster that Phil Goff is okay with appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Map of the day "IndyWatch Feed"

Every UK Countys Top Rated Tourist Attraction According to the Public Click on image for a high-res view The map above shows every UK Countys Top Rated Tourist Attraction as voted on by members of the public. It was created by the Principal Hotel Company and there are likely a few surprises. You can see the full [] The post Map of the day appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


It's time to say goodbye to low wage growth "IndyWatch Feed"

It's time to say goodbye to low wage growthSince the Government is reluctant to do anything about the problem of low wage growth, Philip Soos suggests ways in which it can be solved. read now...


Fuel for old fossils "IndyWatch Feed"

With the current government in power I have been champing at the bit to bandy about some thoughts on the flotsam and jetsam that have been elected. I dont wish to make much ado about nothing, but I am not prepared to let bygones be bygones, I have decided to examine the whole shebang with great vim [] The post Fuel for old fossils appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


This week RNZ has disappointed Adam "IndyWatch Feed"

Adam is a fan of RNZ, but this week it has not performed. Like many, Adam has called it Radio Pravda and Red Radio, but in recent times it has been very much better. Not because its viewpoint has changed, but because it has become more focused.

Yet this week, for some reason it has failed.

Morning Report has been reasonable, but Nine to Noon has been rather lacklustere and since Campbell announced his departure Checkpoint has been a shadow of what it was. Campbell for all his many faults had an ability to identify and when he was engaged zero in on an issue.

RNZ needs to up their game. BIGLY


Labour lied on refugees "IndyWatch Feed"

When they were in opposition, Labour advocated for an increased refugee quota. When they were running for election, they explicitly promised to raise it to 1,500 a year. But now they're in government, they're saying that we're full:

The Government has stalled on plans to double New Zealand's refugee quota - and it's because of the housing crisis.

Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway says Aotearoa need to sort that before it thinks about welcoming more refugees.


"What we have to do is make sure we've got the capacity to take those extra people."

Translation: we just don't have enough homes.

For context, the promised increase in the refugee quota is less than one percent of net immigration, and it would be completely buried by this year's decrease. So Lees-Galloway's "justification" isn't especially convincing. But more importantly, there will always be problems in New Zealand, but that's no excuse to ignore the greater problems of the wider world. Refugees are in desperate need, and we are nowhere near to doing our bit for them (we take fewer refugees per capita than the much-reviled Australians, for example). Labour promised to move part of the way towards correcting that, to be a more compassionate government than their predecessors. Sadly, it looks like they were just fucking lying to us, as usual.


Pensioners whine about missing out on Winter Energy Payment "IndyWatch Feed"

Jan and Marcus McKeogh dont receive the Winter Energy Payments due to their New Zealand pensions being deducted down to zero.  Quote: A 71-year-old teacher whose pension is deducted under a controversial piece of legislation says she dreads the day she can no longer work. Jan and Marcus McKeogh are both denied the newly introduced [] The post Pensioners whine about missing out on Winter Energy Payment appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.



Victorian Police have just announced that they will charge Canadian speaker Lauren Southern a staggering $68,000 after violent thugs threatened to protest her talk in Melbourne.

Thats right: A law-abiding speaker giving a legal speech is being charged because of threats by rabid far-left activists.

Protecting people from violence literally is the core duty of the police (and one VicPolice seem to be failing at consistently). To charge the law-abiding because of the threats made against them makes a complete mockery of our legal system.

These protests are organised by the Campaign Against Racism and Fascism (CARF) an organisation started by members of the radical Socialist Alternative, which previously had members arrested for violently attacking attendees at a speech last year  and has already created a Solidarity And Defence Fund to defend members arrested for violence.

It doesnt matter if you agree with Lauren or disagree with her. This goes to the very heart of freedom of speech in Australia. If the police can force someone to pay $68,000 or else be silent, then freedom of speech in Australia is dead.

Make no mistake: The Victorian Police literally want to charge someone $68,000 to exercise the right to freedom of speech because of threats made AGAINST them. If anyone should pay the bill, it should be the protestors who are the once threatening violence.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights state Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

This is the behaviour of tin-pot dictatorships, not a free society like Australia.



Reef 2050 Plan: Action Speaks Louder Than Words "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

For release Friday 20 July 2018

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) has called on the government to take immediate action on climate change in the light of todays updated Reef 2050 Plan.

The updated Plan, released today, recognises that climate change is the most serious and increasing threat to the Reef and acknowledges the need to implement the Paris Agreement, limiting the global average temperature rise to 1.5oC above pre-industrial levels.

However, while the language on climate change in the updated Plan is notably stronger, it fails to acknowledge the inadequacy of the Federal Governments emissions reduction target, and the proposed actions to achieve this target.

Recognising the threat to the Reef from climate change is a positive step but the next urgent step is for the government to actually tackle the problem, said Imogen Zethoven, Fight For Our Reef Campaign Director for AMCS.

The Great Barrier Reef urgently needs a revised Plan to 2050 that explains how Australia will cut its carbon pollution to give the Reef a future. Right now, we are not pulling our weight in the global effort to cut carbon pollution.

There is still time to protect the Reef from dangerous climate change if we act now. If we do nothing, the outlook, based on current climate change projections, is a catastrophic decline. The Reef is too important to Australia and to the world to lose.

Australias current emissions reduction target is 26-28% but a target in line with the science to limit Reef damage would be 45-65% by 2030, as recommended by the Climate Change Authority -and zero net emissions well before 2050.

UNESCOs World Heritage Committee recently met in Bahrain to reiterate the importance of all countries undertaking the most ambitious implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement.

The Federal Government has a responsibility to protect the Reef, yet our representatives continue to support the expansion of the fossil fuel industry and Adanis massive coal mine, said Ms Zethoven.

Coal and gas are causing climate change and thats damaging the Reef. We need to end this dependency and switch to 100% renewable energy.

For interviews with spokespeople from the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS), c...



A victory for European justice "IndyWatch Feed"

A week ago, a German court rejected the extradition of exiled Catalan President Carles Puigdemont on "rebellion" charges. He could be extradited for "misuse of public funds", but not for "rebellion" as there was no equivalent offence in German law (Germany requires actual or planned violence, not peaceful protest and democratic advocacy. The idea of a peaceful "rebellion" is nonsensical). And now, as expected, Spain is having a legal temper-tantrum and has withdrawn the European Arrest Warrants against all the exiled Catalan politicians:

A Spanish judge has dropped the international arrest warrants issued for the former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont and five other pro-sovereignty politicians over their roles in last years illegal referendum and subsequent unilateral declaration of independence.


The dropping of the international warrant means Puigdemont and his former colleagues currently in Belgium, Scotland and Switzerland no longer face extradition proceedings. But domestic warrants remain in force, meaning the six will be arrested should they return to Spain.

In his ruling, published on Thursday, Llarena hit out at the court in Schleswig-Holstein, accusing it of a lack of commitment over acts that could have broken Spains constitutional order. The German courts refusal to extradite Puigdemont on the rebellion charge which prosecutors had argued could be equated to high treason in the German penal code meant the deposed president could not be tried for the offence if sent back to Spain.

That offence - again, for purely democratic actions taken and backed by the Catalan Parliament - is really all Spain wants to charge him with. The "misuse of public funds" charge is a smokescreen, and even the Spanish government says it didn't happen. But now Spain is being denied its show trial. No wonder they're upset.

Unfortunately, Spain is still holding nine Catalan political leaders as political prisoners on similar trumped-up charges. And they'll probably take out their anger on them.


Another dud judge: And this one thinks hes funny "IndyWatch Feed"

The Labour partys catch and release policy seems to be going great guns. Apparently, these two winners just arent bad enough for jail! Two Waitara brothers, Matthew and Regan Coxhead, appeared before Judge Chris Sygrove in the New Plymouth District Court back in May 2018 each facing a raft of charges relating to a 79 kilometre [] The post Another dud judge: And this one thinks hes funny appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Jacqueline du Pre & Daniel Barenboim Elgar Cello Concerto "IndyWatch Feed"

Edward Elgars Cello Concerto in E minor, Op. 85, his last notable work, is a cornerstone of the solo cello repertoire. Elgar composed it in the aftermath of the First World War, when his music had already gone out of fashion with the concert-going public. In contrast with Elgars earlier Violin Concerto, which is lyrical and passionate, the Cello Concerto is for the most part contemplative and elegiac. The first performance was a debacle because Elgar and the performers had been deprived of adequate rehearsal time. The work did not achieve wide popularity until the 1960s, when a recording by Jacqueline du Pr caught the public imagination and became a classical best-seller.


Woman Is Shocked To Find Out Who Keeps Ringing Her Doorbell "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

After what happened earlier this week, Makenze Bullins might want to consider posting a "No ssssoliciting" sign outside her door.

You'll soon see why.

Credit: Makenze Bullins

Bullins wasn't at home on Tuesday when an alert came through on her phone. She has a motion-sensing doorbell at her Kansas house, and it's set to send her a video message whenever someone drops by.

This particular visitor, however, was totally unexpected.

Here's the video Bullins received:

How'd Bullins handle it? Well, she basically flipped out.

"This is NO JOKE!!" Bullins wrote to her friends online, presented here with her emphasis preserved. "[My husband] is out of town, Im at work and this freaking thing keeps setting off my doorbell camera!! Someone PLEASE come get this snake for me! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!""

Bullins clearly has some nice friends; one of them actually came by to safely relocate her scaly surprise guest.

Credit: Makenze Bullins

It's unclear exactly what species of snake this guy is, but the consensus seems to be that he's totally harmless to humans. In fact, as one of Bullins' friends pointed out, perhaps she should have welcomed him: "Good snake to have around for mice and other critters," the friend wrote.

And, hey, at least he rang first, rather than inviting himself in.


View from your window "IndyWatch Feed"

Where do you think todays photo was taken? Yesterdays photo: Admiralty, from the M Bar, top floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong. A mojito in front, Hong Kong Club on the left, Bank of China on the right and the Court of Final Appeal below. This photo was the competition photo yesterday and the person [] The post View from your window appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Why Isnt Perth a Ghost Town Yet? "IndyWatch Feed"

As parts of Australias east coast experience record low temperatures and Perth continues to experience healthy amounts of rainfall, I cant help but remember the time in 2004 when Tim Flannery said that there was a fair chance that Perth would become the 21st centurys first ghost metropolis based on what appeared to be a two month, self-selected crash course in reading some stuff he found and the subsequent soiling of his pants:

Climate change would diminish the environment of Sydney and its hinterland, and it only had to look to Perths experience.

I think there is a fair chance Perth will be the 21st centurys first ghost metropolis, Dr Flannery said. Its whole primary production is in dire straits and the eastern states are only 30 years behind.

He said climate change tended to move in steps. In 1976, when the first step occurred, the south-western corner of Western Australia lost 20 per cent of its rainfall, and its catchment fell from 340 gigalitres to 111 gigalitres. The average is now 160 gigalitres. In 1998, when the second step occurred, the world experienced the worst El Nino effect and the death of 17 per cent of its coral reefs. South-eastern Australia was hit by drought .

Dr Flannery said he had spent the past two months reading everything I can get my hands on about climate change, and had been horrified by what he had learnt.

Three years later in 2007, Flannery was at it again, doubling down on his prediction albeit not quite as confidently this time around because, apparently, desalination plants:

AUSTRALIAN of the Year Tim Flannery is sticking by his warning that Perth could become the first ghost metropolis of the 21st century.

But the outspoken environmental scientist says its our addiction to coal, not just water, that is jeopardising our future.

[TMR: using this logic, I guess this also means that Im addicted to breathing air. On reflection, I have to admit that Im ra...


With NATO and Putin, Trumps cleaning up after Obama "IndyWatch Feed"

Today in The Australian

With NATO and Putin, Trumps cleaning up after Obama

In a widely acclaimed column in last weekends The New York Times, Bret Stephens argued that Donald Trumps foreign policy aimed at one result and one result only: The collapse of the liberal international order, even at the cost of leaving America hated, feared and alone.



Rural round-up "IndyWatch Feed"

Another in this great series of posts which inform us every day on key drivers of our economy


Free trade trumps protectionism, we hope Allan Barber:

Its ironical the same week the CPTPP agreement was signed President Trump proudly announced new tariffs on steel and aluminium which threaten to undermine the World Trade Organisations function as the global regulator of international trade. The jury is still out on whether Trump can get the tariffs signed off by Congress and he has already created exemptions, at the time of writing for Australia, Canada and Mexico. But its an uneasy period, particularly for a country as dependent on trade for its economic survival as New Zealand, because we might well get caught in the crossfire from a trade war.

View original post 1,213 more words


Hes not supposed to do that "IndyWatch Feed"

In the female prison There are seventy women I wish it was with them That I did dwell Brendan Behan, The Auld Triangle In news that should surprise absolutely no-one, a male crim turned loose in a womens prison immediately started monstering the female inmates. Colour me shocked. Of course, this was not just [] The post Hes not supposed to do that appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Ecosystems in Australia are being destroyed by climate change "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

It might be too late to save these Australian ecosystems from climate change

A series of sudden and catastrophic ecosystem collapses has hit Australia and researchers think they may be irreversible, INDEPENDENT, Rebecca Harris   David Bowman  19 July 18 


BBC: Soldiers Part 1 The Face of Battle "IndyWatch Feed"

A 13 part series from 1985, only 7 episodes located so far, but of interest for all that

Soldiers: A History of Men in Battle is a 1985 BBC television documentary series about the history of warfare from antiquity to the Falklands War. Each episode looks at warfare from the perspective of different participants: infantryman, artillerist, cavalryman, tanker, airman, guerrilla, surgeon, logistician and commander. The series and a companion book were written by John Keegan and Richard Holmes, and the series was presented by Frederick Forsyth.

1 The Face of Battle (18 September 1985)

2 Cavalry (25 September 1985)

3 Gunner (2 October 1985)

4 Fighting Spirit (9 October 1985)

5 Infantry (23 October 1985)

6 Tank (30 October 1985)

7 Air Power (6 November 1985)

8 Sapper (13 November 1985)

9 Casualty (20 November 1985)

10 Sinews of War (27 November 1985)

11 Commander (4 December 1985)

12 Irregular (11 December 1985)

13 Experience of War (18 December 1985)


Digital image of the day "IndyWatch Feed"

The real political cycle. The post Digital image of the day appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.




Authorities in PNG and  Enga and the Apostolic Churches of PNG should look closely at ROBIN ISAAC, who is the founder of Kanamanda Community Fellowship in Pogera, Enga Province.

By now it is very clear that the organisation he runs and heavily promoted on Social Media promotes sexual acts between adults and teenagers, underage marriage, polygamy between adult men and teenage girls, he also heavily promotes Homosexuality and perverts the Apostolic Churches of Papua New Guinea.

He promotes himself as the Father of Faith and the seed of God's earthly Human Kingdom, he teaches that Abraham has more than one wife. God purposeful called him holy and his leadership legacy remains for all to come.  Standing on this teaching he promotes sex between his followers.

From his followers he choose 12 girls from the surrounding villages to be his wives. Almost all his followers are illiterates and by following his fake teaching of him being the seed of Abraham on this planet now, he continues to mislead the people who follow him.  "I have 12 young girls.They requested me because they trusted my leadership so I accepted their requests"

This is not the first cult following someone in PNG started, we all know of what happened to Steven Tari, the Black jesus of Madang.

The Kanamanda Community Fellowship is a cargo cult church and needs to be raided and shut down, it promotes Homosexuality, underage marriage and sex, cargo cult teaching and perverts Biblical teachings.
Tari's cult, which is estimated to have numbered as many as 6,000, became notorious for its alleged use of "flower girls" who served as concubines for Tari. The girls dress in scant clothing. The Lutheran Church, very prominent in Papua New Guinea, declared Tari an "enemy of the church".[4]...


Some good news at last from this government "IndyWatch Feed"

Finally we get some good news from the government. They are postponing the increase in refugee quota a broken promise we wont mind the government breaking: Quote. The Government has stalled on plans to double New Zealands refugee quota and its because of the housing crisis. Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway says Aotearoa need [] The post Some good news at last from this government appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Free Hawai`i "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople.pacific"



Goodbye to some of that ... "IndyWatch Feed"

The pond started blogging ten years ago, on 20th July 2008. It was a Sunday, and the pond went into a brooding fit because Michael Duffy had scribbled some nonsense about evangelicals ...ironical really, as the pond woke this morning to Andrew West attempting to get evangelical Xian Mike Pompeo to disavow fundamentalist, human rights abusing Saudi Arabia, and after a brief evasion, copping an interview termination notice

Stupidity and hypocrisy never ends, but ten years is a long, long time to wallow in it

and now the pond is cutting back on its reptile addiction, back to a single post each day in the morning.

Aquarium owners will know the feeling if they've ever woken up one morning to find the tank full of fish floating belly up do they re-stock, or do they embark on a useful, meaningful life?

When the pond started, it had some regrets about trolling the Duffster, but he went on to a better life out of the spotlight, and in a way, the pond became the victim as the pond's mind has long been overgrown with useless reptile trivia and arcana



Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, and IOTA "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Is it time to make a toast and celebrate a crypto recovery? I don"t think we are quite there yet. Even as Bitcoin spearheads this resurgence, clearing key buy triggers and resistance lines, some as Ethereum, EOS, and IOTA are []

The post Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, and IOTA appeared first on The Global Mail.


MACKAY Drug production, Mackay "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY July 19, 2018 at 02:07PM ,

Drug production, Mackay

July 19, 2018 at 02:07PM ,

He will appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court on August 14. A 41-year-old Beaconsfield woman was offered drug diversion. Officers attending

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Lets all be nice "IndyWatch Feed"

Stuff has published this absurd little piece on free speech. As the writer, Glenn McConnell, is barely into his twenties, it is an interesting insight into how the mind of the millennial works  and it shows that they think the world is a lovely place, where no one wants to hurt anyone else and we [] The post Lets all be nice appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Racist dogwhistling over African gangs proves Turnbull is a hollow man "IndyWatch Feed"

Racist dogwhistling over African gangs proves Turnbull is a hollow manMalcolm Turnbull's claim African crime gangs are terrorising Melbourne is yet another sign of his lack of spine. read now...


Lauren Southern & Stefan Molyneux granted 10-day visas to New Zealand "IndyWatch Feed"

Conservative Canadian speakers Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux have been granted 10-day visas to New Zealand. Now all they need at short notice is a venue. Will they be able to pull it together in time? We will let you know as soon as we know. Fingers crossed. Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway said his decision did [] The post Lauren Southern & Stefan Molyneux granted 10-day visas to New Zealand appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Coast to Coast Quilts Exhibition "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Jill Hammonds says that the local quilters will be humming on Saturday. Quilting exhibition and sharing of ideas If you []


The governments lies over Waikeria are getting bigger and bigger "IndyWatch Feed"

The government, in announcing their down-sized prison at Waikeria, have variously blamed the previous government for costs associated with the contracts, that the plans were too huge, and there was no need for such a prison. All those were lies. And yesterday we found out that Kelvin Davis, despite his big talking on prisons before [] The post The governments lies over Waikeria are getting bigger and bigger appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Ben Jennings on Trump-Putin "IndyWatch Feed"



Robbery of the 21st Century "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Some commentators think that this problem can be solved by me moving to the opposition. But my problem is, opposition is made up of people who signed this particular deal in 2008 & 2009.

Through this government, am pushing hard to secure the 4.27% fr
ee carry. It was initially agreed for a price of K3b. No responsible government will ever charge landowners K3b for the very resources they owned.

Kokopo UBSA and respective LBBSAs were signed without complying to Section 47 of OGAS or the requirement of full scale social mapping and landowner identification studies. This blunder has prevented us from releasing the royalty and equity funds. So far, Clan Vetting process completed from Portion 152/Plant Site, Pipeline, Angore to be completed this month, Juha in progress, and this year they'll complete Hides PDL1 & PDL7. Meanwhile, more than K600m in royalty and equity funds held on trust by MRDC & BPNG. I'm also pushing for the missing K1.2b with the project operator.

Certain provisions to the Oil and Gas Act need to be amended as proposed at Governor's Conference in Madang. Government suppor...


Most-read "IndyWatch Feed"

Our Whats hot and Must read posts up the top of our home page are based on the two articles from the day before that attracted the most comments. This post is to provide you with the links to the top five most-read posts as the vast majority of our readership do not comment and the post [] The post Most-read appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


George Melly with John Chiltons Feetwarmers Frankie and Johnny "IndyWatch Feed"

Saw George Melly perform this live on several occasions in the 1970s and 1980s



Some moron seeing a need to appear relevant brings in another rule that a dog on the tray of a ute must be restrained, failure to comply, a fine of three hundred dollars. Thanks a bunch  Andy Knapsack.

Some parents wanting to make their child safe, place a harness and leash on the wild child to effect a similar outcome and snowflakes emerge from everywhere screaming  charges of child abuse.

A friend at Field Days this year noted the previously popular  child restraint making a comeback to emulate what for our rural raised children made so much more sense than removing all possible dangers in an immediate environment that could attract attention from an inquisitive mind

Back to the canine nonsense, I fear the only enforcement will  arise from an already tragic outcome when things go bad, as did prosecutions from an equally moronic Law somewhere around the three quarter mark of last century that made it an offense for a child to ride on a "tractor" back in the day when such practice arose from necessity to have the child in relatively safety on the machine as opposed to under a bloody wheel.
Many hours of my formative years were spent on the footplate of a Caterpillar 'Fifteen', often asleep nestled in a secured wooden box that arrived on the farm with two containers of "Coopers Dip".

So much of the NZ rural livestock activity  occurs adjacent to a road and the well trained canine will not leave their commanding position on the deck until  a need for action arises and often when that happens, a quick response will need to be initiated. Valuable time taken to stop vehicle, release seatbelt, open door, emerge, and then unclip the bloody dog, the two mobs that could have been kept apart so  easily will have turned to custard requiring a serious time consuming rearrangement.
Equally there are many children running free in Malls and restraining them before they crash into some little old lady seems a  humane system.


Tim Watkin on freedom of speech "IndyWatch Feed"

Tim Watkin is a lefty. It seems he will now be on the black list of those wanting to silence differing opinions after his post at Pundit: Quote: I argued in my previous post that a free speech debate played into the hands of the numpties Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux  who wanted to [] The post Tim Watkin on freedom of speech appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Political blood stronger than water "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Bryce Edwards asks, where are the protests over the governments new submarine killers?

He might also ask where are the protests against the CTPPP?

He could also ask where are the protests against the decision to pull back from putting cameras on fishing boats?

The answer is that political blood is stronger than water.

Those who would protest against the new planes, and the CTPPP are more likely to be supporters of one or other of the parties in government.

While concern for sustainable fishing crosses political boundaries, people on the left tend to be more likely to protest and having their party in government is keeping Green supporters quiet.

Those opposing these policies might be moved to protest if they had  been promoted by a National-led government but accept, or at least dont protest against, actions of their own side.

This isnt confined to any particular spot on the political spectrum.

I wasnt enamoured of everything the government did from 2008 until last year, but I accepted the reality of politics, and life.

You cant always get everything you want and my loyalty to National and support for most of what the government it led me did was sufficient for me to keep quiet about the rest.

The rank and file of the Green Party are the ones most likely to find tkeeping quiet difficult. Some members revolted when Environment Minister Eugenie Sage signed off the expansion of a Chinese-owned water bottling plant.

But just as parties need to swallow a few dead rats to get into government, their members have to put up with their MPs not doing everything they want, or doing some things they dont, when they get there.

As long as the political blood stays thick, party unity will stay strong. Its when it starts getting watered down, or spilt, that a party, and the government its part of, will be wounded.


Benefit numbers up for first time since 2010 "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

The first June to June increase in benefit numbers since 2010 has been recorded. This sits alongside Carmel Sepuloni's change to the benefit sanctions rules - essentially a softening. Sanctions are down by over 20 percent. The two developments may be related.

The specific benefit numbers that have increased are Jobseeker.

This is concerning when employers are crying put for unskilled workers. We know that MSD are worried about slowing exits from the Jobseeker benefit. They recently commented, "Demand for low skilled labour in the regions is not being readily absorbed by jobseekers in those regions." More than once emergency rules have been invoked to allow migrants to pick up the slack.

More benefits are being granted and fewer cancelled.

Further analysis required.


Incoming! Osprey clutching lively Oz prey "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

One of three resident Ospreys near entrance to Town Common wings in with mightily reluctant Gar. Fish fought on vigorously for several minutes.

Two other recent catches of Gar may indicate change of preferred catch, seasonal fish availability, or immature bird's switch from thicker-bodied fish species caught by parents.
Since all three birds have similar breastbands I've found it impossible to tell male from female from immature. Bad luck for the Gar if it was victim to just one of three predators.


Matthew Hooton thinks we have now arrived at communism by stealth "IndyWatch Feed"

Matthew Hooton writes about the damage that Working for Families is doing to our economy: Quote: The Government, district health boards and any nurses organisation officials primarily concerned with Labours re-election know they have to stand firm against the rebellious nurses in the wards. Each of these powerful groups know ordinary nurses getting the pay [] The post Matthew Hooton thinks we have now arrived at communism by stealth appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


CNN: Madeleine Albright discusses the Helsinki Summit "IndyWatch Feed"

As the days go by, it seems more and more likely that Trump was comprehensively outplayed by Putin as Albright seems to be saying


Your gospel aint good news to me "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

The life, death and resurrection of Jesus are central to the Christian faith. Christians have long understood that God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ.

The earliest preaching, as it comes to us from the book of Acts, had a relatively straightforward take on this. Jesus came with the good news that God was gathering Israelites together to be the community they were always meant to be good, compassionate, just, faithful, kind, loving, generous. It was a community in which adulterers were forgiven, the possessed were restored to their right minds, the rich shared with the poor, the lame and the blind were healed, the unclean were rendered permanently clean, and God was trusted to lead and provide. Awake to this calling, Israel could then fulfil its mission of being the vehicle for reconciliation between God and all the nations. The people however, prodded and goaded by powerful political and religious elites, who in turn were tools in the hands of shadowy and malevolent spiritual forces, conspired together to execute Gods Messiah. They stripped him bare, subjected him go shame and humiliation, then drained the life from his veins. God met their evil, not with retribution, but by raising Jesus from the dead, investing Jesus as Lord over all. Given this, the prudent course of action for any human being is turn away from idolatry, injustice, violence, greed and abuse of others to follow Jesus into his new community of love, grace peace, and hope.

In the centuries that followed our theologians turned their attention to this narrative. What did it mean for humankind that God had taken on humanity? What did it mean for God? When Jesus died was there something happening beyond his simply absorbing the evil smeared upon him? And what are the implications of his resurrection?

As these kind of questions were debated, the cultural frames of each generation were both a help and a hindrance. On the one hand, new cultural frames allowed fresh insights and interpretations and enabled the core themes of the good news to be articulated in ways that spoke to the deepest longings and needs of humankind. On the other hand, each new theory was in danger of making the good news captive to thought structures succeeding generations could not embrace.

For a long time the dominant theory was that Jesus gave his life as a ransom to the devil, only for God to snatch it back in a daring move (the resurrection). By this means God rescued humankind from slavery to the devil.

In the 13th century Anselm shifted the dialogue. Informed by feudal notions of offended lords who required satisfaction for their wounded honour, Anselm argued that Jesuss death was not a ransom paid to the Devil but an act that satisfied Gods honour.

Two centuries later the Reformers seized on Anselms theory. They replaced the idea of satis...


Where Putin and Trump See Eye to Eye "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


Twenty-four hours after the historic meeting between President Trump and President Putin, the US media gives no sign of knowing what links these two presidents. Its not compromat, and its not the invasion (sic) of Ukraine or the taking (sic) of Crimea (which was only part of Ukraine from 1954 to 2014, still part of the Soviet Union when the post-World War II borders were officialized).

What the two presidents have in common is an awareness of the fact that the white or Caucasian race constitutes only 16% of the total world population. Until now, American politicians, have not seemed to realize that the best way to ensure a viable future for Caucasians is to cooperate closely with the other 84%, which includes 20% of Chinese, 17% of Indians and 18% of Africans. In the face of the multiculturalism inspired by Enlightenment morality, the Russian President has demonstrated his conviction that the various races of the world should remain separate, while cooperating closely.

That is the underlying logic behind President Putins outreach on the world stage, supported by efforts to serve as mediator in a host of international crises, as well as the creation of the BRICS, a really existing entity that links Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa and that has its own bank and development fund.

Putins policies vis a vis Europe imply that he also condemns its failure to control non-Caucasian immigration, which, as Trump said in England, is changing its culture, boosting far-right parties across the continent. Echoing the US Souths separate but equal policy that was only recently overcome, Putin is convinced that countries of different races should remain separate but equal on the world stage, which has an entire different, and positive meaning. While apartheid is based on the conviction that the races are unequal and Caucasians should rule, a multi-polar framework would ensure that the world is run cooperatively.

Although Trump appears to believe in the superiority of the white race while Putin do...


C4: Jacob Rees-Mogg Ways To Change The World "IndyWatch Feed"

This is a long form report in C4s podcast series


Government gives more money to bludgers at the expense of hard-working Kiwis "IndyWatch Feed"

The government are pleased to announce that they are giving more of your hard-earned cash to bludgers and neer-do-wells. The NZ Herald reports: Quote The number of beneficiaries having their welfare payments cut has plummeted as the Government encourages a less punitive approach by Work and Income. At the same time, the number of hardship [] The post Government gives more money to bludgers at the expense of hard-working Kiwis appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Fortnightly links: destination Europe, social media lynch mobs, a country of contradictions, and more "IndyWatch Feed"

On the ABC Dr Serene J Khadar questions whether womens economic empowerment leads to empowerment in a broader sense.

Rebecca Peters became one of the worlds foremost gun-control experts after the Port Arthur massacre. Now, shes in Guatemala, devoting her life to the victims of gun crime.

Destination Europe: frustration, desperation, homecoming, evacuation is a multi-part special report by IRIN News on the choices and challenges for refugees, as the EU sets new policies and makes deals with African nations to deter the hundreds of thousands of migrants seeking new lives on the continent.

Shashi Tharoor writes about Indias problem with social media lynch mobs for Project Syndicate.

A country of contradictions, a nation of extremes; ABCs PNG correspondent Eric Tlozek reflects on his three years in Port Moresby.

This film for National Geographics Short Film Showcase...


Hyde Cafe Bellingen black-bans people: Jenni Bienefelt the owner an Australian Christian Churches Christian black-banned me 4 years ago for writing about their cult "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

hyde 5

Jenni Bienefelt the owner of Hyde Cafe, Bellingen on left. Jenni Bienefelt of Hyde Cafe is a dysfunctional black banner, pretend Fake Christian, Cult member, and errant hypocrite.


Below is an article I wrote and published 4 years ago on this, my personal blog-site , the day Jenni Beinefelt owner of Hyde Cafe, Bellingen, where I live, black-banned me for explaining the errors and faults of the Christian cult the Australian Christian Churches group she is part of in Bellingen called House of Hope, formerly called Christian Life Centre located on Bellingens North Side.


Blog article 1 December 2014

It seems theres no end to the black-bans the cult churches of the Australian Christian Churches linked to Hillsong impose on those who dont agree with their view-point.

cult 2

Pastor John Woolhouse of Dorrigo Life Springs Church in Dorrigo NSW black-banned me from his Australian Christian Churches church in March this year.




Daily crossword "IndyWatch Feed"

This is Subscriber Content. You can access subscriber content, including crosswords, sudoku, polling, commentary and podcasts by subscribing to one of our membership packages. The post Daily crossword appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Social media stars and their cultural impact "IndyWatch Feed"

Jesse Mulligan at RNZ

Jonathan Sun is a Ph.D candidate at one of Americas most prestigious universities, MIT. Hes an engineer, a designer and a star on Twitter, at least a comedy subculture on Twitter that revels in his  clever, absurd jokes that are funny and profound at the same time. 

While his alter ego on Twitter, Jonny Sun, piles on the followers, he is studying how social media stars influence culture

This was rather interesting


Tamihere on a less equal society "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

I think it is difficult to pin down just what equality or inequality mean. It can be quite misleading and misused. A country in which everyone lives in poverty have a form of equality. Generally, countries in which people can and do get richer have on average improved standards of living for most people at []


QotD: After Trumps comments at this weeks press conference, Putin's FSB "ought to hang up a 'Mission Accomplished' banner." "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

"Yet Putin doesnt have to tip elections to achieve his goal. He achieves it merely by sowing chaos and discord, which serves his goal of discrediting free countries as a superior model of government... The more conflict Putin sows in the West, the more he is able to point to the worlds vaunted democracies and sneer that this kind of 'normal life' is all an arrogant delusion.
    "From that perspective, Donald Trumps presidency is a triumph of Putins information war. Trumps comments at [this weeks] press conference were in response to exactly the kind of domestic discord the troll armies set out to amplify. Trump is now far more determined to fight his internal enemies and their 'Rigged Witch Hunt' than he is to stand up to Americas geopolitical foes. The FSB ought to hang up a 'Mission Accomplished' banner."

~ Robert Tracinski, from his article 'Why the Russians Are the Baddies (Again)'
[Cartoon by Rod Emmerson, NZ Herald]


How to upgrade, renew or change your Whaleoil subscription "IndyWatch Feed"

If your subscription has not automatically renewed it may be because you hadnt ticked for it to automatically renew when you set it up because your credit card has expired because you have removed your credit card details from Paypal. because of insufficient funds If you want to update your credit card details click here. If [] The post How to upgrade, renew or change your Whaleoil subscription appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Quote of the day "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

If you cannot understand that there is something in man which responds to the challenge of this mountain and goes out to meet it, that the struggle is the struggle of life itself upward and forever upward, then you wont see why we go. Sir Edmund Hillary  who was born on this day in 1919.


Whaleoil general debate "IndyWatch Feed"

Good morning, welcome to our daily Whaleoil General Debate. Our evening General debate is called Backchat and will start at 6 pm On General debate, you are encouraged as a commenter to share your own stories, discuss other news, bring NEW news, catch up with friends or make new friends with other commenters. To participate youll [] The post Whaleoil general debate appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


What now, Australia? Youre being truly outgunned by China "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


KUNDIAWA - The recent surge of Chinese influence in the western Pacific and especially in Australias former colony Papua New Guinea should not be a surprise.

China has been in the region long enough to capitalise on weaknesses in the Papua New Guinea-Australia relationship.

Instead of Australia getting anxious and wringing its hands, Canberra should be asking where it has gone wrong as PNGs big brother and start working on fixing the relationship.

The official Chinese presence in PNG goes back to 1976 when the Peoples Republic of China established diplomatic ties soon after PNG gained independence in 1975.

So China has been here for over 41 years providing investment and development aid to PNG. But it was only after 2000 that bilateral ties with PNG in investment, health, education and infrastructure intensified. And this included military training for the PNG Defence Force in 2013. That was a signal.

Although Australia has provided billions of dollars worth of aid to PNG annually since independence half a billion a year currently - debate about its impact has been contentious.

How has this huge amount of aid transformed the general development of PNG and the livelihood of its people, especially the rural majority who reside in traditional communities?

There have been many impediments to aid effectiveness. One good example is the road system.

Difficulty in service delivery posed by the lack of efficient transport has been a significant obstacle to success.

About 85% of PNGs population dwell in rural communities scattered across remote and rugged terrain where road access is a major problem.

Most of these communities have no road access even in this 21st century. Villages and hamlets only accessible by plane or chopper make services delivery expensive and often impossible.

Australia knows about this and has documented it in numerous aid review reports. But its Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has largely failed to address this huge problem.

As PNGs traditional ally and closest neighbour, Australia could have done much more in this sphere a decent road system is imperative to equitable economic development in this country.

Instead DFAT has over the years tailored program predominantly toward human development, specifical...


Free Speech are we for or against it? "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Post from Gezza: OPINION: It seems Im as Aryan as you can get, with a DNA test to prove it, but Im less thrilled about it than Lauren Southern, the suitably blonde agitator who wasnt allowed to speak at the Auckland Councils Bruce Mason Centre. The 23-year-old self-described journalist calls to mind an inane pop []


Post-Helsinki fallout continues "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Donald trump continues to cop a lot of flak from across the political spectrum after his astonishing assertions at the press conference in Helsinki with Vladimir Putin, and his would/wouldnt waffling all over the place since. Wall Street Journal: The Trump First Doctrine Putin respects strength but Trump showed weakness. I think that most people []


Faces of the day "IndyWatch Feed"

*Research by Sally Todays face of the day is no longer a mystery. He was described by a Whaleoiler at the rally as a hairy guy who was the chief shouter downer. Not sure what his brief is. Just opposing people talking it seems. Today we can reveal who he actually is. He is Gem [] The post Faces of the day appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


The most open government in history "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Journalists continue to complain about the government not living up to its promise to be the most transparent government ever. There was no pledge of transparency in the Labour-NZ First coalition agreement. From the Labour-Green Confidence and Supply Agreement: 20. Strengthen New Zealands democracy by increasing public participation, openness, and transparency around official information. Claims []



New Dawn FM News
The ABG President Chief DR. JOHN MOMIS has accepted the legal challenge DYSON KAETAVARA wants to instigate for defaming him and his group as acting like terrorists.
Whilst responding to a series allegations, President MOMIS said that their first actions of running vehicles on the airport tarmac and demanding keys from ABG Ministers vehicles are acts of terrorism.
He said stopping a plane from landing at the airport is an act of terrorism and nothing else.
President MOMIS said this type of action Bougainville must reject as Bougainville wants peace and Bougainvilleans need to work together in unity for the common good of all Bougainvilleans.
He said that he welcomed MR. KAETAVARA to take him to court as he has no hidden agenda and what he said was true.



Word of the day "IndyWatch Feed"

The word for today is turophile (noun) A lover of cheese. Source : The Free Dictionary Etymology : Turophile a rare word not only in meaning but also in its spelling. The combining form -phile is very common in English, but the combining form turo- is unique: it comes from the Greek noun trs, [] The post Word of the day appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Airport Security Couldn't Believe Who Was Smuggled In This Pipe "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

When going through airport security, carrying a big metal pipe inside your suitcase is a sure way to trigger some suspicion.

That was the case for officers at Sentani International Airport in New Guinea last week and their instinct that something was awry turned out to save a life.

The pipe was long and it appeared to be stuffed with something, but when guards questioned the passenger, he claimed it was packed with clothes.

Credit: Facebook/Traffic Southeast Asia

Inside was actually a monitor lizard, likely stolen from his home in the wild to be sold into the illegal pet trade.

This type of lizard, known as the Papuan or crocodile monitor, is a species endemic to New Guinea that can grow up to 8 feet long from nose to tail. They often live in mangrove swamps and rainforests in the southeastern part of the island and occasionally are captured to become pets.

Credit: Facebook/Traffic Southeast Asia

While the lizards are not considered endangered by the IUCN Red List, they still face threats from deforestation and poachers who hunt them for their skins.

Luckily, after his near-tragic trip, this striking reptile now has a second chance at life in the wild where he belongs.

Credit: Flickr/Cuatrok77

A round of applause for aviation security and quarantine officials, who weren't fooled by a declaration of 'clothes' on a consignment, Traffic Southeast Asia...



New Dawn FM News
The ABG Minister for Police and Justice, WILLIE MASIU today appealed for both the service providers and the Government to come to terms and discuss their issues in an amicable way.
MR. MASIU said the situation has reached a point in which they are now accusing its other on media.
He said that he feels that the service providers should be heard by the Administration and going directly to the President is not right.
MR. MASIU says those who organize the contracts are public servants who must come out now and address this problem.




New Dawn FM News
ABG President Chief DR. JOHN MOMIS today responded to calls by MR. DYSON KAETAVARA for the ABG President to resign because he has not signed their letter to get funds from the NATIONAL GOVERNMENT and other serious allegations of the President, the chief secretary and lady Momis.
MR. KAETAVARA made these allegations in an exclusive interview aired on Radio Bougainville at ten pm last night.
President Momis said that some of the statements were false and misleading and have serious consequences and can mislead the people of Bougainville to rebel against their own government.
President Momis said that ABG their mandated government is committed to fight for the interest and welfare of the people of Bougainville and will never do anything to undermine the interest of Bougainville and especially the future of Bougainville.
He said that their Government has represented the people in all negotiations in all talks with the National Government and other development partners because this is your government.
President MOMIS said Bougainville is very close to the window of this new Opportunity that will allow us to create the kind of quality Government that can really serve the people of Bougainville into the future.
He said as the President of Bougainville, he will not listen to a minority who are using bullying tactics to force him to break the law to help them and not the majority of service providers who have remained calm because they know their government has no money at the moment.
President Momis said if funds become available they will pay all genuine claims including claims by the service providers who are currently making so much noise.


Momis190718 002


Daily proverb "IndyWatch Feed"

Proverbs 20 23 The Lord detests double standards; he is not pleased by dishonest scales. The post Daily proverb appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Friday's Fulminations "IndyWatch Feed"

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Unfortunately our system does not allow your comments to show up in the blog post itself.  Just in the comments section.

Visitors might consider the wisdom of using moderate language.




Australias influence in and knowledge of the Pacific diminishes "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Chinese navy destroyer
Chinese navy destroyer - eyes on the Pacific as Australian influence wanes

ROWAN CALLICK | The Australian | Extracts

You can read Rowan Callicks complete article here

BEIJING - Asia is heading into typhoon season, symbolising the rivalries being unleashed in the region with a fervour not seen for decades.

The great global powers are jockeying to position themselves to emerge on top from the big annual summits they increasingly seek to game to demonstrate their authority and attractiveness.

An early indication of where Australia stands will come from the annual Australia-US Ministerial Consultations in California next Monday and Tuesday.

Foreign affairs minister Julie Bishop and defence minister Marise Payne will meet US secretary of state Mike Pompeo and defence secretary Jim Mattis.

While Washington probably will look for Canberra to commit to greater efforts to challenge Chinas militarisation of the South China Sea, it also will want to hear from the Australians about the legislation they have introduced to guard against undue international influence at home.

Discussions are set to include Chinas fast-growing involvement in the Pacific Islands region, which has tended to be viewed by Washington as an area best managed in terms of ensuring its political inclinations lean towards the West by Canberra, assisted by Wellington.

Yet it will prove difficult to counter President Xi Jinpings success in pushing China towards a dominant regional position despite having only North Korea as an ally and having no real friends in Asia or the Pacific by the brilliant device of weaponising economic interdependence.

The central role played in the Pacific by China will be showcased at this years Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation leaders summit, to be held in Port Moresby on 17-18 November.

China has spent $82 million o...



New Dawn FM News

One of the organizers of the Bougainville Chocolate Festival JAMES BUTUBU is calling on all Cocoa farmers to be ready to send their samples to the Chocolate Festival Committee so that they can market their blocks.
The Bougainville Chocolate festival was held in Buin and Arawa and would be held for the first time in Buka and would be staged at the Hutjena field.
MR. BUTUBU said that the aim of the festival is to market Bougainville cocoa to Chocolate makers in Australia and New Zealand and other people who are interested in Bougainville cocoa.
He said that in the past the festival has identified farmers who have organized market supplies with Chocolate makers overseas.
MR. BUTUBU said there will be competition on the biggest cocoa pods/beans and the best dried cocoa beans.
He said samples can be brought to DPI office in BUIN, ARAWA and BUKA.
The festival will be held for two days on the 21st and 22nd of September this year.



New Dawn FM News
The ABG President Chief DR. JOHN MOMIS has been called on to resign as President as the Service Providers issue twists to another level.
Spokesperson for the service providers, DYSON KAETAVARA made the call in an exclusive interview on Radio Bougainville last night.
MR. KAETAVARA denied any involvement in the security alert that had the AIR NIUGINI flight from Port Moresby to Buka diverted to Rabaul last Friday.
He said that he had personally went to the Ground Staff mentioning threats of a possible grounding of the Air Niugini plane if it landed at the Buka airport.
MR. KAETAVARA called on the President to resign as he also called him and his group terrorists.
He also mentioned funds secured outside of the ABG that only needed the President to sign a letter wrote by him to guarantee the payment.
PRESIDENT MOMIS had earlier told a Press conference that it was against government protocols and good governance for him to sign their document.
He said all claims must come through the relevant departments within the ABG for screening and payment.


Communism by stealth, or Corporate-Capitalist Welfare by design? "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

PartisanZ saved me the trouble of stating this topic: Matthew Hooton: Communism by stealth is here NZHerald Infamously, Key then entrenched Working for Families as Prime Minister, and Ardern and Robertson have further locked in middle-class dependency with their December 2017 Families Package. In fact in 2004, the left-wing critique of Working for Families []


Media watch Friday "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

20 July 2018 Media Watch is a focus on New Zealand media, blogs and social media. You can post any items of interested related to media. A primary aim here is to hold media to account in the political arena. A credible and questioning media is an essential part of a healthy democracy. A general []


General chat "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Is there any way we could have a thread for the more lightweight stuff like music and general chat? Do it here. Please no personal attacks or bickering. Anything abusive, provocative or inflammatory may be deleted.


Open Forum Friday "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

19 July 2018 This post is open to anyone to comment on any topic that isnt spam, illegal or offensive. All Your NZ posts are open but this one is for you to raise topics that interest you.  If providing opinions on or summaries of other information also provide a link to that information. Bloggers []


PNGs brush with the infamous Baader Meinhof Gang "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

TerroristenALLYN HICKS

SYDNEY - The recent death of Papua New Guineas former director of public prosecutions, Kevin Egan, in Hong Kong brought memories of two interesting cases he handled in Port Moresby in the late 1970s.

One was the jailing of former member of parliament Nahau Rooney, who was released the next day after the intervention of then prime minister Sir Michael Somare. The other was the conviction and jailing of a German national, Rene Gorlitz, 29.

In mid-1977, Gorlitz and his girlfriend, Ingrid Koch, also 29, stole a yacht in Sydney Harbour and sailed it to Milne Bay where they were arrested and transferred to Port Moresby.

Gorlitz was found guilty and ended up in Bomana. Koch was deported.

Around the same time, on the other side of the world, a leader of the notorious Baader Meinhof Gang, Andries Baader, was sentenced to life in prison. His partner, Ulrich Meinhof, had committed suicide in May 1976.

Baader Meinhof was a ruthless terrorist organisation responsible for numerous murders, hijackings, bombings and kidnappings throughout Europe. The gang subsequently morphed into the Red Army Faction which continued to operate until the end of the 1990s.

The first hint of a PNG connection to the Baader Meinhof Gang came when the government-appointed defence lawyer for Gorlitz received a message, purportedly from a Gang cadre, indicating that the organisation was not happy with the effort he had put into defending Gorlitz.

The message hinted that further action would be considered. The lawyer decided it was a good time to take extended leave.

There was another twist. On 13 July 1977 the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine hijacked a Lufthansa jet in a failed attempt to secure the release of Baader and several other gang members. On hearing of the failure, Baader and his cohorts committed suicide.

Not long after Baaders death became public knowledge, Gorlitz hung himself in his cell.

Whether he did so in sympathy with the other Gang members is open to question.

However, as he had links to that organisation, it was a possibility.


Trump-Putin Helsinki 16 July 2018 Press Conference: the matter of a curious admission and omission "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

The mainstream media carried transcripts of the 16 July 2018 US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin joint press conference held in Helsinki, Finland.

Video of this press conference is available online.

There is one specific exchange between President Putin and an American reporter.

It went thus:

REPORTER: Did you want President Trump to win the election and did you direct any of your officials to help him do that?

PUTIN: Yes, I did. Yes, I did. Because he talked about bringing the U.S. Russia relationship back to normal.

The White House also posted a transcript of the joint pr...


Israels Nation-State Law: Apartheid is a process "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

With the passage of the Jewish Nation-State Law, Israel has constitutionally enshrined discrimination against its Palestinian population. We dont have to keep looking for policies that resemble Jim Crow, says Attorney Fady Khoury.

Israeli soldiers watch Palestinian women walk towards Qalandiya checkpoint, West Bank, August 20, 2010. (Oren Ziv/

Israeli soldiers watch Palestinian women walk towards Qalandiya checkpoint, West Bank, August 20, 2010. (Oren Ziv/

The Israeli parliament passed the Jewish Nation-State Law in the early hours of Thursday morning, defining Israel as the exclusive nation-state of the Jewish people and demoting the official status of Arabic.


Almost immediately, Palestinian politicians and rights groups began speaking of the legislation in the starkest of terms. PLO Secretary General Saeb Erekat said the law turns a de-facto Apartheid regime into a de-jure reality for all of historic Palestine.

Hassan Jabareen, head of the Adalah, the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, said the law features key elements of apartheid and that by passing it, Israel has made discrimination a constitutional value and has professed its commitm...


Australia Fines Parents Who Deviate From Vaccine Schedule "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Australia is further clamping down on vaccine choice by instituting a biweekly $20 fine for parents whose children are not up to date on their vaccinations.

Previously parents who didnt have their kids vaccinated lost an end of the year tax benefit worth around $500. The new fine costs parents about the same, but its now assessed throughout the year to serve as a reminder.

Other countries have begun similar policies. As weve noted in previous coverage, France has made eleven vaccines mandatory; Italy twelve; and Germany, fines parents $2,800 for failing to seek medical advice on vaccinating their children.

Meanwhile Californias persecution of Dr. Sears [ link} shows that they have non-legislatively removed the medical exemption provision from their vaccine mandate act.

Part of the reason countries and California can even consider such policies is because there is so much confusion and misinformation about vaccines. Here is what Australians were saying in a Libertarian thread on Reddit about the new Australian fine system.

  1. Mandatory vaccines are safe

This is demonstrably false. The U.S. Vaccine Court set up after Congress decided to shield vaccine makers from all liability for their productshas paid out $3.5 billion to 5,000 Americans for vaccine injuries. Also very few studies have been done comparing unvaccinated and vaccinated populations, which would be the real test of vaccine safety. What evidence there is suggests that unvaccinated children are generally healthier than vaccinated children. In fact the National Academy of Sciences, which advises the government on health matters, concluded in 2013 that key elements of the [vaccine]schedulethe number, frequency, timing, order, and age at administration of vaccineshave not been systematically examined in research studies.

  1. The scientific and medical case in favor of mandatory vaccinations is overwhelmingly in favor of their efficacy.

Also false. For example, the latest flu vaccine (for the 2017-18 flu season) was.........


Arabic was an official language in Israel for 70 years, 2 months, and 5 days "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

You can look at the new Jewish Nation-State Law from two angles: the message it sends to Jews, and the message it sends to Palestinians you dont belong here.

Israeli Border Police officers guard the entrance to Damascus Gate in Jerusalem's Old City, September 21, 2016. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Israeli Border Police officers guard the entrance to Damascus Gate in Jerusalems Old City, September 21, 2016. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Arabic was an official language of the State of Israel for 70 years, two months, and five days. As of July 19, 2018, it is no longer.


There is no practical reason for the change, and, in fact, the Jewish Nation-State Law, which abolished Arabic as an official language, basically guarantees that Arabic will retain all the benefits of being an official language despite being stripped of the title.

So why upend the status quo of the past 70-plus years? Sometimes what a law says is more important than what it does.

You can look at the Jewish Nation-State law from two perspectives. There is the message it was intended to send to Jews: a positive affirmation of Israel as the Jewish nation-state; as the Jewish homeland; as the state of the Jews; a reassuring and nationalist message that says this country is yours and yours alone.

The other message, the inverse, meant for Pale...


Human ponies fetish "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Remember my post last March, Human dogs at 2018 Mardi Gras, Australia, on humans dressing up as dogs? Human pups is an offshoot of BDSM (bondage-domination-sadism-masochism) a sexual fetish that has exploded in the last 15 years as the Continue reading


Australia Says No to Software Patents "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Australian flag

Summary: Rokt is now fighting the Australian patent office over its decision to reject software patents; Shelston IP, an Australian patent law firm (originally from Melbourne), already meddles a great deal in such policies/decisions, hoping to overturn them

LEAVING aside the EPO and USPTO, two of the worlds largest English-speaking patent offices, there has been some news from Australia, where IP Australia (the Australian patent office) told stakeholders that software isnt really patent-eligible anymore. Weve seen several articles about this lately (we mentioned some a week ago) and Lawyerly is the latest to spread the news and shed light on it. Rokts software innovative but not patentable, IP Australia tells court is the headline. Heres the key part: An invention that simply puts a business method or scheme into a computer is not patentable, the Commissioner of Patents told a court Wednesday on the first day of a highly anticipated trial over a rejected software patent application by marketing tech startup Rokt.

This was achieved in the face of great pressure and constant lobbying from law firms.Fantastic! Well done, Australia!

This was achieved in the face of great pressure and constant lobbying from law firms. We wrote about it dozens of times over the years and named some of the culprits. In Australia weve seen Shelston IP quite a lot recently, attacking the policy and smearing officials for doing the right thing. Shelston IP went further than this and attempted the same thing in New Zealand, where software patents have never been allowed.

Earlier this week we saw Shelston IP rearing its ugly head again...


Too warm, too dry as Winter draws closer to Spring in Australia 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Warmer days and nights favoured for AugustOctober

August to October days and nights are likely to be warmer than average for most of the country, with high chances (greater than 80%) in eastern Victoria and NSW, and southern Tasmania.

Days and nights in August are likely to be warmer than average for most of Australia, with high chances (greater than 80%) of warmer days in the southeast.

Historical accuracy for AugustOctober maximum temperatures is moderate for eastern and northern parts of Australia, as well as southern WA. Elsewhere, accuracy is low to very low. Historical accuracy for minimum temperatures is moderate for the northern half of Australia, SA, and Tasmania, but low to very low elsewhere.

Temperature - The chance...


Slowly but surely Russian connections between the UK Brexit referendum campaign and the US presidential campaign are beginning to emerge "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

We have concluded that there are risks in relation to the processing of personal data by many political parties. Particular concerns include: the purchasing of marketing lists and lifestyle information from data brokers without sufficient due diligence, a lack of fair processing, and use of third party data analytics companies with insufficient checks around consent.We have looked closely at the role of those who buy and sell personal data-sets in the UK. Our existing investigation of the privacy issues raised by their work has been expanded to include their activities in political processes.The investigation has identified a total of 172 organisations of interest that required engagement, of which around 30 organisations have formed the main focus of our enquiries, including political parties, data analytics companies and major social media platforms..Similarly, we have identified a total of 285 individuals relating to our investigation. [UK Information Commissioners Office, Investigation into the use of data analytics in political campaigns: Investigation update, July 2018]

Slowly but surely the Russian connections between the UK Brexit referendum campaign and the US presidential campaign are beginning to emerge.


Philippines to expel undesirable Australian nun who irked Duterte "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

The Philippines blacklisted and ordered the deportation on Thursday of an elderly Australian nun at odds with President Rodrigo Duterte, calling her an undesirable alien who broke terms of her missionary visa by engaging in political activism.

Image may contain: 3 people, tree and outdoor

FILE PHOTO: Australian missionary Patricia Fox waves to her supporters before filing a petition calling for the review of her deportation case at the Department of Justice, after the immigration bureau voided her visa following complaints from Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte about her participation in protest rallies, in Padre Faura, metro Manila, Philippines May 25, 2018. REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco/File Photo

The resolution was the second time immigration chiefs have sought to deport Patricia Fox, 71, who two months ago had been granted a reprieve by the justice department.

Fox has worked in the Philippines since the early 1990s and is a coordinator of a congregation of Catholic nuns called Notre Dame de Sion.

The 10-page order said her continued presence in the country poses a risk to public interest and she would be barred from returning.

She is accused of taking part in news conferences, labor-related fact-finding missions and protests calling for political prisoners to be freed, for human rights and land rights to be respected and for martial law to be lifted on the southern island of Mindanao.

Duterte has made no secret of his annoyance at Fox and has said he personally ordered an investigation into her activities. He said he refuses to hear criticism from anyone who is not Filipino.

Thursdays order specifically referred to Dutertes admission that he had asked for Fox to be investigated.

Fox is the latest in a growing number of people who have challenged Duterte and found themselves investigated, detained, humiliated, and sanctioned for offences that his opponents say usually amount to technicalities or minor infringements.

Thats the law, presidential spokesman Harry Roque said of the order to send Fox back to Australia.

Local media quoted Fox as saying she was disappointed but would challenge the order.

Reporting by Martin Petty; editing by David Stamp




Interview 1372 New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

[audio mp3=""][/audio]This week on the New World Next Week: dark money in politics just got darker; Japan is a secret nuclear power; and DARPA wants mind control for sodiers.

Thursday, 19 July


July Brings all the Major Players to Europe "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


This July, a surprising number of significant geopolitical events have turned Europe into the meeting ground for virtually all of its key players.

Surely, much public attention was drawn to the (growingly indecent) scandals within the noble family still referred to as the West. However, the Wests maneuvers around two of the worlds other leading players, i.e. China and Russia, were no less remarkable.

Taken together, these events provide ample material to speculate on the general and even eternal themes of major global politics.

For example, is it really worthwhile to continue seeing the West as one united family? Or are its core members de facto in a state of divorce? A divorce covered up by a marriage contract concluded long ago in completely different geopolitical conditions and today worth nothing?

Generally speaking, this issue could have been addressed long ago, in the early stages of the integration process launched in post-war Europe. For example, immediately after signing  the Treaty of Rome in 1957. However, the dreaded Soviet Threat had continued to press against the shores of the Atlantic. With the end of the cold war and the adoption of the Maastricht Treaty in 1993, only a confirmed pro-Western enthusiast could have avoided the emerging question: So, whats it all for?

Indeed, why does the US bear huge expenditures to maintain their troops five thousand kilometers away from their own territory on the other side of the Atlantic? The hastily constructed theme of international terrorism, it seems, is dying out while the no less artificial Russian Threat (i.e. the reincarnation of the same Soviet Threat) starts to sound like a boring deja vu.

So why should Americans care about protecting those who not only fail to spend money on their own defense but even implement mutually beneficial projects together with Russia? All this in conditions that have nothing in common with those of the Cold War. For in the past 30 years, a very real and new major source of challenges to US interests has come to light in the face of China.

All of these questions, which polite Western society had carefully avoided as a sign of poor manners and bad taste, were all of a sudden blurted out by political newcomer Donald Trump in 2016. Condescendingly loo...


The Late, Late Movie: Hidden City (1987) with Charles Dance written and directed by Stephen Poliakoff "IndyWatch Feed"

Political thriller from Stephen Poliakoff with an excellent cast including Bill Paterson and Richard E. Grant


Brexit Sharks are circling "IndyWatch Feed"

Blower Daily Telegraph



Sharks spotted around Cornish coast due to heatwave


Europe Cringes Before Emperor Trump "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Trump lectured and scolded the heads of NATO on live TV. They took the verbal thrashing like truant schoolboys. NATOs secretary general, former Norwegian prime minister Jens Stoltenberg, who was put into office by the US, muttered a few lame excuses. Trump supporters in the US were delighted to see the snotty, godless Europeans given a good dressing down.

The post Europe Cringes Before Emperor Trump appeared first on


Canada, Australia, Sweden Significant Price Drop and Sales Tumble! (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Canada, Australia, Sweden Significant Price Drop and Sales Tumble! Video The Money GPS Video Source

The post Canada, Australia, Sweden Significant Price Drop and Sales Tumble! (Video) appeared first on The Daily Coin.


More on CO2 enrichment "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Consequently and in consideration of these benefits the ongoing rise in atmospheric CO2 should be widely celebrated. Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, it is the very elixir of life.

The previous post on this topic described how most plants will benefit from warming (if we get any) thanks to CO2 enrichment. This post provides a hint of the dollar benefits of past and future enrichment, the increase in food production and the positive impact on forest ecosystems. For more details read chapter 13 of Climate Change: The Facts 2017.

Agricultural ecosystems

Agricultural production has been rising steadily against the expectations of environmental alarmists and aerial fertilisation by CO2 is one of the factors as an Australian Gifford suggested as long ago as 1979. That was before anyone was taking much notice of CO2 and the great (and now almost forgotten) cooling scare was fading away. Some of the benefits attributed to the new breeds of grain and fertilizer regimes in the green revolution may have come from CO2 enrichment.

Calculations suggest that the annual benefit of CO2 enrichment grew from US18 billion in 1961 to more than 140 billion by 2011 to deliver a total of US 3 trillion over 50 years from 2011 to 2051. This has the potential to transform the capacity of the earth to provide for the projected population at that time. So much for the billions of deaths from starvation that Paul Ehrlich predicted last century.

Rice runs third with 9% of global food production and a 300ppm increase in CO2 could lift the yield by almost 40%. What is more the research shows that the response from various strains of rice varies from -7% to +260% which can guide breeding programs as the Horsham researchers in Australia reported.

Forest ecosystems

The author reports that tree growth rates have increased since the Industrial Revolution with some species doubling their growth rate during this time. This includes highly productive tropical forests. The greening effect of CO2 on the forests of the planet has been well reported thanks to satellite studies and the terrestrial primary productivity has increased by 6 to 12% since the 1980s. As if to placate the greens this has been caused a great deal of carbon capture in forests, those that have not been replaced by oils for petrol or woodchips to burn for carbon credits in Europe.


The author concluded Consequently and in consideration of these benefits the ongoing rise in atmospheric CO2 should be w...


Chinas Middle East Pivot has Sent Washington Packing "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


Sino-Arab relations have come a long away over recent decades, gradually evolving into a rather complex system. Of course, the rapid emergence of a new multipolar world allowed ties between Beijing and the Middle East to gain even more traction. For the longest time China has been perceived by the Arab region as an alternative force with a lot of weight upon the international stage, so its only logical that some Arab players are now trying to take advantage of the fact that it remains one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council. In turn, Beijing recognizes these attempts and tries to use them to gain more leverage in regional affairs.

Turbulent events have turned the Middle East upside down in the last decade, forcing China into reevaluating the role this region would play in its designs. It has became imperative for Beijing to decide which regional players are going to be key partners in the region and how much effort its willing to put into supporting them.

As bilateral ties between Beijing and Washington hit an all time low, a lot of attention has been directed toward the recent eighth China-Arab Cooperation Forum, which brought together representatives from a total of 21 MENA region countries in Beijing. The fact that this event was attended by the Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit transformed this meeting into a milestone event. Those attending the forum were urged to increase trade and cooperation, develop infrastructure projects, which are seem to be Beijings direct response to the trade war unleashed against it by the United States.

This trade war announced by Donald Trump recently, keeps tensions rising. Among the accusations that the White House voiced against China, the gravest is an alleged restriction on American imports, which in Trumps mind led to a great imbalance in the trade turnover between the two countries. Attempts to negotiate the issue did not allow the sides to come to a mutually acceptable solution, which resulted in the US imposing protective duties against a number of Chinese goods. Unsurprisingly, Beijing responded in a similar fashion, by imposing high import duties on hundreds of items imported from the US.

Under these conditions, Beijing chose to rely on the active development of its ties with the Arab World, especially against the backdrop of the Chinese economy experiencing an ever growing demand for massive hydrocarbon im...


World view Friday "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Thursday GMT For posting on events, news, opinions and anything of interest from around the world.


July 20 in history "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

356 BC   Alexander the Great, Macedonean king and conqueror of Persia, was born (d. 323 BC).

70  Siege of Jerusalem: Titus, son of emperor Vespasian, stormed theFortress of Antonia. The Roman army was drawn into street fights with the Zealots.

911 Rollo laid siege to Chartres.

1304 Wars of Scottish Independence: Fall of Stirling Castle  King Edward I  took the stronghold using the War Wolf.

1402  Ottoman-Timurid Wars: Battle of Ankara  Timur, ruler of Timurid Empire, defeated forces of the Ottoman Empire sultan Bayezid I.

1656  Swedish forces under the command of King Charles X Gustav defeated the forces of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth at the Battle of Warsaw.

1712 Riot Act took effect in Great Britain.

1738  French explorer Pierre Gaultier de Varennes et de la Vrendrye reached the western shore of Lake Michigan.

1810 Citizens of BogotNew Granada declared independence from Spain.

1822 Gregor Mendel, German scientist, father of modern genetics, was born (d. 1884).

1864 American Civil War: Battle of Peachtree Creek  Confederate forces led by General John Bell Hood unsuccessfully attacked Union troops under General William T. Sherman.

1866 Austro-Prussian War: Battle of Lissa  The Austrian Navy , led by Admiral Wilhelm von Tegetthoff, defeated the Italian Navy.

1881 Indian Wars:Sioux Chief...


Midnight Movie: Screen Two presents The McGuffin with Charles Dance "IndyWatch Feed"

An homage to Hitchcock,recalling the classic Rear Window with a great British cast


The West"s Fury and Bitterness About Russia"s Successes "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Trump has long expressed interest in improving ties with Russia, and the recent summit was his first real opportunity for doing so. Yet it will be difficult for this progress to have any permanence with so many in the Establishment united to undermine it.



Bird of the Day: Comb-crested Jacana "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Comb-crested Jacana by James Zainaldin - La Paz Group

Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, Australia


Forget Trump: The Military-Industrial Complex is Still Running the Show with Russia "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Trump is only background noise. Our enduring national security libretto is composed by the MICC with the acquiescence of the American people. And its armored knight gratifies them as always with the vicarious thrill of power and domination.


Australia repositions Australia Pacific Technical College to complement Pacific Labour Scheme, says Bishop "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Australia says its seasonal worker programme in the Pacific has been a real success.

Driven by demand from Australias regions, its grown from a little over 1,000 workers in 2013 to close to 8,000 last year, according to Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop.

Already 25,000 workers have generated about AU$145 million (US$107 million) in net income to the Pacific since the programme commenced.

What is great about the scheme is that it fills Australian employment gap while also supporting Pacific Islanders gain skills and supporting their economies by way of increased remittances to communities, Bishop told Australia Pacific Partnership conference in Queensland earlier this month.

The sectors of primary focus under the work scheme include hospitality, food services, health, aged care and social assistance.

Demands for jobs from employers in these sectors are expected to grow between 100,000 to 250,000 positions during the next four years. Other sectors include non-seasonal agriculture, forestry and fisheries.

To complement the Pacific Labour Scheme, Bishop announced the re-orientation of the Australia Pacific Technical College (APTC) to allow Pacific Islanders who want to work in Australia to develop skills they need.

Set up over a decade ago under the Howard Government to deliver Australia qualifications to students from 14 Pacific Island Countries studying across five different campuses. There have been more than 12,000 graduates including more than 5,000 women and 80 percent of graduates end up working in their qualified trade, said Bishop.

She announced that TAFE Queensland has won the tender for the next phase of APTC, so that it can continue to grow a pool of skilled and competitive Pacific workers who participate in their own labour markets, as well as taking advantage of the wider regional opportunities created by the Pacific Labour Scheme.

Workers from Kiribati, Nauru and Tuvalu have started work on Hayman and Hamilton Islands in North Queensland, as part of Turnbull Governments newest Pacific Labour Mobility initiative which commenced this month.



Telecommunication companies in Fiji to be fined for poor services "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Telecommunication companies in Fiji will be fined for prolonged fallout time and connection in the new financial year.

Communications Minister, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum in his 2018/2019 National Budget addressed said this initiative will serve as a further incentive to ensure promised network coverage is maintained.

He adds it will also give consumers the opportunity to access the services they are paying for.

Digicel Fiji, chief executive, Mike Greig says the telecommunications Company supports this move by the government as its taking the lead role in advocating for the consumers.

Greig says this initiative is a further boost for Digicel to strive to provide the best to its customers.

We have our own key performance initiative, we have our own standards that we set ourselves and as a CEO I am judged by those, my staff are judged by those. So we take service and service performance very seriously. So I applaud the government in advocating for the consumers also thats something we take very seriously and we advocate for as well internally and we obviously want to do the very best we can to make sure our services stand up.

According to the Telecommunications Act 2008, it prescribes fines not exceeding $1 million for telecommunications service disruptions or outages.

The new legislation also proposes a framework for compensation to be awarded by service providers to consumers for service disruptions or outages.



Criminalise people trafficking in Fiji U.S report "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Fiji has been told to amend its Crimes Decree to criminalise all forms of trafficking in persons.

Thats one of the key recommendations presented in the 2018 Report on Trafficking in Persons that has been released by the U.S State Department.

Criminalising trafficking in persons will include forced labour, says the recommendation.

The U.S Government also wants Fiji to designate a government agency responsible for coordinating victim services and make efforts to allow identified trafficking victims to work and earn income while assisting with investigations.

Overall, the report states the government of Fiji does not fully meet the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking in persons, says the United States government's 2018 report on Trafficking in Persons.

As a result, Fiji has been placed in a tier 2 watch-list category because the absolute number of victims of severe forms of trafficking is very significant or is significantly increasing and there is a failure to provide evidence of increasing efforts to combat severe forms of trafficking in persons from the previous year.

The 2018 report states that Fiji is making significant efforts to curb trafficking in persons.

The government demonstrated significant efforts during the reporting period by investigating six trafficking cases, prosecuting three suspected traffickers, providing services to six victims, providing anti-trafficking training to police recruits, and acceding to the 2000 UN TIP Protocol, says the report.

However, the government did not convict any traffickers for the third consecutive year or dedicate sufficient resources to officials leading anti-trafficking efforts. It did not proactively screen for trafficking victims among vulnerable groups, particularly children exploited in sex trafficking, or take steps to implement its anti-trafficking national action plan, states the report.

There are several recommendations for Fiji in the report.

Some of them being a call to dedicate and increase resources for the police anti-trafficking unit and developing and implementing formal victim identification and referral procedures.

Other recommendations state Fiji should proactively screen vulnerable groups, such as foreign migrant workers on fishing vessels and those allegedly involved in prostitution and exploited children for trafficking.



Russia: Sovereign and Well-Protected from Financial Storms "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Russia has ensured that it is protected against economic trials and tribulations, financial crises, punitive measures, and other menaces.


MSNBC: McFaul strikes back "IndyWatch Feed"

For some background see this post as well as the introduction to this video clip


Climb Down from the Summit of Hostile Propaganda "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Public reactions to an open letter from academics, journalists and politicians asking for co-existence with Russia show many Americans dont buy the medias bellicose spin, as Norman Solomon explains.


The rational crypto-expectations revolution "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

My RMIT colleagues Chris Berg, Jason Potts and I have a new idea up as a Medium post looking at money.


Will governments adopt their own cryptocurrencies? No.

Will cryptocurrencies affect government currencies? Yes.

In fact, cryptocurrencies will make fiat currency better for its usersfor citizens, for businesses, for markets. Heres why.

Why do we have fiat currency?

Governments provide fiat currencies to finance discretionary spending (through inflation), control the macroeconomy through monetary policy, and avoid the exchange rate risk they would have to bear if everybody paid taxes in different currencies.

As George Selgin, Larry White and others have shown, many historical societies had systems of private moneyfree bankingwhere the institution of money was provided by the market.

But for the most part, private monies have been displaced by fiat currencies, and live on as a historical curiosity.

We can explain this with an institutional possibility frontier; a framework developed first by Harvard economist Andrei Shleifer and his various co-authors. Shleifer and colleagues array social institutions according to how they trade-off the risks of disorder (that is, private fraud and theft) against the risk of dictatorship (that is, government expropriation, oppression, etc.) along the frontier.

As the graph shows, for money these risks are counterfeiting (disorder) and unexpected inflation (dictatorship). The free banking era taught us that private currencies are vulnerable to counterfeiting, but due to competitive market pressure, minimise the risk of inflation.

By contrast, fiat currencies are less susceptible to counterfeiting. Governments are a trusted third party that aggressively prosecutes currency fraud. The tradeoff though is that governments get the power of inflating the currency.



Seaweed Discovery Challenges Theory on Antarctica "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

A foreign invader, a species of alien seaweed, has managed to cross the oceans to reach the frozen Antarctic shores. So scientists may have to give up a cherished belief: that Antarctica is inviolate.

For a century, researchers have assumed that the mix of ocean currents, distance and temperature have kept the Great White Continent shielded from invasion by Pacific or Atlantic flotsam.

But the discovery of strands of kelp on an Antarctic beach  seaweed that may have drifted for considerable periods and a distance of 20,000 kms before becoming stranded far from home brings an end to that belief. And the discovery suggests that global warming could bring serious changes to Antarctic ecosystems.

This finding shows us that living plants and animals can reach Antarctica across the ocean, with temperate and sub-Antarctic marine species probably bombarding Antarctic coastlines all the time, said Ceridwen Fraser, of the Australian National University.

We always thought Antarctic plants and animals were distinct because they were isolated, but this research now suggests these differences are almost entirely due to environmental extremes, not isolation.

Dr Fraser and her colleagues report in the journal Nature Climate Change that strands of southern bull kelp, Durvillaea antarctica, found by a Chilean scientist, must have floated 20,000 km from the Kerguelen Islands and South Georgia. The kelp was encrusted with barnacles, evidence of a long time adrift.

In fact, researchers believe, it may be evidence of the longest episode of biological rafting ever confirmed. The word raft is significant: such floating platforms could provide shelter and transport for other biological invaders.

Plastic Next?

Until now, the assumption has been that the pattern of surface currents and westerly winds tends to drive drifting material northwards from Antarctica. The discovery suggests that if kelp can get there, so can floating driftwood, or plastic debris, or any other unwelcome visitor.

The researchers think large waves driven by Southern Ocean storms may have steered the kelp rafts over what had been considered a natural ocean barrier. Glo...


20 Awesome Distributive Property Worksheets 5th Grade Images "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

identity property multiplication worksheets desiaustralia excellent lesson for kids worksheet a and an worksheets light algebra worksheet distributive property beautiful algebra worksheets simplifying expressions contemporary 1200 best kids and parent learning images on pinterest properties of multiplication math sorting activity identity zero free worksheets...


The Establishment Strikes Back "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The idea that the US government identified twelve culprits who were responsible for trying to overthrow American democracy is by any measure ludicrous, if indeed there was a major plan to disrupt the election at all.


Greg Thomson, fmr Sky/Fox sports guy and grog-fuelled-fiascos-finalist resigns "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

I wanted to let you know Im resigning from @SkyNewsAust and @FOXSportsNews. A big thank you to the team at ANC. I sincerely apologise to Inala, the organisers, sponsors and those attending last weeks fundraiser. I deeply regret taking some of the shine off Inalas great work. Greg Thomson...


Great Barrier Reef coral recovery slows significantly over 18-year period "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Over the last three decades the Great Barrier Reef has been hit by a series of intense cyclones, bleaching, crown of thorn starfish outbreaks and flood events that have caused well-documented, but reparable damage.

Scientists have hoped that an extended period of benign conditions would allow the natural processes of reef restoration to flourish, and many of the hardest-hit regions to return to a healthier, more colourful and biodiverse state.

But a new study of coral-recovery rates based on 18 years of data and published in Science Advances today, found the ability of many corals to bounce back after disturbance has significantly slowed down.

Although recovery rates were variable between different reef patches and coral types, the researchers found the overall recovery rate of corals across the Great Barrier Reef declined by an average of 84 per cent between 1992 and 2010.

Image result for branching Acropora, coral, Great barrier reef, photos

Following acute disturbance events like cyclones, coral recovery was hindered by poor water quality and high temperature, according to lead author Juan-Carlos Ortiz from the University of Queensland.

We noticed thatwater quality played a significant role in that reduction in recovery rate, Dr Ortiz said.

The study, supported by the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) and the Nature Conservancy, looked at data from more than 90 primarily mid-shelf and offshore reefs, comparing the rate of recovery following disturbance events.

We noticed for the first time a very large decline in the ability of the reef to recover from disturbances over those 18 years, he said.

The research team classified corals into six groups based on their growth forms. Although all groups showed an overall decline in recovery rate, two groups the Montipora and branching Acropora both went into negative.

What that means is they continued to decline even after the disturbance had ceased.

While increased disturbance events are expected as the impacts of climate change ramp up, the slowed recovery time is a concerning compounding factor.

It is exacerbating the problem. The assumption that we were working on was that naturally reefs recover fast, Dr Ortiz said.



PR: trade.Io Appoints Banking Veteran David Hannigan to Run OTC Desk "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

trade.Io Appoints Banking Veteran David Hannigan to Run OTC Desk

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release.

Wednesday Lugano, Switzerland, a leading cryptocurrency exchange and innovator of the industrys leading liquidity pool, today announced that David Hannigan has joined the company as its Chief Dealer. David brings almost 30 years of trading and risk management experience, most notably his position as Senior VP at National Australia Bank, to his new role.

David will lead trade.ios risk management department, and will be responsible for building out its OTC Desk, allowing for both retail and institutional fiat-to-crypto exchange functionality. Up to 50% of all OTC Desk revenues will be allocated to the forthcoming liquidity pool, which can only be accessed by using trade.ios utility token, TIO.

trade.ios CEO Jim Preissler said, Were very lucky to have someone with Davids experience lead the risk management team and spearhead our OTC Desk. David has an impeccable track record in trading and risk management, which is invaluable when dealing with the size of deals in the crypto space. Its not uncommon to have a $10m deal come through the desk multiple times per day.

David Hannigan also commented, I see a lot of similarities in how runs its business to many of the large banks Ive worked for in the past. With my prior experience in the banking sector, I am cognizant on how profitable an OTC Desk can be. I am thrilled to hit the ground running to provide this service to the community.

David will also be providing daily commentary on the crypto markets which can be accessed by registered...


Ghosts of privatisations past and future? "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

Most people wont recognise the name Leo Hielscher unless they regularly cross the eponymous* bridge (better known by its original name, the Gateway). But he is a figure of great consequence in Queensland, responsible for the downfall of two governments. Hielscher ran the states finances for decades, and was the architect of the Bjelke-Petersen strategy of an extractive economy based low taxes, low services and low skill. His proudest boast was the states AAA credit rating

The low point of his career was probably the leadup to the 2009 election when Anna Bligh announced that, rather than cut infrastructure spending or sell assets in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis, she would allow the states credit rating to be reduced to AA+. Bligh was re-elected, and promptly announced a massive program of asset sales. This was one of the rare instances where I was directly involved in the policy process, providing advice to the Queensland Council of Unions, and in this capacity I got to observe Hielscher in action. He was very effective in pushing the (economically spurious) case for asset sales and the need to regain the AAA rating.

Bligh, and her Treasurer, Andrew Fraser pushed through the asset sales and pushed the Labor government off a cliff, being reduced to seven members at the 2012 election. Of course, Bligh landed on her feet, ending up as CEO of the Australian Bankers Association. I didnt get such a ringside view of the process that led Campbell Newman and Tim Nicholls to adopt their catastrophic Strong Choices asset sales campaign, but I have no doubt that Hielscher played a significant role in the background. Both Campbell and Nicholls have duly been consigned to well-deserved political oblivion.

Now the rightwing Australian Institute of Progress has staged a reunion.

After denouncing the public debt levels sustained by the Palaszczuk Labor government, Hielscher

received a standing ovation from the high-powered audience that included former LNP premier Campbell Newman, former state Liberal leader and treasurer Joan Sheldon as well as former Labor treasurers Keith de Lacy and Andrew Fraser.

Anna Bligh was obviously too busy defending the massive corruption of the banking sector to make it to Brisbane, and Tim Nicholls is still keeping a low profile. Apart from that, though, the whole team was there. De Lacy left politics before the events Ive described, but hes the archetypal  careerist who du...


Pope, sack archbishop convicted in child abuse case "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

This video says about itself:

Archbishop Found Guilty Of Hiding Child Sex Abuse

22 May 2018

An Australian archbishop is facing up to two years in prison after being convicted of concealing child sex abuse by a fellow priest in the 1970s. Archbishop Philip Wilson is the highest ranking Catholic official to be convicted of covering up sexual abuse, part of a global scandal which has dogged the Vatican for decades. The 67-year-old archbishop of Adelaide was found guilty of having concealed the abuse of altar boys by a pedophile priest colleague, James Fletcher, in the 1970s, when he was an assistant parish priest in the state of New South Wales.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Australian prime minister: convicted archbishop must be fired

Australian Prime Minister Turnbull has urged Pope Francis to dismiss Australian archbishop Wilson. Wilson has been sentenced to a years imprisonment because he has concealed sexual abuse within the Catholic Church.

The 67-year-old Archbishop of Adelaide is the highest ranking church official convicted of an abuse scandal in Australi...


365 days of gratitude "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

After I got over the shock of the diagnosis that my baby had a degenerative brain disorder that would mean hed have multiple disabilities and probably die soon I started to think about what I could control.

One thing that came to mind was my fitness.

With a baby and a two year-old to care for I had to find something I could do at home, settled on stationary biking and hired an exercycle.

The baby died the day after I hired it but I figured fitness would help with grief and began pedaling the stationary equivalent of 20 kilometres most days.

A year later I returned the hired bike, bought one myself and kept up the cycling through another pregnancy, a second diagnosis of a degenerative brain disorder and life with a profoundly disabled child.

About seven years after I started, around the time our second son died, the routine of biking nowhere was beginning to pall. By then the older child was at school which left me free to exercise away from home and I began jogging instead.

Going somewhere was better than staying still but after a few months recurring joint pain was taking the edge off the enjoyment. As the pleasure of increasing fitness gave way to niggling injuries, I had to find an alternative exercise I didnt dread doing and began walking instead.

Theres a reasonable hill not far from home. I began walking up it and kept that up most days for several years. Every now and then Id get a bit slack about it but the purchase of a Fitbit about three and a half years ago keeps me motivated to exercise most days.

Im built for distance rather than speed and have no aspirations to race.

But the knowledge that regular exercise is better for both physical and mental health and the determination not to be the one who says you go, Ill wait here when an expedition is proposed keeps me walking.

I sleep better and feel better when Im fitter and Im grateful I have both the time and ability to exercise.


Thursday nightcap "IndyWatch Feed"

Dr David Mackereth was fired after 30 years working as a doctor for refusing to acknowledge peoples preferred gender. He explains that scientifically and medically he believes that gender is determined at birth and cannot change. He was not prepared to lie in order to protect his job. David says his right to say what he [] The post Thursday nightcap appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


What Is the Proper "European" Response to Immigration? "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Suspicion toward Brussels elitism, on the one hand, and widespread mistrust regarding the behaviour and intentions of Muslim newcomers, on the other, runs deep amidst the ranks of Central and East Europeans and their elected representatives.


Analysis:Putin is Transforming Town Believed to produce Novichok, a lethal nerve agent "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Please read my comments at the end of this item! Martin H NOTHING TO SEE HERE Max de Haldevang July 18, 2018 Russian president Vladimir Putin issued an order yesterday to end the special research status of Shikhany, the secretive town believed by British intelligence to have produced Novichok, a lethal nerve agent. UK authorities []

The post Analysis:Putin is Transforming Town Believed to produce Novichok, a lethal nerve agent appeared first on Uncensored Publications.


Nominations Open For Cairns Tropical Prides Community Hero Awards "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Nominations have now opened for the Cairns Tropical Prides Community Hero Awards, recognising the regions LGBTIQ volunteers of the year. Cairns Tropical Pride is north Queenslands largest LGBTIQ festival, celebrating the diverse people and places of the region each year, and this years festival will take place from October 12 to 14. Each year, the ...

The post Nominations Open For Cairns Tropical Prides Community Hero Awards appeared first on QNews Magazine.


Donald Trump versus Sadiq Khan "IndyWatch Feed"

If you have a great Youtube or Vimeo video to share send it to The post Donald Trump versus Sadiq Khan appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Malcolm Turnbull tells Pope to sack Archbishop Philip Wilson after court rulingBrian Houston of Hillsong- Tick Tick Tock TockBrian Houston of Hillsong is in line at the NSW Attorney Generals Office and NSW Police to face pedophile protection charges. "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

During his  trial, the Archbishop (Philip Wilson) said no-one had ever come forward to tell him of allegations of child sex abuse during his 40 years as a clergyman.

However, Magistrate Robert Stone cast that claim aside in a ruling that could have ramifications in courts around the country.

ABC News Australia article below.

Brian Houston of Hillsong is one of those affected by this ruling. In time, Brian Houston will be charged with pedophile protection crimes, for sheltering his old pedophile father Frank from NSW Police and Authorities from 1999 to November 2004, when Frank died.


PERTH You killed my daughter: Mother of woman, 21, killed by an L-plater screams in court as he is "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

snip .

You killed my daughter: Mother of woman, 21, killed by an L-plater screams in court as he is .

July 19, 2018 at 02:27AM .

Che Curyer, 24, pleaded guilty to careless driving causing death in Perth Magistrates Court on Wednesday over the crash that occurred just after .



David Bidstrup: The clinking sound as the penny drops for AEMO "IndyWatch Feed Aunews"

The clinking sound we heard this morning was the penny dropping for AEMO. They admit that coal is the cheapest power option, (Australian July 17 2018). As the young folk would say, Duh!!!!

It is amazing that they can come to this conclusion after the propaganda spouted about cheap renewables and the stratospheric heights of power prices, the plunge in reliability and the price gouging in their market that sees generators ripping us off at will.

Its a bit like telling us everyone has a fundamental orifice.

We should be up in arms. They said nothing when Port Augusta power station was trashed by fanatical zealots in some grotesque display of naked political ideology. Likewise with the closure of Hazelwood where an equally fanatical and clueless government facilitated the closure by raising coal royalties and the foreign owners implemented their own twisted green agenda. Easy to do when your home country relies on nuclear power and sells it to Germany as their system falls over from renewables. The generator that is getting out of coal, but isnt, wants to close another one and our ineffectual leaders seem to be powerless, (excuse the pun), to stop them.

Governments both state and federal stood aside because they wanted to show their free market credentials or were rabid dickheads or made a motza from their state owned coal fired stations when the renewable fell in a heap, as they do with monotonous regularity. The Finkel green manifesto told us there is no going back as they told the story that the masters wanted to hear, demonstrating the old adage that you only commission an enquiry when you know that the outcome will be what you want for whatever purpose in this case political expediency.

The story goes on saying that the country needs to spend between $8 and $27 Billion a fair spread and an indication that no one really knows to facilitate an orderly transition to renewables. Why they still try to have us believe that renewables can ever power an industrial economy is beyond my comprehension. Perhaps it is part of the Chinese water torture method of messing with our heads.  First coal is bad and emissions will cook us all. Then there might be a role for coal but no new investment and finally the recognition that they have been barking up the wrong tree and causing economic havoc for the country.

The letters page has more people who are anti renewables than pro and it is heartening for an old twisted cynic like me to see there are still people around with common sense.

Now that the cat is out of the bag the opportunity exists for our leaders to finally do something useful. If we are to spend $8 to $27 billion let it be on new coal fired and nuclear power stations and not further wet the wall with pointless, inefficient and costly solutions like wind...


Tech Thursday "IndyWatch Feed"

Google understands how much millennials hate making phone calls. The solution: Get artificial intelligence to book appointments for them. Click on the photo above to see the video. The post Tech Thursday appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Why free speech is all that matters "IndyWatch Feed"

If you have a great Youtube or Vimeo video to share send it to The post Why free speech is all that matters appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.

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