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Saturday, 13 October


Sick Dog Looks Completely Different After The Kindest People Helped Her "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Koncel had lost nearly every hair on her body and unfortunately, her owner didnt know how to help the 10-year-old dog.

Koncels owner was an Indonesian man named John who lived with his wife, daughter and mother-in-law near the village of Tanjung Naman on the island of Sumatra. John earned a small income on a local plantation, and Koncel would faithfully accompany John to work every day.

Credit: Stay Wild

But when Koncel got sick, everything changed. She became lethargic, stopped showing interest in food and found it harder and harder to go to work with John. She also lost her fur, and her skin became hard and scabby.

John desperately wanted to help his dog, but all he could obtain was some local traditional medicine. Sadly, this medicine didnt do anything to help Koncel, who continued to suffer.

Credit: Stay Wild

Then a friend advised John to put engine oil on Koncels skin theres a local belief that this heals dogs skin infections. But this didnt help either.

In July, Koncel finally got the help she needed. Team members from Stay Wild, a group that helps wild and domestic animals in Sumatra, visited Johns village and John asked them for help. The Stay Wild team diagnosed Koncel with mange, a condition caused by mites that burrow into a dogs skin, and they gave her the right medication. They also discovered that Koncel was riddled with fleas and worms, so they treated her for this as well.



Nautilus are you nuts! Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

Sccop NZ |12 October 2018

The United States Geological Survey reported that a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck close to the proposed Solwara 1 deep sea mine in Papua New Guinea yesterday at 7am local time. This follows a magnitude 6.6 quake nearby in March.


Tropical Storm "Sergio" about to make landfall in Baja California Sur "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Tropical Storm "Sergio" is weakening as it quickly approaches the coast of Baja California Sur. Rainbands continue to spread over the peninsula and the northwestern Mexico state of Sonora, NHC said. On the forecast track, the center of Sergio will make...... Read more

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Friday, 12 October


Scientists, conservationists: Give Nobel Peace Prize to Jane Goodall "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

More than 30 scientists and leaders in environmental conservation are calling for the Norwegian Nobel Committee to award Jane Goodall with the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize. Citing the 84-year-old primatologists groundbreaking discoveries in the 1960s that blurred the lines between animals and humans, such as tool use in chimpanzees, as well as her ongoing, decades-long campaign to protect our planet, the group argues that her lifes work has been a quest for global harmony. Young researcher Jane Goodall with baby chimpanzee Flint at Gombe Stream Research Center in Tanzania. Image the Jane Goodall Institute/Hugo van Lawick. Her early work studying chimpanzees in Gombe National Park, situated in what would become Tanzania, revealed that our similarities with animals are far greater than are our differences, writes the group of researchers, authors and teachers from 16 countries, on the website We must see ourselves as partners not only with other humans, but also with chimpanzees and all the other creatures who walk, swim, crawl, and fly on the face of the earth, they add. At the time of publication, more than 2,600 people had signed the online petition in support of the prize for Goodall. Moses Andama, a community forest monitor and a resident of Nyantonzi in Uganda, with water, sanitation and hygiene reading material distributed in his community by the Jane Goodall Institute. Image  the Jane Goodall Institute Uganda/Apophia Jemimah. The coalition argues that Goodalls work demonstrates the importance of a broad interpretation of what peace on Earth means.


Neglected Dog Was So Scared Of Men She Wouldn't Leave Her Little House "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Bella was born into the care of a breeder in New Zealand who kept her in absolutely terrible living conditions and severely neglected her. She eventually found a home and escaped her life with the breeder, but unfortunately, she didnt get along with her new familys dog, and was eventually surrendered to Husky Rescue NZ

When Bella first arrived at the rescue, she was absolutely terrified of everyone around her. Shed been treated so poorly for the first several years of her life that she didnt trust humans at all, and her new friends at the rescue knew that it would take her some time to learn to trust again. It seemed as though her recovery journey was going to be a long one until she met Simon Evans, her future new dad. 

Credit: Simon Evans

Evans started volunteering at the husky rescue after work sometimes, helping to exercise all of the very active dogs. He first bonded with a dog named Noct, who had come from the same breeder as Bella and spent the first seven years of his life completely neglected and chained to a shed. Noct was incredibly shy at first, but Evans eventually won him over and hoped that he might be able to do the same thing with Bella. 

Credit: Simon Evans

By the time Bella got to the shelter she was just terrified of everyone (especially men), so much so that when I would show up, shed run straight into her kennel and just hide at the back, Evans told The Dodo. 

In order to gain Nocts trust, Evans had started taking him on runs, and decided to try that same strategy with Bella. With the help of another volunteer, Evans began taking both Bella and Noct out on frequent runs, and slowly but surely, Bellas true personality finally started to emerge. 

We would go for runs a few days per week, and before long she turned a corner and started being excited to see us, Evans said. ...


Community opens its doors to sustainable housing Centre for Climate Safety

An hour about Sustainable House Day Geelong, the Sun Bear Festival in Anglesea, and more

Guests in The Sustainable Hour on 10 October 2018 are two house owners who open their homes on Sunday 14 October: Kerri Erler from Teesdale, Stephen Williams from Manifold Heights, and energy assessment expert Dan Cowdell from Geelong Sustainability, who you can meet at Property #5 in Manifold Heights between 10am and 2pm on Geelongs Sustainable House Day.

From 36:00 to 42:00 we talk with Katja Nedoluha, founder and festival director of the family wildlife Sun Bear Childrens Festival, which is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year.

And before all of that, Mik runs a short quiz about a couple of ridiculous mistakes Australias new environment minister Melissa Price made on 9 October in an interview with ABC journalist Sabra Lane.




Villagers fight with high powered guns over promised Frieda river mine benefits Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

The Frieda River project is 70kms south of the Sepik River on the border of the Sanduan and East Sepik Provinces of Papua New Guinea some 500kms upriver from the coast.

Clifford Fairparik | The National aka The Loggers Times | October 11, 2018

Fighting has broken out between villagers in East Sepik over customary boundaries to claim benefits from Frieda River mine, says provincial police commander Robert Gesa.

He said villagers from Timbunke and Korogu along the Sepik River fought with high-powered guns after arguing over customary land boundaries when learning that a team from Mineral Resources Authority was conducting awareness about the mine.

Gesa said a police taskforce has been deployed from Wewak was deployed to monitor the fight.

The fight broke out after MRA officers had conducted awareness along the river communities from Ambunti district down the river to Murik Lakes at the rivers delta, he said.

From reports that I had received, fighting between Korogu and Timbunke villages was over t...


Fiji govt needs to ensure people understand environmental impacts of mining Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

Peter Loy Chong. Photo: Pacific Theological College

The majority of the people are not aware of the full consequences of mining, logging, stone extraction, black sand mining and how these will impoverish their food bank, he said.

Fiji govt needs to walk the talk archbishop

Radio New Zealand |10 October 2018 

The Fiji government should ensure environmental policies at home reflect the climate messages it promotes abroad, Fijis Catholic archbishop says.

Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama has been championing the fight against global warming as president of the current UN climate round, the COP23.

But the archbishop, Peter Loy Chong, said the governments policies needed to be consistent with the proposals it touted during COP23.

Current government policy did too little to protect landowners, the archbishop said.


Thursday, 11 October


ANZ bank issued rare rebuke by Australian oversight body "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

ANZ Banking Group violated its own policies and international human rights standards by financing a Cambodian sugar company that seized land from local farmers, according to a statement released today by an Australian government body that monitors corporate behavior overseas. In a rare rebuke of a commercial bank, the Australian National Contact Point found it difficult to reconcile ANZs decision to finance Phnom Penh Sugar with the banks internal rules and the OECD Guidelines, an ethical business code that the Australian government has endorsed.


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